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The Dissettlement of the Straits Malay

The sheer size of China is astounding. Malaysia can fit inside China almost 30 times (see overlay map below).

China’s population is more than 1.3 billion.


As pointed out previously, China movie heartthrob Chen Kun has a Weibo (Chinese equivalent to Twitter) following of 72 million, which is more than double the number of inhabitants in Malaysia.

Hishammuddin Hussein recently went on Weibo too. In a single “mind boggling” day, he picked up “crazy 70k likes” from 70,000 Chinese language-speaking Weibo followers.

Twitter - HishammuddinH2O- I am also engaging China through

Straits Settlements Chinese

In the recent past, the expansion of the Chinese in Malaya was “mind boggling” as well.

From 1881 to 1931, the Chinese population in Penang, Singapore and Malacca – collectively known as the Straits Settlements – expanded by almost half a million (489,191) compared to an increase of a mere 90,847 for the Malay population.

In 1881, Malays had outnumbered Chinese in the Straits Settlement states. By 1931, Malays were the majority only in Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu.

The 1931 Malaya census found that in Penang, Singapore and Malacca, Malays were 22.5 percent of the population compared to Chinese 59.6 percent — see population figures in table below.

When the census was first taken in 1881, the Malays were 194,469 in the Straits Settlements. Five head counts down the road (1931), the Malays were 285,316 while the Chinese had reached 663,518.


In 1931, a total of 113,000 Chinese immigrated to Malaya at a time when the population of the Straits Settlements was 1.1 million.

Although the decennial (once every 10 years) Malaya census was not conducted in 1941 due to World War II, popular literature on demography nonetheless says that in 1941, the Malays numbered less than half of the population.

Chinese sought more political power

The Great Depression started in the West in 1929 and hit rock bottom in 1933. This widespread economic downturn helped fuel the rise of the Nazi regime in Germany after its predecessor the Weimar Republic imploded from hyperinflation and massive unemployment.

Against the above backdrop of economic turmoil, the Chinese in the Straits Settlements clamoured for a greater role in government and administration.

Or to put it in simpler terms, the global economy was doing badly, the Chinese were also affected, and when the Chinese began to fare badly from the economic standpoint, they started to turn their attention to attaining political power because political clout translates into economic clout.

Chinese signboards in KL circa 1960s
Chinese signboards in KL c.1960s
George Town in the early 1     Chinese signboards in George Town c.1960s
Chinese signboards in George Town c.1960s

Never ever able to assimilate

In 1931, the Chinese population was almost 2-and-½ times that of the Malay population in Penang, Malacca and Singapore.

In the following year, the Straits Settlements annual departmental report (1932) said:

“It is questionable whether such a preponderance of any foreign race which is largely unassimilable and which retains its own customs and language is in the interests … of the people of the country”.

In the 1960s, the Chinese still dominated the big towns. You can see from the pictures above of the Chinese shops in George Town and Jalan Tun HS Lee in KL that what the Straits Settlements report had said, more than three decades earlier, was accurate — the “largely unassimilable” Chinese still rejected the national language. The business signboards were in Chinese.

Fast forward another half century into the present new millennia and assimilation remains an anathema to the Chinese.

Worshippers attend a church service at the City Harvest Church in Singapore

For every rejection there is an equal and opposite action

In 1932, the British authorities stated their belief that the Chinese “foreign race” in Malaya was “largely unassimilable”.

Interval of 37 years …

In 1969, the ticking time bomb that the British left behind them detonated.

Interval of 44 years …

In 2013, the Chinese tsunami swept away the BN Chinese parties.

Let’s just look at the development of the Chinese in Malaya over the last 100 years.

A century ago in 1911, there were some 695,000 Chinese in the peninsula at a time when the population numbered 2,340,000. The Chinese were 30 percent of the population then, and about a quarter currently.

For this sizeable ethnic minority …

… assimilate — no way

… integrate — not much

… accommodate — debatable

Twitter - hannahyeoh- MCA, UMNO, MIC, Perkasa

Refusal to integrate with Malays and Indians but readily assimilating into Hannah Banana culture

  • How can the Dapsters thump their chests as Anak Bangsa Malaysia when they require interpreters to communicate in the country’s national language after staying here 100 years?
  • How can the Dapsters stand on the Malaysian First soapbox when according to Isma, ‘Pemimpin DAP dan PKR burukkan Malaysia melalui media negara China, kata Ketua Wanita MCA?
  • What kind of Malaysian Malaysia is in store for the rest of the country when the evangelistas fingerpoint at everybody else – MCA, Umno, MIC, Perkasa (see Hannah Yeoh tweet above) – but never at themselves?
  • Why is it that the Chinese thumb down the national flag but willingly embrace and uplift something as alien as the City Harvest Church Subang Jaya?


City Harvest Church Subang Jaya

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22 thoughts on “The Dissettlement of the Straits Malay

  1. Malaysia ni elok diperintah oleh Tentera atau Monarki. Semua kena ada paksaan. Asimilasi secara paksaan. DEMOKRASI tak boleh pakai. Kesudahannya jadilah penyembahan tuhan ala2 rock di City Harvest Church

    1. Pada hemat saya, penyerapan atau asimilasi bukan kaedah penyelesaian.

      Sebaik-baiknya sebagai mencorak langkah pertama, si Dapster janganlah hipokrit (sudah begitu jelik dengan perangai mereka ini) dan si evangelista jangan lagi diberi banyak peluang untuk berpura-pura beserta ruang untuk menghasut.

  2. The influx of Chinese into Malaya was the conspirators of kongsi gelap Gee Hin and Gee Hiang to works in tin mines areas in Perak and Selangor and there was no fate of becoming citizen of Malaya since than during the BMA gov.

    Beside economic growth within the Straits Settlement that include Penang, Melaka and Singapore there was a political ploy by group now so called dapsters desirous to form atonmies states to be seperated from the peninsular

    1. re: “kongsi gelap Gee Hin and Gee Hiang to works in tin mines”

      Ghee Hin and Hai San.

      Ghee Hiang is the brand name of a famous Tambun biscuit.

            1. Ikut selera masing-masing. Mendiang mak saya lebih suka Him Heang. Saya tak pilih sangat.

    2. This is how I look at it. The British brought the Chinese to Malaya in order to carry out their divide and rule strategy.

      The Chinese served as the boogeymen and also as cheap, but most of the time, as free labor in order for the Brits to plunder Malayan wealth. Some Chinese benefited, specifically those who colluded with the Brits to fleece their own people.

      This arrangement worked well for most of the players in this divide and rule scheme until the Brits realized that the Chinese have other ideas. So thus you have the Brits saying that the Chinese :

      “In 1932, the British authorities stated their belief that the Chinese “foreign race” in Malaya was “largely unassimilable”.

      In other words, the Brits feared, resented competition from the Chinese. As to why the Brits called the Chinese “foreign race”, we should direct this one question to the white men :

      “what were the Brits, and before them, the Portuguese and Dutch doing in Malaya ?”

      “Foreign race”……….

      The Brits themselves never assimilated wherever they go so why should they expect the Chinese or any other races to “assimilate” ?

      Only a defeated people choose assimilation. In other words, it is what losers do. Losers like the DAP’s evangelistas who openly display their “white men” culture, a culture increasingly aped by not only the Chinese, but also Malays like KJ and the Indians like the husband of the Selangor state speaker.

      1. re: “In other words, the Brits feared, resented competition from the Chinese.”


        The following are the famous research figures provided by Jomo and Gomez. In 1970, the Malay share of capital ownership in limited companies was 2.4%, Indian 1.1%, Chinese 27.0% and foreign (British & other Europeans) 63.4%.

        re: “As to why the Brits called the Chinese ‘foreign race’, we should direct this one question to the white men”

        The omputih are viewed as foreign conquerors (penjajah asing).

        re: “The Brits themselves never assimilated wherever they go so why should they expect the Chinese or any other races to ‘assimilate’?”

        The whites do not form 25 percent of the present Malaysian population.

        re: “a culture increasingly aped by not only the Chinese, but also Malays like KJ and the Indians like the husband of the Selangor state speaker”

        So where would you put Puan Speaker’s tudung wearing fetish?

        1. War in deception. Her tudung wearing fetish is no fetish at all. It is all about hoodwinking the gullible Malays, specifically the urban ones. By the looks of things, this is working.

          Deep within her soul, she is white through and through. Plus her Chinese features makes it even more insidious, knowing that if things take a turn for the worse, she can appeal to her Chinese constituents for refuge.

          What’s wrong with the establishment guys? They keep saying that what Puan Speaker is doing is not going to sway the urban Malays. In fact, from what I gather, the urban types, I mean, to be more precise, the Bangsat types, Puan Speaker is all the rage.

          This should be cause for concern. The alarm bells are ringing, albeit not that loud at the moment, but are you going to wait until the whole world hears about it for you to take action? I tell you, if you wait too long to counter her tudung-wearing scheme, then you’re done.

  3. Helen, have you heard the newest and latest proverb: ` to a Chinese, the twenty cents coin is as big as MH370`s tyre` and that covered their sense of greeds.

    1. You’re talking about the Greedy 3Gs (Gold, Glory, Gospel) person who gave herself and her deputy a 300% payrise?

      Chineseness is not her most distinctive feature lah. It’s evangelical born again Christianity.

      1. re Chineseness is not her most distinctive feature lah. It’s evangelical born again Christianity.

        yet the Chinese worship her

        1. The Malaysian Chinese are of the same mind with those China Chinese who think the Malaysian government are cold-blooded “executioners” that caused passengers of MH370 to be killed.

          They also believe that some Malaysian VVIPs murdered Altantuya.

          They believe that the Malay government are liars, robbers, thieves, cheats, tyrants, oppressors, useless, incompetent, stupid, etc

          Mama and Papa Dapster are at the forefront of the name-calling — racists, extremists, religious bigots, wicked, evil, low class, bullies, persecutors, Nazis, thugs, etc.

          So why shouldn’t the Chinese worship her? Their behaviour as such, given the explanation above, makes sense.

          What doesn’t make sense is …


          1. re What doesn’t make sense is …

            perhaps the persons sharing the table with her, and those of similar persuasions, are of the gullible kind ?

              1. re Don’t tell me that they are actually placing their hopes in her to support the PAS Kelantan Hudud Bill?

                who knows ? strange things have happened, like the Chinese youth in perpetual hysteria.

                it could be that they are indeed banking on her to sell the poison which is the Islamic Code to the Chinese. after all, I personally do not think Pas will have problems selling the Bill to the Malays. the Indians are irrelevant since their numbers are heading south. so the only obstacle now is the Chinese community.

                maybe, just maybe, its the plan all along, and she and people like her have no problem selling out, after all, she made it very clear she is not Chinese. she is Malaysian remember ?

                cheers and have a nice day ! l o l !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              2. Who will the PAS Islamists flog or stone first?: Anwar the extramarital sodomite; Mat Sabo the adulterer; or Mustapha Ali the fornicator?

  4. Seorang penulis dan pendakwah Islam, Ahmad Ar-Rashid, pernah menulis dan menyifatkan orang Islam di Malaysia sebagai orang yang ‘teramat lemah lembut dan melampau-lampau dalam sifat tenang dan toleransi’. Kesan hidup di dalam masyarakat yang majmuk, orang Islam di Malaysia sukar menjadi tegas dan mempertahankan hak mereka. Jika ada kelompok yang cuba mencelikkan mata dan mengajak mereka berubah, kelompok ini akan dikatakan terlalu paranoid dengan ‘konspirasi’. Umat Islam di Malaysia sudah hilang deria mengenalpasti musuh, dan sudah hilang deria survival mempertahankan diri (dan aqidah).

    Kesimpulannya; wujudnya musuh adalah suatu fakta. Oleh itu, wujudnya perancangan dan strategi musuh, juga adalah suatu fakta. Menamakan ini semua sebagai ‘konspirasi’ atau tidak, itu tidak mengubah hakikat bahawa Umat Islam di Malaysia mempunyai musuh, dan setiap hari perlu berhadapan dan merasai hasil tindakan mereka.

    Persoalannya; sampai bila perangai ‘toleransi melampau’ ini ingin kita biarkan menjamah diri kita?

  5. nak kata yang tak baik berdosa pulak pendek kata guna bahasa yang mudah paham kena main buntut la kut baru sedak kot

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