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The Ant Daily praises Khairy ‘shadup, shadup’ Jamaluddin, disses Zul Noordin, Papagomo

In an editorial headlined ‘Zulkifli Noordin – the depth of political satanism‘, the Ant Daily team wrote:

“Zulkifli, you are a living testament of how detestable a supposedly religious person can be. You move around with your skull cap and all, but all you do is spew racially and religiously venomous statements.” […]

“”To Umno, it is high time for it to stop cavorting with bigots like Zulkifli.

“Thank God we still have sane and level-headed Umno politicians like Khairy who can draw the line between politics and humanity.”

Are these Ant Daily reporters Dapster buddies of Regina Lee by any chance?

BELOW: @khairykj’s famous “shut up, shut up” tweet

Twitter - Khairykj- - @zulkiflinoordin Shut up

Now take a deep breath and just have a relook at the aggressive vocabulary utilized by this major news portal which is the No.423 most popular website in Malaysia, according to the Alexa web traffic ranking.

The Ant Daily‘s choice words: “political satanism [of Zul]”, “detestable [Zul]”, “You move around with your skull cap and all”, “spew racially and religiously venomous statements”, “bigots like Zulkifli”

Incidentally, The Ant Daily is a sister publication of The Heat, the newspaper that was temporarily suspended by the Home Ministry not too long ago.

“Umno morons”

Another editorial by the Ant Daily team is titled ‘Umno morons and supporters rejoice in Karpal’s death‘.

This article said: “The death of DAP stalwart Karpal Singh has made moronic characters from the Barisan Nasional (BN) to crawl out of the woodwork and bare their ugly faces in the social media.”

The Ant Daily team further caution the PM:

“It is about time that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had a look at the ‘garbage’ he calls his alliance and worked on distancing himself from these dodgy characters for his own good.

“It is a fact that the premier’s image and reputation had plunged (and continue to do so) lately and keeping people like Nawawi and Zulkifli and his goons will only further dent Najib’s image.”

Wow! This is the kind of language: “Umno morons”, “moronic characters”, “crawl out of the woodwork”, “[BN’s] ugly faces”, “[BN is] garbage”, “Zulkifli and his goons”

And mind you, this is a news portal that is the sister publication to a new newspaper that got its licence (re)approved by the Home Ministry.

“Step  ON  Karpal’s body”

A third Ant Daily article is headlined ‘Papagomo tweets he wants to step on Karpal’s body‘.

The reporter Cecilia Jeyanthi Victor wrote:

“He [Papagomo] also tweeted that he wants to step on the Bukit Gelugor MP’s body.”

Obviously the Ant Daily reporter has a poor grasp of the Malay language.

“Langkah mayat” alludes to Karpal’s famous saying “over my dead body” and should not be mistranslated to imply that Papagomo wants to step “on” Karpal’s body, as the portal suggests in its headline.

Twitter - PapaGomo- Ni nak tanya, dah berapa orang

Cecilia Jeyanthi Victor also editorialized:

“Karpal’s death has exposed the shocking rise of heartless, insensitive and evil beings. There are so many of such devil’s advocates crawling out of the Malaysian political woodwork.” […]

“These are so-called Muslims who are not only shaming Islam but also the country. Thankfully, they are only in the minority”.

Ms Victor must be a Christian. She has just kafirkan Zulkifli Noordin by doubting that he is a true Muslim and instead suggesting that he and his like-minded colleagues are only “so-called Muslims”.

Her vocabulary is also very Christian-like: “evil beings [like Zul]”, “devil’s advocates crawling out of the Malaysian political woodwork”, “shaming Islam”, “shaming the country”.

The Ant Daily is evidently a pro-Christian portal that is on the warpath against Perkasa. Clearly no Christian neighbourly love from them extended to Zul and gang. Not even on Good Friday, Easter Sunday.

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67 thoughts on “The Ant Daily praises Khairy ‘shadup, shadup’ Jamaluddin, disses Zul Noordin, Papagomo

  1. Zul Nordin had only stated the fact that karpal is dead. THAT’S ALL.

    For a person who dreams to become our PM one day, to order Zul to “shut up” only shows how arrogant he can be. To think that this is what he could utter openly makes me shudder thinking of what he would say privately.

    How ironic the Ant Daily to call Zul names when it itself is showing all the ‘personality’ that it says Zul has….. hahahahaaa….

    I wonder…. is that part of Christian teachings?

    1. I don’t think that is all.

      What I understood from Zul’s tweet was something like at a moment when PAS and UMNO cooperated to try making hudud law a reality, Allah made Karpal die.

      I’m sure that Karpal’s family and friends would find that extremely hurtful.

      I’m not going to be the opportunistic politician telling Zul to shut up to make myself look good though.

      They can praise KJ all they want, when it comes to elections they would vote for anyone not UMNO or BN. Who cares who they want UMNO to cavort with when in truth they want to see UMNO dead and gone no matter what. Najib never had a good image in their eyes, and Najib’s extremely accommodating and trying to please PM so far.

      1. ‘I’m sure that Karpal’s family and friends would find that extremely hurtful.’

        I don’t know about his family and friend but I’m pretty sure that karpal will not hurtful by Zul’s comment coz Karpal known as a man that respect and fight for the freedom..

    2. KJ sudah mempamirkan dirinya seorang yg pengecut apabila tweet message itu pd Zul Nordin. Mengapa dia tak tweet message yg sama apabila permaisuri agong, anak muda cina Penang show middle finger dlu?

      Atau pun apabila Allah dan Rasul nya dan ugama Islam di hina olih pemimpin Cina DAP? Sebagai pemilih kami berpendapat BN tidak perlu pemimpin berciri pengecut seperti KJ. Kami masih memilih BN semasa PRU 13 dlu kerana mereka tidak bersetuju dgn kehendak gereja katolik untuk mensyirikkan kalimah Allah.

      Sebagai orang Islam yg percaya kepada hadis nabi yg berbunyi “Barangsiapa yang menyerupai suatu kaum, maka ia termasuk golongan mereka”. PAS dan PKR kita semua pernah melihat sendiri betapa mereka bersetuju atau pernah bersetuju dgn pihak bukan Islam dan keristian untuk mensyirikkan kalimah Allah. Bererti “persetujuan” mereka ini serupa dan sama shj dgn parti politik bukan Islam seperti DAP. Ketika PRU 13 dlu setiap Muslim yg berfikir akan terasa seperti melakukan syirik jika memilih utk pangkah PAS atau pun PKR.

      Olih itu BN seharusnya bijak untuk meletak calon yg hanya benar-benar layak utk “memimpin” dan tidak pengecut dgn bukan Islam. Sebab sekiranya BN sama sahaja dgn PAS dan PKR dari segi perinsip. Maka PRU 14 nanti pemilih seperti kami tidak akan mahu utk mengundi lagi. Jadi orang macam KJ harus sedar pemimpin seperti kamu itu kami yang bakal memilih utk tidak memilih kamu nanti.

  2. Masaalahnya mereka ni tak ada sense of humour. Cuma ada sense of hate saja.

    ‘Langkah mayat’ tu kan cuma perumpamaan. Tak payahlah susah susah nak pi langkah mayatnya ke kuburnya ke.

    Sekarang penentang hudud no 1 dah mati. Jadi PAS nak dolak dalih apa lagi? Laksanakanlah hudud yang anda perjuangkan selama ini! Ke nak bagi alasan kena tunggu LKS dan LGH mati atau bagi restu dulu?

      1. Kalau orang tak faham BAHASA, inilah jadinya!

        Dah la BODOH, SOMBONG pulak tu. Kecik2 tak mau belajar bila besar menyusahkan rakyat 1Malaysia!

          1. They are just waiting for the opportunity to present itself. I bet they had the Zul’s article ready even before the Tiger sleeps.

          2. Go to Penang and observe the Chinese there. The air liur all over the place. Pui !

        1. Only those whose mastery of both, the national languages and English, are doubtful, are qualified to work for publications like those mentioned in this posting….

          So much quality in their journalistic work…. and orang kampung like me do enjoy a goad wide grin every now and then….

            1. re: “why can’t you put the same filter on when reading from these online providers?”

              Every time Ravinder reads his online fix, his antennae wave excitedly in the mass movement of cultivated rage.

  3. Ah, so Jackson Ng is one of the reporters in that portal. So is this Jackson Ng the same Jackson Ng who said MCA is anti-Islam and opined that hudud is a non-issue with non-Muslims?

  4. Dapster kj ‘shut up shup’ must be pretty pleased to be hailed a hero to the evangelistas or evelistas. zul was being the scapegoat for their ongoing crusade to continue the heat n hate between christians n muslims.

    If we read it twice,zul only
    said karpal is dead. in malay
    we do say, ‘Allah
    menghidupkan dan Allah
    juga yg mematikan kita’. zul
    kata Allah dah mematikan
    karpal. bukan ke the
    Dapster evilistas want so much the
    acknowledgement of the name
    ALLAH, even the late mr
    karpal said Allah is
    mentioned several times in
    their holy book. Of course zul did not meant the same
    ‘Allah’, but why the
    bashing? thats what they r
    fighting for! See their
    hypocrysy n bad
    intentions? this is what
    happens when the name
    Allah is being used for
    political evil gains. sabahans n sarawakians ve been using it without any bad
    intentions, we muslims understand but never to the dapster evilistas!. they will always look for scapegoats for their political crusade!

    religion is their only weapon now, as race factor, with only less than 30% chinese is insufficient
    to wrest putrajaya!

    1. re: “sabahans n sarawakians ve been using it without any bad intentions”

      Spot on!

      Here also niat The Ant Daily terang lagi bersuluh.

  5. Devil’s advocate doesn’t mean what Cecilia thinks it means.
    It’s also quite insensitive to use devil and advocate together, considering the profession of a recently departed someone.

    I hate to nitpick, after all I’m not some reporter writing editorials meant to be read by a lot of people.

  6. I just wonder what will happen if the living tokong follow the chinese dapster’s tiger footstep. Are they going to worship him, muslims in pr included.

  7. I wonder why kj was silent when there were nasty remarks hurled at rosmah, najib by oppo leaders and supporters. Some of them even had the audacity to put up pictures of rosmah in bad light. Make cny video etc etc.

    Where was kj ?

    The ant daily – jangan lah double standard. You get what you give.

        1. His office ? With his wealth, and he sure is one wealthy young man, his options are many, if he chooses to exercise his “options”.

  8. Well, Islam and muslim bashing is nothing new. They will jump on it at the slightest opportunity available. If they can’t get it locally, they will get it from Pakistan, Afghanistan and other islamic cuntries.

    and sad to say, it is not confined to the Ant daily or TMI only.

    Remember how foreign media eg. the Australian media which quote the news from TMI about the fatwa issue. It is finally proven TMI is slandering Islam. But what about Australian/foreign readers, they did not know the truth, surely they will have negative image on Islam.

    So the same thing happens to us when we believed in foreign media about negative news on Islam/muslim without really knowing what the real truth behind it.

    1. re: “Remember how foreign media eg. the Australian media which quote the news from TMI about the fatwa issue.”

      Lots of media, both foreign and local, picked up that TMI fatwa piece, not only just The Age and Sydney Morning Herald.

      That’s how TMI operates. Make the most outrageous accusation and insinuations, then retract or modify their story. That’s how they character assassinated Mukhriz on the eve of the Umno party election.

      There are other victims of the TMI‘s smear campaigns and the public believe their (TMI‘s lies) because the erratum/redaction hardly ever reaches the readership.

      And even if it does, take the example of The J-Star‘s recent slander of Proton, falsely alleging that the company wanted Petronas money. The story was frontpaged (Biz section) but the correction later was only a small piece of news.

      1. Re Make the most outrageous accusation and insinuations

        That is how you cast doubts and ultimately undermine your opponent. This sort of strategy only works if the audience is gullible and on those who already hate your opponent.

        1. re: “That is how you cast doubts and ultimately undermine your opponent.”

          Yes, TMI is a past master at this — another reason it [TMI] commissioned the MH370 poll which conveniently found that the majority of the public did not believe or trust the gomen’s story.

          re: “This sort of strategy only works if the audience is gullible”

          Like the Dapsters always say, the GE13 results show that they are the majority and BN supporters are the minority.

          re: “and on those who already hate your opponent”

          Hate opponent, hate Umno, hate Malays and hate Islam with a vengeance. The worst and most dangerous thing is that these haters are most slick and unscrupulous.

          If straightforward and terang-terang hate in your face, never mind (we can’t be expected to love everybody). But no. This is poison-tipped stiletto hate while at the same time mouthing “we love our neighbour”, “we regard all as brothers and sisters”.

          1. ‘Hate opponent, hate Umno, hate Malays and hate Islam with a vengeance.’

            By now Helen, you should know where I’ve got all the hate pills from!

            1. The Christians control the English media in Malaysia.

              The Ant Daily is a fairly new portal. Imagine that the digital info sector grows some more, and the dominant players are the evangelistas.

      2. Khary, Khairy death awaits you too bro. The day you are born, the death clock starts ticking. Please read the tafsir from surah Muhammad. inside tells us about the death of non muslim

  9. Talking about Karpal Singh, do u people noticed something about the crowd at the house and the funeral. Majority of them are chinese, indians and some malays. How many Singhs with turban did u see, i wonder why, just curious.

    By right the place should be full with Singhs with turban. Can anybody explain.

    1. ‘do u people noticed something about the crowd at the house and the funeral.’

      I didn’t bother to even look for the news as I was busy serving baklava to kids in my neighborhood. But I do want to know whether Anwar gets to do his sembah mayat act ala Teoh Beng Hock?

        1. I’m glad you can sniff that. Dogs are in fact known to be loyal to their masters. Now, be a good dog and go bark some more. Woof, woof!

    2. re: By right the place should be full with Singhs with turban. Can anybody explain.

      I was there at his house and I saw many Sikhs with and without turbans.

      For obvious reasons, they were not as many as the others you mentioned.

      Sikhs are not known to be the majority even within the Indian diaspora community.

    1. re: “What this article is saying is, its not our fault.”

      Of course it’s not. Everything is Umno’s fault (our national motto).

      1. The tabling of the private bill is going to be high noon for everyone, both the government and the opposition.

        1. From the Dapster end, there’s still the bravado with them saying “hudud will not affect non Muslims”, “if we do not commit crimes there’s nothing for us to fear”, and “oh goody, so many Umno people will be cacat [kudung]”.

          The DAP Christian groupies are not complaining just like they’re keeping mum over the water rationing.

          1. Re “if we do not commit crimes there’s nothing for us to fear”,

            Nobody told them about the Pakistani husband and wife case ? L o L !

            As for water rationing, they have holy water courtesy of you know who.

  10. Sorry to divert a little. This is an example of “Dapthink” taken from FMT’s comment section.
    Rufus JH Tan · Top Commenter

    Maybe it’s true for Tamil as even Indians are not keen to enter Tamil schools. These Indians would prefer to go to NT schools for their survival instinct. That’s why in every elections they sway like “lalang”.

    For more than 5000 years of civilization, the Chinese are always proud of their mother tongue. The rising dragon of China has more reasons for Malaysians to pick up Mandarin. It would be the next international language of trade and commerce of the century.

  11. The Heat, Ant daily and the Edge are all owned by the same Christian Chinese guy who curiously happened to be an alumni of the Star.

    The standard of journalism especially the on-line is at the nadir. This writer Cecilia is a prime example of such gutter journos. Perhaps she confused between writing an opinion piece and posting anon comments in MKini / FMT/ MI.

    1. ‘Perhaps she confused between writing an opinion piece and posting anon comments in MKini / FMT/ MI.’

      LOL. Good one CS!

  12. Let me start by saying that I respect Karpal as a politician and a lawyer. However I am curious on why he was given a state funeral since he’s neither an exco member or a part of the state government. I don’t think MPs get state funerals either.

    1. Even when the late Tun Dato’ Seri Dr. Lim Chong Eu, who was Penang Chief Minister for 21 years, died he was not given that “hearse paraded all over the island” thing ( I wonder …. is that a state funeral is?).

      I do respect the late Karpal too for his firm principles but again, he was just an MP…. there are and were many great MPs in Malaysia.

  13. Dear Aunty Helen,

    The opposition newspapers really like to use bad and harsh words towards their enemies and they really hate their enemies, especially the Muslims UMNOs; just like the opposition leaders. But they’ll accuse their enemies of doing that as ‘the pot calling the kettle black’.

    And what Ant Daily wrote, “Thank God we still have sane and level-headed Umno politicians like Khairy who can draw the line between politics and humanity,” sort of proves that Khairy is a Dapster for them. My mother told me that this is a good example of ‘Birds of a feather flock together’.

    My question is will that makes KJ proud and happy? Aunty Helen, do you have any idea why KJ seems to hate Uncle Zul that much? Does KJ has any respect for Najib?

    I wonder if KJ dares to say those rude words in person to Uncle Zul?

    1. re: “I wonder if KJ dares to say those rude words in person to Uncle Zul?”

      Why don’t you ask Uncle Zul how he will respond if KJ says those words to him in the face? :D

    2. There’re not newspapers no more.Don’t learn anything from them. No literature of any significance. Just hard facts. Some twisted and spun half-truths. The S*** is full of garbage.

      Garbage in garbage out as in M..In. Full of crap in FMT.

  14. It seems that the Ant Daily likes to use an aggressive language that can incite hate response to the subject in question. The Daily is definitely anti government as it is very critical in its posting on issues involving the government. Take for example MH370. It does not offer constructive comments in most of its postings though it may argue otherwise.

    Turning to KJ, as a minister he should not use the language that he used. Previous he was criticised by Siti Nurhaliza on the language used on a certain sport personality. In my humble opinion he is not fit to be a minister as he has shown to be arrogant and do not have a Malay trait of sopan santun. Our PM though heavily criticised in a language that not fit to be used, has kept his cool and never responded in kind in the public.

    Just imagine that if KJ is our PM, and he tells you to SHUTUP in public. How would you feel? He also does not like people to go against him as he showed against Pemuda Umno Pahang.

    1. Khairy isn’t a suitable material I’m looking for. He will soon fade away after reaching 45.

      1. re: “Khairy isn’t a suitable material I’m looking for.”

        He’s so plastic ,)

  15. Oghang tua2 kami sentiasa ingatkan mulut jangan biadap tak tentu hala dengan siapa saja esp to the Sultan2 dan Raja2 kerana depa dulu2 begitu takut dengan daulat dan tulah diRaja.. Zaman sekarang terpulang le nak caya ke tak.. Dulu2 cerita al kisah kenapa Hang Tuah tergamak bunuh Jebat?

    Takyah le duk sibuk2 drag us Muslims and Malays with Karpal’s death. Kawasan kami tak dengaq sebut sepatah pon, (mungkin tak rasa kesan contribution dia kut) yg pelik many tak kenal siapa mendiang Karpal, esp golongan generasi muda – kalau cerita pasai Justin Beiber itu baru will interest them.

    I read what Zul wrote, takde ape ape out of line pon? Article mana yg membakar hati KJ ni owh?

  16. Dear rina and dearest ahmad ali ikram,

    Dapster kj is simply alergic to ultra malays. he was rude to dr m, ibrahim ali n zul noordin. dr m was in fact disgusted with kj’s
    arrogance. during the recent
    pemilihan umno, even his
    mother was arrogant
    enough to intrude saying
    mukhriz was not fit yet to
    climb the umno ladder.
    malays in umno are the stepping stone to power. though now kj also
    needs to compete with
    rafizi n nurul for the
    chinese hearts n votes.

    he’s not only a dapster but another anwar in the making. hypocrite!

    Remember their similiarity when they dislike people:

    Anwar no.1
    U ulang i saman!
    Anwar no.2
    Shut up, shut up!

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