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Mona Fandey

Kiri: Mona Fandey (bomoh, Temerloh)

Kanan: Sun Ho (pastor, City Harvest Church)




Nama City Harvest Church

tapi rupa macam

Genting Highlands Casino







Twitter - hannahyeoh- Attended solemn

Yang ni, gambar-gambar bawah

City Harvest Church di Subang Jaya

Recent event (10 April 2014) at the City Harvest Church Subang Jaya
City Harvest Church, Subang Jaya
City Harvest Church, Subang Jaya
City Harvest Church, Subang Jaya
City Harvest Church -- pix credited in 2005 @
City Harvest Church, Singapore


Twitter - hannahyeoh- At the wedding of DAP Member

Worshippers attend a church service at the City Harvest Church in Singapore
City Harvest Church, Singapore
Worshippers attend a church service at the City Harvest Church in Singapore
City Harvest Church, Singapore
These worshippers at Singapore's City Harvest Church
City Harvest Church, Singapore
City Harvest Church, Singapore
City Harvest Church, Singapore


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41 thoughts on “Mona Fandey

  1. multi level marketing at its finest, no product . just be able con by using the bible, get types like hannah and ram who god only knows what qualifies them to preach , pass go collect 10%

    “”we trust our leaders”‘ spot on , exemplifies their fanaticism for who the trust more their leaders or god!

    1. re: “types like hannah and ram who god only knows what qualifies them to preach , pass go collect 10%”

      Don’t forget the Selangor Speakers getting their 300 percent pay hike.

    2. Do we have the elements of a CULT in this modern bastion of Trinitarian creed, whose clarion call is to despise and castigate others unlike themselves?

      Oxford Dictionary defines a CULT as:

      [1] A system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object:

      * Eg: (1) The cult of St Olaf; (2) The cult of City Harvest

      [2] A relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or as imposing excessive control over members:

      * Eg.: (1) A network of Satan-worshipping cults; (2) Society suffers from dangerous sects and cults, militia movements, media control, and misrepresentations of psychiatric treatment and mental disorders.

      [3] A misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular thing:

      * Eg.: (1) The cult of the pursuit of money as an end in itself;
      (2) Does it bother you that there’s a cult of personality built up around the couple?

      [4] A person or thing that is popular or fashionable among a particular group or section of society:

      * Eg.: (1) The series has become a bit of a cult in the UK; (2) The company’s adverisements have gained a cult following among businessmen and laymen alike.

          1. Not sure what you mean.

            “Wag the dog” is a fairly well-known figure of speech.

            1. Sorry, I remain humbly, a learner of the language. I googled for it and am sharing this for those who might also be in the dark:

              To ‘wag the dog’ means to purposely divert attention from what would otherwise be of greater importance, to something else of lesser significance. By doing so, the less-significant event is catapulted into the limelight, thereby drowning out what should rightly be the more important issue.

              The expression comes from the saying that “a dog is smarter than its tail”, but if the tail were smarter, then the tail would “wag the dog”.

              Oh, so the DAPevangelistas are pseudo-smart tails that wag dogs; and the silent majority Chinese are like unsmart doggies being wagged …. ah so I see.

  2. That lady pastor looks so much like the late bomoh, right?

    Hindus n buddhist tentu kata ini reincarnation of mona tp kami Muslims percaya yg dalam dunia ni ada 7 orang yg mempunyai wajah seiras.

    Bila tengok patrons of tht church, teringat kpd movements mcm ni kat US. Si penganutnya sanggup derma wang yg byk dgn harapan dpt pergi syurga. They even have their own tv channel.

    Bg saya, saya rasa lucu tengok cara si ‘reverend’ bg sermon sbb mereka akan meraung2 dan kemudian audience akn menyambutnya dgn meraung2 jg. Langsung tak mcm paderi yg bg sermon dlm ortodox churches.

    The money collected is so much tht they even managed to build their own ‘holy city’. Masa tu saya sedang studied d US tahun 80an. Tahun 88 tu gempar sbb si reverend kna tangkap with a hooker dlm bilik hotel, nangis dia buat confession atas pentas. So lps tu hya isteri dia yg suka put on heavy makeup je yg bg sermon. A few months later FBI found out tht the money donated by devotees masuk poket reverend sebenarnya… Macam2 kes.

    Devotees depa usually those yg dok soul searching selepas kna dera… kaki botol, penagih, yg terlibat dgn maksiat…etc, yg nak bertaubat laa….. mcm pengikut Ayah Pin laa..

    Tak sangka kat Malaysia pun ada pergerakan macam ni.

      1. When the country is going to the dogs, religion makes profit out of it. You can see the similarities with Malays here where Ustaz’s are believed more than scientists & the City Harvest Church has their Muslim counterpart in those mega Selawat Perdana where sheikhs from the Arabian Peninsula are invited over to lead the congregation in overly idolize the Prophet SAW.

        If you have Pastors driving a Porcshe, why can’t the Ustazs drive a Ferrari?

  3. Serina Wee looks a lot prettier (probably stealing the limelight from Sun Ho); she’s City Harvest Church’s finance manager.

    1. re: “Serina Wee looks a lot prettier”

      Evangelislta pastor’s standard reply — “Aww, shucks, you’re too kind.”


      1. Just went over her twitter page, probably will breach the 100k followers mark soon. And is that Hosanna Chung, the Rocket reporter? Looks like she’s same gang (going to the same church) with HY.

        1. Hahaha.

          I’m wary of Arabic words though. In Malaysia, they are prohibited to non-Muslims.

  4. ha ha ha self rightoues in every aspect ….she thinking to herself shes pretty ha ha ha …..i think she needs to go for a total makeover for whatever that is salvageable…… guess the 300% increment going to come in handy

  5. hmmm

    just wondering is it me or just my imaginations that a lot of chinese women and teenagers and young man geting blond and blonder every day?

    I’m just coming back from Giant Senawang and from my observations from 8.30pm to 9.30pm, I’m sure that more than 25 chinese that I saw just now having blond hair or the variation of blond hair colour. hmmm


      1. Nah. They were deeply misleed.

        The Asian, East Asian beauty was deeply connected to their black and shiny hair. That is the real beauty of it. It is so rare for the European to have a black and shiny hair that the purposely giving the title the sexy and beautiful women to those who have the black or dark hair.

        If you wanted to get the attention of the real Englishman, reataining your black shainy hair is a way to go. You will be the exotic Asian which translate to beautiful to them.

        So those who think that beauty is in the blond hair, was a way to go for chinese, trust me they were really in the big surprise. They become ordinary to the European.


          1. For the European. For Asian, they consider tacky and dot dot dot. The identity crisis to some (said one of my UK expatriate) hehhehheh

            :D sarah

        1. correction:

          The Asian, the East Asian beauty was deeply connected to their black and shiny hair. That is the real beauty of the East Asian women. The black hair is so rare that for the European girls/women who having the black lock will be considered as the sexy and beautiful girls/women.

          Sorry Helen.


    1. Blond takpe juga.
      My area some Ahkow and Amoy have them in green,
      bloody red and even purple. Ikut siapa eh? China or Western countries?

  6. I just wonder what is Buddhist and Hindu leaders’ take on the ever growing number of Chinese and Indian church congregation. Surely they can’t be Banglas and Chinadolls but their own fellow ex-Buddhists and Hindus. Don’t they feel threaten like the Malays?

    1. When faced with imminent danger, their typical response is, first appeasement, then unconditional surrender. The elders have said it themselves “better for them to convert to Christianity” so the charade continues. Culture is irrelevant for them.

      “Don’t they feel threaten like the Malays ?”

      No, on the contrary, a considerable number of them welcome it. A door to the white man’s world. Some call it a ticket to become white.

      Ever read Francis Fukuyama’s The End of History and The Last Man ? His book is basically a tribute to American liberal democracy which is based on the free market economy and its triumph over communism when the USSR collapsed in 1991. Now 20+ years later, it turns out that history has not ended, and in fact, history is about to reassert itself with the return of Russia and China. But Fukuyama, being a fundamentalist himself, and hawkish, continues to paddle the standard argument that “sooner or later it will happen”. We also have similar fundamentalists here too, in the form of the evangelistas and the Pas mullahs.

      I wonder when we’ll have our own the end of history moment in Malaysia, with regards to the Chinese and Indian communities, when the Chinese and Indians reject wholly their cultural traditions, heritage and become Christians, I mean fake Christians ? As for Muslims, I m not worried. We have the religious authorities to deal with the deviants. There’s no place for them to hide. But, for these Christian deviants, that’s another story, a story which Helen is more familiar with l o l !

      Now don’t get me wrong here. I m not anti Christian here. We share ties with Christians and Jews because they are the people of the book. What I m against it fake theology. Yes fake theology as in the rise of these mega churches in places like Subang Jaya masquerading as places of worship. They are not places of worship. They are entertainment outlets.

      With just RM2 you can open an entertainment outlet. Phew ! Now that’s what being bloody business minded.

  7. That Sun Ho, does ‘she’ used to be a man or metamophising into a transvestite before finally transforming into a man.

    Could be a shape-shifter. Eww… Eerie.

  8. Mesejnya tepat. Dua-dua memang gila glamour. Dua-dua ada laki yang sanggup buat apa saja untuk bini. Tapi tak keterlaluan ke buat perbandingan macam tu Helen. Apa pun penilaian yg tajam.

  9. Oh my God! These are scary images! These people look like they’re possessed! Then again, these evangalistic churches are mostly borderline cults. They prey on the weak and depressed, the young and naive…. and milk their hard-earned money mercilessly!

  10. Evangelistas are so good with the MLM that even the study of marketing has a term inspired by them. Enjoy the read.

    “Many people believe Guy Kawasaki, the former chief evangelist of Apple Computer, to be the father of evangelism marketing. In his books “The Art of the Start” and “How to Drive Your Competition Crazy” Kawasaki states that the driving force behind evangelism marketing is the fact that individuals simply want to make the world a better place. Evangelist customers spread their recommendations and recruit new customers out of pure belief, not for goods or money.”

    Like my Steve Jobs so like Jesus. His IPhone is like holy water. Get da picture.

  11. Look at the sheep support for China Boy and China Wine (Sun Ho and hubby). Really macam sheep.


    “These are some great leaders from mega churches around the world who know Pastor Kong personally. They are encouraging and praying for Pastor Kong and City Harvest Church during this period of trial. Dr David Yonggi Cho is the founder and Pastor of the world largest church with an overall members of about a million and he is also Pastor and mentor of Pastor Kong.”

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