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Lawatan Obama ke Masjid Negara

Beberapa hari lepas, setiausaha pengelola DAP Anthony Loke telah menuntut supaya PAS keluar Pakatan kerana parti Islam tersebut tetap mahu memperjuangkan hudud.

Genap setahun dahulu (27 April 2013), timbalan pengerusi DAP Johor Norman Fernandez pernah menggesa penggundi menolak PAS ekoran tekad parti itu untuk melaksanakan hudud andaikata Pakatan menang PRU13.

Ketika itu, Anthony Loke berjanji bahawa tindakan tegas akan dikenakan ke atas Norman Fernandez yang didakwanya mengeluarkan kenyataan berbaur hasutan terhadap PAS, mengikut laporan Sinar Harian (2 Mei 2013).

HIPOKRIT GILA pemimpin Cina DAP Anthony Loke ini.

Tiada pendirian berprinsip tetapi bergoyang macam lalang asal dapat meraih keuntungan politik.

Resam masuk kandang kambing

Sikap hipokrit dan sifat hipokrasi memang sebati dengan jiwa evangelista Jerusubang. Dan orang Melayu yang banyak bergaul dengan si munafik politikus DAP lambat-laun akan terpalit juga.

Pasti orang Melayu ni – seorang kolumnis The J-Star – yang kerap sangat masuk kandang DAP sudah mula terikut-ikut menguak macam Dapster.

Katanya: “Hipokrit gila. Cina masuk masjid buat bising macam dunia nak kiamat. Obama masuk masjid tak bising pula.”

Lihat tweet Syahredzan Johan di bawah.

Dangkal (baca: Dapster-ish) sungguh hujah yang dikemukakannya.

Hannah Yeoh (hannahyeoh) Cina masuk masjid

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21 thoughts on “Lawatan Obama ke Masjid Negara

  1. dah member ko tuh masuk masjid tak bukak kasut pastu nak demo pulak, berucap pun pasal politik bukan agama … obama masuk masjid bukak kasut, beradab jugak dengan imam besar pastu g lawat makam tun razak and tun ismail … member2 ko ada? bangsat!

  2. itu lah sebenar nya si pandir yang kurang cerdik>>>Obama melawat lawat walhal apa yang telah dilakukan puak DAP*** cuba nak menghasut dan melakukan perkara yang ditegah didalam masjid >>>

  3. Dear Aunty Helen,

    I agree with you. The DAPsters and friends always look for ways to spin stories to slander the non-DAPsters especially the Muslims. How could a Malay Muslim does not know why non-DAPster do not complain about Obama’s visit to the mosque?

    Obviously Obama is welcome because Obama did not do what those non-Muslim DAPsters did at the mosques – giving ‘tazkirah’, walking freely in the prayer sections, did not respect the dressing codes and rules of the mosques. Look at what Teresa Kok did in this video….

    Obama was well dressed, he didn’t give any ‘tazkirah’ or gathered for any protest or demonstration at the Masjid Negara. He respect the mosque and the imam guided him around.

    Non-Muslims are welcome to visit the mosques. Just that they must respect and follow the rules. We always take my father’s non-Muslim foreign friends to visit the popular mosques.
    If Syahredzan Johan ever visited the Masjid Putra, he’ll see buses, and buses of non-Muslim tourists over there including tourist from China.

    Don’t they have better things to do than bashing others and fitnah?

  4. And are Muslims welcome to visit Christian churches, Buddhist and Hindu temples, Jewish synagogues……?

    Without having their faith jeopardised by evangelistas and their like?

    Granted that Obama exhibited due respect when he visited the National Mosque.

    Would we expect the Malaysian Head of State (the local equivalent of Obama) to exhibit a similar respect when visiting other religions’ places of worship?

    Or is Obama an exception because of his position as the leader of the most powerful country in the world?

    1. re: “Would we expect the Malaysian Head of State (the local equivalent of Obama) to exhibit a similar respect when visiting other religions’ places of worship?”

      There’s that famous photo of Najib and wife wearing the humongous garlands when they visited Batu Caves during Thaipusam.

      1. But Najib is only the Head of Government in Malaysia.

        He’s certainly not the Malaysian Head of State!

        Unless, of course, you know something that we don’t!

          1. No, I am not.

            Why not get one of your constitutional lawyer friends to explain to you the difference between “Head of State” and “Head of Government”?

            And then tell us if the difference between the two is miniscule?

            Or is ” splitting hairs” your way of trying to call attention away from an issue where you’ve been caught short?

            Incidentally, I read in the gossip columns that George Clooney may be engaged to Brit lawyer Amal Amaluddin.

            If Clooney does tie the knot with Ms Amaluddin, will he have to convert to Islam (assuming that she is a practising Muslim)?

            Or don’t such things matter when you are an international superstar?

            1. Oh, come on. Yes you are.

              Gooberman’s question was framed “Would we expect the Malaysian Head of State (the local equivalent of Obama) to exhibit a similar respect when visiting other religions’ places of worship?”

              Are you suggesting that the Yang DiPertuan Agong would not show respect if he were to visit the place of worship of another religion?

              And I do not see any issue if, in reply to the G-Man, I considered Najib to be the “local equivalent of Obama”.

              As for Clooney, I really can’t be bothered.

      2. Oh, btw, it was reported that Obama took off his shoes, but was wearing black socks, when he visited the National Mosque.

        All very prim and proper, no doubt.

        Of course, he would have been advised on dress codes by protocol experts!

        And if you don’t want tourists creating a ruckus in the National Mosque, the answer is simple. Just ban them from visiting!

        There are plenty of other tourist attractions in KL, for sure.

        1. Alahai Olek Skilgannon,

          Islam is nothing new to Mr Obama, his late father and stepfathers and many of his paternal relatives were/are Muslims. Infact it was mentioned while in Indonesia he even registered his religion as Islam.. tak payah protocol he will know exactly what is expected if he enters whichever mosque.

          Yang peghaq tu hang.. Are you BTW a Malaysian? Never been to Masjid Negara? You are most welcome, I will take you for a special tour.. no need to pay wan, can safe your MONEY, tourist guide kat situ semua voluntary belaka..

  5. Berjangkit penyakit dapster syahredzan tu.

    obama masuk bukan utk berceramah atau dengar ceramah politik. cina dapster masuk nak bodohkan dan tipu melayu supaya sokong dap. obama tak berlakon pun sokong islam, sekadar melawat dan menghormati tempat ibadah org islam. itu bezanya obama dan cina dapster. hipokrasi dan manipulasi!

  6. Ini tulis WCW dlm jstar

    – It becomes complicated when a
    pastor or a priest has the sole right
    to the pulpit and starts delivering a
    sermon with a political slant, with the
    rest of the worshippers trapped and
    forced to listen to the political
    monologue without any right of reply. –

    Tau pulak si WCW ni bahaya politik agama.

    Tapi DLM waktu yg sama akhbar dia dok promote si evangelist. CSL ex boss MCA pun 2 x 5.

    APA ke hal…..

    1. si WCW itu lalang.

      Dia ada bos yang baru sekarang. Bukan lagi CSL tetapi Liow Tiong Lai yang lebih cenderong untuk micro-manage.

      Seiring dengan kekalahan kem CSL di dalam pemilihan parti tidak berapa lama dahulu, wakil CSL dalam The J-Star iaitu Vincent Lee turut meletak jawatan sebagai timbalan pengerusi lembaga pengarah.

      Orang yang terkenal dengan reputasi carma (cari makan) seperti WCW mudah tampak mengubah rentak mengikut kebersesuaian suasana buat masa ini.

  7. Obama visit to National Mosque portray himself as a Christian while Dapster visit to Mosque portray themselves merely as more ‘pious malay muslim’ than the malay muslim while their heart is purely Christian.

    of Chinese origin Pakai Baju kurung hati mashf ada CROSS. May Allah S.W.T show them the right path and Allah open Obama heat to seek the truth.

  8. I thought Masjid Negara can be visited by anyone; it’s listed as one of the places of interest at the Malaysia Tourism Board.

  9. And you would notice this KJ is such a kaki bodek. With PR by JStar.

    “He still remembers some Bahasa, he understands the people, and he likes the food,” the Umno Youth chief said.

    He delighted the audience when he shared his attempts at learning Bahasa Malaysia.

    Yayaya. Obama spent his formative years (6 to 10) in Indonesia. It would be ludicrous if he cannot under Bahasa. KJ and JStar are such kaki bodeks.

    “From ages six to ten, Obama attended local Indonesian-language schools: St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School for two years and Besuki Public School for one and a half years, supplemented by English-language Calvert School homeschooling by his mother”

    Perhaps KJ is thinking about our own Malaysian (race) kids. With years of BM in school, they can’t even speak a word of BM. English was a second language for Obama back then as he was taught English by his mom.

      1. American’s should actually protest that KJ and JStar thinks the American president is quite stupid. Having 4 formal years of education in Bahasa Indonesia, he cannot speak BI.

        It is very insulting to USA actually.
        (If this were the Chinese Premier visiting Japan and Japanese press and ministers report this, there will be protests throughout China + Hong Kong + Taiwan and everywhere else where there are Chinese.

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