Do you see any Chinese in the Merdeka photo?

“In 1969, racial riots erupted, something which had been predicted by foreign observers,” said Dr Mahathir Mohamad in his speech at the Umno general assembly on 11 May 2000.

14 May 1969:

“Tunku Abdul Rahman sobbed as he went on nationwide television to plead with rioters to end fighting. His voice breaking even as he spoke, the Tunku pleaded for the nation to obey military and police orders ‘for the love of the country and the love of one another and the racial harmony enjoyed in the past’.

“Deputy Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak was placed in charge of the situation and he repeatedly broadcast regular warnings to stay calm and observe the curfews, at the risk of being shot.” — Sydney Morning Herald (Source: Chronicle of Malaysia, Google Books)

For the full text of the Tunku’s televised speech, see ‘13 Mei: Ucapan Tunku menerusi RTM

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Razak: “matters must no longer be swept under the carpet”

In his preface to the National Operations Council (NOC) White Paper on May 13, Tun Abdul Razak Hussein said:

“It was only the firm and prompt action of the Government, together with the loyal support of the Armed Forces and the Police, which quickly brought the situation under control. Had it not been for the immediate preventive measures, there is no doubt that the whole country would have been plunged into a holocaust.”


Razak: Some of the opposition lost all sense of proportion

Acknowledging that “friction had always existed at the edges of the various communities”, Tun Razak said Malaysians “continued to live in the hope that the heat generated would not reach an explosive level”.

Reviewing the flow of events, Tun Razak observed:

“The Opposition parties were returned with a few additional seats. This unexpected success on their part unfortunately made some of them lose all sense of proportion, and their members and supporters went on a rampage of insults and obscenities. What started as political activity was allowed to deteriorate into race-baiting.” (Source: NOC White Paper)

Perarakan mayat Lim Soon Seng, 9 Mei 1969

Politicizing funerals

The general election was held on 10 May 1969.

A day before polling, the Chinese opposition held a mammoth procession for Lim Soon Seng’s funeral — photo above.

Lim was a young Labour Party election worker who had been shot dead by police a few days earlier on May 4th. His death was a cause celebre; the deceased youth was the Teoh Beng Hock of his time.

The marchers who wound through the heart of Kuala Lumpur carried placards that said “Blood debt will be repaid with blood” photo below.

They also shouted “Malai si!”


Victory parades on eve of May 13

On 11-12 May 1969, the DAP and Gerakan “held noisy, racially provocative and intimidating” victory parades which splintered into smaller processions without police permits, according to the NOC (Mageran) report.

The DAP was registered in 1966. The general election of May 1969 was the first time that the party took part in the electoral process. And what a fiery debut.

Among the opposition leaders in the parades were DAP sec-gen Goh Hock Guan, Gerakan’s Dr Tan Chee Khoon and V. David. However, as mentioned by Tun Razak who was NOC director, their party members and supporters “went on a rampage of insults and obscenities” — see 3rd photo below.

If you look at the archival images of the days preceding May 13, you will recognize the aggressive behaviour of the opposition supporters who took to the streets. Their aggression is reminiscent of the Dapsters in our midst.

DAP menyambut kemenangan PRU di jalanan

Chinese signboards inKL 1969

13 mei 

History of Chinese and Malays killings

Today, the DAP evangelista idealogues would have you believe that before Dr Mahathir’s tenure as Prime Minister, race relations in our country were warm and fuzzy.

The facts speak otherwise. Malays and Chinese have always been distrustful of one another in the main and in periodic cycles, they murdered each other.

During the post-World War Two interregnum, i.e. the weeks following the Japanese surrender and before the British return, rivers literally ran red where the corpses floated.

  • 1945/6: Batu Pahat, Johor
    massive killings in Parit Gumong, Parit Kecil and Parit Kali (link here)
    Ref. Kiyai Salleh and Tentera Selempang Merah
  • Nov 1945: Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan
    40 Chinese dead (link here)
  • Dec 1945: Teluk Anson, Perak
    4 Malays killed, 14 injured (link here)
  • Feb 1946: Batu Malim, Raub, Pahang
    30 Chinese killed, 16 injured (link here)
    — newspaper cutting below
  • Mac 1946: Bekor, Kuala Kangsar, Perak
    56 Malays dead (link here)

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Straits Times, page 1  (15 Feb 1946)

The above list is incomplete because there are too many episodes to record

More Sino-Malay clashes in the 1950s and 1960s

  • Jan 1957: Georgetown, Penang
    Also known as the ‘Chingay riots’, 12 injured
  • May 1959: Pangkor, Perak
    One killed, 10 injured
  • July 1964: Bukit Mertajam, Penang
    Two killed, 13 injured, curfew imposed
    — newspaper cutting below
  • Nov 1967: Nibong Tebal, Penang
    Also known as the ‘Hartal riots’, 4 dead, curfew imposed
  • 13 May 1969: Kuala Lumpur
The Straits Times, page 1 (15 July1964)
Straits Times, page 1 (15 July 1964)

History will repeat itself

Tunku warned that racial clashes could recur.

Tun Razak warned that racial clashes could recur.

Dr Mahathir also has warned that racial clashes could recur.

Tun Daim cautioned that if the Chinese are still unable to understand Malay-Muslim sensitivities, “they will be sorely mistaken when push comes to shove”.

Only Jerusubang evangelistas drunk on Holy Water are still hell-bent on brainwashing the sheeple.

Read ‘Lesson for Christians from the Natrah riot

The Straits Times, 5 Sept 1964
Straits Times, 5 Sept 1965

Singapore riots

There were two major Sino-Malay riots in Singapore before the separation between Malaysia and the island republic in 1965.

The catalyst for the violence was the Chinese taunts and insults. These Dapster first cousins are most capable of taunting and insulting non-Chinese into a murderous rage.

21 July 1964:

“Rioting broke out on the eve of the planned massive celebrations for Prophet Muhammad’s birthday when a protest demonstration by Malays escalated from a verbal war of taunts and insults with Chinese bystanders. The ensuing violence which continued for five days, left 22 people dead and 454 injured.”

2 Sept 1964:

“Racial tensions exploded once again when a Malay trishaw rider was stabbed to death at night. Rioting erupted again and continued for another five days with 12 people killed, 109 injured and over 1,200 people arrested for rioting and curfew-breaking.” (Source: Singapore Infopedia)


Averting blue murder

Lee Kuan Yew’s “Malaysian Malaysia” thrust was destabilizing the country. The Singapore Chief Minister made the Tunku’s blood boil (figuratively) and aggravated the physical pain in Tunku’s neck (literally).

“If we had not separated there would have been blue murder,” said Tunku Abdul Rahman explaining why he had to expel Singapore from the federation — Straits Times, 4 July 1969. (Source: Digital Library)

Tunku went on record as follows:

“When facing this dilemma, I found that only two choices lay before me. One, take positive action against Mr Lee Kuan Yew; and, two, break with Singapore and save the nation from a bloodbath. So I chose the second course. ‘ (Source: Leon Comber, Google Books)

antiJapanese memorial Nilai

Great divide between Malays and Chinese

The British government embarked on a conscious policy of decolonization in the aftermath of the Second World War. The breaking up of the British empire was accompanied by much bloodshed.

Partition of the Indian subcontinent into India and Pakistan left at least a million people dead through communal violence.

Ten years after Uganda gained independence from Britain in 1962, the dictator Idi Amin expelled Ugandans of Indian and Pakistani descent on the charge of “sabotaging the economy”; Ugandans of south Asian ethnicity were alleged to control 90 percent of Uganda’s commerce and trade.

In Zimbabwe (formerly British Rhodesia), the dictator Robert Mugabe introduced laws in 2000 that gave his government power to seize land without paying compensation. In this way, the black government “took over thousands of white-owned commercial farms after backing often violent land invasions” — see ‘Zimbabwe crisis’ by the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Like it or not, the minorities are not indigenous to this land and many were transient workers.


Do you see any Chinese in the Merdeka photo above?

Continued and endless provocation

The MH370 episode has thrown into sharp relief how we cannot get away from the antagonistic race politics. In fact, ethnicity is so steeped in our lives that the Federal Constitution of Malaya went to the trouble of defining a ‘Malay’ in Article 160.

The constitution was printed two months before the Merdeka declaration, and in conjunction The Times penned an editorial on 2 July 1957.

The Times (of London) editorial said:

“… one need only look at the Constitution [of Malaya] and the latest amendments incorporated to be reminded how great is the divide between the Malays and the Chinese.”

This race divide remains just as great, if not greater, currently.

“When Malaysia achieved independence in 1957, many predicted that the country would never be stable,” said Dr Mahathir (The Way Forward, 1998).

The DAP evangelistas are emptying reservoirs of saliva to sugarcoat words like “national unity”, and phrases like “colour blind”. They possess little capacity to realise how much their hypocrisy irritates the non-Chinese and non-Christian majority of the population.

Successful multiracial societies manage their ethnic conflicts. They don’t bullshit their race relations through pretty but ultimately empty speechifying.

Not by speeches and majority resolutions are the great questions of the day decided — that was the mistake of 1848 and 1849 — but by blood and iron. Otto von Bismarck
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Updated: 6 April 2014


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67 thoughts on “Do you see any Chinese in the Merdeka photo?

  1. “Successful multiracial societies manage their ethnic conflicts”.

    Ok, maybe.

    But can you cite examples of such ” successful multiracial societies”?

    Singapore? Australia? Canada? USA? UK?

    And are “successful multiracial societies” based on equality before the law? In every aspect, including choice of religion and treatment of gender?

    1. Don’t beat around the bush. If you want to vent, then be specific and I will address your specific grouses.

  2. sekarang ni ‘chin beng’. for those who claim being victimised, tortured and whatnot, adakah depa pernah tanya kat kubur tok-nenek depa soalan ini – kami sekarang ni menderita yg amat sangat, why did you come here and accept citizenship of this country?. got or not?

  3. re: “Lee Kuan Yew’s “Malaysian Malaysia” thrust was destabilizing the country. The Singapore Chief Minister made the Tunku’s blood boil (figuratively) and aggravated the physical pain in Tunku’s neck (literally).”

    [quoted] There is much research which already shows how inequality can cause many adverse societal and psychological problems – such as higher risks of mental disorders, suicides, a society that people become more self-centred and less trusting. In the long term, this does not bode well for the Singaporean society. It is also due to the PAP’s policies of gearing Singaporeans towards being more unequal, and thus competitive, that has caused Singaporeans to become more and more self-protective. When you speak to an older Singaporean who still remembers the 1990s, they would be able to remember a time when Singaporeans were kind and willing to help. Yet, on a social level, things deteriorated from the late-1990s and 2000s.

  4. The Malays were always fighting against each other, had we not been colonised by the Brits we would most probably be kowtowing to the Siamese. Had it not been for the Indian rubber tappers, the English-speaking Ceylonese civil servants, and the Chinese tin miners and traders, do you really think Malaya would have turned out the way it had? Do you really think the Malay sultans could prosper the land? I am a Malay by the way.

    1. re: “The Malays were always fighting against each other”

      It happens in feudal societies.

      But with the arrival of the Chinese, there is an external bogeyman and Malays fought less with each other. Browse this book about the race affiliations during the Japanese occupation,

      re: “had we not been colonised by the Brits we would most probably be kowtowing to the Siamese”

      I’m curious about the status of Perlis but have not had time to read up.

      re: “Had it not been for the Indian rubber tappers, the English-speaking Ceylonese civil servants, and the Chinese tin miners and traders, do you really think Malaya would have turned out the way it had?”

      Do you think if we had a referendum, would the Malays regret that their Sultans agreed or were persuaded/coerced into giving the immigrant races their Merdeka citizenships?

      re: “Do you really think the Malay sultans could prosper the land?”

      The following are the famous research figures provided by Jomo and Gomez. In 1970, the Malay share of capital ownership in limited companies was 2.4%, Indian 1.1%, Chinese 27.0% and foreign (British & other Europeans) 63.4%.

      The colonial economy benefited the white Tuans the most and the Chinese second. The Indian labourers were brought here to tap rubber but Sime Darby, Guthrie and the other big plantations belong to the orang putih.

      So the fruits of the plantation industry was reaped by the orang putih, and the profits of tin mining and the town economy accrued to the Chinese.

      If there were no Chinese and Indians (including Ceylonese, Malayalee, Punjabi, etc) coming/brought here, this country would have turned out differently, needless to say. Maybe more like Thailand or Vietnam?

      Quote: “The Chinese began to migrate in large numbers to Southeast Asian countries. Initially they were birds of passage, but gradually they began to settle down and became a permanent feature of the demographic profile of these countries. The fact that the Chinese were hardy and industrious, with no apparent interest in local politics, made them desirable colonial subjects. As the colonial rule got entrenched, the Chinese became the most dominant group in the economic life, especially in trade, commerce, industry and in the professions.”

      , see

      1. Had we not been colonised by the Brits …. How about we could be like Brunei the country control by Sultan and only the Sultan can make decision and no political party to influence anybody through bribery etc.

    2. Your mental state and inferiority that you are exhibiting is the product of colonization. I suggest you study the history of the Malay civilization and its greatness.

      Or if you think that Malays were living in caves and playing with squirrels and monkeys until the Brits came and bring us culture and civilization, maybe you should just be their slave.

        1. One misunderstood problem about “that Merdeka photo” is like all other photos used in propaganda as a seminal record of an event to record history through someone else’s eyes. It is a convenient and acceptable seemingly benign static document of a time in history.

          As someone who lived through that day, that period before and after that day, I note with a vivid memory as a young man that the plantations in which my family moved from time to time were infested with Chinese communist fighters whose threats and gun shots, assassinations and arson made life difficult for those of us who had newly become independent.

          That’s where the Chinese were by this photo. We had Rhodesian ridgebacks, Alsatians and other digs trained to attack specifically Chinese. it was hard on those that did not subscribe to that theory that we were the 30th province and that only a Chinese dominated peninsula would do.

          Warts and all what we received at independence however that has panned out turned out far better that what mainland China had planned for the dominoes. The Viets saw that anc changed sides going with the Soviets.

          The Cambodians continued to toy with it and 2.5 million battered bodies later in one of the worst genocides in modern history, they learned a lesson about trusting the Chinese and their view of the rest of us lesser mortals.

          China has not changed and neither have the vast majority of the Chinese. Kuomintang or not they are two sides of the same coin. It is about Chinese domination to the detriment of others not Chinese.

          Of course there will be scraps for the petty lap dogs like the Ambigas. But that’s what they were brought into this world for. To eat off the plates of those who rule and subjugate them. There are others in our midst who believe that their freedoms come from their dignity and not someone elses whip or food bowl like Ambiga does.

          It is why she does not boast of her Datukship although she conveniently uses it (from a “Corrupt government”). Instead she flaunts her dog collar from the Americans and French.

    3. ‘had we not been colonised by the Brits we would most probably be kowtowing to the Siamese.’

      Mohd Azhar Ibrahim, could you please elaborate more on how and why would the Malays be kowtowing to the Siamese?

      And do explain also what you really means by Siamese? The Thais (Sukothai), who had been successfully invaded Siam or the Siamese, the original inhabitants of what now known as Thailand?

      ‘Had it not been for the Indian rubber tappers, the English-speaking Ceylonese civil servants, and the Chinese tin miners and traders, do you really think Malaya would have turned out the way it had?’

      What say you, Mohd Azhar Ibrahim? Do you really think the Malays could not stand on their own? I thought the British (just like the Portuguese and the Dutch) came for Gold, Gospel & Glory, no? Do you seriously think they had colonized the land to memajukan what is now known as Malaysia? For the benefit of its inhabitants? Is that what they had been doing in Africa, Mohd Azhar Ibrahim?

      ‘Do you really think the Malay sultans could prosper the land?’

      Seriously, Mohd Azhar Ibrahim? Do you really think that the Portuguese had sailed from Europe to assist the half past six good for nothing lazy royals to develop their states? Do you Mohd Azhar Ibrahim seriously think that Malacca a backwater fishing village before the Portuguese came to colonized?

      ‘ I am a Malay by the way.’

      Although I know for a fact that someone named Khalil could be a Chinese popstar and a Bahai-ist. I seriously think it is very obvious that someone with Mohd Azhar as his first name coupled with an Ibrahim surname would be very much a Melayu to begin with, no?

  5. Tun Daim cautioned that if the Chinese are still unable to understand Malay-Muslim sensitivities, “they will be sorely mistaken when push comes to shove”.

    How many years these Chinese need to understand Malay-Muslim sensitivities? As immigrant you must think the sensitivities of the local. In this case the local understand Chinese immigrant and Chinese immigrant think they coming from “Middle Kingdom” decent, local need to respect them and also kowtow to them.

    Second to that, I don’t think Chinese can integrate with Bangsa Malaysia, Chinese try to distance them self from Malaysia society the moment they step they foots in Malay soil. Chinese prefer sending they kids to Chinese School, Chinese prefer to stay within their own community. If you visit to Penang, you might see Chinese Sport Club, Chinese swimming club etc. Because they are will integrated within Chinese society only. But, they failed to study and understand others race in Malaysia.

    End game – Chinese in Malaysia have building the new society system with proudly says – I’m Chinese I’m smart, I’m rich than you and I’m powerful, you must respect me. – In directly Chinese in Malaysia try to promote apartheid system in Malaysia society, I’m superior race, I’m came from middle kingdom. You Malay, Indian, Bajau, Iban, etc…must kowtow to me – If I can’t get the contract , I send girls to seduce you. If I get caught, I will use MONEY power to free me.

    You look at DAP – MP Lim Lip Eng says, make one of DAP’s leaders the commander of the air force or navy, then we will find MH370. If you analyst carefully Lip Eng statement, what you actually could see clearly the message Lip Eng try to says to every Malaysian.
    1. I’m Chinese I’m superior race – DAP – in Malaysia context as we knew, DAP is Chinese and Chinese is DAP.
    2. I’m Chinese, I’m a good leadership than you Malays.
    3. I’m Chinese, I smart than you Malays.
    4. I’m Chinese, I’m good in commanding.
    5. I’m Chinese, I know everything. Even the missing plane.
    6. However, until now world couldn’t find MH370 even the wreckage.

    1. Tapi bukankah pemimpin evangelis DAP begitu beriya-iya sekali menafikan bahawa diri mereka itu “Cina”?

      Sebaliknya para pemimpin evangelis DAP mendakwa MCA, MIC dan Umno adalah “rasis” kerana berbentuk parti perkauman.

      Bukan setakat itu sahaja, mereka juga menolak dengan sekeras-kerasnya jika didesak untuk mengisi kotak ‘Keturunan’ bagi mana-mana borang rasmi dengan butir “Cina” (yang sepatutnya).

      Malah mereka menghantar petisyen kepada Perdana Menteri untuk menuntut agar butir Keturunan – di mana ia wajar disi sebagai “Cina” – dibuang sahaja daripada MyKad.

      Justeru itu, nyata kepimpinan evangelis DAP enggan diiktiraf sebagai Cina :)


    2. You are wrong im sorry to say that. Im not an average chinakui as you may think. My best friends are of your race, i presume malay and we have been reading this together. What we are trying to do is to build a true society where race nor religions make a difference but we have to respect each other.

      1. All Malays are not the same – for more than half a century, Malay society has been torn apart and misguided by the petro-dollars of Saudi-Wahhabi culture and its radical political program, let alone the moral relativism inherent in the pursuits of secular consumerist culture.

        As for you who are not the average cinakui would you mind explaining the mindset and values of the “average cinakui”, to enlighten us especially why the masses must kowtow to Cinacommies and Cinavagelists whose behaviours are antithetical to Buddhist and Confucian teachings?

        1. re: “Saudi-Wahhabi culture and radical political program”

          Scary thought. What are the implications of Malays being radicalized and how will this affect their behaviour in the event of another clash, this time of religions?

          1. Malays have long been suffering our own INTRA-religious clashes – recall Memali’s Ibrahim Libya and the Al-Mauna face-off; both of them Islamist a.k.a. Wahhabi initiatives. These are the machinations of sectarian propaganda hiding behind controversial “Islamic reformation” theocracy. And antithetical to traditional Malay Sufism. It’s a long drawn-out and complicated issue but in case you may want some background information:

            from USA [YouTube]

            from the Holy Land [YouTube]

            from Malaysia [YouTube]

              1. Indeed the peaceful missionary initiatives to the peoples of the Nusantara archipelago was accomplished by the classical ahli sunnah wal jamaah tradition of which Sufism is an integral part.

                Dr. Syed Muhammad Naguib al-Attas in his book, ‘Some Aspects of Sufism as Understood and Practised Among The Malays’ published in 1963 (in Singapore) wrote:
                “Never has the Malay mind soared to heights of sublimity in the realms of abstract thought as when it was steeped in Sufism.”
                and also:
                “This peacefulness and non-militant characteristic of the (Sufi) Orders of Malaya has definitely influenced the outlook of the Malays with regard to their political and social order.”

                Here’s Prof Al-Attas’ seminal treatise “Islam and Secularism”:

                Click to access Islam-and-Secularism.pdf

                Famous Malay scholars the likes of Syeikh Hamzah Fansuri, Syeikh Ahmad bin Muhammad Zain al-Fatani, Syeikh Daud al-Fatani, Habib Tokku Paloh, Syeikh Tok Kenali were all practising Sufis. Such people are centered in the way of the heart and their goal is to be nearer to Allah Most High and to experience the reality of the Light of Muhammad. For the Sufis, Islam comprises the three inseparable components: Tauhid (Integral knowledge concerning the Oneness and Unity of Allah), Fiqh (integral knowledge regarding the pragmatics of the religion of Muhammad s.a.w.), and Tasawwuf (the spiritual-psychological sciences pertaining to the cultivation of personal morality and the Sufi’s divine realization}

                Here’s a short article by a physicist who practices Sufism. Professor Shahidan Radiman teaches Advanced Nuclear Physics at UKM:
                “Mengenal Ahli Sufi: Siapa Mereka dan Apa Mereka Buat”.


                  1. Pardon me for my presumptiousness . . . I was exhorted by my teachers to share knowledge and discuss matters with adab and goodwill. Sama-sama Kak.

                    1. If I wasn’t interested to know I wouldn’t have asked. I’m appreciative.

                      Your compressed lesson for the day would have taken me tons of personal research hours to unearth for myself and even then, we can’t be sure that I would know where to start looking.

                      The summary you produced indicated that you’ve done lots of delving into the topic.

                      I agree with your teachers about sharing knowledge.

  6. “‘Tapi bukankah pemimpin evangelis DAP begitu beriya-iya sekali menafikan bahawa diri mereka itu “Cina”?

    like mr hannah yeo mrs rama and their bangsa malaysia scam, these people so sick in the head that they also use their children for their political agenda.

    1. Willing seller, willing buyer.

      They scam but plenty of people willing to be suckered. Twit following has reached 91,200 already. If the J-Star editors give her a boost, @hannahyeoh should cross 100k in a week.

  7. Helen,

    “do you see any chinese….”

    The Chinese and indians were then ‘mere” immigrants. As the status dictates, they were without legal position to negotiate on anything with regards to creation of constitution.

    Constitution is a ‘win-win” situation. Non malays got citizenships in scale unheard of in this planet while Malays got recognition in return to allowing citizenships to Chinese.

    BUT TODAY THE CHINESE (majority) feel that they can outmanouvre the malays to get the political power. It is not completely Chinese strategy. No thanks to Anwar who is ever willing to sell anything just to be the PM, Chinese strategy is inching towards reality.

    DAP is playing with racial card with tacit support of other Chinese based parties, namely MCA. In their quest to assume power by continous slandering the only stumbling block, UMNO, they are indeed bringing Chinese to collide with the Malays.

    It is a matter of time that another May 13 will erupt/ although i pray it will not take place, i am not surprise if another bloodbath takes place.

      1. Behold! Those browns faces are Melayus bodohs from PAS and PKR that entertained the reborned/burned Christian. She would not dare to step inside solid cerdik Melayus strongholds…

    1. I would like to add one more thing; our current leader is so weak against the opposition.

      Would you think Dr M would sacrifice ISA in gaining peoples support? Impossible right course he knows there is another way to win peoples heart by no-need to sacrifice our shield until today.

      SOSMA is rubbish. No more prevention law in order to prevent such blood shed.

    1. ‘Lim said a hotel in Penang, who requested anonymity, experienced more than 100 room cancellations from a Chinese tour group this month.’

      Well done DAP!

    2. You seriously believe that this will be seen as a problem they help to bring on? Tak adanya. The drop in tourists from China will be blamed on the BN, yang telah gagal mengendalikan SAR dan tidak pandai menjaga hati keluarga penumpang China. There I’ve written the script for them.

  8. Ms H. At the present time, we must not avoid the true facts of history of our beloved Malaysia. Please note the following nuggets.

    1. 1957-1969. The wealth of Malaya/Malaysia was roughly owned 70% by the British (the best assets) 25% by the Chinese, 2% by the Malays. The general economy was based on the functions of the Currency Board – an outfit set up by the British in all their Colonies. You spend what you earn. Throughout the 1960s and the 1970s till the British, French, and Danes lost majority control of their companies, the representatives of these companies were in all the Councils of the land. Only after 1982 and 10 years after the NEP, the Malaysians bought out the foreign companies. As long as the Currency Board was in operation up to 1972, the Malays were stuck in their wealth of only 2%. If you were an British educated young Malay just returned in 1960, how do you feel ? No overddraft. No credit card. No money to invest or buy anything because of the lack of seed capital from the Colonial Era. If the Bank Negara Malaysia did not become the true banker to the Government, the Malays will be forever poor controlled by the 70% British and the 25% Chinese towkays who own the 3rd rate assets. Unfortunately, the change came with violence mixed up with raw political intimidation. It is to the credit of Tun Razak and the NOC. It is alleged that the secretary to the NOC eventually became a Prime Minister. And as it is said the rest is history.

    Arising from this debacle, the finger was pointed at the Chinese for owning most of the wealth. They did not but owned 25% of the third rate assets. See the big British banks, trading houses, mining and plantation buildings in most towns throughout the Peninsula til 1980s.

    For the above-reasons, I developed the concept and ownership and repatriation of Sime Darby with others to re-balance this inequality in the general economy so that the non-Malay businesses would not come under pressure. With Sime Darby, the MCA after Tun Tan Siew Sin went into big businesses themselves until they were caught short and had to be bailed out by UMNO. Some expanded their empires and became might rich.

    2. 1969 Riots. Please take note that the towns of the Peninsula were created by the British. The Chinese were in the majority unlike now in which every district has a mixed population. Even with the pre-1969 demographic layout, the Police consisted of many non-Malays found themselves completely stretched out imposing law and order in pockets of compartmentalised communities. This was why the 5th Royal Malay Regiment was brought into Kuala Lumpur. The 5th was disciplined and bivouaked opposite my brother’s house with no trouble.

    Let us not forget our history and be concerned with the consequences of unbridled and fiery politics as practised by the FEW who might unintentionally harm the many innocent men, women and children across our population spectrum. All we need do is to switch on the TV set and we see the sufferings of the innocents across the World as maybe created by irresponsible politicians.

    1. re: “Let us not forget our history and be concerned with the consequences of unbridled and fiery politics as practised by the FEW who might unintentionally harm the many innocent men, women and children across our population spectrum.”


  9. Ms H. Perhaps I should elaborate on my concept on Sime Darby and what it could have done for our beloved Malaysia and its population unlike its present status of an elegant British trading house of old but with no Emprie Preference. (During the British, all British goods entered Malaya tax free under the Empire Preference with the exception of a limited number of goods which were part of some deals with other foreign countries eg. Dutch chocolates, American canned goods and Coca Cola etc.)

    My vision for Sime Darby after its control was achieved by the Malaysians in 1976 with the support of 2 major Singaporean corporations, was for it to be like Temasek Holdings of Singapore in the 21st Century. The Malaysians to use it to gain control of major corporations for the developmental advance of the country and its populace through the acquisition of new technologies and ready made markets. All Malaysians would be roped in to acquire new technical knowledge and create new momentum in accordance with our development policies.
    The following happened which derail my concept for Sime Darby in the interests of Malaysia :-
    1. The demise of Tun Abdul Razak who was favourable to the ownership of Sime Darby with the support of Tengku Razaleigh.
    2. Because of the short duration of Tun Hussein Onn’s premiership,
    the Sime Darby management was left in the hands of the original British executives who had their own policy of doing things.
    3. By 1981, Sime Darby was in Malaysian management but it was also on its way to be a corporation which was run as a Trust which took no risk eg. the flagship of the PNB. This effectively cut off the opportunity to garner valuable foreign assets for Malaysians eg. in 1982, I suggested that Sime Darby controls the palm oil bunkering facilities in all the China ports. But Sime Darby only set up a small refinery in Port Suez, Egypt. By 1992, 10 years later, all the bunkering facilities were in the hands of 3 Malaysian Chinese companies. However, in 2010, Sime Darby announced it would invest billions of ringgits in North China.
    4. 2014. Sime Darby is now an elegant British like trading house (without the Empire Preference) which assets are plantations and hold agencies to sell for others like BMW, Porsche, Caterpillar, etc. instead of owning industrial entities at the source eg. where these manufactured goods are made. Sime invested in ordinary businesses like Tesco (Sime holds 30%) or the Equatorial Hotel, Melaka or build houses which Ali and Ah Kow can do.

    WITHOUT A STRONG AND DYNAMIC VEHICLE TO LEAD THE COUNTRY OUT OF THE MIDDLE INCOME TRAP, IT IS DIFFICULT TO ACHIEVE OUR GOALS. Sime had the opportunity to capture Harrisons & Crosfields (for engineering), Jaquar, Volvo, etc to assist Proton. But all these golden opportunities were missed..

    Hence, the mis-placed purpose and potential of Sime Darby did not fit into my vision of a Sime Darby business for all communities since 1976.

    For example, I served as a non-executive Director of Sime Darby for 18 years 1974 – 1992 on the recommendation of Tun Abdul Razak and his Government. My total emolument in Director fees for 18 years before tax was RM 500,000. This is the sum, RM 500,000 which a top executive in Sime Darby may now take in a month or his subordinates in 12 months.

    I was asked to resign in 1992 when I disagreed in the purchase of an asset which nobody wanted for 20 years at a top price from the seller who was eventually convicted of another misdemeanour. Thereafter, Sime Darby went bankrupt in 1996 and 2010.

    It is still not too late if Sime Darby re-invents itself.

    1. ‘I was asked to resign in 1992 when I disagreed in the purchase of an asset which nobody wanted for 20 years at a top price from the seller who was eventually convicted of another misdemeanour.’

      *Sigh* UMNO when they are too strong and arrogant.

  10. Masalah sedunia… bukan Malaysia aje… kat mana mereka berada they will brand everyone being racist towards them.

    Just visit Wiki on ‘race riots worldwide’, same pattern, same behavior, same culture bla bla they brought along with them and create all sorts of nonsense to distabilise the ways of life of the natives of whichever country they go.

    Aimless souls..

  11. If you think Malaysia is a failed Multi-Racial Country, please look at your typical successful Multi-Racial Country like Singapore, Australia, USA and etc, do in those said country got Vernacular School like in Malaysia? Answer me this easy question.

    If you think we the Malay is racist, yes we are Tolerable Racist unlike the Indonesian or Thai’s who declared no ethnicity among their citizen which is no rights to practice their mother-tongue language.

    1. Dear Malay Tolerable Racist,

      My question for you:

      BN = Umno and hence the ruling party is Malay (plus small brother, Sarawak’s PBB which is pribumi Muslim).

      BN rule excludes meaningful Chinese participation.

      Some 90 percent of Chinese voters today support the opposition or in other words are anti-BN.

      Given that these oppo Chinese are incessantly cursing MCA as “running dogs” and calling the MCA women leaders “Umno bitches”, what do you think their politics will be like in GE14?

      re: “If you think Malaysia is a failed multi-racial country …”

      If the BN continues ruling Malaysia post-GE14, GE15 and so on, the Chinese will continue and be even more excluded from the administration.

      If you were a Chinese, can you consider that Malaysia is a successful multi-racial country?

      1. ‘BN rule excludes meaningful Chinese participation.’

        Chinese chose to excludes themselves Helen. BN even if they had done it now, it would have been not by their own choice, I must say.

        ‘If you were a Chinese, can you consider that Malaysia is a successful multi-racial country?’

        With everything Cina in this country, what do you reckon Helen, by a Chinese first and foremost?

        1. re: “Chinese chose to exclude themselves”

          The outcome of the Chinese vote in GE13 (by their own free choice) is that the Chinese will be excluded from now and into the future.

          But to reach this level where 90 percent of the Chinese electorate turn their back on the BN indicates how the community feel that they have been comprehensively excluded by the government and the establishment over the last five decades.

          re: “With everything Cina in this country, what do you reckon Helen, by a Chinese first and foremost?”

          It’s true that there is a Chinese-First orientation. After all, Madame Speaker’s daughter was elected to be a Chinese rather than Indian.

          The pretense by the Firsters that they’re not Chinese at all (but tudung wearers) is the kind of slick and deceitful hypocrisy that makes any further negotiation impossible.

          BN cannot negotiate with a party that is not only deliberately in denial and leading their sheeple down the garden path but most insistent on menegakkan benang basah.

          1. ‘the community feel that they have been comprehensively excluded by the government and the establishment over the last five decades.’

            That they had felt it that way it may or may not be true. What do you think? Do you agree that they had been sidelined by design by the BN for the last 50 years?

            ‘BN cannot negotiate with a party that is not only deliberately in denial and leading their sheeple down the garden path but most insistent on menegakkan benang basah.’

            I think at times the same can be said about MCA as well. Maybe most of the time if their Jstar were anything to go by, yes?

            So MIC had failed the Indians and UMNO had been blamed of sidelining the Indians, thus giving legitimacy by the rise of Hindraf by some.

            And MCA is nothing but a nicer DAP or rather talam dua muka to buys time to tipu the Malays, yes?

            So who should the Malay Gomen UMNO speaks to in order to includes the Cinas in their effort to run the country, considering the one with the numbers had gone ABUs?

            1. re: “Do you agree that they had been sidelined by design by the BN for the last 50 years?”

              Yes, I agree that the Chinese are discriminated and disadvantaged by some government policies. But I don’t think that it was done with the deliberate purpose to tyranize.

              If the DAP had been successful in taking over Selangor in 1969, what do you think the government policies would have been like or the face of Malaysia today?

              re: “I think at times the same can be said about MCA as well. Maybe most of the time if their Jstar were anything to go by, yes?”

              About the J-Star, most definitely. However MCA is Chinese medium and J-Star is English medium. The Scissorati actually despise the MCA. If you scan the paper’s content, you will see that the stabbing is also done on the MCA. Remember this — Star reporter called MCA sec-gen a “donkey”?

              re: “So who should the Malay Gomen UMNO speaks to in order to includes the Cinas in their effort to run the country, considering the one with the numbers had gone ABUs?”

              For the moment, the Malay gomen should NOT give the Transport Ministry to the MCA. Tony Fernandes is on the J-Star board of directors and there is the KLIA2 tussle.

      2. Helen,

        My answer is, it is not the govt excluding the Chinese, but the Chinese dominant party like MCA & Gerakan took the action not to take part in the cabinet as they performed worse in GE-13. I’m not blaming the Chinese but I blame the DAP-ster who play a major plot in flaming racist issues. As far as I concern, such thing never happen during Tun M as PM because Tun M handle our nation economy very well unlike the previous leaders. The nation is prosperous during his time. Majority of Chinese, even my boss said, they mad with the govt nowadays not because of the racist issues, but it all start from bad economy control. Too many unnecessary spending occur and such thing lead to many negative impact on our economy.

        But, one thing I wanna stress here, Govt never forget about Chinese people. It’s shown by Najib appoint Sabah & Sarawak Chinese from BN Coalition party as the sole Chinese representative in cabinet.

        Do you think govt dont know where the chinese voter stand in GE-14? They know but they do not tackle the real problem from the grass root Point of View.

        Re: If the BN continues ruling Malaysia post-GE14, GE15 and so on, the Chinese will continue and be even more excluded from the administration.

        If you were a Chinese, can you consider that Malaysia is a successful multi-racial country?

        So, we still keep circling 360 degrees. Nothing change. Who exclude who? That’s the question. If we questioned something we couldn’t find the best answer, we aren’t going anywhere. And finally, who can describe what is the meaning of SUCCESSFUL MULTI-RACIAL COUNTRY? What kind of standard will be used in determining such thing? What is the benchmark? There is no such thing as Perfect World, only written in Communist Guide Book by Karl Max which also a failed to be interpreted in real life. No any govt in the world can satisfy their citizens needs and wants. My answer depends on what is your definition on that SUCCESSFUL MULTI-RACIAL COUNTRY.

        1. re: “My answer depends on what is your definition on that SUCCESSFUL MULTI-RACIAL COUNTRY.”


          Let’s mark time for the interim on your query because the Chinese mindset and political situation will not change in the near future.

          Under BN (read: Umno) from 2018 and beyond – I’m specific about the year because MCA will be effectively dead by then, berbanding sekarang nyawa-nyawa ikan – Malaysia will be a Malay-Muslim country.

          MCA has done a brilliant job in preserving our Chinese heritage, language, customs and institutions.

          DAP is only self-serving and being led by Greedy, Glory-seeking, Gold-digging evangelistas toting their Gospel. And they don’t even admit to being Chinese.

          Well, the Chinese have made their bed.

          1. If u ask my opinion, the Chinese view can be change only if our current BN Leader ready to move from PEMANDU-25% advisor to MTEN, we can shape our economy to much suits the people needs. I still believe, we can save our Multi-Racial country by respecting each other rights, mother-tongue language, Religion and culture. The main points is RESPECT & RE-THINK again what’s wrong with Bangsa Malaysia Idea.

            As far as I concern, the above statement also impossible to be met unless each of the races ready to make certain sacrifices as state in status quo. That’s all…

  12. It was later revealed in the Robert Menzies documents that the Tengku was intimidated by Australia and Britain to allow Singapore to leave. It was a strategic ploy by the British and Australians to leave Singapore in the hands of a Chinese pro western government of anti communists.

    Tengku and Lee both lied about the real reasons for the separation. Lee was aided by the ASIO station plant one SR Nathan whose cover was head of Radio TV Singapore to perform for the media crying crocodile tears to show deep sadness about the split.

    In fact what occurred was that Singapore became the personal fiefdom of a pro western Chinese man Lee Kuan Yew. Everything h did including killing democracy and practicing overt racism was acknowledge and condoned by the west.

    When Mahathir introduced the NEP without murdering democratic institutions like Lee did, the Australians and the British went hell for leather against the man recruiting his own daughter in the process.

    Do you see any Indians in the Merdeka photo? why do the Chinese alone matter? is it because they believe this is the 30th province of China?

    1. Even if that true, I still believe that Singapore if left in federation will do a lot damage in racial unity. LKY want equal rights while most native is poor and uneducated. Tengku have done the best option of that time.

      It is parable to amputation done to part of body infected with cancer. You can see it now in Penang.

        1. Thanks for the link.

          The dominance of the social media by the DAP has reached a critically dangerous level.

    2. ‘Tengku and Lee both lied about the real reasons for the separation.’

      I believe so too. Pecah perintah is their MO. Although I was born post the Singapura separation, I had always held the idea that Tunku was wrong to sedekahkan Singapura to the Cinas. Had he been so incapable of leading a country with so many Cinas around, he can step down and let others to run the show. Thus, Tunku, Tunku look at what you have done to us, cry.

      I agree with the calls made by Tun M (and friends), biar lambat merdeka, asalkan kampung tak tergadai. Obviously Tunku being a spoiled bangsawan tak sabar nak naik takhta!

      Dejavu moment

      ‘Tengku was intimidated by Australia and Britain to allow Singapore to leave.’

      Had Najib now being done the same? Thus Australia leading the SAR etc? What’s next, America manning the Selat Melaka?

      Weak leaders comes with a price don’t they?

  13. The most important now is Malaysia must become nuclear power country for defend. We can see China becoming greater threaten with their policies to expand territories. They dont care about us, MH370 call it sad, frustrated whatsoever, we can see how PRC demanding & attacked us as they don’t have respect none so ever.

    If MH370 is belonging to USA, Do they dare?

    Free nuclear zone is stupid as others already have it. Iraq destroyed due don’t have nuclear. How about North Korea? Dared? Uncle sam is not to be thrusted. They have thousand nuclear yet prefer to keep it rather then demolished.

    If Malaysian people still believe free nuclear is good for them.. Future we will kena cincang mati with China & USA. Our country is really in strategic area.

    1. re: “Our country is really in strategic area.”

      Yup, strategic. We can become an autonomous region of China like Xinjiang and Tibet.

      1. Now I know where do you stand Helen… :-)

        But, as all of us know, we are the scape -goat in the making by the super power country. So, nonetheless, we will be press until we’ll break and that’s why UNITY is a must among all of us. Blaming game would not make the current situation better.

        1. ,)

          Please Google how the Christians are evangelizing in China.

          Christianity is on a steep decline in Europe, see article ‘Churches In England Are Being Converted To Bars’

          Read more:

          Instead, today it is the East Asians who are infected with messianic fervour like the South Koreans and their mega churches. See,

          If you’ll look at the map, China on its own is already a huge country. Xinjiang and Tibet are big regions which the Han Chinese are taking over.

          Now imagine if China relaxes it one-child policy and allows its 1.3 billion people to populate Xinjiang and Tibet, and at the same time Christianity experiences a growth explosion among the Chinese as is happening in Indonesia.

  14. Ms H. I believed in a successful multiracial Malaysia in 1954, I believe the same in 1969, I believe in 1972 and even in 2014. Why ?

    When a country and its leadership move away from the normal behavioiur of doing things we must expect problems. But as soon as it reverts back to normality/normalcy, the recovery or rebound is positive. How ? In this evil or good World, depending on our current mindsets, flatteries, temptations, decadence, etc always make a bee-line to the top of power. This has happened to the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 failed Policies for Singapore. He and his self-glorification ! Any blind lobbyist could read this a mile away ! Hardly any leader of note escaped from such a deluge of negatives to influence a leader not to do something againist the norm. I have not made a study of great leaders but there were instances which stand out llike President Harry S Truman, Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi, Deng Hsiao Peng etc. And generally the recent batch of Western leaders has some semblance of standards, propriety, ethics etc though lacking in compassion.

    Surprisingly, that after 56 years of good Government, our beloved Malaysia lacks solid political stuff all round. What we see are donkeys which seem to kick at the wrong windmills of Don Quixote’s world. If there are folks who are just one iota better than the preening and self-conscious YH, such clownish behaviour of over-dressing would not have happened.

    Remember the gal who donned the SIA hostess sarong kebaya to meld with the folks in the mosque not too long ago ? They are all from the same clan of clowns who operate in the corporate and political worlds even in Singapore. 6 of their companies are now being investigated by the Singapore authorities. Clowns are clowns ! No more. No less. This clownish act is not the first, nor is it going to be the last.

  15. Ms H. You would have noted in the historical annals of our beloved Malaysia that I am the only Chinese who stood up and positively helped the Malays and Chinese and Indians through a life-time – NOT BY GIVING BRIBES.

    The ennobled Chinese tycoons and politicians think I am a Malay bum-sucker or leg-carrier even though they evaded income-tax and hid their riches overseas ! They are absolutely wrong because the important Malays I know were the friends of my youth. I reveal for the very first time. Hence, I was/am in a postion to help all socio-economically !

    I believe in the success and sustainability of our beloved Malaysia. No more. No less. And my delivery of the control of Sime Darby is only one of the many unkowns which I have directly and positively help my fellow compatriots to succeed.


    1. re: “the important Malays I know”

      Well Uncle, since you know the Malay VVIPs, perhaps you could put forward to them the case as to why MCA should not be given any Cabinet portfolios and why it would be bad for Malaysia to have Liow or Wee sit in the Ministry of Transport.

  16. Sudah lah… Let’s migrate enmass, to any other countries that do not discriminate . No more bogeyman… Cukup…

  17. imagine 7,000-000- 8,000,000 “NONs’ migrate to other countries, at one go… interesting…

  18. Dear Ms. Helen,

    I am writing on behalf of Dosfellas (a documentary production company) to ask for your permission to use some of the photos from this particular blog post in a documentary we are producing for Channel NewsAsia. However, if the photos do not belong to you, would you be so kind as to provide me with the contact details of the original sources or copyright owners?

    Thank you.


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