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Bible verses: “a time to kill”, “a time to hate; a time of war”

Some Muslims take the words of the Quran literally.

Some Christians take the words of the Bible literally too.

Some Christians take their dodgy pastors at their word, and give away to the City Harvest Church hundreds of millions of Sing dollars a good part of which was misused, the court is told.


To every thing there is a season

Below are some sonorous Bible verses relating to how there is a proper time to every purpose, including a time to kill“, “a time to hate” and “a time of war“.

There is a poetic asymmetry to what is being  said in the book of Ecclesiastes, chapter 3, verses 1-8.

Ecclesiastes 3

King James Version (KJV)

¹ To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;

A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;

A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;

A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;

A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;

A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

SunHo-China Wine

ABOVE: Pastor Sun Ho of the City Harvest Church, Singapore

In the wrong hands, a dangerous weapon

So who in Malaysia is qualified to interpret the Bible for the benefit of the masses?

On one end of the spectrum, there is the “Jesuit-trained prelate” Bishop Paul Tan. Like him or not, you have to grant that he is an certified expert in theology and someone steeped in the long tradition of the clergy.

At the other end of the spectrum, you have the infamous City Harvest Church, and … drumroll, please … the Hi y’all, whatcha doinfolks:

Twitter hannahyeoh Hubby & I both preaching in 2013-01-03 18-10-28

Hannah Yeoh the lay preacher

She preaches to sheeple during service.

She delivers sermons in evangelical churches of various denomination.

Her sheeple hang on to her every word, read to them from the Holy Book.

(You have wonder at the trend of so many young Malaysian Chinese bleaching their hair blonde.)

You also have wonder why so many young Malaysian Chinese are into the trendy Jerusubang cults.

MCA does not have the capacity to counter this unhealthy, if not even dangerous, development.

Recent event (10 April 2014) at the City Harvest Church Subang Jaya
Recent event (10 Apr 2014) at the City Harvest Church Subang Jaya

The former “Event Manager”

Have the sheeple ever asked what qualifies Hannah Yeoh to preach?

Would you trust Hannah to intelligently interpret the Bible to the flock to whom she is preaching?

Remember, we’re talking here about a politician who unable to differentiate between Ethnicity and Nationality.

And one who is unable to distinguish the purpose of the national language transcending race in the education system as well as unable to tell the back end of a sheep from a goat (not that this is an indispensable expertise one must absolutely possess).

Mama Dapster on stage during Subang Jaya City Harvest Church building launch

ABOVE: Oh look! See who is (the plump woman) on stage at the City Harvest Church Subang Jaya

Perpetually hysterical

There is, in the realm of Religion, those RM2 charismatic churches registered as businesses with the Companies Commission and making obscene profits but remaining illegally tax free.

And there is the realm of Politics where the Religion card is played.

When the two – Religion and Politics – mix, it’s a lethal cocktail.

This is particularly so in the social milieu of Malaysia with our history of communal distrust, racial animosity and mutual hatred.

BELOW: Jesus can look like whoever the innovators want him to


Christianity is flexible

It is like Joseph’s technicolour dreamcoat — Jesus can be whatever hue of skin tone you want him to be (see montage above).

Islam on the other hand does not even allow its other Prophets, don’t just say Nabi Muhammad, to be depicted in any visual form. Hence we witness the Arab countries as well as Malaysia banning the recent movie Noah.

The problem arises when the laissez faire of Christianity collides with the increasing conservatism of Islam.

This problem is exacerbated when the evangelical Christians – for whom anything goes (such as permitting Hannah Yeoh to preach) – poke their Chinese noses into Islam’s business.

See the confident pronouncement by The Malaysian Insider columnist Khoo Ying Hooi that “Islam is not a rigid religion”. Memandai sungguh.

No authority to control Christian deviants

The problem, already compounded, becomes even more chronic when aggressive Dapsters muscle in, and their handlers the evangelistas attempt to take over the turf, for instance in the tussle over the ‘Allah’ word.

The trend that Christianization is taking in Malaysia is becoming quite dangerous, particularly when “confused” church leaders like Hannah Yeoh (we’re already aware of her confusion in political matters) are free to exploit the Holy Book and liberally interpret its contents.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- Attended solemn

Malaysia has an overly huge Islamic bureaucracy that is ready to take action against the sects that deviate from the Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah. But nobody monitors the blooming Christian cults.

This omission is more dangerous when Christianity has become as politicized as it is today in Malaysia, and on top of that encroaching into Islam. We’re truly treading the danger zone when Christianity is entrenched in the hands of the DAP same as how PAS has come to embody political Islam.

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45 thoughts on “Bible verses: “a time to kill”, “a time to hate; a time of war”

  1. Ms H. The Chinese being money minded are quick to exploit the loop-hole in the law governing the practice of religions. This all began by the tycoons who made good from speculation of the Bursa and established their personal RM2 incorporated churches which are tax free.

    I recall my own illiterate sister-in-law who was a hair rinser in an Imbi Road, Kuala Lumpur hair dressing salon, established her own RM2 incorporated church. From here she collected millions of ringgits as these churches are not taxable. This money became her own and she duly invested in properties in the Marble Arch area of London. Of course, she made more money from no money.

    My cousin who became the Chief Abbess of a major Buddhist temple rides around in a golden Mercedes Benz provided by a worshipper.

    This tax free religion amounts to billions of ringgits a year.

      1. HY. Chinese like you are no Chinese. You fellas let down the Chinese by doing illegal things and run off to Australia.

        1. Uncle AK47,

          The HY who “run off to Australia” and got rejected and ejected is Hannah Yeoh. This “HY” commenter is Hua Yong. Same initials, different persons.

          1. Ms H. You and me and others do not run off because we love our beloved Malaysia.

            I bet you all these so-called Christians have no loyalty to our country. This is the reason they now take a gamble with no regard to the consequences arising from their wanton actions.

            Sorry to say they are operating at the lowest level of intellect ! Even that brilliant fellow cannot or will not save them. He said so not too long ago.

            1. HY. Sorry for you. Your destiny is in the stars. Try harder next time and do not be personal with your jealous remarks.

              Even my illiterate sister-in-law and my cousin do better than you in MONEY terms. Maybe you should see a head shrinker at Woodbridge Hotel Singapore. My nephew is waiting for you!

    1. I say the government must be governing all religious matters. The country is multi religious, they can’t simply let the Vatican or something similar to run the show for them. Enough is enough. Whats with the money laundering under the guise of churches?

      1. islam1st.


        My friend, the whole thing is a scam fueled by MONEY MONEY MONEY.

        Let us separate the wheat from the chaff ! If these fellas want to play politics then it is time to draw the line in the sand !

        1. re: “put these monies in a public trust but also put them into a new group different to the old established churches”

          Or put them in jail. S’pore is correct to try the City Harvest scammers in court. Malaysia bila?

  2. In the very old days of the early “Glory, Gold and Gospel” the Spaniards, Dutch and Portuguese (and later the British) came to “save the lost souls” of the East. So henceforth begun the Christianization of the Asians.

    Nowadays it seemed that the purpose was “catching the souls for votes”. Hannah was obvious in this role. A blind leading the blind? We don’t know. Who cares?

    1. re: “the purpose was ‘catching the souls for votes. Hannah was obvious in this role. A blind leading the blind? We don’t know. Who cares?”

      If you look at the recent (April 2014) photo of the Subang Jaya City Harvest churchgoers, you can see that they’re all young Chinese.

      DAP has got this age bracket secure in their hands. There are severe repercussions to this.

  3. Quran: Surah “AL-‘ASR” (TIME)

    By (the Token of) Time (through the ages);
    Verily Man is in loss;
    Except such as have Faith, and do righteous deeds,
    and (join together) in the mutual teaching of Truth, and of Patience and Constancy.

  4. When you post a comment, and no one is responding, you know what people really think of you. Then you come again, post another comment, with a more vicious tone, then still nobody is responding, but you come again, posting more comments to bait people, yet people continue to ignore you.

    If you notice, this one particular person has been making this sort of comments around here. I m not going to go into further details, I m just going to advice people, just ignore this person. I m sure people know who this person is.

    This person has been going from blog to blog with this sort of comments. Why so active over here ? The other blogs no longer accept this person so he has to come here.

    1. re: “The other blogs no longer accept this person so he has to come here.”

      I see that this rabid Pakatan supporter is badmouthing me in at least one other blog. So you’re not quite correct to say takde orang layan.

      1. Yes correct me if I m wrong but are we talking about the same person ? The person I was referring to just made a comment on this topic. Is he that person ?

        About that one other blog. Which blog ?

            1. No, lah. Aren’t we talking about a rabid Pakatan supporter here? DT is a Malay nationalist blog.

          1. Re (2) Take a guess.

            Sorry about the previous answer. I typed the wrong name.

            Now was it Din Merican ?

            1. Nope.

              Lemme give you a clue: It’s the hysterically pro-DAP bodek LKS-LGE blog that despises PKR and scoffs at PAS but at the same time still holds that Pakatan will necessarily be the saviour of the country.

              Talk about hypocrisy. The blogger thinks DAP is great, PKR is Umno DNA shit, PAS are a bunch of hudud Talibans but the imbalance (1 good party, 2 bad ones) notwithstanding, Pakatan must be supported because DAP walks on water.

              Methinks you can figure it out by now but let’s end the thread here. We’ll save the outing of that Dapster hypocrite for another time.

              1. Yes I know who that blogger is. Let me add this one bit. That blogger also thinks he has a special relationship with the Father & Son, plus he loves Australia.

                1. re: “a special relationship with the Father & Son”

                  Perasan. Like other delusional Dapsters, he’s incapable of any awareness that they see him as a mere groupie.

  5. Hello Helen dan Assalamualaikum kepada para komenter…

    Saya ingin berkongsi sedikit pandangan saya… Diharap dapat berkongsi bersama-sama…

    Kadang-kadang saya berasa pelik kenapa kebanyakan bangsa Cina terutamanya muda-mudi lebih tertarik memeluk agama Kristian… Adakah benar pandangan saya ini saudari Helen sekiranya saya mengatakan yg mereka ini sebenarnya mahu menjadi orang putih… Malah mereka amat2 berbangga jika memakai nama orang putih, dapat melancong di negara orang putih, malah bangga gila jika dapat batang PELIR orang putih (tak payah tengok derita porno, tengok filem The Journy je dah cukup…)

    Tapi kat negara orang putih pandai dia bawak diri pulak… Dekat sana sanggup menjadi anjing yang mengikut sahaja perintah orang putih… Kat situ takde pulak korang nak melalak nak buat sekolah CINA… Tau pulak bila kat sana lebih cakap bahasa inggeris dari cakap mandarin… Tau plak nak duduk sama2 ngan masyarakat tempatan kat sana… Konon hidup muhibbah sesama jiran…

    Saya masih teringat satu adegan dari Filem Bruce Lee tajuk saya dah lupa… Adegannya ialah ada satu taman bunga di Hong Kong yang sering dilawati oleh orang putih di sana… Di laluan masuk taman tersebut ada papan tanda yang tertulis “Anjing dilarang masuk di sini”… Kebetulan Bruce Lee dan rakan2nya ingin masuk ke dalam taman tersebut tetapi dihalang oleh penjaga taman itu… Tetapi apabila ada orang putih membawa ANJING ingin masuk ke dalam taman tersebut, penjaga taman itu membenarkannya masuk… Ini menimbulkan amarah kepada Bruce Lee dan faham2 sahajalah apa yang terjadi seterusnya, sepak terajanglah!!!

    Moral of the story ialah depa orang putih tak heran langsung ngan orang Cina yang terhegeh2 nak jadi orang putih dan nak jadi warganegara negara orang putih… Cuma mereka yang tak sedar diri je yang masih memang tetap TAK SEDAR DIRI atau dengan kata lain, BABAL!!!

    Note- Helen, lawak le gambar Jesus tu!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!! Tapi untuk pengetahuan Helen, bagi kami orang Islam Jesus yang disalib tu bukannya Nabi Isa A.S tetapi adalah pembelot Nabi Isa A.S yang diserupakan wajahnya dengan Nabi Isa A.S dan kemudiannya ditangkap oleh askar Rom dan seterusnya disalib (crucified)…

    1. re: filem The Journey

      Jalan cerita — seorang gadis Cina yang berpacaran dengan orang putih membawa tunangnya balik ke Malaysia berjumpa keluarga.

      Filem tempatan ini menjadi hit terbesar di pawagam.

      Kalau pakwe tu orang asing berkulit gelap asal dari negara India, agaknya peminat Cina akan pergi tonton tak?

    2. I m going to comment in English since the opposition supporters can’t understand our national language.

      This is my personal observation. Regarding Malaysian Chinese, it is true that most of them “want” to become white, and if they can’t “become” white, at least they want to be associated with whites.

      This is most pronounced especially those living in urban areas, those without proper cultural upbringing where the parents are too busy chasing money leaving their kids to fend for themselves, and those who have a victim complex where the thinking goes that in order to show that they are better than their alleged, imagined transgressors, they adopt white culture while playing victims to any perceived, imagined slight.

      The notion of being white is very strong, especially those Chinese who are citizens of ex British colonies in South East Asia. If you have an opportunity to speak to Chinese born and raised outside South East Asia ex British colonies, you will hear a different story. You will hear stories of racism and how after sacrificing their culture, they are still being looked at as “aliens”. Which is why, if you go to China, you will meet a lot of these returnees because in China, the environment is better.

      But the focus here is Malaysian Chinese. So back to your question. Yes it is true. Most of them want to become white. They can’t really do anything about it anyway. After so many generations being whitewashed by the British, it is a natural progression for these people. They say they are Chinese, they are Chinese only in name and appearance. They will say they are Chinese when they want to gain favors with the Chinese from China. You ask a Chinese from China what he thinks of the Chinese in Malaysia and he will tell you that “we look at them the same way you people look at them”. Like you said, they are not aware that most people look at them unfavorably.

      1. re: “they are not aware that most people look at them unfavorably”

        They’re under the delusion that other people see them as looking most lovable, like this:


    3. Macamlah orang Melayu tidak meniru Arab, serta hendak menjadi lebih Arab daripada orang Arab. Ramai yang mengagungkan mereka kerana menganggap Pak Arab ialah pewaris Nabi.

      Fahaman ala-Wahabbi Salafi diikuti hingga ke ekstrim. Ini tak boleh. Itu tak boleh. Tutup sini, tutup sana, hijab tak cukup… kena pakai jilbab. Nak pergi ke Syria untuk meletupkan diri…

      Krim pemutih kulit juga laris dikalangan wanita Melayu.

      1. Saya setuju dengan pandangan anda… Kebanyakan mereka berjubah berpurdah bagai nak jadi Arab!!! Pakai celak sehitam-hitamnya macam firaun…

        Kadangkala saya sendiri berasa pelik kenapa mereka berasa INFERIORITY COMPLEX terhadap orang Arab??? Kita Melayu lagi hebat daripada mereka!!! Kita buat barang sendiri, mereka cuma tanam kurma sendiri…

        Mereka sembah Amerika, Kita tidak tunduk pada sesiapa pun… Negara kita masih dikira aman lagi, depa punya negara habis musnah… Itupun masih lagi berlagak bagus kat Malaysia ni!!!

        Hadui tak paham den….

  6. Jewish mythology is the sacred and traditional narratives that help explain and symbolize Judaism. Elements of Jewish mythology have had a profound influence on Christian and Islamic mythology, as well as world culture in general. Christian mythology directly inherited many of the narratives from the Jewish people, sharing in common the narratives from the Old Testament. Islamic mythology also shares many of the same stories

    Stories in the Tanakh, Old Testament and Quran such as the Genesis creation narrative, Tower of Babel, The Great Flood and the book of Esther, as well as various biblical characters such as Noah, Nimrod, Lilith and Asnapper bear clear influence from Assyria and Babylonia.

  7. These DAP evangelistas are using an insidious form of brainwashing to reel in young non-malays as party supporters.

    My Christian teenage niece was raving about some church rally she’s been to in past 2 years at Sunway, I think. She loves meeting the hundreds of teenagers there. I asked her who were the speakers. Unsurprisingly it included Hefty Hannah. Some of her friends called the Heffalump “inspiring.”

    She also attended some annual nationwide church leadership camp which she said were full of inspiring (that word again) speakers. The camp T-shirt’s motto? “Change! “I asked her why? She didn’t know.

    As for mat salleh-worshipping Salak South Sallys, I know quite a handful of mainly smalltown females who went on the Internet to match up wth these guys. But it’s their choice so I can’t fault them. Maybe they want to live abroad. But a lot of these guys are divorced and blue collar workers. The days of marrying a rich expat over lah.

    Years ago, a British friend told me he was dumbfounded a survey found every Singaporean girl interviewed opted to marry a Caucasian. (Don’t know if survey was real). But a Singaporean chinese friend ended up marrying an american woman because he sd singaporean chinese woman were too materialistic. “The beautiful ones chose the rich ones; the average go for whites while Singaporean guys end up wth the dogs!”

    1. Irma,

      It sounds like your niece was talking about the Subang Rally. And below is the “Change” T-Shirt you mention.

      The evangelical movement that is gripping the Chinese is a very sophisticated form of Multi Level Marketing and like you say, brainwashing.

      From 90 percent, it’ll go up to 95 percent Chinese supporting oppo by GE14. The MCA simply doesn’t stand a chance. That’s why I’ve been saying MCA is nothing but a hindrance now. They’re no match for the sneaky and slick DAP.


      1. You know what they have a term for the non-Christian relatives of the Born Agains? They call them “pre-believing families” – such a seemingly innocent name, right?

        They hook the youngsters in with attractive entertainment, that is what you see on the surface. Once the young are converted, the next phase is the most poisonous thing I’ve seen – telling the old folks that they will NOT undertake the traditional funeral rites for them, nor perform the annual Ching Ming rituals unless the parents convert to Christianity. Then the children will continue on with Ching Ming but in a Christian form… this form of conversion, you don’t see because it is done behind closed doors.

        Can you imagine what some of these senior citizens have to go through? They don’t believe but for their own peace of mind and to appease their adult children, they have to go along… of course, this is also partly due to them not being so well-versed in the true meaning of Chinese culture and religious practices (hence, didn’t inculcate into their now-born-again off spring) to resist.

        The ironic thing is that Buddhism is growing in the West, go figure. Want to follow the white man religion but the whites themselves are embracing Eastern philosophy. Should let these Asian Christians know that they are now behind the curve, old fashioned already. What a joke. But I’m not laughing.

        1. re: “Once the young are converted, the next phase is the most poisonous thing I’ve seen”

          Yes, they are. Very poisonous.

    2. “She loves meeting the hundreds of teenagers there”

      The church knows how a young adult mind works- young people likes to socialize, hang out, get together and so on. Church provides such an avenue for them . I know a young engineer in my dept who actively join church activities like playing guitar and singing.

      1. re: “church activities like playing guitar and singing”

        True. Buddhism doesn’t offer youths such activities as playing guitar, singing, dancing, pop concerts and fashion parades.

        Buddhism doesn’t offer youths a direct line to God (see how the evangelistas talk to God, how how they claim God talks to them — see City Harvest Church video below).

        Buddhism does how the WWJD: “What Would Jesus Do?” question (which incidentally the overnight Islam experts (the evangelista Chinese) are now brazenly applying to Prophet Muhammad.

        1. Actually, once someone did raise the possibility of using entertainment and performance activities in Buddhist practice here to the late Rev K Dhammananda – he replied that while music and dance has some value, it is an external expression that distracts one from internal contemplation.

          As Helen has aptly shown in the pictures above, the use of music can generate a strong focus point outside of oneself, allowing you to merge into a groupthink that can be both empowering* AND dangerous.

          *in the short run but ultimately, you have ‘outsourced’ your thinking to someone else and that is where the danger to yourself and everyone else around you starts.

    3. Re But a Singaporean chinese friend ended up marrying an american woman because he sd singaporean chinese woman were too materialistic.

      Good for your friend. At least he’s getting a real white woman as opposed to a white wannabe had he married a Chinese woman. Nowadays the Chinese women think they are honorary whites.


      “A PROFESSPR whose survey revealed that many young Chinese Singaporeans would rather be Caucasian or Japanese yesterday defended his study of values in the city-state and criticised the controversy triggered by the findings.

      The survey by Chang Han Yin, a senior lecturer in sociology at the University of Singapore, showed that 25 per cent of the Chinese surveyed said they wished to be either Japanese or Caucasian and 18 per cent of Indians said they would opt to be Caucasian if given the choice. In contrast, nine out of 10 Malays said they would still choose to be Malay. ”

      Malays want to be Malays. That says it all.

      1. re: “18 per cent of Indians said they would opt to be Caucasian”

        If not get to be Mat Salleh takpe, the “Tamil non-functioning” Indian can be an Anak Bangsa Malaysia and his kid be a Chinese.

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