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Hannah Yeoh cirit-birit, nih mesti caterer Umno ni (yang dipecat)

Mama Dapster is a dictator just like Papa.

“The Selangor speaker and her deputy along with many others at the Selangor state assembly were hit by food poisoning yesterday,” Malaysiakini reported today.

BELOW: “Is the caterer an Umno member”?

“Off with their heads”, screeched the Red Queen

In its article ‘S’gor assembly gets food poisoning, caterer axed‘, the news portal reported that “Speaker Hannah Yeoh announced that the services of the caterer responsible has been terminated promptly after the many complaints received”.

“I myself suffered food poisoning,” the drama queen whined and summarily sacked the caterer who upset her delicate stomach.


ABOVE: She blames the caterer for her stomach problem

Hullo! Hullo! Hullo!

Ever since your irresponsible Pakatan government commenced the state-wide water rationing, the standard of food hygiene has suffered across the board.

Reason: There’s no water mah. For 48 straight hours. In some places, stretching to 60 hours even.

With the water supply severely disrupted, how to wash the raw foodstuff, the cooking utensils, the crockery and cutlery all properly ah?!

Holes have been burnt in pockets just for the purchase of water drums alone.

Our homes are beginning to looking like the sundry shop, what with bottles, buckets and other assorted water storage containers here, there and everywhere.

Talk about “Water Features” in decor, hah.


Selangor Umno, ooooi!

Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, please wake up, you kaki tidur punya parti!

No need to wait till next month. Start your protest NOW!

Please tell Selangorians that their State Assembly is victimizing a small business without appearing to give the caterer a fair hearing.

Madame Speaker’s KANGAROO COURT:

“We are satisfied with the findings of the investigation prompted by complaints from members of the media, the deputy speaker and staff of the speaker’s office,” said Hannah in her judgment.

Not just the food sector but other different kinds of businesses have been affected.

Yet Madame Speaker is putting the blame wholly on the caterer.

Umno, tolong bela nasib peniaga kecil yang dianiaya oleh Pejabat Speaker.

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42 thoughts on “Hannah Yeoh cirit-birit, nih mesti caterer Umno ni (yang dipecat)

  1. Dear Aunty Helen,

    It seems like for the oppositions, everything must be konspirasi Umno/BN. I just can’t understand them. How could they believe that all the bad incidents were done by UMNO? I mean that is so silly and weird. And they say that they are so smart that they cannot be fooled by UMNO/BN.

    1. You know what, you’re right.

      If everything is an Umno conspiracy, then it only goes to prove that the Melayu (party) is smarter than them lah, yeah.

    2. We can the same. Blame all the hardships in Selangor on Pakatan govt. No water becoz Khalid sleeps on his job or his Penasihat Ekonomi knows nothing about the negative implication of water problem on Selangor’s economy.

      Illegal “rumah urut” in Selangor’s main towns is thriving becoz the DAP is behind it.And the list goes on. We blame the Pakatan on all these.

      1. En Veteran Pakatan has been around for almost TEN years, of coz they have to take the blame for Selangor misfortune

      2. Veteran, you should take heed of the terms “ownership of your action” or “responsibilities”. Pakatan is the state administrator, and they should take ownership of the action/inaction in administrating the Selangor state.. Those are not mere blames, duhhh!!!

  2. I heard one of my colleague talking about the water crisis in Subang Jaya.. he overheard a doctor in his area talking to a Syabas worker who happened to be his patient at the time..

    According to the Syabas worker who was allegedly a BN supporter, the federal government is in control of Syabas and deliberately enforced the ration on Selangor just so the people would lash back at the state government…

    I was like… what??!?

    Some people are just out of touch with the facts. The reality is, there are people out there not getting the real information about the water crisis. What is UMNO doing? picking their noses?

    1. Ughh. Please. If you want to make fairytale using your delusional colleague as a prove i suggest u do it better la fren. Syabas is the provider. Luas is responsible for water retention.

  3. Cirit birit, like attending funeral, is good for her dirty soul.

    Kenapa rumah loud speaker tu takde water rationing? Tak adil !

    1. re: “Cirit birit, like attending funeral, is good for her dirty soul.”


      Her dirty soul will be ‘gooder’ after the purging.

  4. Somebody has to tell the Sgor gov, that this is what they get when there’s not enough clean water. Takkan they cannot see this coming. Selangor is fast becoming negeri mundur di negara yang sedang membangun.

  5. “Holes have been burnt in pockets just for the purchase of water drums alone. Our homes are beginning to look like the sundry shop, what with bottles, buckets and other assorted water storage containers here, there and everywhere”.

    Exactly. Less home-cooking and also hardly invited guests to the house sebab tak ada air punya pasal. The ones that deserved to be sacked are actually the Selangor PR govt. themselves.

  6. Did they send the food samples to health department before making decision to terminate the caterer contract .

    re , I myself suffer from foods poisoning .

    it’s that enough reason to take such drastic action , at least health team should be called in and sample are analysed . This is hurried judgement , the caterer deserve proper justice .

  7. PR won the election. Selangorians gave them full power so why complains?

    They want change. BN manage water effectively, road well maintained, garbage collection splendid, and so many more but Selangorians mau UBAH so wish come true.

    As star mentioned Water Solution for Selangor that is ‘rationing’ while other state Water Crisis that is also rationing.

    1. Hai, dah 2 penggal kuasa Selangor, nak sindir kata caterer Umno member? Kenapa tak tukar caterer dari Pork Place saja? (

      BTW, any kindergartener can tell you to avoid dirty food is to keep clean and you need WATER to clean. Don’t know about Selangor but here in Perak hujan hari-hari. Kalau hujan pun tak ada air, alahai kesiannya.

      Does anyone else notice how quiet the Cina businesses are over this water rationing? I have heard complaints from Nestle and a few other multinationals. But there doesn’t seem to be any serious complaints from the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers or Chinese Chamber of Commerce. Are they not affected by the water rationing? I remember bila TNB terputus bekalan, bertubi-tubi complaints.

  8. I dah awal2 beritau, oghang Selangoq semua busuk.. pi kerja, pi sekolah, pi shopping semua tak mandi. Pakaian tak leh basuh kat rumah maupun to the laundries… busuk!

    Can you imagine schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, shopping Malls without water.. Berak sure tak flush..nak berak pi sungai, habis air tercemar!

    Cirit birit petanda awal satni mula wabak jenuh nak kawal.

  9. maybe the last batch of holy water contaminated…. now push the blame on caterer

  10. “I myself suffered food poisoning,” the drama queen whined and summarily sacked the caterer who upset her delicate stomach.

    Purging would help in weight loss. But remember to wash after purging. Good advise to our dearest madam.

    By the way, possibly madam is allergic to curry. Good Anglo Saxon women do not eat curry. Only Indians eat curry.

  11. ‘Our homes are beginning to looking like the sundry shop, what with bottles, buckets and other assorted water storage containers here, there and everywhere.’

    Same here. Water buckets in front of the house. In the kitchen. Outside bathrooms. Inside bathrooms. My aunty lagi best, all periuk kenduri size gets to filled with WATER!

    Anwar should get Al Gore on board to help PR Selangor solve the water crisis. Apa guna kawan, ye dak?!

    1. Tahniah kepada rakyat Selangor yang telah memilih pemimpin-pemimpin yang bodoh sombong untuk memerintah Selangor.

      Oleh kerana you all bongok, maka memang padan muka you all dapat pemimpin-pemimpin yang lebih mementingkan keegoan dan kepentingan politik mereka daripada maslahat rakyat.

      Malangnya, kami yang lebih bijak juga terpaksa mengharungi kehidupan yang sangat-sangat menyusahkan dan tak selesa sekarang ini.

  12. Slowly the lives of Selangorians are wrecked by the same people whom they trusted and voted.

    HY why complain, and live with it. You are supposedly the clever and high class (service provider) lady of leisure (FBooking and twittering while in the Dewan.) Do something about it and not moan and groan like you are being F***** by a giant ape.

    1. She can’t help it. She was rejected by the Aussie immigration authority for being…….

      So she came back to Malaysia and got her big break joining a party of rejects, you know, her mentor is known as the failed accountant.

      Her presence in our political arena speaks badly of our nation. Imagine a reject being elected into office in any other country… like for instance USA and people are going to have a field day whacking the electorate for voting in a reject but not here. Here people like her are glorified as men/women of exceptional talent, yes indeed exceptional talent in preaching hate to the masses.

      Why the need for Talent Corp ? We don’t need Talent Corp. If we want our men and women of exceptional talent to return to Malaysia, just give the Developers Above People party a call. They will gladly help us by enticing these men and women of exceptional talent to return.

      1. Did you cry when you watched The Journey? So touching. Chinese girl finds white man.

        Chinese girl finds blackie… Urg.

          1. I will bring Minyak Angin along just in case I cannot cry when my sis screens the DVD.

            Hannah could ask the producers to make a film of about her life. The Caucasian locales will excite the utmost insensitive Jerusubangers. It is a certified hit.

  13. aha , another new dap voter is on delivery , what else she can do ,,, producing more dap members ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [deleted]

  14. Tukang masak tu tak cukup air nak memasak, tak cukup air nak basuh pinggan mangkok, tak cukup air nak bersihkan bahan2 mentah. Air pula tak cukup rawatan. Tu sebab terkena keracunan makanan.

      1. Bukan tak cukup air, tapi takde air, biarpun kalau ada air, kualiti tak berapa baik. Dah kena food poisoning lah sebab catuan air.

  15. If bn currently governs selangor n threre’s no water, all the dapsters, pkr n pas n chinese traders will be demonstrating day n night for bn’s throat to be slaughtered n losses to be reimbursed. but since it is
    PR state, these people are quiet. even the chinese
    traders are quiet n ‘happily’
    bearing all losses just bcoz its
    dapster state. serves u
    right guys!. U chose the state govt. even nestle is
    losing rm15 million a day! n
    might ve to relocate. other
    big companies might follow suit. developed state? @#!padan muka
    Pakatan. MB pun selfish
    taknak beli air from
    n.sembilan. he just wants to
    keep the billions for ‘show’
    only. malu la, developed state takda air. negara kebajikan ke mcm tu? its almost 2 months yet no solution.

    1. ‘even the chinese
      traders are quiet n ‘happily’
      bearing all losses just bcoz its
      dapster state.

      Transparency my Malay Ass!

      1. Go to any shop to buy drinking water or reversed osmosis water and you will find the “sumber” is SYABAS. If the state government cares so much then the sales of those waters will stop immediately.

        In fact now that NS or Pahang will support Selangor in its water relief, can we get assurance that NS or Pahang water will not end in the shops/hotels as far as Penang as drinking water marked “sumber” SYABAS ? One business PBA can do is to sell Penang tap water as Drinking Water. Perhaps LGE should look into that.

        Read carefully water labels. Mineral water are spring based. Spritzer and Chuan Sin are all Perak sourced, some are Kedah source. Drinking water is tap based so the likeliness of SYABAS is very high.

  16. Actually when BN lost Selangor to Pakatan in GE12, I couldn’t help but feeling joyous that the arrogant and corrupt UMNO Selangor had been brought down to its knees. And they suffered more defeats in the recent GE13.

    I was secretly hoping that Pakatan Selangor government could show to BN Selangor how to properly govern the state. But after close to 6 yrs of ruling the state, Pakatan obviously performs worse than BN.

    I wonder whether Selangorians could tolerate another 5 years of Pakatan erratic and dispirited rule (after GE14). BN will still be hard pressed to regain support from the Selangor voters with the weakening of MCA and the disunity in UMNO Selangor (Kajang recent bisection showed that UMNO Selangor had not learn the lessons from its defeat to Pakatan). Mohd Noh and the former Sepang MP should quietly disappear.

    UMNO Selangor needs a new leader if it ever desires to wrest control of Selangor from Pakatan. Siapa ya? * sigh *

    1. re: “I wonder whether Selangorians could tolerate another 5 years of Pakatan erratic and dispirited rule (after GE14).”

      The Chinese will. They are blind to how grotesque the DAP evangelista leadership is.

    1. Gambar betul dan sahih.

      Not tampered in any way.

      Kalau tak betul, pasti dah Puan Speaker – si drama queen yang dok suka mengadu tu – buat laporan polis dah.

  17. Let ‘s do a thought experiment and say the same thing happens in the Parliament. You know what will happen ? Pakatan will have a field day demanding the resignation of the PM and the Speaker and call it a national disgrace.

    They will accuse that such thing happened because the caterer was an UMNO crony.

    Now how come there is no accountability when the same thing happens in Selangor ? Madame Speaker pass the buck and sack the contractor and close file.

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