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“Kata negeri maju, takkanlah rakyat terpaksa angkat baldi untuk dapatkan air”

“… menunggu air di tepi jalan. Kata negeri maju, takkanlah rakyat terpaksa angkat baldi untuk dapatkan air,” begitulah teguran Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan Mohamad Hasan yang dilaporkan Sinar Harian semalam.


No water, no water lah

Bukannya Cina kisah sangat

Takde air … takpe

Kan kasih sayang orang Cina pada Hannah Yeoh dan DAP mengatasi segala-galanya?

Dan atas dasar cinta murni itu, maka tak dengar pun diorang dok komplen apa-apa

Tabah aje


Begitu mujarab Holy Water yang diberikan kepada orang Cina untuk diteguk


Benci Umno!!



Dan selamanya

Hidup Jerusubang! Hidup Jerusubang! Hidup Jerusubang! 

(96 patah perkataan)

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25 Feb 2014
25 Feb 2014

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Orang kata Lembah Kelang sedang mengalami “krisis air” tapi The J-Star pula menggambarkan gejala angkat baldi sebagai satu kaedah “water solution”.

Cerita muka depan The J-Star – suratkhabar corong mulut DAP itu – adalah bertarikh 25 Feb 2014. Bermakna sudah dua bulan masalah No Water ini meleret tanpa penghujung.


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62 thoughts on ““Kata negeri maju, takkanlah rakyat terpaksa angkat baldi untuk dapatkan air”

  1. Hello Helen…

    Jika evangelista percaya pada holy water, orang Melayu pula percaya pada ilmu penunduk…

    Fungsi dia adalah untuk menundukkan seseorang dengan cara membodohkan orang yang ingin disasarkan… Kesannya mangsa tadi akan mengikut sahaja arahan yang disuruh oleh tuannya seperti lembu dicucuk hidung…

    Apa yang saya tahu daripada arwah ayah saya, cara untuk membuat bahan penunduk ni senang sahaja… Contohnya si A nak tundukkan si B… Caranya si A perlu menggunakan bahan kotorannya sendiri (contoh tahi, daki kuku dan sbgnya) dan bahan2 tersebut akan dijadikan serbuk… Serbuk kotoran tadi akan dimasukkan ke dalam minuman@makanan si B… Jika si B makan benda tu habis laa…

    Mungkin holy water evangelista guna cara yang sama kot… Cuma tak tahu guna najis siapa… Alamak geli le…

    1. If you have to know, in Catholicism we muse holy water as a blessing. We cross ourselves with holy water when we enter or leave the church. When a house is blessed, we bless it by sprinkling holy water.

      And no, we don’t use anyone’s crap as an ingredient to “manufacture” holy water. It is just water with salt added to it.

      1. Number 1 is just giving the ‘petua’ of how the Malays supposedly ‘menundukkan’ another person using dirty black magic, it has nothing to do with anybody’s holy water or whatever water except those concocted and dispensed by the dapster evangelista to
        the flocks who ‘believed’ .

  2. In the past 10 days or so, 3 members of the family suffered food poisoning as a result of eating out. I’ve had no fewer than 15 staff members on MC due to the same ailment.

    Was talking to the auntie that sells mixed rice at the food court nearby the office two days ago. She said that her business slowed down substantially since water rationing started.

    It’s amazing how deafening the silence is from the yuppies who supported PR & Khalid Ibrahim’s stance in opposing Langat 2 circa 2009-2010. I could still recall Khalid saying confidently that we’ll only face a crisis in 2018 according to their “experts” refuting the findings from the Ministry that it can happen as early as 2014. And my abiding memory of that particular PC was how Eli Wong stood next to Khalid nodding gravely at everything her boss said.

    Can someone check with SELCAT committee if they demanded a refund for whatever consultation fee they paid the soothsayers, I mean experts, who predicted this crisis 4years too late?

    As for the fanboys & fangirls, when I smack them down over their complaints of the rationing, they are unable to respond. But that didn’t stop them talking about cheap water convovulus, RM1 chicken, racist government etc etc etc though. In short, all is good & well with them eventhough they reek with body odour.

  3. anon satkajam ni demam kot.

    dia yang melalut sana sini kaitkan dengan ilmu penunduk, tetiba dia sendiri yang geli

    takyah la tunjuk kebodohan tu sangat

  4. Nak share satu tip bagi membantu tak payah susah2 guna baldi angkut air tepi jalan.

    Biasanya rumah kita esp bilik mandi dan tandas use water from our reserve tanks, bila very low pressure and suddenly no water from the mains, these tanks too may be as empty..

    Get your plumbers to attach a special valve (RM200 each – very small fist size and easy to install, DIY pon bole) which automatically will switch to yr reserve tanks only when there is no water coming from the mains.

    1. … tambah sikit… with this valve, kitchen taps etc getting water direct from the mains with water cuts will also automatically draw water from your reserve tanks…

      Of ‘cos kena le invest sikit and get additional and bigger tanks…

        1. Tapi kan Rina untuk minum dan memasak tidak digalakkan pakai air dari reserve tank. Kalau setakat nak mandi, nature calls, membasuh boleh pakai reserve tank tapi kalau untuk minum dan memasak tidak digalakkan. Even kalau dah boil pun ianya tidak 100 percent bersih.

          Ye la kan, kita pun tak tahu apa yang berlaku kat atas siling tempat water tank ditempatkan. Mcam-macam benda ada kat atas tu.

          Tapi kalau dah darurat, nak buat macamana. Redha je la..

          1. Emergencies aje but at least yr kitchen still have water supplies for light washing and guna water filter kat kitchen… tangki tu make sure ada penutup even the smallest of holes, memang cicak suka picnic and go swimming kat kawasan tangki.. get yr plumbers to periodically clean/help maintain.

            For drinking and cooking beli aje sekotak air mineral kat 99SpMart, murah aje 1.5ltex12bottles @ RM6.50.

  5. The Jerusubang & evangelists hardly wash themselves, that is why the water shortage is not bothering them. They like to wallow in sh*t, physically & spiritually.

    1. Hardly wash themselves ? Come on. They do wash themselves, they wash themselves with the sweat and money of their perpetually hysterical ATM machines a.k.a the dumb voters who voted for them, the gullible adults who join their RM2 churches in hopes of getting rich etc.

  6. Because the state is now highly developed, people develop bad habits, like eating too much, drinking too much, people work out less. You see the obesity ?

    So in order to arrest this worsening health situation, water rationing is required. People have to get up early, whip themselves into shape, eat less, drink less, work out more, thus you see in the pics people carrying pails of water, especially those living up there in the air.

    Maybe the obesity rate will see a marked decline by the time water rationing is halted and things return to normal. Then with water services resumed, back to old habits again. Ah, people never change.

    1. There is Fat (unhealthy lifestyle), there is Obese (a health problem) and there is Grotesque.

      The last condition derives from the freakiness of the inner being where the soul feeds on the Feel Good of attending many funerals.

  7. the PAS people I acquant stink as they are afraid of alcohil in perfume, and think its arabic to be smelly, so no difference for the PAS fundamentalists, but they will be mad because they use a gazillion amount of water for wudhuk.

    1. You dun need gazzilion water, mandatory, just wash your face, both arms, tiny part of hair, feet.

      1.5 litres of water will do

      1. I go to the mosque too, mamy muslims in KL and Selangor mosques use water for wudhuk like hippopotamus…. and i bet most of these water guzzling hippos voted the 15 PAS Aduns in Selangaor to have the water cut.

  8. I am greatly bothered by water rationing. Worst of all, I think the water ration may be prolonged after April because the levels at our water dams are well below 55%. So much for being a well-developed state. We will set history as a developed state whose folks have to carry pails to collect water. Back to the good old days.

    1. Worst of all we in Penang can buy drinking water sourced from Syabas. Your Selangor has placed profits before the people.

      1. Now that’s something new. However, it isn’t that surprising since our ‘beloved’ MB and Speaker’s salaries skyrocket! Why must our MB be paid such a high salary when he can’t even anticipate water crisis in our state and water is a critical basic need for all people? It’s kind of funny when PR voters keep harping on corruption etc. that they are willing to go through all this crap.

        The other day my mom saw the news on TV where the MB says something like they all ‘bukannya nak menyusahkan rakyat Selangor’. That’s what pisses me off even more. If he had made a mistake, then admit it and learn something from it. Even the MB of Negeri Sembilan was caught dead in water crisis in year 2006 and he admitted that he learned from experience, which was why he focused on water supply development projects.

        What an utter waste that our Selangor MB is paid such a high salary.

  9. Selangor = negeri penuh chinese = Penang = BN will never win back = banyak gangster berbayar = banyak duit haram bertukar tangan = kaya = tak berkat = bandar maksiat = banyak pemimpin putar alam = peniaganya…

    1. Harap-harap apabila bala menimpa, ianya hanya terkena kepada mereka yang melakukan maksiat tersebut sahaja.

  10. Chinese dap say
    Lim guan eng naik harga air = nk control penggunaan air..
    Government naik harga gula = tindas rakyat
    Hipokrit gila punya besaq encik lim kita ni.. A well known lying politician and ular sawa..
    Selangor water free for life, free flow = kita ada air sampai akhirat? Tk mcm singapore
    Kerajaan tipu, ckp air tader..? Hmm..
    Fyi i don care about my water bill. I duduk di selangor.. Air preee ma… Wuhuu!!! Basuh keta selamba.

    1. Tambah sikit

      Kalau :GE kata nak laksana sekolah Malaysian First = national unity, Malaysian First

      Kalau gomen kata nak laksana sekolah satu aliran = rasis

  11. Penang excessive air charge Selangor rationing air free Kelantan non usage air went astray lain-lain kerajaan negeri senyum sempui.

    1. Di Pulau Pinang, caj letak kereta dikenakan 365 hari setahun termasuk hari Ahad & cuti am, dan sepanjang hari dari awal pagi sampai 12 tengah malam.

      Dalam masa yang terdekat ini, bukan sahaja penggunaan air akan dikenakan caj tinggi oleh pentadbiran Lim Guan Eng di negeri tersebut malah untuk menyedut udara menghembus nafas pun akan memakan kos juga. Harap-harap penghuni Pulau Pinang sedia membayar nanti.

      1. Sorry Kak Helen. I drink Tesco Drinking water a while ago. I did not realise the water came from Syabas. Looks you need the water more than I do.

  12. “We always blame our politicians for taking irresponsible decisions. I think we have a large part of the blame! We reward them for taking easy decisions which make our life more pleasant in the short term, and punish them for focusing on the long-run health of the economy.”

    Gayle J. Allard

    A statement best directed at populist government.

    1. And we’re paying the cost of Selangor’s populist policy on free water now.

      Very soon we’ll be paying the cost of the Selangor Speaker’s posturing on Race and Religion.

  13. Guruh berdentam dentum dah dekat 1jam tapi ayaq hujan takmau juga turun ni!

    Cloud seeding Pakatan guna contractor mana pulak dah ni?.

        1. re: “What else the Pakatoons gonna UBAH next?”

          The nature of God, from one, to three.

    1. Latest update…

      bunyi2 guruh punya le kuat, malangnya setitik air hujan pon tak turun sampai pagi ni…

      Am wondering, this water rationing is it going to be a yearly affair? Garbage disposal sampai kini masih not efficient, don’t tell me this water crisis is going to pose similar problems for us?

      1. Rakyat Selangor dah kena berhati2… in case of FIRE what is going to happen? Kira kes hangus ke?

        Kat Sabah dulu we too experienced regular water rationing, so each home erected our own water tower and pump kat halaman belakang. Zaman atuk saya dulu ade perigi dalam dapur.. Now must revert back to those old days nampaknya. Infact the restaurant few doors away from my shop I noticed they already have a huge water tank placed in the middle of their kitchen!

        Kalau no solution in sight within these coming few months nampak gaya kena camtu juga le kita semua, kena gali perigi dalam dapur nampaknya!

        1. We have to buy more water containers and rearrange the furniture to make space for the “Water Features” interior design.

          1. Issshhh I serious you duk joking pulak dah! Sabah dulu every week kena order air, cannot remember how much they charged per tank so benar2 menyusahkan hidup. Kalau itupun not available we had to knock on friend’s doors, 50km away tumpang mandi manda.

            Biasa le, emergencies terpaksa berak kat hutan!!

            1. I’m not joking.

              I really need a big water storage now given that we don’t know long long the rationing will stretch.

              And I am rearranging furniture to make more space to put basins.

  14. I have been to the hulu langat dam, i won’t be surprised if the water rationing runs the whole year…. the capacity of our dams can’t cope with the 7 million Klang Valley lembus who suck on a handful of water reservoirs on top of the kilangs apek and MNC that consume water non stop 24 hours.

    Thanks to the Malays and Cinas voting the god fearing PAS and DAP Adungus who decided to delay the water treatment plant for water being channeled from Pahang… we Kv have to suffer for the stupidity of majority dungus who voted PR.

    To me, the water cut should be blamed 100% on the Selangor State government for politicising the Langat 2 plant since 2008.

    Padan muka rakyat Selangor dan KL yang sokong Pakatan dungu.. bodoh is bodoh.

    1. Plus 100 of development projects in klang valley were postponed coz not enuff water supply. This means less private investments n less jobs hence lower econ growth. Bodoh x 100.

      Stanley Thai of supermax bhd who openly support PR now say this water crysis badly affect his busines. PADAN MUKA…. BODOH !

    2. The term “bodoh” is too mild for my liking. “Bongok”, “bahalol” would be more like it.

    3. “… the capacity of our dams can’t cope with the 7 million Klang …”

      “… delay the water treatment plant for water being channeled from Pahang…”

      I don’t follow the water issue in Selangor but here’s an opinion piece from last year about pipe leakages throughout the country. It says the country loses two trillion liters in non-revenue water (NRW) amounting to RM1.7 billion. This is truly shocking if you ask me.

      Another report here said that Selangor is losing about 34% of it’s water supply through these leakages, which according to the report, worth RM800 mil (if I understand correctly).

      You can add more dams or channel water from elsewhere, but these pipe leakages got to be plugged or stopped or else Selangor is going to waste more water.

      1. The selangor gomen freeze the capex of syabas…. how to replace old pipes… that is why the nrw is so high… people choose the wrong gomen… people will pay the price…

        1. The Chinese are willing to pay the price of hate. I did mention before that well-wishers contributed RM1 million to the ABU war fund. That’s one example of “hate Umno” being measured in ringgit and sen.

        2. “… selangor gomen freeze the capex of syabas…”

          Alright, you’re, urm, right :-) I supposed that’s one of the points that cause all these dilly dallies of agreement between Selangor gov and Syabas all these while, oh silly me. Here’s the Feb 2014 news report about having funds now to replace broken pipes.

  15. I don’t know if this forum is still ‘on’ but I think Khalid refusal smacked off arrogance. He shouldn’t feeling too proud as Selangor is in fact in crisis. Ego shouldn’t got in the way. He probably feel ashamed of accepting NS favour as he didn’t want to come across as deperate and needy though Selangor people desperately need water.

    As for Selangorians, you choose your government. You have yourself to blame. There’s nothing I could really say. I mean really. Your choose ‘political renaissance’ over your own survival. Choosing to go with hollow political direction full of empty shells over basic needs.

    1. Khalid is anti democratic, to him, he is the Sultan’s MB, not an MB elected by the Selangorians.

      You should ask the Port Klang residents on his performance as their ADUN, Khalid is completely absent and Port Klang is deemed one of the dirtiest places in Malaysia.

      This is no longer about Khalid being sodomised politically by Azmin and the Segambut palace, Khalid is a poor quality leader.

      1. We voters in BTRazak Parliamentary constituent have never seen Khalid as our MP in our areas since GE13.

        Lagi teruk.

  16. Bukannya Cina kisah sangat Takde air … takpe
    Kan kasih sayang orang Cina pada Hannah Yeoh dan DAP mengatasi segala-galanya?

    Ha Ha, Tak heran, sorry Ah! Cina tak basuh berak, calit dengan kertas tisu je, jadi depa boleh benci UMNO selama lama nya.

  17. When service providers failed to deliver, Do the customers have the right for compensation?. This is the right time for users to demand loss of utility usage due to miss management. Clearly poor planning and cheating the public by elected leaders on water issues.

  18. angkuh,sombong,tunjuk pandai bila dapat kuasa.

    sekarang akibatnya. apa mereka buat? langat 2 dah lambat, mesyuarat untuk panjangkan tempoh catuan? menyampah kita dengar, lain-lain?

    sebenarnya mereka tak layak mendapat kenaikan gaji. mereka tak cekap dan tak pandai serta tak bertagungjawab.

  19. maaf cakap… catuan air ni nampaknya mungkin berterusan sehingga tahun depan.. ditambah dengan el nino sekarang ni.. that arrogant MB the rakyat suffers… huhu

    1. re: “that arrogant MB the rakyat suffers”

      Bukan setakat catuan tetapi kita disalurkan air lombong.

      Sombong sekali Mem Besar.

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