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Speaker gets big paycheque, Christians given mock cheque

Christians given mock cheque and water rationing.

Hannah Yeoh: “Najib gave Christians a bounced cheque” — read Krisis & Praxis, HERE

According to the Selangor Speaker, Najib’s 10-point solution was a “bounced cheque” in that it could not be cashed — see her tweet, below.


Yet the Bible Society, in its decision to relocate to Kuala Lumpur rather than maintain its operations in Selangor, is actually signalling that Najib’s cheque holds more value than the DAP mock cheque.

Although DAP and its allies control four-fifths of the Selangor state assembly, Pakatan refuse to review the Selangor Enactment 1988 which is the law that prevents Christians from using the ‘Allah’ word.

PAS is furthermore planning to push through its hudud bills as early as June. This makes a mockery of the check-and-balance promised by DAP to voters during the general election campaign.

What check and balance is there in Pakatan when PAS is determined do what it likes on hudud? In truth, DAP is unable to effect any kind of check or put the brakes on PAS.

Christians who bought the DAP ticket to the Kingdom of Heaven can watch their passenger train slowly derail.

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BELOW: Madame Speaker holding a “Kingdom Christian Fellowship Bhd” mock cheque



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22 thoughts on “Speaker gets big paycheque, Christians given mock cheque

  1. I honestly don’t believe this pimp Hanna Yeoh ought to be given as much space as she gets. She has achieved nothing of any value and is a reflection of those who voted for her. A gas bag, an unenlightened tokong in parliament and another self promoting misfit like Theresa Kok.

    There are better and more interesting more important things for us to care about and discuss.

  2. When you used the word ‘MOCK’ seram juga bila kenang kisah Jim Jones. Kecik2 used to hold mock church services in his home – among them funeral services for dead animals.

    Satu lagi megah dgn gelaran keluarga ‘ Rainbow Family’ pasai anak2 angkat dia dari berbilang bangsa. Kat sini pula ada sekok kalut nak ubah bangsa anak2 kandung sendiri dengan bangsa baru = bangsa Malaysia? Just hope otak tak sama ya…seram!

    Jim Jones tak guna perkataan Kingdom of Heaven tetapi Temple of Doom – mudah2an takde siapa kat Malaysia terpesong ikut gaya dan cara Jim JONES sudah la..

  3. Let there be NO compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things. Allah is the Protector of those with true faith: From the depths of darkness He will lead them forth into the Light. Of those who reject faith their patrons are the evil ones: They will lead them from light into the depths of darkness, where they will be companions of the fire, to dwell therein. [Quran: chap.2 :256-257]

  4. Menanti saat the disintegration of Pakatan. Vamoosh or is it Wamoosh.

    PAS cepatlah.

  5. I was beginning to think about this the past couple of days. Are we right to call them Chinese and Christians ?

    I mean, those people calling themselves Chinese, those people calling themselves Christians, are these people who, what they claimed to be ?

    I mean, I have met “Chinese”, I even have “Chinese” friends, people who went to Chinese schools for education yet when asked about Chinese culture, they know nothing. All they know is how to read and write the Chinese script. They readily admit than they know little about Chinese culture. I got me thinking about another question. Are these people trying to become Chinese by adopting Chinese culture through Chinese education ? Who are these people ?

    The same with Christians. They say they are Christians yet when I asked them about Christian theology, they display ignorance. All they say is, it is fun going to church on Sundays because they get to have fun by singing and dancing with other congregants.

    Who are these people ? From what I observed of these people, they are neither Chinese nor Christians.

  6. For someone who claims to be a lay preacher and fervent Christian, hefty Hannah is full of unChristianlly vitriol. Obviously, she doesn’t abide by Christ’s teachings to “turn the other cheek”, “love one another as I have loved you” and to see the “log” in your own eye before you see the “speck” in another’s.

    She behaves just like a smug Pharisee, (the ulamaks of ancient Judea), who looks down on and readily judges so-called sinners.

    She should well remember Christ’s parable of the Pharisee and the publican. The Pharisee prayed loudly and ostentatiously in the temple while the publican, who was ashamed of his status, went into a corner and whispered his prayer. Jesus said it was the publican who would enter heaven, not the Pharisee.

    Knowing HY, should she end up in hell, she’d probably blame the BN and accuse it of bribing Satan!

    1. Hmm.. actually, there is a disturbing trend of increasing ethno-centric nationalism (specifically Sinhalese and Burmese) using Buddhism as the justification.

      As for the British girl with the Buddha tattoo – she may be a practising Buddhist too, just that she may have expressed it in a rather unfortunate way via the tattoo, so who is the Sri Lankan government to judge her by her appearance?

      At most, they should have advised her to keep the tattoo covered, that’s all.

  7. The christians have been fed to lions, sent to die in far flung colonies by their kings and jewish advisors not to mention pitted againts each other in two world wars by their astute Zionist conspirators to the point annihilation and now possibly a third world war in the Easter Europe.

    A mock check… thats just candy to the ‘pure’ christians.

  8. Isn’t Obama a practicing Christian? And proud of his faith too?

    So, how does he feel about visiting Malaysia where “apostasy” is a crime and where religious conversions are a one-way street?

    It’s not something that the US would stand for.

    And there are enough elements in the US who can put this across, forcefully and unequivocally, to the Obama administration.

    When push comes to shove, who will Obama listen to?

    Who in Malaysia will be left holding the baby when the US plays it’s cards and calls in it’s debts?

    So, tweaking the noses of the “evangelistas” is, like Helen wrote, a “double-edged sword”.

    Because I would hazard a guess that the ” evangelistas” have a lot more sympathisers than the “jihadis” or the “ultra-right Muslims”.

    Stay tuned, folks. The fun and games are just beginning.

  9. I am so confused. Is there an increase in water rates or not? If there is who proposed it? State Government or Prof Chan Ngai Weng of Universiti Sains Malaysia?
    “Lim also said the state government would not agree to “200-300%” water tariff hike in the state as proposed by Water Watch Penang president Prof Chan Ngai Weng of Universiti Sains Malaysia.”

    Perhaps this article is not true at all. Can we scream “Lies”!

    “Lim said the state had accepted a request from the Penang Water Supply Corporation (PBAPP) to actively study increasing water tariffs.

    The raise is inevitable. We leave it to the National Water Services Commission (SPAN) to decide.’

    Perhaps Penang state which is so caring will not increase tariffs. It must be Federal’s ideas (SPAN), isn’t it?

  10. “Pakatan refuse to review the Selangor Enactment 1988 which is the law that prevents Christians from using the ‘Allah’ word”

    Pas vote is still vital for them, I suppose. Cannot upset the malay voter that support PAS.

    I guess there will be no real anti-hudud figure in DAP now. Who want to be demonized as anti-islam.

    Anyway after a long time fro Kajang election, RBA still hounded Chew Mei Fun. You already win, stop it already lah.

    1. re: “I guess there will be no real anti-hudud figure in DAP now. Who want to be demonized as anti-islam.”

      Correct. The DAP has successfully demonized the MCA and anyone who opposes the implementation of PAS’s hudud as being anti-Islam.

      The DAP will employ any gutter methods as long as it guarantees their continued political power, which in turn brings in the ‘Gold’ (position, privileges, perks) for them.

    1. Money is neutral. It’s how you treat it, and what you will do to acquire it, e.g. ethnic cleanse your own race (“there are no Chinese in Malaysia”) and turn your party stand 180-degrees.

      The correct quote is “For the love of money is the root of all evil”. It’s from the Bible, 1 Timothy 6 .

      This biblical verse is most apt for the GREEDY, Gold-seeking Christians who exploit the Gospel for their self-Glory, e.g. a certain two-faced politician who voted give herself a 300 percent payrise.

  11. I thought I read it somewhere that the Christian Federation themselves rejected the 10-point solution when fed gov first mooted it.

    Now they are falling back on the solution and claiming it is binding.

  12. Still no water!!! I think the Pakatan Government in Selangor should reconsider the slogan ‘Selangorku’. They should start using a new slogan on all state government premises, vehicles, letterheads etc. to reflect the current situation. I would like to suggest a new slogan:

    ‘SELANGORKUrang Air’

    I thought the MB said last year that there are enough water in Selangor for years to come, so no need for Langat 2. How come we have to endure this water rationing now? Maybe DAP calculated the water reserve wrongly as they’re not familiar with Microsoft Excel?

    Or PKR believe this is another conspiracy between UMNO and the clouds to prevent rain in Selangor? And PAS, despite being the only Islamic party which can guarantee fast-track to heaven and known to hold stadium-wide prayers to ‘KO’ UMNO in the past, can now do the same to ask for more rain or water from the ground to save this negeri berkebajikan?

    Worse of all, UMNO Selangor ni tido ka? Penat kalah PRU hari tu belum habis ka? What are you waiting for? I bet if it is the other way around, Pakatan and the Star will play the issue over and over, and over again. And over some more. KJ might even join the bandwagon.

    1. Thanks.

      I was planning to blog something non-political (a LOTR-type book review) today but then, there doesn’t seem to be any getting away from the serious stuff in the news headlines.

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