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Understanding why the shovel photos have upset us

No gory pictures in this post.

Firstly, a little bit about my dog so that you can get where I’m coming from. Here she is, pictured with my late mom.

You can see Suzie’s toy bone under the small table in the corner.


My dog has never been chained or caged. When I come home, Suzie is always there to greet me. Even if she had been napping, she will rouse herself to come to the grill door. Her tail will be wagging furiously. She even grins from ear to ear.

Her favourite place is under my computer desk or beside my chair. When I’m having my meals, she would sit under the dining table.

When I’m in the garden weeding, Suzie will be sitting in the grass.

When I’m sweeping dried leaves, she will also be lying down in the garage to keep me company.

BELOW: Dogs can talk

When Suzie was a puppy, she used to sleep beside my pillow. Nowadays I sleep upstairs and she sleeps downstairs but in the morning she will wake me up with a distinctive ‘bark’ that translates as “Lemme out, I wanna pee”.

When Suzie was younger, she was able to leap into the car backseat in a single bound. Today she can’t due to age. She is about 75 in dog years.

Suzie loves car rides and when we drove to her to Fraser’s Hill, she stuck her nose out the window to sniff and enjoy the clean, crisp air. We’ve taken her as far as Port Dickson (she can swim), to Ulu Yam, Templer’s Park, Tanjung Malim and other green places.

When I lived in Penang, Suzie went ‘jungle’ trekking with me. One time along the trail, I tripped over a big tree root and fell flat face down. Suzie immediately nuzzled up to lick my face. Animals can sense when their owners are in distress.

Another time we were walking along the beach and Suzie was attacked by a pack of semi-feral dogs. I suppose that by crossing that stretch of beach – although it was a public area – the pack of dogs considered that we were encroaching into their territory.

I flung myself on the sand to protect her. It was just instinctive. But really not a smart move on my part at all, if we were to look back and appraise the situation coolly in hindsight. Nonetheless in a stressful emergency like that, we would act on our first instincts, especially when our loved ones are threatened.


The purpose of this posting is to air my say on protecting one’s dog.

Which is what this young woman (photo above) in Bucharest did — Reuters news story dated 3 April 2014. She managed to convince the dog catchers to release it.

Now about the Chinese officer-smashing-dog-skull-with-shovel photo that I’ve been obsessed with.

I won’t reproduce the Sichuan photos here since they’ve upset some readers. The story as reported in March by the China media can be read HERE.

The callous killing was not only savage to the dog but extremely cruel to the homeless man. He could likely be psychologically scarred for life from the trauma.

BELOW: Happier times — the vagrant and his dog


Please ponder

This is the important part I want to discuss.

Animal abuse can happen anywhere in the world. White people, black people, Hispanics, whoever might be potential culprits. But usually the perpetrator is a lone sadist and the perverted act is done out of sight or otherwise in front of a small group of accomplices.

The Sichuan dog killing is something else because it was carried out by uniformed officials. It was conducted in the presence of a crowd who watched the brutality with grins on their faces.

And the homeless man, whose dog it had been, was simply paralyzed by inertia. This is the saddest and scariest aspect of the entire sordid episode. It is reflective of the mental make-up of some Chinese and they way they relate to, or are immobilized by power and authority.

The nightmarish quality of the whole Sichuan dog affair is how close it is to home, i.e. to Dapsterland.



What kind of people are they?

If you asked your grandparents, they will be able to tell you about the communist terrorists. Today Dapsters are Bintang Lima with the same propensity for savagery.

When Dapsters provoke others with the most vicious curses that no ordinary, decent person can conjure up – even if you sat down a solid hour and thought real hard about the most venomous things that one might possibly say – they do it so glibly. Insult is almost second nature to the Dapsters.

You just try to spend the next 24 hours attempting to be as nasty as a Dapster or as slick and sneaky as an evangelista. You can’t. Because it is just not in your nature. That’s why in the 66 years of its existence, Wanita MCA never pulled a stunt like the DAP Selendang Squad.

Dapster-evangelistas are clearly a different kettle of fish altogether.

Take what happened to Kajang by-election candidate Chew Mei Fun. She resigned her positions as Wanita MCA chief, Senator and Deputy Minister on a matter of principle. Yet her political opponents spread the slander that she was forced to quit because she abused an Indonesian maid.

BELOW: “made in God’s image” (?)

Twitterhannahyeoh may God have mercy on the racists


Think real hard about what kind of people are capable of fabricating such a vile fitnah against the MCA vice president.

MCA, when it was top dog (in 1974, 1999 and 2004), never tried to crush the DAP underfoot. But now with the DAP triumphant, it is different. You can see that they’re hell-bent on annihilating all comers.

It is most imperative that you’re aware of the nature of the beast.

In our country today, the DAP 3.0 mutation is increasing their grip on power by the day. The party leaders have total authority over the Chinese here. The Chinese masses are in thrall to the DAP and the evangelistas.

That’s what the Sichuan Dog tableau evokes. That’s why the photos are so disturbing.

They are people who have no mercy, no compassion. None at all.

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47 thoughts on “Understanding why the shovel photos have upset us

  1. Compassion is reserved only for the civilized. We have asked this question countless times. What are these people ? For one thing, we know for sure they are not civilized.

    1. Methinks that’s why folks who lived through 1945 have such a deep phobia about the Bintang Tiga.

    2. It is true that God has decreed certain animals impure, specifically the dog, and the pig. This however is not a license for cruelty. Impurity simply indicates that there are certain precautions to take, and particular regulations to follow when dealing with these animals. Treating animals, including dogs, with kindness can result in great reward; just as treating animals with cruelty can lead a person to the hell

      The Prophet, may God praise him, said, “While a man was walking he felt thirsty and went down a well and drank water from it. On coming out of it, he saw a dog panting and eating mud because of excessive thirst. The man said, ‘This (dog) is suffering from the same problem as me. So he went down the well, filled his shoe with water, caught hold of it with his teeth, climbed up, and gave the water to the dog. God thanked him for his (good) deed and forgave him his sins.” The people asked, “O messenger of God! Is there a reward for us in serving (the) animals?” He replied, “Yes, there is a reward for serving any living creature..”[Sahih Al-Bukhari]

    1. Previously I didn’t understand because one just can’t imagine. Like who in the world could have anticipated the dirty, lowdown tactic that they concocted against Chew Mei Fun. What kind of sick, devious mind do they possess?

      Now with exposure to the Dapster behaviour and looking at how the evangelistas incite and instigate, I realise that the riots (1969) and the clashes (1945) are more psychologically complex.

      Kalau kita masih lagi enggan berwaspada serta mahu bersangka baik dengan jenis manusia yang macam tu, hancurlah nanti tamadun di tanahair.

      1. They want another May 13. For these people, its about getting even.

        Malays are not going to start the riot. I m worried that should the results of the upcoming GE14 go against their expectations, these Chinese are going to start a riot to overthrow the government. This is the biggest concern.

        We have to see how the 2016 Sarawak state elections go. I believe come the next Sarawak state elections, things will get really explosive. We could be walking on thin ice. Certain quarters are already egging the people, I doubt these people have the patience to wait until GE14.

        What do you think Sarawak 2016 is going to be ? My personal take is, the ruling party will retain power. That’s when these opposition supporters could go berserk.

        1. DAP activities in Sarawak must be monitored.

          They do things there like organize the Ubah Cup and target children (and teenagers).

          Dayaks and Christians are becoming more disgruntled at their (DAP evangelistas’) egging.

          1. Re : Dayaks and Christians are becoming more disgruntled at their (DAP evangelistas’) egging

            That what my friends inform me. For DAP Evangelistas the think because they are Christians, the DAyak and Cristians over there will accepted them with an upon arms.


  2. the fact remains that Bintang 5 is far more dangerous and more viscious than Bintang 3. Thanks off course to the evangelistas. Unfortunately, many are still in slumberland or too busy chasing their billions ( yupp millions just not good enough !)

    1. Like I’ve said, the British had stationed 380,000 armed troops here in 1951 to fight the Bintang Tiga.

      Who has Zahid Hamidi got to fight the Bintang Lima today? Look at the bad press that Malaysia got in China over MH370, and the negative publicity by the various international media.

      The evangelistas are savvy in their manipulation. The PPTA is not. And then when pushed into a corner, Umno resorts to the use of blunt force — gertak, tangkap, sumbat dalam penjara. By not countering the black propaganda, BN is losing the ideological and perception war.

      1. We could turn to the Americans for help. They have this contest with China in Asia.

        Looking at China’s reaction to the MH370, countries in our region now have even more reason to turn to the Americans. I mean, look at how belligerent the Chinese response.

        The problem for us is, the PM is hesitant to embrace the Americans. He thinks that working with China to gain economic benefits is more important. But sooner or later our national security will be compromised.

        One more thing for people to contemplate here. Our Chinese minority’s lowdown tactics to discredit the government have another unintended consequence. People in our region are starting to wonder, Indonesia, Thailand so on, they are going to ask themselves, are the Chinese in our midst also Fifth Columnists ?

        1. re: “He thinks that working with China to gain economic benefits is more important”

          The PM does seem that way inclined. Who are his corporate intermediaries?

            1. Malaysian Chinese Big Business are MCA blue or DAP red, that’s what I’m wondering. Yeah, I know they keep their eggs in both baskets but The J-Star is at core evangelista despite their pandai-pandai tupai melompat-talam dua muka.

      2. I guess the recently christened Blue Wave also tak boleh harap one, by the look of it. Ahmad Maslan is lying to himself and trying to please Ah Jib ony!

        The pompous announcement also was a step in the wrong direction, how to win like that?

        1. Give Gerakan a chance?

          The lost-at-sea predicament suffered by the gomen over MH370 shows that pro-establishment Chinese participation is still required in the fight.

          Raise a terracotta army by cloning Wee Choo Keong, Tan Keng Liang … :D

          1. I grew up to hate Tsu Koon. I had bumped into him few times in Penang, tapi I just won’t bother. I was having a laugh with my teng lang kawan, when they, (the Gerakan, gemuk fella) was talking about becoming CM Penang and then kalah by that time to the not so cocky (then) LGE!

  3. ‘Another time we were walking along the beach and Suzie was attacked by a pack of semi-feral dogs’

    Instantly thinking of Dapsters and their crushed-your-opponents 24/7-whomever-that-may-be-mode!

    1. No, lah. Animals do not attack with malicious intent. They were just acting from pack and territorial instincts. It’s not as if they plot, “Hmm, let’s see what I can spring on this fella.”

      Now Dapsters … they are Pavlovian and attack on cue. It is the evangelistas (brains behind the enterprise) who give the signal.

      As to how insidious the evangelistas can be, think Elizabeth Wong and what she said about CMF and the context in which she slagged the latter.

  4. Just take a look at the recent commentaries on Najib’s Facebook pertaining to the condolences messages to Karpal. It is sad to say that horrid messages of hate were placed there with the normal RIP messages. But why such insolence? Which role models did the people who dislike DAP get their cue? And the Twitter message from Langkawi that KJ asked the person to shut up.

    Look at the DAP leaders such as superman and David dealt earlier with messages poking Rosmah dying after badminton. Many comments from time to time on Malaysiakini asking for the demise of Tun M.

    It is the bad behavior of leader and the followers have adopted the same. If it is OK for opposition leader to bad mouth government officials and their family members, then vice-versa is FINE.

    The tribute messages from BN leaders (like Pak Muhiddin, Ajib-ko) and Tun M are so full of compensation and kindness. This is real gentlemanly behavior . It is fine to disagree but respect must given to your opponent. Tun M and Karpal may disagree at times but there is respect of ones oppinion – that is being GENTLEMAN.

    The sad thing today is it is OK to steamroll your opponent – out goes the gentleman in comes the savage. (With more education, comes more bad behavior). (Sorry Spiderman you are too old fashion – with great powers comes great responsibility… not a practice today)

    I miss the Gentleman (not the Psy song)

    1. Mulan, I must say, KJ probably was taking cue from @Reginalah on the shut up jabbed. But Tun M is a real gentleman, I must say. Come rain or shine, he either smirks on his critics or offer kind words during trying times. Such is Tun M.

      Lets wait the nicest words his detractors has for him, should he go karpal next, shall we?

      1. Just look at the comments from this Malaysiakini article titled “Minister finds Karpal jibes unacceptable”

        Bob Be like our dumb PM who never opens his mouth for any important issues so why don’t you also follow his footstep pls don’t say anything. its nothing new from BN politicians as usual never know the good and the bad
        43 minutes ago | Report

        Mohan53 Karpal Singh was a pain to UMNO during his lifetime and even in his untimely death, he still managed to show the BLACK side of UMNO by the actions and words of their racist and religious bigots who are MP’s and senior UMNO leaders! It is time Najib taught these UMNO chiefs some lessons on how humans are supposed to behave! Why is DPM not saying anything to these uncouth UMNO “Leaders”?
        1 hour ago | Report

        Louis Kurup, it is good of you if you can ask Najib to conduct a course on mannerism for those BN MPs , leaders,supporters and ministers. Many of them are more ‘kurang ajar’than night soil carriers. Good examples are Zulkifli and this Stupid Mp. For minister, wan Junaidi is not forgotten. Include him for the course.
        1 hour ago | Report

        Again it must Najib’s fault or UMNOs fault etc. Najib opens his mouth pun kena, Najib closes his mouth pun kena.

        1. ‘Again it must Najib’s fault or UMNOs fault etc. Najib opens his mouth pun kena, Najib closes his mouth pun kena.’

          They way I sees it, these people are the one who had joined the Club of Doom they kept peddling about!

    1. Consider this:

      Hannah Yeoh claims that mankind is made in God’s image.

      Thus the model man (manusia contoh) Papa Dapster is made in God’s image.

      When we see as Papa Dapster in the flesh, his image is a reflection of what God looks like.

      Holy Guacamoly! That is simply too sacrilegious to contemplate.

  5. Nice dog, Helen. What breed? Retriever?

    I miss not having a dog anymore. Used to have a few when I was growing up.

    My fav was Kaiser, the purebred Doberman Pinscher.

    Strong as a bull and hard-headed, that sonofabitch. I attended dog trainer classes to be able to handle him. He once slapped the eyeball out of our dumbass Spitz because it was irritating him during bath time.

    Used to greet me by putting his huge paws on my shoulders and lick my face off…LOL!

    Still think of him to this day.

    1. Suzie is mixed. It does look like she has some Goldie blood.

      re: “Doberman Pinscher”

      Woah …

      I want a ferocious Rottie.

      Suzie is afraid of thunderstorms and would follow me even into the bathroom if there’s fearsome thunder. She has pussycat DNA :)

  6. Seen a few dogs afraid of thunder. Our badass Shepherd used to whimper and cringe during thunderstorms…LOL!

    Rotties are good, all-round dogs to have but they’re strong as hell. Needs some training to control the fler’s strength and ferocity.

      1. This reminds me of the abandoned rottie pup i found in a cardboard box at the playground (who would do such a thing?).

        Kept it in the apartment for a few days until I found someone willing to adopt it.

        People who can’t take responsibility should have nothing to do with dogs.

        1. re: “found in a cardboard box at the playground (who would do such a thing?)”

          Your Dapster neighbour lah.

          1. Ya loh. :(

            I recall seeing many pedigree dogs abandoned everywhere at the end of the Dog year – early 2006.

            Heartless people these PG lang.

            Any wonder why they gravitated so effortlessly towards greed driven Dapsterism?

            1. re: “why they gravitated so effortlessly towards greed driven Dapsterism?”

              Where do the evangelical churches operate?

    1. Ellese,

      You must take this issue to the authorities.

      Many Umno bloggers are already aware of the TMI‘s methods. In others words, its reputation is already well-known.

      In terms of insidiousness, it is way ahead of The J-Star and Malaysiakini.

  7. Just asking since your topics is dogs is there adoption for dapsters dogs cause what I observed dogs only care for their master whoever comes distinctive of their master they barks scrawl and sometimes to the extend being bitten as seems there’s intruders why hah besides tracker dog.

    they are use to hunt this bintang 3 and now binatang yang 5 pulak Helen nak cari cina macam you baba /nyonya nowadays amat susah

  8. Great post as usual, especially about the dog. Hachikō’s loyalty to his dead owner is a legend.

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