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Laman rasmi MCA penuh dengan tweet-tweet para pemimpin DAP

Tweet-tweet oleh exco DAP iaitu Lim Kit Siang, Tan Seng Giaw dan Teo Nie Ching dipromosi kelmarin di laman rasmi MCA — lihat screenshots bawah.



Tajuk berita TMI kelmarin menyebut bahawa pendirian MCA Selangor selaras dengan pendirian pro-Kristian Pakatan seraya bercanggah dengan pendirian BN-Umno Selangor (ruj. ‘Selangor MCA breaks ranks with Barisan, says against Bible confiscation‘)


BAWAH: Screenshot halaman penuh



FireShot Screen Capture #012 - 'Malaysian Chinese Association' - www_mca_org_my_en

(60 patah perkataan)



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7 thoughts on “Laman rasmi MCA penuh dengan tweet-tweet para pemimpin DAP

  1. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

    They’re frenemies ma… not surprised.

  2. Kera Selangor please take note.. Pause kejap hal politik so you can HELP solve our WATER problems… All my life never had any problems with water why now under you people shut every 2days water for our daily consumption??

    Some areas I heard, 6days no water supply wan! Imagine schools and restaurants without water..

    Basic Necessity owh.. Garbage disposal and now water problems, what la you people… duk main masak2 kat Dewan ke?

    1. Kera Selangor please take note.. Pause kejap hal politik so you can HELP solve our WATER problems…

      Unfortunately ramai kera dalam bentuk rakyat Selangor yang sokong sangat Ubah. (oo ook ook bah…. macam bunyi kera Taman Bunga Penang).

      Teruja dengan holy waterlah.

  3. The Star kena saman pasal konsert Erykah.

    On Feb 28, 2012, the daily published an article on Badu in conjunction with the concert. The article carried an image of her, in which her bare shoulders were adorned with body art in calligraphy form, some of which appeared to be associated with religious text.

    The body art, according to the organiser, was fake and merely done for a photo shoot.

    The photograph caused massive public uproar and then-Information, Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Rais Yatim subsequently announced the cancellation of the concert.

    As the concert was cancelled at the last minute, the organisers had to bear all consequences including financial losses.

    On Feb 29, 2012, the daily suspended two senior editors responsible for approving the publication of the picture and issued an apology.

    Read more: Suit over failed Erykah Badu concert fixed for hearing on May 26 – Latest – New Straits Times

    1. Aside from Erykah Badu’s Allah tattoo, The J-Star also published a picture of Pork Ribs during puasa month under the heading Ramadan Delights.

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