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Malaysia’s Top 10 hottest Chinese men

Putih melepak

Muka licin dan gebu

Tubuh montel

Photos below:

1. DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng    2. DAP organising secretary Anthony Loke

2. MCA sec-gen Ong Ka Chuan    4. MCA deputy president Wee Ka Siong

(Note: Ong Ka Chuan is former party president Ong Ka Ting’s brother)

5. MCA president Liow Tiong Lai

6. DAP asst organising secretary Thomas Su    7. DAP acting chairman Tan Kok Wai

8. Gerakan’s Teng Chang Yeow    9. DAP’s Superman Hew Kuan Yau

(Note: Teng Chang Yeow lost in his recent challenge for party president)

10. MCA former vice president Gan Ping Sieu

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25 thoughts on “Malaysia’s Top 10 hottest Chinese men

    1. Good one. You’re right.

      We should bump Gan Ping Sieu down to #11 and bonus hunk.

  1. Ms H. A leader of the Chinese has to have the following attributes.

    1. A cosmopolitan outlook which is all inclusive with a knowledge of all the races dating back to the mists of time. Parachutists or frogs not eligible.

    2. A person with no bank accounts, condos, relatives working in Singapore etc.

    3. Commonsense with intellect, and avoid taking advantage of financial gains whether in kind or benefits. He or she should leave office with empty sleeves.

    4. Be entirely different from the MCA or DAP leaderships which have led the Chinese up a pole.


    1. re: “A leader of the Chinese has to have the following attributes”

      Urm, a leader of the Chinese is a polished preacher of the Prosperity Gospel. Our Top 10 look prosperous indeed. Orang Melayu cakap, nampak sihat.


  2. “TEN Hot Malaysian Chinese men not good fight for ONE Chivalrous Soul”

  3. Sorry Helen. Truth be told, none of them are really hot. In fact, none of them are real men. Real men have the ‘videos’ to show their masculinity.

    Now tell me, do these men have the ‘videos’ to display their masculinity ?

    1. Well, these 10 (maybe out with GPS and replace him with Donald Lim) are the ‘best’ hot and steaming dishes on offer to the Chinese.

      It is for this same reason that the Chinese community is Malaysia is so constipated.

      1. What about Malaysia’s Top 10 Hottest Chinese women ? Come on la sister ! Be fair, otherwise Hannah will get upset. L O L

  4. Hmm……..

    Where’s Zairil ? How come he’s not in the top 10 ?

    1. Urm, maybe he can go into another list like ‘Malaysia’s Top 10 Most Prominent Public Intellectuals’.

        1. Chris. There is this guy who claimed to come from Heidelberg U and trained to shoot golden arrows into the vascular system. and in the same issue of this Journal you find 6 listed plcs investigated by the Singapore authorities. Someone is sleeping on the job again. Star 4.4.14

  5. Dr Dr Yap Sin Tian “‘Malaysia’s Top 10 Most Prominent Public Intellectuals’ who cannot speak bahasa malaysia”‘ hes the winner hands down.

    1. I’m reminded that when Shafie Apdal and Shabery Cheek complained about Teresa Kok’s CNY video, both the Umno ministers were told in not so many words that the inadequacy was somehow theirs because it is their own shortcoming that they couldn’t understand Cantonese.

      As for Doctor-Doctor Yap, he caters to the smarter half of the population. You are aware that those of us who voted BN – me included – are seen as “stupid” kampung people in their eyes. So it’s our fault if we’re not intellectual enough to appreciate him ,)

      1. Ms H. Please include me in your ‘stupid half’ assessment. Away from the foreign disasters from the University of Cambridge.

  6. Ms H. My 3 Golden Attributes to be the Prime Minister are as follows :-

    1. Commonsense. Do not run around the hot and humid streets of Kuala Lumpur or do silly things assuming the World is asleep.

    2… The Ability to think out of the Box. Strange to say the good Tun Dr Mahathir has high marks on this as compared with the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew.

    3. Compassion. The good Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has too much and as a result he has been let down time and again. The brilliant Lee Kuan Yew has none.

  7. Ms H. Your selection of the 10 hot Chinamen does not show they are lean and hungry but OBESE at the age of 30 something ! At least you did not present those 21 year old latuks with a moustache who claimed to CHIEF STRATIEGISTS OF THIS AND THAT.

    1. You appear to be quite correct in your observation about their chubbiness and chins. The Chinese are taking to the Prosperity Gospel in a big way and hence this inclination is reflected in the leadership.

      1. Ms Ang, all the rhetoric in this world will not change anything until we muster the courage to change. Political parties are all self-serving to survive and they are all of the same ilk. What we have to do is to choose the people who are elected to be our leaders to first have the welfare of the rakyat and nation, not for their themselves.

        The Chinese have never abandoned Barisan except we are angry and very hurt by the extremists yet they never do ( present tense intended) anything to control this. Remember the Chinese stood by Barisan when Anwar was sacked but please lah don’t treat us like foot stools to be used only when needed.

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