How DAP delivered the hudud baby

Hudud is PAS’s baby.

The midwife assisting the birth is DAP.

Umno will foot the hospital bill for delivery.

BELOW: Three-quarters of more than 1,000 readers polled want Umno to back hudud


75 percent out of 1,029 poll respondents answered ‘Yes’ to the question: “Do you agree that Umno supports hudud”.

Poll conducted here

Only a simple majority required

Kelantan Deputy Menteri Besar Nik Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah said that the two Hudud private member’s bills to tabled by PAS in Parliament will require only a simple majority to go through.

This is because they do not involve amending the federal constitution which requires the two-thirds majority, according to an Utusan report yesterday (‘Kelantan yakin hudud dapat dilaksana‘).

There are 87 Umno Muslim MPs, 21 PAS Muslim MPs, 16 PKR Muslim MPs, 10 PBB Muslim MPs and 2 DAP Muslim MPs.


ABOVE: Does it look to you like the Greens make up much more than a simple majority?

Game, set, match

Article 76 (1) (c) of the federal constitution specifies: “Power of Parliament to legislate for States in certain cases. Parliament may make laws with respect to any matter enumerated in the State List, but only as follows, that is to say: … if so requested by the Legislative Assembly of any State.”

Well, the Legislative Assembly of Kelantan requests it and the Umno Aduns in Kelantan are game, so it’s set and match.

The bill will indeed be tabled to seek Parliament’s permission for Kelantan to implement hudud. It is learned that PAS president Hadi Awang will himself personally do the honours.

Nik Amar seen with PAS deputy president Mat Sabu
Nik Amar & PAS deputy president Mat Sabu
Mat Sabu & his buddy the Iguana Eng

122 votes in Parliament

That’s all it takes

With regard to the second bill to be tabled by PAS, Zulkifli Noordin the Perkasa vice president explains:

“What needs to be done is to amend the law in the Shariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965 [Act 355] to give jurisdiction to any state assemblies including Kelantan to formulate and implement criminal law or Islamic jurisprudence …” (‘Amend Shariah laws to allow states to implement hudud, says Zul Noordin, The Malay Mail, 14 Apr 2014).

Currently syariah in Malaysia covers family law (marriage, divorce, alimony, child maintenance, custody/guardianship, etc), inheritance, division of matrimonial properties, khalwat, indecent dressing, missing puasa, etc.

ABOVE: I’m sure you’ve very often heard Dapsters declare – with the utmost glee – that Malaysia will be full of Umno Malays missing a limb when hudud is implemented

Minum bir sebat 80 kali

Zul Noordin explains that the PAS bill seeks to amend the jurisdiction of Act 355 so that it will be “in accordance with the provisions stipulated in the Shariah as enshrined in the Holy Quran or hadith”, i.e. the Syariah courts would be conferred expanded powers over more serious crimes that are currently dealt with under the Penal Code.

These criminal offences include theft (the potong tangan punishment), consumption of alcohol (sebat 80 kali), illicit sexual intercourse (100 lashes for unmarried offender) and adultery (stoning to death).

The Malay Mail article cited above also said hudud is “generally confined to Muslims, but can extend to non-Muslims if they are involved in aiding or abetting an offence committed by a Muslim”. I’m not sure if this bit is quoting Zul or it is the reporter providing an additional piece of information.

BELOW: The DAP evangelista Yang Berhormats


They want ‘Allah’

And so they should accept hudud

Hate really does wonders. And we know who are full of it.

Dapsters, goaded by the evangelistas, look at hudud as a means of indirectly getting even with the Umno Malays.

In their hubris, the well-off Chinese can smugly say, “Saya tak curi, apa mau takut”.


“Amar makruf nahi mungkar”

Only criminals need be afraid of stern laws, they intone. (The Chinese think that it is the Malays who are drug addicts, incestuous rapists, bribe takers, white collar ‘robbers’ and thieves.)

They even look forward to the Mat Rempits having a hand chopped off so that these Malay youths can no longer ride their noisy motorbikes.

The Chinese mantra is that if they do not do anything wrong, there is nothing to be afraid of. I suggest they look up the word ‘riddah’ and the crime of al-Baghy.

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47 thoughts on “How DAP delivered the hudud baby

  1. re : The Chinese mantra is that if they do not do anything wrong, there is nothing to be afraid of. I suggest they look up the word ‘riddah’ and the crime of al-Baghy.

    I don’t think they understand this. They only thinking that Hudud will cover them as they were non muslim. But believed me there is a reasons why PAS and UMNO wanted to table this motions in Parliament.

    My suspious mind saying there were a reasons but I cannot proved it. If someone know will you please explained it to me?


    1. There are dozens of Christians on death row in Pakistan for the crime of blasphemy.

      From what I see, the Dapsters insult Islam every day.

  2. That’s why the DAPSTERS don’t object ‘cos they know that Hudud is only for Malay/Muslims. What do they care of Malays become handicapped?

        1. Hukuman yang setimpal dikenakan?

          Si peminum disebat 80 kali, si penjual pun sama lah.

            1. Then how come the Christians are on death row in Pakistan for blasphemy?

              How come Deepa’s son has been taken away from her (by her convert ex-husband) when as a Hindu mother, she is not subject to the Syariah Court verdict in Malaysia?

              Why don’t you check how many of the state muftis have said that hudud should be imposed on all; go on, check it out.

                1. ref. to the Sun Daily excerpt:

                  I believe LKS inherently shares some of Karpal’s objections — they go back a long way together and belong to the same [old] era and the same brand of politics.

                  But his son calls the shots now, doesn’t he, because he’s the one holding the purse strings of Penang state.

                  LGE is having “real” power being the state government with access to resources that the father never had as an opposition leader.

                  I believe the chameleon will do whatever is politically expedient, hence the Khalifah Umar Abdul Aziz act, the bodek-bodek Islam PAS, pretending to makan dengan tangan for photo op, printing his Iguana face on the Muslim festival banners and the Amar Makruf Nahi Mungkar billboards all over Penang.

                  He knows that if he gets the Chinese drunk enough on Holy Water, he can sell them anything including hudud.

                  MCA and Gerakan have been screaming that DAP sold out the Chinese but the Chinese public and community leaders have not voiced the betrayal by the DAP. They are still blaming hudud solely on PAS.

                  1. ‘but the Chinese public and community leaders have not voiced the betrayal by the DAP. They are still blaming hudud solely on PAS.’

                    Tikam Belakang the Cinas I must say. Geez when will the 90% sees that the Sakais are not the enemy. These taukehs are!

                2. Here’s how hypocritical the Iguana is.

                  He’s pretending to eat with his hand for the camera. But you can see the fork and spoon on his plate.


                  1. actually I noticed my Chinese colleagues from Melaka sometimes eat rice with their hands.

                    only the Bangsarian Malays insist on eating rice with fork and spoon.

                    1. Ms H. I have seen a Malay Tan Sri eating chicken sandwiches on Fine English Bone Porcelain with knife and fork. And he drank Evian water. His Malay wife ran away.

                  2. Couldn’t agree more with you on that Helen. He looks very janggal indeed. Just like a spoil brat trying hard to toe the line after kena scold kaw-kaw from daddy!

    1. Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak wants Malaysia to play a role in setting up the “International Maqasid Syariah Index” to measure the commitment of a particular country in implementing Islamic law. The Prime Minister said the index could play a role in refuting allegations by certain parties that Malaysia’s determination in implementing Islamic policies was not in accordance with the actual Islamic law. Maqasid Syariah are the five general objectives of the Sacred Law namely to protect: Life, Religion, Intellect, Family Integrity, and Property. It is guided by the principle of “Wasatiyyah” or moderation from extreme positions.

      1. re: “Maqasid Syariah are the five general objectives of the Sacred Law namely to protect: Life, Religion, INTELLECT, Family Integrity, and Property.”

        The “Intellect” audit is very much needed for some oppo Malays.


            1. Ehem, saya tak mahu nak menuduh tengah hari Jumaat ni, tapi sign tu macam gaya orang Nasrani’s finger crossed!

              Cer tengok…

  3. Good grief! My eyeballs nearly collided with my glasses and my coffee nearly sprayed onto my notebook when I saw the hududised hand.

    Nonid for second mug to wake me up this morning.

    Helen, in future pls put up a warning for easily terkejut fellas like me.

    Thank you. :(

    1. Yes, another “softie” like me. I scroll very slowly when reading here, sejak the killing of the dog post. then when I get to the top of a pic I scroll fast so the pic will blur past. Then if the pic looks safe i will back up to see. Lols.

      1. I am glad that you’re being so proactive and resourceful.

        I hadn’t anticipated that the severed hand pix will be so shocking.

        Okay, next time I’ll put a disclaimer in the first line if there are pictures that hit the gut.

          1. I apologize.

            Next time I’ll put a clear disclaimer should any disturbing photograph require to be featured.

            But I hope you will remember that it can be a cruel world out there. In our country there are cruel people too. They are capable of doing very vicious things and in fact, these greedy and power-crazy group of people are currently wreaking havoc on our peace and harmony.

    1. The Economist cartoonists are cute. I recall one cartoon they did of pandas (representing China) riding a rollercoaster. The pandas had this whooopee! expressions on their faces.

      How about another round of Putin photos (?) wink.

        1. I’ve collected more pix of Putin’s dogs Koni, Buffy and Yume and even a poodle (dunno name). Plus the Prez has got an animal menagerie (other species).

          Next week lah as this is not time sensitive.

          1. Ahh, aren’t we the sensitive type?! On the other side, I’m happy to report its business as usual. And there will be blood!

  4. The decapitated hand…….

    the Chinese should think carefully, for if they are involved in abating a crime with a Muslim, they too will be subjected to similar punishments.

    As for insulting Islam, wait until someone report this matter to the authority that he has proof that a non Muslim, for instance a Chinese, had insulted Islam through a text message. Then we’re going to see the repeat of the Pakistani husband and wife couple.

    Who’s going to help ? The Tiger is gone, but then again, even if he’s still around, there’s nothing much he can do, after all, he is not a Muslim Law lawyer.

    As they say, be careful of what you wish for.

  5. This is very interesting. I m going to comment on some of the things said.

    “As for whether PAS’ persistence would trigger public dissatisfaction towards Pakatan Rakyat, Jagir Singh said it was only PAS’ own agenda and political ideology, and not that of the opposition pact.”

    The DAP is busy lending Pas a helping hand, just look at the tudung wearing stunts by evangelistas.

    “The Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia (Hua Zong) president Tan Sri Pheng Yin Huah also slammed the recalcitrant move by PAS to push ahead the hudud law implementation bill in the Parliament.”

    “He hoped all non-Muslim MPs would be concerned about this matter and reject the bill.”

    “He said Muslims should not oppose to the hudud law as this is part of the Islamic teachings. So non-Muslims must be firmly against it so that the bill will not be passed in the Parliament.”

    “He said so far only PAS alone had wanted to press ahead the hudud law while PKR had not expressed its support for the bill and DAP has outright rejected it. So Pheng felt this incident should not be interpreted as Pakatan had betrayed the voters.”

    Why only slamming Pas ? The DAP is also involved in complicity and duplicity. Pheng Yin Huah is clueless to the activities of the evangelistas ?

    Not all non Muslim MPs are concerned about this matter and not all will reject the bill. Since voting is secret, how can you be sure the evangelistas will reject the bill ?

    The bill will not be passed ? Only a simple majority is required. Is Pheng Yin Huah ignorant of the constitution ?

    Again Pheng is clueless. Dapsters have said that they agree with hudud being implemented.

    “KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall president Tan Yew Sing told Sin Chew Daily the Chinese community was staunchly against the implementation of hudud law in this country, and he urged the Chinese community to express their stand in an explicit manner and exert pressure on PAS to back off from tabling the bill.”

    “”We protest in accordance with our principles, as we are worried we would be affected by the hudud law, but Muslims are directly affected by it and they have more valid reasons to be afraid of it.””

    “He said Pakatan Rakyat leaders were still talking over this matter, and if the pact eventually adopted this bill, then the rakyat would have reasons to feel betrayed.”

    “As a matter of fact, other than non-Muslims, Tan said some of the more open-minded and westernized Muslims were also against the hudud law.”

    Another clueless man. Dapsters have said that they agree with hudud being implemented.

    He is deluded. Open minded and westernized Muslims against hudud law ? Where did he get this ? The professionals in Pas are certainly not open minded or westernized, if they are, they should speak out but they didn’t. Talk about being open minded and westernized.

    Muslims are directly affected and have more valid reasons to fear hudud ? Now, has any Muslim come out and say he fears hudud ?

    Stop the nonsense lah. Pakatan already betrayed the rakyat. Just look at the antics of the evangelistas. The tudung wearing stunts. The greetings by Hannah Yeoh and Ong Kian Ming. Betrayed the rakyat a long time ago.

    1. RE : “As a matter of fact, other than non-Muslims, Tan said some of the more open-minded and westernized Muslims were also against the hudud law”

      This is y opinions what happen to Malaysia right now.

      His opinions base on his personal views. It might be true before GE13, but after the Tsunami, the Malay started asking themsleves what they can do to protected them from the Chinese (I’m inforcing the word here), and look like more and more see that Hudud law should be implement to all regardless the race.

      After all, as they saw it, that if the Chinese can choose DAP because The Chinese will get what they want, it is fair for the Malay to choose what they wanted. At that was to implement Hudud for all.

      Dangerous games has been played and look like the games is on. Everyone seing that they can choose without thinking about others anymore. So asking and pushing is right no mater if it will effect others. After all if the Chinese can choose, why don’t the Malay and Indiaan.

      For UMNO extrimist, there are no MCA or MIC to block them from voicing their opinions. And the PAS is so clueless on how retains their supporters because the Anwarinass in it that they only see that HUDUD is the way out.

      They see MCA and MIC as the weak link in BN. Those they distroyed it fully without thinking that by destorying the MCA and MIC they makes their sworn Enemies UMNO more powerfull in BN. Hmmm


    1. They’ve been waiting since 2010. Remember that PAS khatib baca doa untuk Iguana during sembahyang jemaah?

      They (PAS hopefuls) are waiting for so many of the evangelista YBs to convert.

      1. Mat Sabu had made kosher LGE when he says the latter is emulating Khlaifah Umar Abdul Aziz years ago when he becames Ketua Menteri. Now with Mat Sabu sits on PBA and allegedly misuse his benefits from PBA, one can only understand why he says what he said.

        What an insults it was!

  6. Many years ago very close to my house was a funeral parlour where the bodies of dead accident victims were sent to prepare for burial etc. as I was made to understand some Chinese find it a taboo to have it done their own home.

    Mendiang Karpal was DAP’s great leader, I am curious to observe their reactions as majority of DAP are Chinese..

  7. Thats why i dont agree with two different crime penal code… The Izwan case is the clear evidence that 2 different law cannot enforce at the same time… Otherwise law enforcement will confused which law must be use offender, hudud or civil…

    I really hope that people realise about it… Otherwise this country will join Club Of Doom…

    1. As much as we respect the rights of Muslims to subject themselves to Hudud laws, in practicality the non-Muslims will be affected. The recent Izwan-Depa case is one of the examples. Most importantly is the issue of fairness. Offences committed under similar circumstances should warrant similar punishment. Like robbery. A Muslim will have his hands chopped off whereas a non-Muslim will be jailed or fined.

  8. Ms H. With the full force of the swallows from the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP dressed to kill to impress the pious PAS, the latter has now taken note of the obvious – THAT IS THE DAP SUPPORTS THE HUDUD. If not then, the swallows should UNDRESS and put on something else.

    WHAT A SELF-CREATED DAP MESS ! Says the PAS – ‘You swallows dress like us and your ducks too who speak like us and now this little HUDUD thing you swallows and ducks balk at what is obvious to all. YOU DAP FELLAS, DO YOU REALLY MEAN WHAT YOU ARE SAYING OR DRESSING OR NOT ‘ ?

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