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4 out of 5 Aduns in S’gor are Pakatan @tankengliang

The Selangor state assembly has 56 seats. Pakatan holds 44 of them or 79 percent. That’s way above two-thirds (67%). See pie chart bottom of page.

FMT headline news today:

Free Malaysia Today 2014-04-16 17-08-24

The Bible Society office is located in the DUN of Damansara Utama.

The Adun of Damansara Utama is evangelista Yeo Bee Yin.

She is a Hannah Yeoh clone. See Yang Berhormat Yeo Bee Yin’s tudung-ed photo.


Gerakan: DAP betrayed Chinese

Penang Gerakan secretary Oh Tong Keong warns that DAP has betrayed the Chinese.

It would be more accurate to say that DAP 3.0 has “ethnic cleansed” the Chinese. They do not recognize that the Chinese exists in Malaysia. To them, a “Chinese” is a national/citizen of China, and an “Indian” is a national/citizen of India.

DAP insists that there are no Chinese – “zero Chinese” in Malaysia. Only Malaysians. See tweet below.

The dark-skinned (must not mention “Indian” to describe them as it is a taboo word), opposition church activists take the same line too. “There are no Indians in Malaysia. Only Malaysians.” See Malaysiakini column below.


Alleging that DAP has betrayed “the Chinese” cuts no ice with the party’s 3.0 leadership who do not recognize “Chinese” as a word in their playbook.

Furthermore, the DAP have so successfully de-Sinocized their Dapsters that the party faithful and groupies now believe hudud is nothing to be feared. See their Facebook (screenshot above).

  • Cheryl Wong: “I love hudud law”
  • Daniel Chong: “Sya sokong hukum hudud.”
  • Jeremy Khew: “I support it to be implemented”
  • Darren Chew: “I totally agree the hudud law.”


Dear Sirs (Gerakan leaders), understanding the enemy is the key to drafting an effective battle plan.

You need to restrategize.

And keep hammering the same, simple, straightforward point repetitively.

For starters, don’t say Pakatan has “two-thirds majority” in the Selangor state assembly. Please remind the media that 4 out of every 5 lawmaker in the Selangor DUN is a Pakatan rep.

15 of them are the Islamist PAS and 14 of them are the predominantly evangelista DAP. These two religious camps are inherently incompatible. It is just a matter of time before they clash. If Gerakan is patient, you can stick around and pick up the pieces after their (Pakatan’s) implosion.

MCA is a write-off already.

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71 thoughts on “4 out of 5 Aduns in S’gor are Pakatan @tankengliang

    1. Ms Helen, these young naive people don’t know what they are talking about hudud. It is a law that does not have codified tenets except those interpreted by the ulamas. There can never be two different laws just like we can have two kings in any country.

      Just witness for yourself what has been happening lately, make an unbiased opinion, free from any prejudice and ask yourself deep inside your heart. Do you like it?

      I don’t but we have to educate the younger generation because our education system has taught them crap and this is the result. Again we can cannot have different education systems but one truly unified providing QUALITY with due consideration to everyone. Thank You

  1. ‘Furthermore, the DAP have so successfully de-Sinocized their Dapsters that the party faithful and groupies now believe hudud is nothing to be feared.’

    Thank You DAP!

    1. Yea why fear Hudud. They scream and yell loudly that Malaysia no more safe, so many crimes. . A simple thing, if you scared of Hudud then avoid involving in crimes. Simple as ABC.

    2. Mention hudud and everyone, I mean EVERYONE, will mention potong tangan. Lols. That seems to be the extent of hudud to most Malaysians.

      1. re: “EVERYONE, will mention potong tangan”

        Pls don’t forget how the Dapsters anticipate with glee that under hudud, it is the Umno leaders who will be without tangan.

  2. dap and their chinese gang of misfits will only support hudud until they have reached their their ultimate target, that is to control the government. once its achieved, lets see what the chinaman going to do with hudud. and if they still love and support hudud or move on and maybe even install their own canon law for the evangalist, you never know with dap anything can happen

    1. Hudud (Arabic: حدود Ḥudūd, also transliterated hadud, hudood; singular hadd, حد, literal meaning “limit”, or “restriction”) is the word often used in Islamic literature for the bounds of acceptable behaviour and the punishments for serious crimes. In Islamic law or Sharia, hudud usually refers to the class of punishments that are fixed for certain crimes that are considered to be “claims of God.” They include (a) theft, (b) fornication (zina) and adultery (extramarital sex), (c) consumption of alcohol or other intoxicants, and apostasy (see apostasy in Islam).

      It is evident that on this definition of what acceptable human behaviour amounts to, several of the sexually licentious Pakatan top brass have exceeded the limits of propriety, and must be punished first and foremost for their extra-marital indecencies. Those individuals who sit in the adjudicating council presiding over the implementation of hudud law in society, must be individuals who are morally upright and possess intellectual integrity. Wouldn’t the ideal situation be to have saintly personalities judge our social misdemeanours?

      And if there are no manifest hudud laws against lying and backbiting, envy and selfishness, the Quran tells us that these trangressions of the soul will be brought forward on the Day of Judgement, for certain, to be accounted for.

  3. “These two religious camps are inherently incompatible. It is just a matter of time before they clash.”

    Honestly speaking, I really do hope seeing that happen or else this country is going to turn upside down very fast. Looking at the behavior and attitude of Chinese up there in the Facebook chatter page scared the s**t out of me.

  4. Hate makes you do wonderful things.

    It can make you love Hudud, throw away your ethnicity, change the name of your god and even close your eyes to your own leaders failings.

    Dear DAPsters, Stop Hating Start Sharing.

  5. I like that last image with KJ saying he’s Malayalee and not Indian. It’s another indication of when DAP rules and we won’t have Malays, but we’ll be known as Jawa, Bugis, Minang, Mandaling etc. I wonder what I’ll be then?

    1. Divide n rule malay into smaller sub-ethnics exactly like spore did in its early days. No more Malay but bawean, jawa, arab, melayu etc.

      1. The evangelistas are sooooo sneaky.

        The Sneaky Star
        is an evangelista paper. The MCA is treacherous to harbour si Gunting Dalam Lipatan.

      2. then divide also chinese into subethnic like hokkien, foochow, hainan, manchu, and etc then it will be fair. but guess what? ur lovable spore still group them into one single chinese race to maintain legitimacy n power. equality my ass.

  6. Hello Helen…

    Baru buka internet tadi terkejut pasal Karpal Singh mati kemalangan…

    Mula-mula ingat fitnah semata-mata tapi bila tengok banyak blogger postkan berita yang sama baru percaya berita ni…

    Takziah le kepada keluarga Karpal…

      1. Helen nak tanya sikit…

        Kalau blogger letak gambar mayat Karpal yang baru sahaja kemalangan ke dalam posting mereka, adakah ia akan menjadi satu kesalahan???

        Ini disebabkan ada beberapa blog yang postkan gambar mayat Karpal yang betul-betul mengerikan dalam posting diorang… Memang mengerikan sungguh… Kepala Karpal jadi bengkok dan tangan kirinya menyentuh bahagian jantung… Dan ekspresi mukanya seperti melihat sesuatu…

        Sesuatu yang kami orang Islam percaya…

        1. Some say even God can’t sink Titanic. And yet it did.

          And over here it seems that the mayat for Hudud to langkah upon had been made available…

    1. I pun terkejut. Mula mula I pun ingat ini satu prank lepas tu pergi laman NST dapat tahu ini cerita benar.

      Now with Karpal gone, Pas can continue with the Islamic state agenda and no one is going to come out and oppose it. The most vocal critic is history.

      Sekarang DAP boleh officially jadi parti pemangku Hudud dah. Siapa lagi yang akan kata we will never agree to hudud ?

      Pemergian hudud is a huge lost for the Non Muslims of this country.

      1. re: “Pemergian hudud is a huge lost for the Non Muslims of this country.”

        You made typo. You mean “Pemergian YB Karpal is a huge loss for the non Muslims of this country.”

        Yes it is. Absolutely devastating.

              1. re: “Wonder what’s gonna happen now…”

                The stereotype of the burly, turbaned Punjabi comes to mind — “big, strong, friendly” (remember the ad?)

                Without his strength and consistency as the bulwark, the prospect of the future is scary.

                1. ‘The stereotype of the burly, turbaned Punjabi comes to mind — “big, strong, friendly” (remember the ad?)’

                  Big, strong, friendly StanChart bank jaga no more oredi. Replaced by trigger happy-shoot in the face illegal immigrant security guard with fake IC.


                  ‘Without his strength and consistency as the bulwark, the prospect of the future is scary.’

                  Without the bulwark, the biawaks can now run free and do as they like.

                  Now, that’s really scary.

                  1. Dapster ‘loogl’ made the sarcastic comment on this page @ April 17, 2014 at 9:03 am

                    “Congratulation for your wish and prayer being granted today!”

                    Make of it what you will as these Dapsters most times grasp the story at the wrong end.

                    1. These people are so hysterical and maniacal that if their master the lizard tells them that they have to go and die in the streets rioting in order for their New Malaysia to come into being, they will gladly do so, with their master promising them that the holy water will sooth the way to holy paradise.

        1. Yes I made a typing error.

          Absolutely devastating but for the evangelistas, privately they are hysterical. Now no one is going to spoil their party again.

          In the coming days we’re going to hear these evangelistas eulogizing Karpal, all these hypocrisy and the unsuspecting people, particularly the Chinese, are going to be taken for a ride yet again.

  7. …Tembam kata there are no Malays, no Indians and zero Chinese but 20 Malaysians in their CEC ?

    Those 2O Malaysians tu when they get together people may mistake them as foreigners coming from PRC or India as their spoken language, features, habits are 99.999999% similar to those coming from these two countries..

    Macam mana nak kenal if they are actually Malaysians?

      1. ‘Macam mana nak kenal if they are actually Malaysians?’

        They propagate in Bahasa.

        ‘Pembantu Paderi Gereja Komuniti Agape, Tan Szet Anne, berkata bahasa Melayu digunakan dalam promosi muzikal Easter kerana mengikut arahan Majlis Perbandaran Seremban yang mengarahkan semua sepanduk dan banting yang digantung menggunakan bahasa kebangsaan.’

        1. Got’it.

          They dislike and disdain the national language but …

          … will fight to the death for the use of the Malay Bible and ‘Allah’ which they claim is the most appropriate Malay word to mean Tuhan.

          1. Years back I was attached to an advertising agency doing copy writing and translation work, back in Pulau Tikus and believe me, Bahasa Kebangsaan on buntings was never a concern. Never!

              1. A lot of Mamaks what. Penang is so small anyway. I could makan at Jalan Nagore or Mat Rafi or even go to Chowrasta Market for nasi Melayu. Banyak la Helen. My pre SPM schooling was spent in Air Itam, so I know my way around Penang.

                Anyway it’s an island what, I kept telling my sisters, not to worry when driving around Penang, because, worst come to worst, one would only end up on the same island!

                1. Nagore Road isn’t too far but obviously getting lunch is far more inconvenient for a Muslim. The street has become quite a happenin’ place for eateries.

                  re: “driving around Penang … one would only end up on the same island!”

                  My sentiments exactly. And a small island only it is too.

                  1. ‘getting lunch is far more inconvenient for a Muslim’

                    Only applies to outsiders, Helen.

                    So when in Penang, where do you like to go for makan?

                    1. In Pulau Tikus.

                      There is a kopitiam, if I remember the name correctly, it’s Bee Hooi (nearby Burmah House).

                      My favourite dish, Oh Chien (fried osyter in egg omelette)

                      Also the Char Koay Kak (carrot cake) inside the Pulau Tikus market in the mornings.

                    1. re: Particularly the one in Bee Hooi kopitiam. Hope the seller’s still there.

                      Been a while since I went to Bee Hooi.

                      Will update here if I go again.

                  2. re: “driving around Penang … one would only end up on the same island!”

                    Sebab itu orang cakap Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu

                    1. Hahaha

                      ‘My favourite dish, Oh Chien (fried osyter in egg omelette)

                      Also the Char Koay Kak (carrot cake)’

                      I ony berani chiak the one at Pavilion FC, dunno whether Shahrin Low got this on his menu or not..

      2. No joke Helen… memang susah nak cam. Last wk my family and I on ‘educational tour’ makan kat celah2 gerai seafood diBBintang. Actually my doter teramat curious nak sangat lihat dgn kepala mata sendiri how ‘prostitutes’ and the ibu bapa ayam look like so her big bro obliged and took us there.

        Next to our table was a Chinese family of ten, anak2 cucu dan atok, .. The son placed their orders in fluent Bahasa Indonesia. Tokey and waiters look very Chinese/Thai to me. Sambil makan mulut hingaq pok pek pok pek – we had to toleh belakang in awe dua tiga kali at their table fascinated as the Chinese family were chatting among themselves in fluent Bahasa Indonesia. Kita bole kenal serta merta they are Indonesian tourists.

        Beza ya Cik Helen… I can guarantee these 20 CEC fellas (tak termasuk yg baru saja meninggal dunia) were sitting next to my table instead, people might mistake them being nationals from PRC and India.

        1. Former MCA vice president Gan Ping Sieu once tweeted that “some ethnic communities feel alienated”, see HERE.

          1. Cina Babas kat Malaysia sebiji macam Cina Indonesia. Our accountant satu keluarga petah bertutur dalam Bahasa Melayu. Sorang pun tak tau cakap atau baca bahasa ‘moyangda’ mereka.

            1. Does your accountant who speaks fluent BM escape from being called a “mata sepet” and told “All Chinese cannot be trusted”?

  8. Dear Helen

    I would like to know the your thoughts on the following but am fully aware that the Red Beaners or whatever you call them have smeared and degraded people in times of tragedy and should be reprimanded for their heinous actions.

    They are sick people on both sides of the political divide.

    What kind of people are they???

    Take care and Best wishes.

    Thanks once again for providing this forum

      1. You should read at the comments that is placed on Najib’s message condolences to Karpal’s family on FB. The contents are shocking.

            1. It is NOT the PM’s message which was a shocker, it is the comments that FB users are placing on the page.

              Again it has become a battle field of BN vs PR supporters… this is what I feel is distasteful. So distasteful that I would not reproduce.

  9. Additional note
    I do realise the hypocrisy and double standards and hope the people who are commenting haven’t themselves done such acts to their political opponents


      1. Dear islam1st,

        Thank you. I meant the TMI commentators included. Have posted a reply. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to clarify.

        Best wishes

        1. ‘Have posted a reply.’

          Dear John,

          Lets wait till one of the BN’s is dead. The acid test is yet to come. We already know how they had treated the BN’s livings. Lets just see how they would have treated the BN’s deads for change. I seriously can’t wait for the I told you so moment!

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