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Kenapa Bible Society tak pindah aje ke Subang Jaya?

The Bible Society that was raided by Jais is moving out of its premises in Damansara, Selangor and relocating to KL.

Why does not the society shift to Subang Jaya?

Because …

“… Pakatan Rakyat (PR) and the state government had failed in defending the rights of minorities”, see ‘Bible group’s move may test Selangor, Pakatan in defending minorities, says DAP rep‘ (Yahoo! News, 16 Apr 2014)

That’s exactly what I’ve been saying over the last 4 years!


In the news yesterday

Bye-bye Bible Society.

All the best’, Selangor MB tells Bible society at exit (The Malay Mail, 15 Apr 2014)

So … the sheeple have just been told that they cannot expect the Pakatan YBs to protect minority rights. But that’s okay. Because they hate Umno so much, they’re willing to put up with anything.

Just out curiosity. Since Jais refuses to return to the society the 300 confiscated Bibles, what will Jais do with the Holy Books? Incinerate them?

Problem solved!

4 out of 5 Aduns in S’gor are Pakatan

The Selangor state assembly has 56 seats.

Pakatan holds 44 of them or 79 percent. That’s way above two-thirds (67%).

Their humongous majority in the Selangor DUN actually allows the Pakatan state government to amend or even revoke any unsuitable law.

But is Pakatan doing anything?

Exco: No plans to revise Selangor law restricting ‘Allah’ use (The Malay Mail, 15 Apr 2014)


3 Minnie Mice

Three DAP Aduns had mooted the idea of amending the Selangor Enactment 1988 which prohibits non-Muslims in Selangor from using 35 Islamic words and phrases in Arabic.

non-Muslims in Selangor from using 35 Arabic words and phrases in their faith, including “Allah”, “Nabi” (prophet), “Injil” (gospel) and “Insya’Allah” (God willing). – See more at:

They are evangelista Yeo Bee Yin, the DAP Adun for Damansara Utama; Hannah mentee Rajiv Rishyakaran (Madame’s former Personal Assistant), DAP Adun for Bukit Gasing; and Lau Weng San, DAP Adun for Kampung Tunku.

Damansara Utama and Kampung Tunku are state seats in Tony Pua’s Parliamentary constituency of PJ Utara while Bukit Gasing falls under PJ Selatan.

BELOW: Yup, YB Yeo is another DAP Selendang Squader

(The evangelista girls have learned well from Hannah Yeoh)


3G Cult: Gold, Glory, Gospel

Are the three DAP Aduns doing anything for the Chinese and Indians in Petaling Jaya who are non-Muslims?

Yeo Bee Yin is not picking up her calls, Rajiv Rishyakan has zipped his lips while Lau Weng San responded that he has no plans to table any bills on the matter of Enactment 1988.

They’re as quiet as a church mouse.

DAP’s 3G Aduns exploit the gospel, ride on church support and sucker the Melayus with their tudung and “Insya Allah”, #sahur and mengucap playacting.

Even the corrupt former Umno Menteri Besar of Selangor, Mohd Khir Toyo, did not manipulate Islam to boost his political power. Unlike the odious evangelistas who are presently controlling the Selangor government.


Message from the DAP

We’re Christians. “We love our neighbour.”

That’s really why the Bible Society is leaving Selangor and moving to the neighbouring state Wilayah.

(505 words)


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40 thoughts on “Kenapa Bible Society tak pindah aje ke Subang Jaya?

  1. The Bible Society should start issuing electronic bibles. Use cloud storage. Those interested to read any version of the bible can simply download it. No need to have a physical structure to house the cumbersome books. Just issue a tablet pc to potential believers free of charge. I could use the latest Samsung, thank you.

  2. Kak Helen, you asked. “But is Pakatan doing anything?”

    Since the anniversary of 505 is past approaching let us recap the accomplishments of Selangor the past 1 year

    1. The worst water crisis in decades involving KL and Putrajaya
    2. Allah controversy
    3. Bible confiscate
    4. Kangkung!
    5. YouTube Wonderful Malaysia sensation
    6. Guess the name of the Menteri Besar game
    7. Byebye Anwar Hello Mrs Anwar
    8. Money Money Money for the DUN DUN DUN
    9. Flowers of love at a mall and church

    Well it is really such a fruitful year. What about Penang?

    1. Kangkung original performance piece
    2. Quality priced water
    3. Parking ticket wunderbar
    4. Botak hills –including This Hill is on Fire…
    5. Toilet water sea resort
    6. Byebye Karpal
    7. Less Money Money Money for the DUN DUN DUN

    The plane, the plane I can raised the plane, but that is for Johor.

    Coming soon, over my dead body New Age Hudud! Please help to update if I missed any achievements.

    1. re: “Parking ticket wunderbar”

      Across the whole island or just a few municipalities?

      1. When our dearest MPPP messed up the parking ticket system
        e.g. created parking coupons that the scratch off could not come off, parking tickets where the tariff is RM0.40 sen (in human terms 4 sen per hour).
        Remember that the parking system has to be postponed one month because there were few vendors and tickets to be sold.

        And they could have not made that blunder if they had asked and adapted the MPSP system. The best thing is that MPSP is in Pakatan hands. (MPSP has been using the SAME coupon system since Koh Tsu Koon’s admin)

        By sacking all the parking attendance Penang cost savings followed a full month of blunders, Penang lost a full month of parking revenue. Itulah UBAH beb.

        1. Do you find the parking attendants efficient?

          So the poor guys have all lost their jobs.

          1. The parking attendance are USELESS. They will try to write the bill in advance and charge a higher fee.

            “So the poor guys have all lost their jobs.” So claim BR1M lor.

            The current system: The MPPP parking auditors would go ballistic and charge anyone who did not place enough parking coupons when there is KEMPEN Tangkap.

            Both systems are not efficient. In fact I would prefer to park at a mall as it is cheaper, brighter and my dearest car would not have to suffer from a sunburn or to catch a cold when it rains.

            1. For how long do the (coupon) parking hours stretch? I recall the Great Chief Minister introduced fees for night parking.

              1. Yes. Almost the whole day from 9 am to midnight. Even at residential areas such as Green lane.

                1. Lucky Penang is not using the parking meters then. Imagine a lone woman (driver) slotting coins into the machine at 11pm, and especially if the meter is somewhere dimly lit or deserted.

                  1. Pennag used to use the parking meters (at certain locations) togther with the overzealous parking attendents.
                    I like the meters because nobody bothers to audit so we can park for FREE.
                    Imagine a lone woman stuffing coins at 11 am, she must be loco.

                    Well all the parking meters are all NOW sitting happily in the recycling center.

                    Well this is the super efficient Singapore based Penang.

                    1. re: “Imagine a lone woman stuffing coins at 11 am, she must be loco.”

                      I thought earlier you said the parking auditors are zealots like the city harvesters (?)

                    2. The parkiing auditor are government servant so they are crazy during Kempen only. Normal time they dont care.

                      The attendants on the other hand are independent – not salary based but commission based so they crazy for collections.

                      No incentive for MpPP auditors to be zealots.

                    3. OK.

                      Sorry to say but I’m glad I don’t live in Penang, the fabulous street food notwithstanding.

              2. Actually we are the only state in Malaysia having to pay for parking until midnight and even on public holidays! This is one of his ways to increase the state’s revenue.

                Imagine if BN did the same in the states run by them…Pakatan would have organized mass street demos to protest and the Red Bean Army would be burning midight oil to produce videos to mock BN.

                    1. Such an anal retentive stranglehold. Not even a single day of the week can you be free of the DAP Big Brother gomen.

                      No wonder that now with DAP in control of the state resources, they are relentlessly brainwashing Chinese teenagers and children. The DAP evangelistas are cultivating Hitler Youth.

                    2. And now the housing estates are not exempted from parking. New areas are all the service roads on Green Lane and with the Pulau Tikus one way maze, housing roads like Jalan Concordia.

                    3. Mulan # 18 : It is the same over here in the mainland too… the DAP gomen is going over board in collecting parking fees to make up the deficit for the money spent paying bonuses and allowances to the DAP and Pakatan leaders.

                  1. Indeed they are raising kids that are fed with hate and superiority complex just like the Nazis. You might be interested to know that the official name of the Nazi party is NSDAP !

          2. Actually these guys are super efficient from the point of view of the govt though car owners obviously don’t like them. DAP wanted to change the system not because these guys are not efficient but they wanted to bring new system so that their cronies can benefit.

            The problem is the state’s Opposition (BN) is still on a sleeping mode. Had this been a BN held state, DAP would have dug into the details and accused BN of making the people suffer and enriching their cronies (as i the case of AES).

            DAP had made a massive blunder but you hardly read about it in the media. How much money had been wasted and who actually benefitted ??

            BTW, this is similar to Selangor’s messy waste collection system change where they replaced the reliable Indah Water with their useless and inefficient cronies. For all these blunders, there was little coverage in the media and no one was held accountable.

            1. re: “DAP would have dug into the details and accused BN of making the people suffer”

              Yup. If the Selangor leadership were reversed, the DAP would most definitely have gone to town highlighting how BN is making Selangorians suffer from the water shortage. That’s why Umno is really PPTA.

              re: “DAP had made a massive blunder but you hardly read about it in the media”

              The J-Star
              would naturally bury or blackout the story. MCA is guilty of treachery for feeding the api dalam sekam.

              re: “Selangor’s messy waste collection system change where they replaced the reliable Indah Water with their useless and inefficient cronies.”

              Our former rubbish collectors were Alam Flora. They were much better than the present crony-linked lot that leave smelly water (from the compacting) trailing the roads. The collection schedule of the DAP cronies is also erratic.

              1. If the Selangor leadership were reversed, the DAP would most definitely have gone to town highlighting how BN is making Selangorians suffer from the water shortage.

                I don’t think they would have stopped at highlighting the issue. Remember the Black 505 rallies and Kangkung demos and anti-GST movements ? These DAPsters would have organized a BERSIH like mega rally in Shah Alam – perhaps calling it some dumb names like KERING or BOCOR. They would have even complained to UN about human rights violations as they would claim water as their birth right and BN is denying them their fundamental rights.

    2. parking a bit more also complain. We living in JB working across causeway very familiar with pay parking until midnite laa.. Spore longtime already like that.. thats why very rich. Now Penang must follow la.. few years time Penang state become very rich for rich people.. every Malaysian can be proud..

    3. kim guan benz mungkir janji bila ia umum Tarif air penang naik. hipokrit gila. Mark my word – if pakatan take over fed govt they will allow all tariff/prices to be increased citing inflation etc, they will even allow nuclear gen plant here as part of national energy supply mix. Ptuii

  3. Balik2 DEFENDING THE RIGHT of MINORITIES. What they dont care was, defending the right of Majorities. The right of minority at the expense of Majority? No way.

    1. The majority should make the simple and straightforward argument that the evangelistas are encroaching on the right of their God (of Islam) by trying to steal his proper, special and unique name.

      What the evangelistas are doing is called Identity Theft. And they want to install an imposter, putting their triune Godhead as ‘Allah’ when the 3-in-1 is not the same identity as Allah.

      Ada apa dengan exco PAS Sallehen Mukhyi yang menghalalkan penggunaan istilah ‘Allah’ oleh Kristian?


  4. Khutbah terbaru dari David. [tweet]

    Does it mean our schools ARE way better? So why the constant attack on our schooling system? Hmmm.

  5. Oh sorry too be rude. happy Tamil New Year.

    Wait where are the Tamils in the photo. Perhaps they are too busy making curry and frying the Papadams. Oh. Sorry I am very racist. There are no Tamils in Malaysia.

  6. satu perbuatan yang sangat zalim bila mengatakan Allah ada anak.

    membenarkan kalimah ini digunakan untuk maksud yang demikian juga adalah perbuatan yang sangat zalim.

    adakah exco Pas berkuasa/berupaya mempastikan mereka tidak berbuat demikian?

    1. re: “satu perbuatan yang sangat zalim bila mengatakan Allah ada anak”

      Perbuatan memfitnah. Nanti diorang kata pula Allah ada pasangan and isterinya Maryam, ibu kepada Yesus (anak Allah).

      1. re: “satu perbuatan yang sangat zalim bila mengatakan Allah ada anak”

        I wonder how many Pakatoon City Harvesters have seen and enjoyed Noah. – Filem sudah ban tapi kan itu Pakatoons quite kiam siap, mesti sudah beli itu pirated DVD atau download sahaja dari internet.

        Lagi banyak imaginasi.

  7. Have you noted the notorious secularists Lim and Anak have been totally silent on the issue of Hudud? Had this was raised by BN, they would have gone ballistic and issuing hourly press statements with extremely long and emotional titles.

    1. re: “Have you noted the notorious secularists Lim and Anak have been totally silent on the issue of Hudud?”

      How come the 90 percent Chinese don’t? On the contrary, they are abusing MCA and Gerakan for talking about it, and making out these 2 parties to be the bad guys in the affair.

      I blame MCA for this perpetual hysteria among Dapsters. Granted the MCA did not cultivate this in the Chinese population but they sure did nothing to hinder the DAP’s project. Instead MCA allowed their media and their party machinery to aid and abet the DAP.

      1. In fact the Chinese papers are church mouse silent on hudud.

        Remorse, is it?

        Or the plane is more important.

        1. I guess this is the way for Pakatan to repay the Chinese community for their strong (or shall I say unanimous) support during the GE13 and the Kajang by-election.

  8. What the differences PR and BN. Ex BN join PR and ex PR join BN it back to square one. What the difference?

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