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Puan Speaker mencabar “Ketuanan Umno”

Poster ‘Mahathirisme’ di timeline Twitter Puan Speaker:

Hannah Yeoh (hannahyeoh)baby3

Sempena lawatan Presiden AS, Puan Speaker telah mentweet: “I really want to know Mr President @BarackObama’s thoughts on Ketuanan UMNO”.


Twitter - hannahyeohObama

Tapi mereka kata Umnoputra jahat

Mula-mula Dapster-evangelista membuli orang India penganut agama Hindu.

Kemudian mereka membuli orang Cina penganut agama Buddha.

Sekarang mereka sudah naik tocang dan membuli kaum majoriti Muslim.



Tidak berapa lama dahulu, Hannah Yeoh mendakwa kononnya sibertrooper MIC dan Umno yang rasis telah mengusik ahli keluarganya.

Pada ketika itu Puan Speaker ada seorang anak [sulung] yang berketurunan “Cina”.

“Salam 1Malaysia back to Hannah Yeoh!”

    Pada suatu kala dulu, @hannahyeoh pernah buat perangai mengada-ngada dengan "sibertrooper" (konon) MIC dan Umno "rasis" yang didakwa Hannah telah mengusik keluarganya

Pada kaca mata Hannah Yeoh, semua benda memang ada tak kena aje.

Namun sebuah negara yang dituduh sebagai mempunyai terlalu banyak elemen-elemen rasis – termasuklah “cuaca” yang rasis juga – masih tetap memberikan kewarganegaraan Malaysia kepada anaknya yang bakal tiga orang itu.

Anak kedua Puan Speaker didaftar sebagai keturunan “India” dalam sijil lahirnya. Atas sebab Malaysia yang bersifat rasis inilah anak-anak Hannah Yeoh boleh bertukar-tukar ras mereka ikut suka hati.

“Salam 1Malaysia back to Hannah Yeoh!”

Little people, small minds

Great minds discuss ideas

Average minds discuss events

Midget minds discuss themselves (me, me, me … look at me, my mental growth – picture above – has been stunted due to all that oppression by Ketuanan Umno). 

Kesian sekali

Justeru Malaysia dibelenggu Ketuanan Umno, maka anak ketiga (yang bakal dilahir Puan Speaker dalam masa terdekat ini) pun pasti turut ditakdirkan menjalani hidup sebagai warga kelas kedua sepertimana kakak-kakaknya — yang seorang Cina dan seorang India itu.

Baik anak ketiga Hannah Yeoh didaftarkan sebagai Bumiputera nanti, baru lah maknya akan boleh berpuas hati.

“Salam 1Malaysia back to Hannah Yeoh!”

Berhubung tweet terkini @hannahyeoh yang berbunyi: “I really want to know Mr President @BarackObama’s thoughts on Ketuanan UMNO”.

Hmm, apa pendapat umum tentang “Ketuanan Umno”, si Hannah hendak tahu …


Kartun dicedok daripada koleksi Zunar


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35 thoughts on “Puan Speaker mencabar “Ketuanan Umno”

  1. Hannah is not even part of the Human race. for those “Chinese’ who wish to associate with her little mind and her even littler physical stature then that’s fine. It merely reinforces what the rest of this nation knows about the Chinese chauvinist and anti Malay pig and her rants and raves against Muslims and Malays.

    However her party’s support for Hudud will come back to bite her in her behind. It would matter not to the rest of us that her face will then have to be covered. The less the world sees of her and her like the better.

    1. You wait until some assemblyman in Selangor tables a similar Islamic Penal Code Bill in the state assembly and call for a vote. As it now stands, correct me if I m wrong Helen, there are :

      PKR = 14
      DAP = 15
      PAS = 15
      Umno = 12
      Rest = 3

      You can bet who will vote for the bill and who will vote against it. Let me remind people that you only need a simple majority for a bill to pass. In this case, only 30 yes votes and its a done deal. Then we wait and see how the DAP is going to explain to the Chinese and Christian communities but hey, don’t fret, its not our fault they say. It’s Umno’s fault for seducing Pas into making the deal.

      The Chinese and Christian communities should now start guard whatever little constitutional rights they have left with the DAP “busy” peeling these constitutional rights in order to appease Pas, oops sorry the Muslim majority.

      Don’t believe me ? Just wait. After Kelantan, Terengganu is next on the line. Penang ? Let’s look at Penang state assembly. 40 members. Now can anybody point out, that out of these 40 members, how many of them are Muslims ? If the number is 21, you are staring at hudud for Penang. Just look the the expressions of the Chinese when someone says “we have 21 Muslim assemblymen in Penang; let’s table a bill”.

      1. Who do you say are the “3 rest”?

        Penang won’t be affected. There are 40 DUN seats. DAP holds 19 and none of the DAP’s 19 Aduns are Malay. A number of the PKR Aduns are Chinese/Christian.

        So your Penang hudud scenario is not on the cards in the immediate future.

        1. Re Who do you say are the “3 rest”?

          That’s because I wasn’t sure whether they’re from MCA or Gerakan.

          Re So your Penang hudud scenario is not on the cards in the immediate future.

          Okay fair enough but for how long ?

          Selangor, just wait lah. Somebody will table a bill. Then we wait and see how’s its going to transpire.

          1. There’s no rep from MCA (or Gerakan) following the 2013 election. There were two MCA Aduns 2008-2013.

            DAP-15, PAS-15, PKR-14 and Umno-12 make up the 56-seat state legislature.

            1. I got it wrong there. 56 to be correct. Umno + Pas 27, PKR + DAP 29, so if 2 from PKR crossed over then its done deal.

  2. as a President who once raised in Indonesia, I wanna know what is his opinion about the Dapster in Malaysia who think they are 3rd class citizen compared to Chinese in Indonesia!

  3. Puan Speaker mencabar , “Ketuanan UMNO”

    She had not done serious enough yet , that why the “Ketuanan UMNO and Melayu ” still in deep sleep . Hoping that she and her kinds do more shaking , Malay has been sleeping for to long.

  4. What do you expect from this Aussie reject? In Malaysia, she got the chance to become speaker earning higher than Deputy Prime Minister.

  5. Who is this Hannah ? Obama is on a state visit. He has no time for a nitwit. Even The Butt Man is excluded from his plans in Malaysia.

    Hannah ? Then someone says to Obama, Mr President, this Hannah is a reject. She was ejected from Australia by Aussie immigration authority, she landed in Malaysia, joined a political party and got lucky and is now a speaker of a state assembly. And Obama sighs “this is possible in Malaysia ?” and the person responded by saying “yes possible because this is Malaysia and the voters of a particular ethnic group love people like this Hannah.

    Then Obama continues by asking “ethnic group ? which ethnic group ?”. This person continues by saying “the Chinese love her”. This is when Obama asks the question “from my experience dealing with China, I find the Chinese to be subtle, attentive and very smart” to which the person reply with “the Chinese in Malaysia are different from those in China. The Chinese in Malaysia are descended from coolies brought to Malaya by the British in the 18th and 19th centuries. These people are not the same as those in China” and Obama laugh out loud.

    1. Hannah, Aussie reject? Oh, at least she is a state assembly speaker now. Who are you PPP? A keyboard warrior? Or a syiok sendiri back lane speaker ?

  6. Is her registered name Hannah Yeoh Something Something or is it Yeoh something something.

    If it is the latter, then she sure does not respect her parents. What goes around comes around. Bila anak dia dah faham they will definitely question the parents.

    1. She was Born Again at age 19.

      Can you imagine the amount of conversions that they (the evangelista pendakwahs) carry out among teenagers who attend their concert-worship mass hysteria cult gatherings?

  7. Hannah sdg mencari siapa tuannya. Tuan yg ada padanya sekarang belum cukup besar, kurang memuaskan.

  8. Dear Aunty Helen,

    I cannot understand Hannah Yeoh. She loves to use rude words to bash people who do not support her. It seems like she only knows how to provoke and to say bad words and blaming UMNO/BN.
    There is no Ketuanan UMNO. What she means is Ketuanan DAPster because that is what she wants – the pot calling the kettle black.

    Maybe Mujahid should tell her to stop slandering others especially the Muslims since he is very close to her.

    Hannah Yeoh, please stop bashing others and solve the water problems in Selangor. Pity Jeff Ooi, because he has to mandi kerbau when there is no water in Subang Jaya.

    May be she is still sad because she cannot live in Australia where there is no UMNO and no Malay rights as in Article 153 of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia.

  9. What a lame spin. There was a question not a challenge to umno. Despicable Ang…you really need to crawl back into that dark dirt place you came out from .

    1. Nobody invited you to the town hall meeting with President Obama ?

      Really ? So to compensate, you come here and make a scene.

      1. Survivor, you write very well for someone with his head deep in a crevice. Run along now and play far away.

    2. That was a challenge via a question la u dumbhead. Do u have problem to read? Whos spinning now? Maybe u better watch spinning gasing for a dose of interracial harmony utopia.

  10. Tembam suami isteri masih takleh buang complex coolie dan kuli makayah toknek mereka nampaknya. Zaman kat tanahair asal tak boleh panggung kepala kalo Emperor lalu, zama Mao pun mengigil2 ketaq lutut.

    Mai sini dulu2 kalo aje MatSalleh lalu sampai melutut menyembah “TUAN” putih mereka.

    Dah zaman tu berlalu dok cari pulak siapa mereka nak panggil TUAN… siapa lagi kalau tak Melayu.

    No wonder the Caste system still flourishes even after over 2000yrs. Some people just don’t know how to enjoy FREEDOM..

    1. African Negros dulu majority were brought to America and forced into slavery.. Tak kejo kena whip, starved or even killed.

      Yang mai sini naik tongkang majority came to become slaves of Money.. Apa segalanya to enrich themselves makan 6kali sehari, badan bulat2 macam Tembam, gaji nak dekat PM.. tapi greedy macam babi masih rasa tak mencukupi, nak lagi dan lagi..

      Perjuangan mereka beza ya Puan Tembam..

      1. I was having breakfast this morning bawah pokok with one of my Chinese neighbour, roti canai..

        His mother just passed away 2mths ago and he was grumbling about the funeral expenses.. after such lengthy comparison, according to him for Apek min at least RM20K to bury their dead compared to us Malay Muslims which is zero for those who cannot afford to probably merely RM700 package (thts the amt we paid for my late papa in Taman Tun dulu).

        Thts the pressure you people forced onto yourselves, nak kawin beribu2, nak kawin beribu2 (satu meja skrg at least RM800-RM3k depending on what toddy is being served on the tabe) nak mati pon beribu2.

        You think SLAVES can afford these kind of luxury ke?

          1. Are you very sure Helen? My late parents in Bukit Kiara. I believe that piece of land is Tanah Wakaf… even the roads that ran across this piece of land I was told is part of Tanah Wakaf..

            And my late parents in-law are all buried in their family Wakaf lot…

            State land/ Very minimal fee.. it is the frills that are costly and not forgetting 2years after death still having to send gifts burning all the worldly properties to the Underworld… yeah another neighbour showed me the video, his deceased papa reserved for the ceremony a hefty sum of RM200K, complete with palace and maids (paper of ‘cos).

            Ketuanan kepala hotak kamu semua le…

            1. Wakaf, as I understand it in the Selangor context, comes under MAIS.

              It’s also part of the reserved land for Malays which I take to be part of the state structure (undang-undang tubuh negeri).

              re: “And my late parents in-law are all buried in their family Wakaf lot…”

              Can you please explain/elaborate?

              1. This may be of some help Cik Helen;

                One of my closest friend wakaf few lots of tanah pusaka milik keluarga dia and set up an orphanage – taking care of at least 30 orphans at any one time – even sponsor studies of the bright students for further studies oberseas..

  11. Nak ganti dengan Ketuanan Evangelsitas? Itu jawapan yang ditunggu Ms Banana?

    I don’t undersatnd why she resorts, on a regular basis, to such cheap shots. She should use more of her time and efforts on meaningful issues, like the inaction of her own coalition over the water problem in Selangor.

    We use to see delinquents in scholl who disrupt classes because they could not manage ther brains to understand what schooling was all about. Hannah Banana comes to mind when we think back about such juvenile delinquents.

  12. I always wonder, since hannah is a born again christian and suppossedly ‘pious’, isn’t moral a main issue for christians? i ve always thought that christianianity is against homosexuality too. why
    then the adoration n total
    support for
    anwar? surely they are
    smart enough to weigh all
    facts, like the 99% ori
    chinafoll cd n facts of his
    n saiful’s court cases? even
    the churches 200% support to anwar
    are sending the wrong
    ‘message’ to the believers, i think? correct me i’m
    wrong.apologies if i am
    indeed wrong. i am just
    curious of her born again

  13. Anybody who has visited Putrajaya knows that it is first world, like pockets of the country – Bangsar, Damansara, etc. Of course, places like Papan, Lahad Datu, Beruas, are still retaining their old world charms.

  14. Dear Mr Obama.. you give Tembam this answer Okay..

    Ketuanan UMNO?

    I tot you people believe that MONEY is your KING.. Even after death you people continue burning stacks of ‘Bank of Hell’ notes to help pay for your comfort in the Afterworld”.

    Use those costs to sincerely pay taxes to your country better wan.

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