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Puan Speaker ingat dia ada kuasa presiden ke?

MUTAKHIR: Sila ambil Tinjauan pendapat: Hudud dan politik Islam

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Seorang Speaker yang “murah hati”, konon.

Pernah Hannah Yeoh cakap: “I am a generous speaker – offered time and even encouraged Opposition BN-Umno assemblymen to stand up & debate”.

What a bloody hypocrite.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- I am a generous Speaker - offered

Ke mana “keterbukaan” dan “ketelusan” Pakatan

Kenapa Speaker Selangor semalam menolak usul yang dibawa oleh Umno untuk membahas di Dewan isu pencetakan “Al-Kitab” yang menggunakan istilah Allah?

Jika betul kerajaan “CAT” Pakatan benar-benar terbuka dan telus sepertimana yang suka diuar-uarkan, tak payahlah Puan Speaker memaki penyokong BN yang mempertikaikan larangannya.

Ini si Hannah makan gaji Speaker RM22,500 sebulan tetapi dari segi membuat kerja hanya tahu menindas pembangkang.

Baik Puan Speaker memberi pencerahan daripada cuba mengalih perhatian.

BAWAH: “Come on mdm speaker, we elected u all in to do yr job, not taking cheap shots

Twitter - dmwee- @hannahyeoh in similar vein ... 2014-04-08 10-37-24

Pakatan “clearly playing their usual biawak game”

Jangan Hannah Yeoh begitu takbur sehinggakan berangan-angan dirinya memiliki bidang kuasa seorang Presiden yang kedudukannya lebih atas daripada Menteri Besar.

Petikan <Quote>

Oleh Calvin Sankaran

Isn’t the speaker supposed to be at least behave in a neutral manner? Her speeches and twits are so full of hate and partisan anger that makes mockery of her position.

The bible issue is one of the major issues of 2014 not only in Selangor but the nation as well. Why reject debate? This is clearly a matter of public interests and the State govt needs to come clean and explain.

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PR is clearly playing their usual biawak game by demanding for debate and RCI on MH370 at the national level but cover up the bible issue at the state they rule. BN should also demand an explanation why MB has washed his hands on the issue by asking BSM to write to AG.

The way Selangor is being run, it seems like HY is no mere Speaker but the President who has even higher power than the Sultan.

Komen pada asalnya @ 2014/04/08 at 8:51 am & 2014/04/08 at 10:27 am


Adakah Puan Speaker mencabar JAIS dan MAIS?

Orangramai pun ingin tahu juga.

Namun mereka yang menghantar tweet kepada @hannahyeoh untuk bertanya perkara ini sebaliknya telah diperli oleh Puan Speaker.

Twitter hannahyeoh Stop blaming ppl

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Ku Li sokong pelaksanaan hudud, DAP bila?



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14 thoughts on “Puan Speaker ingat dia ada kuasa presiden ke?

  1. Her silence on the issue of Pas’ intention to table the Islamic penal code is ominous. Ominous………..

    She has no power. When push comes to shove, the moment the Sultan speaks, she’s kaput.

    With more and more Malays speaking out in favor of implementing the Islamic penal code, she must be preparing more holy water to ‘calm’ her perpetually hysterical flock.

    1. re: “more holy water to ‘calm’ her perpetually hysterical flock”

      Yup, they are guilty of blasphemy against Islam and the Prophet, offences which are punishable under hudud.

  2. Sorry out of topic but this is a good article on how the Malaysian Chinese is totally of a disconnect with the understanding of their customs.

    The same logic is how the Malaysian Chinese who are Christian is off total disconnect with Christianity. There is so much focus about tithes and converting and very little about compassion and charity work like the time of the Catholic/Methodist schools and hospitals.

    Islam 1st, that is one reason why is the Chinese is so screwed up.

    1. That is the Buddhist perspective, and only from one organisation’s opinion*. The practice is Taoist based. For Chinese who practice syncretism, there is no disconnect. Both can coexist.

      *who, IMO, while trying to make a valid point, have erroneously strayed into absolutism.

  3. re one reason why is the Chinese is so screwed up.

    think of holy water l o l !!!

  4. I am really embarrased that the MPs can embarrase themselves in front of the Australian MPs with cheap shots in English.
    Debating the Goods and Services Tax Bill 2014, Azmin Ali (PKR-Gombak) sparked the loud commotion when he quipped in English, for the benefit of the Australians, that the BN government only has 47 percent popular support.

    “I would like to welcome the Australian delegation who are here today to observe the debate on the GST, which is introduced by the BN government which had only 47 percent of votes,” Azmin said, to an outcry.

    As he was being shouted down, Azmin turned to the Australians sitting in the public gallery and said, “They are scared!”


  5. Why her people try to hi-jack muslim’s name for God. Contextualization in evangelism only lead to unrest among other faith, Most people in the west begin to question their faith. What the name of their god. Lyric of old song I remember.

    If God had a name, what would it be. And would you call it to his face. If you were
    faced with him in all his glory. What would you ask if you had just one question.


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