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Marina Mahathir: “Nanti orang buat macam tu kat ayah saya …”

[… macam mana pula?]

What if it was an iconic Umno veteran who died?

Twitter - netraKL- @putera_umno kamu tak ada class

Marina Mahathir’s tweets at and respectively:

@putera_umno “Islam sangat la awak tu. Tau tak awak Mak saya sendiri minta no hp balu En Karpal untuk hantar takziah?”

@putera_umno “kamu tak ada class. Nanti orang buat macam tu kat ayah saya, saya salahkan awak. Dah bagitau dia perangai awak.”

It is interesting that Marina in her tweets above invoked both her famous father and popular mother.

Marina Mahathir dan Zainah Anwar, pengasas Sistsers in Islam, mengadakan flashmob serentak di ibukota
“Malaysians unite for peace” in Bangsar Shopping Complex

Dapster-evangelistas will only say nice things if Umno icon dies

The Twitter account of has since been suspended but The Ant Daily provided some coverage on the exchange that transpired between Marina (@netraKL ) and the “bigot”.

According to The Ant Daily in its article ‘Umno morons and supporters rejoice in Karpal’s death‘  (17 Apr 2014), @putera_umno had tweeted: “rileks la.. kalau nak junjung kapiaq pun Langkah mayat saya nak tubuh negara islam kan dah kena Langkah awal2”, and this message was directed at Marina.

We’ve seen the reaction by some Malays such as @putera_umno, Nawawi Ahmad the Umno Langkawi MP, Zul Noordin the Perkasa vice president, and Papagomo the controversial blogger to the death of Karpal Singh

We’ve also seen as well as the counter-reaction to them.

Do you think the DAP evangelistas and supporters would behave any better if the shoe were on the other foot?

The Ant Daily - Peter Tham
Comment in The Ant Daily

Hateful Muslims a shame to Islam, says news portal reader

The article ‘Papagomo tweets he wants to step on Karpal’s body‘ (The Ant Daily, 19 Apr 2014) is written by Cecilia Jeyanthi Victor — photo below.


Peter Tham, an Ant Daily reader, wrote the following comment (screenshot above) in response to Cecilia Victor’s which said that Papagomo wants to “step on” Karpal’s dead body:

“Datuk Zulkifli Noordin, MP Datuk Nawawi Ahmad and Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris,”Evil Knows No Bounds, such  who embarrasses the name of Islam. Being rude and uncivilized is one thing but with such hatred and vengeful spirit, you brought shame to Islam. Call yourself a Muslim?”
Peter has characterized Zul, Nawawi and Papagomo as:
  • “evil”, “uncouth people”
  • an embarrassment to Islam
  • “rude and uncivilized”
  • full of hatred
  • having a “vengeful spirit”
  • bringing shame to Islam

Peter Tham also questions why Zul, Nawawi and Papagomo are still calling themselves Muslims.

For a short excerpt of other articles on the public reactions to Karpal’s passing, see ‘The Ant Daily praises Khairy ‘shadup, shadup’ Jamaluddin, disses Zul Noordin, Papagomo

BELOW: Dapster Khairy

 Khairy Jamaluddin

Prince Charles says bridges are burning

In many other parts of the world, prominent personalities believe that “bridges between Christianity and Islam are being destroyed”.

Prince Charles, for one, said last December that “the relationship between the faiths had reached crisis point”.

Christians persecuted by Islamists, says Prince Charles‘ (BBC,

BELOW: The Times (of London) headline quotes Prince Charles as saying Islamists are a threat to Christians

Raja Petra: “Christians are not honest and sincere”

Raja Petra Kamarudin in his Malaysia Today column on 18 April 2014 wrote: “There appears to be an increase in hate-messages and anti-Islam comments over the last few days.”

In his article the following day, Raja Petra wrote:

“Christians are not honest and sincere. At least Jews and Muslims are. They never hide the fact that they hate infidels and sinners. Islam says you must physically oppose the sinners. This means kill them. If you do not have the physical strength or power to kill them then you must speak out against them. If you fear speaking out against them because these sinners are too powerful then you must hate them in your heart. Nevertheless, those who only dare hate them in their hearts are people of a very weak faith, says Islam. This is the type of honesty that Christians do not possess. Christians will say that God asked us to love the sinner.”


Loving their neighbours

The Christians in Malaysia tell the Malays that they are a meek and mild and peace-loving minority community. The Christians are further truly bewildered as to why they are being persecuted despite their meekness and their mildness.

Because their hearts are so full of love, the Christians will turn the other cheek to those who trespass against them despite that their oppressors are such vengeful spirits.

Even though Umno politicians and supporters are – in the eyes of the persecuted Malaysian Christians – evil and uncouth persons who are not only rude and uncivilized but full of hatred, nonetheless these Malays are still showered with love.

God has enjoined that Christians must love sinners. And so to obey God’s command, the Christians in Malaysia are showing their love to Zul Noordin, Papagomo and the rest of the lot whom these Christians declare are an embarrassment to Islam that have brought shame to their great religion.

Raja Petra noticed that there has been an increase in hate messages and anti-Islam comments of late in our Malaysian cyberspace.

These hate messages must be coming from the Buddhists, the Taoists and the Hindus.

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29 thoughts on “Marina Mahathir: “Nanti orang buat macam tu kat ayah saya …”

  1. now you talk about islam , simple and very straight forward , if we want people to respect us we should respect them first
    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,now a bit late but still hv time ,

  2. KUALA LUMPUR, April 21 — Former sex bloggers Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee won a legal victory this morning when they succeeded in getting a charge of causing religious hostility stemming from a mock Ramadhan video last year dismissed.

    According to The Star on its website today, the Court of Appeal ruled that Section 298A of the Penal Code was not applicable to the duo who goes by the contraction “Alvivi” as they were non-Muslims.

    …does this means that non muslims are now free to insult Islam anyway they like.

      1. In that case, anybody can insult Islam as long as they are not Muslim…. a very stupid argument…. just as stupid as the blogger herself…..

    1. PUTRAJAYA 21 April – Mahkamah Rayuan hari ini membenarkan rayuan pasangan blogger kontroversi Alvin Tan dan Vivian Lee untuk membatalkan satu pertuduhan terhadap mereka berhubung isu memuat naik penerbitan di laman Facebook yang didakwa menghina agama Islam. – UTUSAN ONLINE

      Artikel Penuh:
      © Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd

      Note: Only one charge, they face several charges concurrently. they are yet to win the battle.

  3. Nah Polis kena lagi

    “Blaming the police for the breakdown of crowd control at Karpal Singh’s funeral procession yesterday, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has pledged to investigate this.

    “We hope the people can forgive and overlook any shortcomings during the public funeral. The police did not turn up, as planned, to conduct crowd control outside Dewan Sri Pinang,” Lim said in a statement.”

    Look at the remarks
    “Baiyuensheng What to do? In this country….muslim is the taiko… there is nor fairness and justice… ANyway they will have to answer to their maker one day…… and GOD forgive their soul.”

    “fateh BeNd must have dropped their jaws seeing the sea of people paying their last respect to the Tiger of Jelutong. Police force are paid by the tax payers, but taking order from the bunch of dumnos, that is call injustice.”

    Perhaps the police are too busy arresting the slutty drugged teen school girls (mostly Malaysian Chinese) at their drug birthday sex party at Jalan Mesjid Negeri the night before. Doesn’t the Tokong have anything to say about the drug laced Green Lane – which perhaps is the new Mexico of Malaysia.

    1. ‘Nah Polis kena lagi’

      They are of course wanted the police to turn to be hurled abuses such as anjings for a showdown!

    2. i think the drug party bust was mostly malay la mulan…. the organiser also a malay dude…. tsk…tsk…tsk…

    3. LGE pandai pulak nak ‘kerjasama’ polis dalam hal ni. Awat tak guna polis DAP tu….apa ke nama ya pasukan khas a.k.a DAP thugs that he set up when he first assumed office in 2008.

      Bab lain kondem polis, bab yg ini nak minta bantuan polis lak..?
      So hipokrit!

  4. Come to think of it, I feel dissapointed.

    Our OK Man says that “Long way to go before Hudud can be debated as a Private Member’s Bill “.

    “Much has been said and speculated with regards to a possible private member’s bill to be brought to parliament by a PAS MP to allow for hudud to be introduced in this country. But not many people realize that the process of getting a private member’s bill to be put, literally, on the table of each MP is a long and arduous one.”

    With the sex drug parties in Penang, Hudud must be debated as a Private Member’s Bill ASAP. If the Chinese say that Hudud is best way to stop crime, I say we have Hudud today… no more drugs and pre-teen sex in Green Lane.

    What say you Islam 1st and kawan2?

  5. Marina are u stupid or deaf.

    Ur liberal frens says good things about ur dad in front of u but at the back despise your dad to the core. Maybe you lost touch but your father have been called by derogatory names such as mahafiraun, mamak kutty, mahataik and countless of name calling by the very ardent supporter of karpal n co and he’s still not dead! What do you have to say bout that?

    u dont want to tweet @dapsy youth also ka? So please la marina u dont deserve to be in the same sentences or breath with your classy father and kind mom. [deleted]

  6. While I think the langkah mayat comments were crass and mean-spirited, I wonder what all those frothing at the mouth now will say when Tun Dr Mahathir passes.

    Given their usual foulmouthed behaviour, we can expect the worst.

    Also, why blame cops for unruly crowd? Funeral also don’t know how to behave ah?

    These DAPsters really need to learn manners and how to be considerate. Eg, at my mum’s place in USJ, a corner house was bought by a Dapster chinese family. Immediately paved the grass verge outside where neighbours always parked their cars, pissing off everyone as parking at home is a nightmare in USJ. Now he wants everyone to sign up for gated community and to fence up field where residents always exercise and kids play. Needless to say, the family is not popular.

    1. Re: I wonder what all those frothing in the mouth now will say when Tun Dr Mahathir passes.

      Mahathir was the one who opened the floodgates of insults against Islam. He emboldened the Islam hating non-Muslims to do so. So, when he dies, I will say REST IN P***, MAHATHIR! Kapal Sink, sorry, Karpal Singh’s “over my dead body” remark was nothing compared to what Mahathir had spoken about Islamic law. Go tru Mahathir’s speeches at UMNO’s general assemblies for proofs that’s just part of the proofs..

  7. Its interesting to see Marina using her father and mother names to ensure that the opposition leader is respected. What she failed to understand is what her action is making and has made the RAKYAT hate her father even before his death.

  8. In the Name of Allah, Most Just and Most Merciful::

    It is necessary to qualify Mr. Raja Petra’s interpretation of a Prophetic hadith which he has attributed to the religion of “ISLAM”, namely:

    “Christians are not honest and sincere. At least Jews and Muslims are. They never hide the fact that they hate infidels and sinners. Islam says you must physically oppose the sinners. This means kill them If you do not have the physical strength or power to kill them then you must speak out against them. If you fear speaking out against them because these sinners are too powerful then you must hate them in your heart. Nevertheless, those who only dare hate them in their hearts are people of a very weak faith, says Islam.”

    * * * * *
    Firstly, Mr. Raja Petra should know better than to speak for “ISLAM” when he is actually quoting from a purported narration (hadith) of the blessed Prophet, peace be upon him. The learned understand that transmitted hadith are subjected to strict scrutiny for its authenticity by means of exacting scholarly criteria (muthalah hadith). Muslims ought not to quote Prophet Muhammad’s words and deeds carelessly, especially in this instance, considering the gravity of the social discourse about this religious controversy. This particular hadith which he has “interpreted” is a well-known one, and therefore it comes as a shock to read that he has taken the original “opposition to tyranny” to imply the killing of the agent of tyranny, and more expediently, that this should include “hateful infidels and sinners” Actively opposing the tyrant does not categorically amount to killing him; but it certainly means to stand up courageously against oppressors in some positive manner. Notwithstanding that, there are numerous other counsels of the blessed Prophet to love and serve one’s fellowmen, regardless of their professed religion or personal demeanour. Anyone who cares to inquire into this will find the Prophet’s personal life a testimony to enjoining the good and eschewing evil, and an uncommon perseverance in the face of tyranny and tribulations.

    To emphasize again: unlearned interpretations of scripture may be a dangerous thing in the sphere of public discourse. Does the Quran not say in chapter 5 verse 82:

    “The strongest among men in enmity towards the faithful are the Jews and Pagans; and NEAREST AMONG THEM IN LOVE to the believers will you find those who say, “We are Christians” because AMONGST THESE ARE MEN DEVOTED TO LEARNING AND MEN WHO HAVE RENOUNCED THE WORLD, AND THEY ARE NOT ARROGANT.”

    Here is perhaps an illustrative Prophetic hadith transmitted by Bukhari and Muslim. In a way, it portrays the relationship between “social laws that adjudicate between people” and “the crucial importance of human conscience”:

    I heard the Messenger of Allah say : “That which is lawful is plain and that which is unlawful is plain and between the two of them are doubtful matters about which not many people know. Thus, he who avoids doubtful matters clears himself in regard to his religion and his honor, but he who partakes in doubtful matters almost falls in with the unlawful, like the shepherd who pastures near and around a (prohibited) sanctuary, all but grazing in it. Truly every king has a sanctuary, and verily Allah’s sanctuary are His prohibitions. And surely in the body is a morsel of flesh which, if it is wholesome, all the body is healthy, but if it is diseased, the whole body will likewise be diseased. Truly that organ is the heart.”


      1. His point is, Raja Petra’s interpretation of that well-known (among devout muslims) hadith is incorrect therefore is dangerous to be written (and quoted) in a public discourse.

        That hadith (words of the Prophet Muhamad) NEVER said “…This means kill them …”

        Yes, muslims are asked to oppose THOSE WHO OPPOSE ISLAM but not to kill them. Instead, we muslims should continue to explain and spread the words of Islam (dakwah).

        You see…..Raja Petra Kamaruddin has openly (in one of his articles in MT) admitted that he does not perform the Friday Prayer which in Islam is considered as a big sin. So, that shows how “well” he understands the religion. He himself still needs to learn the basics so his words should not be quoted as representing the true teachings of Islam.

    1. The point is that Mr. Raja has no factual grounds to categorize all Jews and Muslims together as “honest and sincere” ……

      Wahhabi: Satu Konspirasi Yahudi Menghancurkan Islam Dari Dalam: [YouTube]

  9. Hi Helen,

    Sebenarnya orang melayu dan yang pro kerajaan sudah menang. Kita menang dalam PRU 13 pada 5 May 2013. DAP kira orang melayu bodoh. Tidak boleh berfikir, dipecah belahkan orang melayu supaya mereka boleh menang.

    Pakatan telah berbelanja banyak sekali untuk menawan kerajaan tetapi mereka telah kalah. Oleh itu mereka sangat2 kecewa, marah dan malu oleh kerana tembelang mereka telah diketahui ekarang oleh umum. DAP telah dapat menipu semuar orang cina supaya menyokong mereka dan menolak kerjasama dengan UMNO oleh kerana mereka fikir PAS dan PKR bersama mereka. Tetapi mereka kalah.

    Oleh kerana malu dan kecewa, mereka sekarang membuata bermacam2 angkara untuk membuat orang melayu marah dan berharap kekacauan akan berlaku di dalam Negara. tetapi mereka begitu licik dan menghitung pergaduhan jika berlaku, akan berlaku dia natara melayu di dalam PAS dan PKR yang sayangkan mereka dan Melayu yang sayangkan agama, bangsa dan Negara, yang fikir masa depan yang keturunan benagsa melayu di tanah air mereka ini.

    Kita boleh lihat di perhimpunan2 yang dianjur oleh pihak pakatan tidak ada orang2 cina yang turun turut serta. Yang turun hanya orang2 PAS dan PKR. Ini mainan DAP.

    Di dalam keadaan sekarang, orang melayu mesti bertinadak cerdik dan tenang, jangan mengikut rentak yang dimainkan oleh DAP. Apa yang patut kita buat adalah bersatu, buang yang keruh dan ambil yang jenih untuk masa depan anak cucu cicit kita.

    PAS adlah parti melayu kedua besar dan ahli2nya adalah orang melayu Islam yang sepatutnya kuat agama dan pasti boleh berkerjasama dengan orang2 melayu Islam UMNO. Marilah kita bersatu dan tunjuk pada DAP khasnya dan dunia umumnya yang orang melayu islam tidak bodoh sperti yang diandaikan.

    Puak2 PKR berbilang kaum dan orang melayu dalam PKR adalah bersama mereka yang kecewa dan terencat akal. Mereka ini kita biarkan mereka, biarkan mereka menyembah tokong mereka iaitu Anwar ********. Dah nak hancur dah pun parti keluarga ini.



  10. ‘Raja Petra noticed that there has been an increase in hate messages and anti-Islam comments ‘

    Let them all hate muslim as Muslim should never ever hate them after all they too will return to Allah the almighty. On the day of resurrection. they will be raise from the dead and will be surprised. That day they will say ‘ Who wake them up from the dead!. Oh Its true what the Prophet S.A.W said and it too late for them to turn back. May Allah S.W.T show us all the right path.

  11. Screw religion, all of them! Too much hatred just because of the guy in the sky.

    1. Your “guy in the sky” may have taught you to hate but that is certainly not the Almighty Lord Creator and Sustainer who sent Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) with the message of love and hope for the repentant and the oppressed.

  12. Albunya u dah survey kat area tu ka hang tau area tu cina-cina kaya mesti la anak-anak depa punya angkara la tu confirm punya

  13. selepas hudud di laksanakan di kelantan, baru kalian boleh langkah kubur karpal. tapi abu mayat di campak ke laut atau di simpan di kubur?

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