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About Tony Pua’s open letter to the President

DAP supported hudud, says Wanita MCA

By Heng Seai Kie


Since PKR vice president Tian Chua has openly admitted that the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) supreme council had agreed on hudud’s implementation in Kelantan, this has confirmed the statement uttered by PAS president Dato’ Seri Abdul Hadi Awang that the issue was agreed in 2011 by the PR supreme council to be true.

Apparently, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng was playing dumb when denying Abdul Hadi’s statement, it was all his political trick to mislead the people and he has even wanted to blame MCA and Barisan Nasional on this issue (continue reading Heng Seai Kie’s press statement in the MCA website).

The DAP mouth

So who is lying?

Heng Seai Kie claims that the gag order imposed by DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang is “to prevent more lies being exposed by his comrades”.

She is worried that any further meetings by the Pakatan supreme council, merely to come to a yet another ‘Agree-to-Disagree’ consensus, will only perpetuate their “continue lying to the people”.


DAP representatives above: Rasah MP, Sekinchan Adun, Cheras MP, Ipoh Timor MP, the election publicity chief, the Penang Chief Minister, Seremban MP and Kg Tunku Adun — story HERE

The truth now

Is DAP really anti Islam behind their Love-Love-Love pretence?

Or is the Chinese-Christian party disingenuously pro-Islam — as their Quran-quoting, tudung-wearing, “Insya Allah”-wishing, #sahur-tweeting evangelista Yang Berhormats would have you believe?

BELOW: DAP reps Hannah, Dr Cheah, Teresa, Guan Eng and Tony Pua together with KJ-“I’m not Indian”-John and National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF) sec-gen Rev. Wong Kim Kong


Complaining to the Potus

In Tony Pua’s open letter to the American President published in many online media, the DAP national publicity secretary complained that “religious freedom in the country is becoming increasingly suppressed, with religious extremism rearing its ugly head”.

The Petaling Jaya Utara MP, who is also an evangelista, complained too that the Malaysian “church is currently prosecuted in the courts while religious leaders are being outrageously investigated for sedition”.

Tony told Barack Obama: “Mr President, with all due respect, we do not need you to visit our country to tell us that our country is a standout example of moderation, because it is not.  Or for you to praise our government that it is a model plural society living in peace and harmony, because it is a facade.”

According to Tony, the Malaysian minorities who dream of being given “equal opportunities and just treatment” are praying that discrimination, marginalization and segregation by religion and race will one day cease.

On one hand, the short extracts above from Tony Pua’s open letter portray the Christians here as innocent victims who are persecuted wholesale by the authorities.

On the other hand, the Christian-dominated opposition control three states. According to the MCA, Pakatan had agreed to hudud in Kelantan, one of the states under Malay-Muslim opposition control.

Read also in the MCA website: ‘What other denials from DAP now that both PAS’ Hadi Awang & PKR’s Tian Chua admit to agreement by Pakatan supreme council to implement hudud?

hannah speaker mouth

Slick Doublespeak

The words and the actions of the DAP are in two opposite directions. Their politicians and operatives are really slick and sneaky at playing the double-faced game.

DAP’s evangelista leadership is, at the same time, playing both the victim of persecution by the Islamic authorities, e.g. in the case of the Jais raid and confiscation of Bibles in Selangor, and playing the role of co-conspirator with the Islamic authorities, e.g. in Kelantan over hudud.

Tony Pua is not the only DAP Yang Berhormat to direct a missive to the USA President. Madame Speaker of Selangor similarly wanted to know Obama’s “thoughts on Ketuanan Umno”.

Twitter - hannahyeohObama

Evangelista forked tongue

Hannah Yeoh’s invocation of “Ketuanan Umno” instead of Ketuanan Melayu is coyly sidestepping the real issue. Just like how the Dapsters say “Umnoputras” instead of saying Melayu.

How many of you believe that the Dapsters really hate Malays but try to camouflage their attack by targetting the so-called Umnoputras?

What kind of people?

What do you think are the DAP evangelistas’ real feelings about Islam? Observe all that the chameleons are saying about hudud compared to their kissy-kissy noises on the beauty of Islam.

What kind of people are they whose tongue is capable of such adroit acrobatics?

(729 words)


Hudud: Muslims on one side, non-Muslims on the other


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47 thoughts on “About Tony Pua’s open letter to the President

  1. Saya memang dah lama sedar akan sikap tidak berperikemanusian dikalangan ADUN AHLI PERLIMEN DAP.

    Mereka menyasarkan UMNO sebagai tempat meluahkan segala perkataan jelek seolah olah mereka yang didalam DAP adalah bersih, seputih salji. Tetapi pada realitinya, kebencian mereka kepada kaum Melayu tertanam kuat adalah satu kebenaran. Mereka juga amat sedar TAMPA Melayu, DAP tidak akan kemana. Mereka perlukan zombi Melayu didalam PAS dan PKR untuk mencapai tujuan penghapusan Melayu daripada dari segala sudut di Malaysia ini.

    Tony Phua, seorang yang berangan menjadi billionaire didalam perniagaan sudah menyedari bahawa beliau tidak mempunyai bakat langsung didalam bidang perniagaan. Dia sedar, politik adala pentas terbaik untuk mencapai tujuan itu. Dia cemburu kelebihan yang dimiliki oleh pesaingnya didalam UMNO.

    Talam dua muka adalah modus yang paling mudah digunakan bagi mengelirukan Melayu yang sinonim dengan namanya Me Layu. Tambahan pula keperluan untuk tidak menunggu dan perlu bersegera didalam tindakan bagi mencapai kekayaan adalah motto hidup mereka, menjadikan segala perkataan dan perbuatan yang bercanggah dengan apa yang teah dibena sejak puluhan tahun lalu tidak sedikit pun menjadi perkara yang perlu difikirkan oleh para ADUN dan MP daripada DAP. Slogan Now or Never yang menjadi laungan PR adalah dari idea DAP. Sedihnya para Zombi tidak mengerti,persis umpama lembu yang di cangkuk hidungnya.

  2. Don’t have much to add where the DAP swooning masses are concerned. They are being mooned by their idols but they don’t seem to care or be even realize it. That’s why they get away with all the shit they’re saying time & again.

    Btw, props to you on the last pic. In the words of Barney Stinson, legen-wait for it-dary!

  3. i’ve been saying all along, UMNO is just their code word for Malay. they’ll abandon this code word once they are powerful enough.

  4. Encik Obama

    ‘Pelampau ialah Extremist yang sama dalam kamus bahasa Dasar Luar Amerika. Memberi hak dan muka kepada kumpulan pelampau adalah satu tindakan yang mana Tokong Demokrasi seperti negara tuan juga tidak sanggup untuk iktiraf sebagai satu hak yang perlu dihormati.

    Perlu kami ingatkan kepada Encik Obama, bangsa kami telah beberapa kali bangkit sebagai superpower dunia sebelah timur, beratus malah lebih seribu tahun sebelum bangsa-bangsa asli Amerika dibunuh dan dirampas hak mereka oleh orang-orang gasar kristian Eropah. Kami bergelar empayar sebelum perkataan Amerika itu sendiri wujud.

    Jadi, dengan melihat track rekod ini, janganlah hendaknya pihak tuan dirujuk sebagai hidung tak mancung pipi tersorong-sorong utk mengajar kami adab menghormati hak asasi manusia. Jika kami tidak pandai menguruskannya masakan bangsa-bangsa lain yang datang ke sini dan terus mahu tinggal dan tidak mahu pulang ke mother land mrk? Jelas ternampak layanan mother land dgn bahasa mother tongue yang diagungkan mereka tidak seindah layanan dan peluang untuk maju yang diberikan kepada mereka dari rakyat Tanah Melayu.’

    1. Form a human shield…. do they know what a democracy is ? Or are they trying to ape Taiwan ?

      As for winning Chinese votes, somebody had better tell them the game’s beyond them now. They still think they can win Chinese votes?

      Their mouthpiece The Star is already an opposition platform. What better way to complete the transition then by making a ruckus at the august house if Pas attempts to table the private bill.

  5. There is new political dynamics in Penang. It seems the Taosit/Buddhist based NGO are grouping together for a party. The Evagenlista influences in DAP are starting to get on the nerves of the Taoist/Buddhist community. And there are also those who are disillusion with the current DAP and of course written off MCA and Gerakan.

    “GEORGE TOWN: A group of Chinese based NGOs have joined together to form a political party to contest the coming Bukit Gelugor by-election.

    Penang Front Party (PFP) spokesman Saw Chong Tatt said they have shortlisted three candidates and will make a decision soon.”

    Whether this party will last or not time will tell but certainly there are members in the Chinese community who are unhappy with DAP (of course also the 2 BN components).

    Saw Chong Tatt BTW is one prominent Chinese tauke.

    I predict the older generation (and still Taoist/Buddhist) will move away from DAP to something else or fence sit and the young will support DAP. Church time (for the DAP affliates) will become a stronger DAP propaganda ground. Challenging times soon. I believe the mixed race will move closer to the DAP but the older Taosit/Buddhist (and children) might become a loud fence sitter and king maker.

    1. The war all over the world is between the Christians and the Muslims. The only Muslim-Buddhist friction is in Myanmar, which is a recent one compared to the one-and-half millennia in which the Christians and Muslims have been warring.

      Obama gave his ear to the Christian and NGO activists during his visit.

      The Buddhists in Malaysia would be wise to stay aloof and let the DAP evangelistas and the Isma-Perkasa-and ilk slug it out between the two major religion camps.

      The old Christians are unwise to let the carpetbagging Born Agains hijack their religious set-up in order to wage war against Umno. What percentage are the Chinese Christians in the police and in the army?

      1. The so called loud noises you here in Malaysian Chinese politics are with the following traits: educated (degree and above), new Christians, Chinese who may support mix marriages, English speaking and Chinese typing (not Chinese speaking or writing – I will explain later).

        These are the ones are social medium savvy and the loud noises on Facebook, Malaysiakini and PR supporters. Schools that they go to Chung Ling, Heng Ee and for the banana St Xaviers. These people aspire to study/work/live overseas (UK, Australia and the Mandarin speaking, Taiwan) and speak Mal-english (with Mandarin) all the time.

        They can tolerate Green (PAS) UBAH.

        The new party in Penang comes about as there is a void for those who may have these traits: Chinese who do not have tertiary education (or have much education), read and write Chinese but cannot type Chinese, blue collar workers, and Taoist/Buddhist. They do not intermarry and have low tolerance for intermarriages, speak the dialects (and speak bad Mandarin). They are shit scarred of Christian Evangelism and even more Hudud.

        They do not read Malaysiakini (or even care shit) but when they vote they swing from MCA to DAP to whatever. They go to the smaller school and drop out or the more successful one go to polytechnic. They are your mechanics, hair dressers, cooks, petty traders. They cannot type Chinese – because they cannot understand Hanyu Pinyin and when they text they use broken Bahasa as most of them can’t type in English.

        DAP 3.0 thinks these people are low class. New MCA forgets them (as they so caught up with the TARcian and Chung Ling types) and only meets when they get into trouble – when they have an appointment with Datuk Chong).

        Gerakan used to represent them but the intelligentsias now engulf the party. The English church service does not want them (as they are “low class”) and if they want to make them Christian entice them with the Hockien service. Old timers in Penang call them the Go Teow Lor or Weld Quay kind – the from the waterfront kind.

        This group don’t trust DAP because of the DAP3.0 Christian agenda and they don’t trust MCA/Gerakan for the UMNO affliation.

        All this from my Indian friend. Her opinion.

        1. re: “They cannot type Chinese – because they cannot understand Hanyu Pinyin”

          Can type/text in hanzi lah. Just install the programme.

          1. They really can’t.
            Like my friend’s hairdresser and mechanic. And my cousin’s not very educated friend.

            They would type some bad BM text like.
            “Miss lu punya kereta sudah siap.
            Malam ini sembahyang thi kong. Lu mai rumah makan.”

            “Just install the programme.” – Absolutely not. When you use a cheap conventional Nokia and prepaid card. These are the Chinese, even we, forget. And yes, they will never think of Bangsa Malaysia or PR in whereever.

            They are Chinese First and to go to Genting or Singapore is lots of saving.

            1. re: “to go to Genting or Singapore is lots of saving”

              The Chinese who are not well-off are the biggest victims of the DAP evangelista politics.

              They really need an alternative political representation.

              1. Agree. Nobody cares about them as they are considered low class.

                You will notice that the same phenomenon with the Malays and the Indians (predominantly Tamils). Perkasa, HINDRAF… you know the inteligensia look down on them. They are no Khairys (who lives majalah GLAM, Tatler etc.) or Mr Hannah.

                And the reading of choice Utusan, Tamil Nesan of these groups. (Chinese reading of choice – Sin Chew)

                The Star and English media do not interest shit to them – firstly they can’t understand, secondly these papers mock them as low class.

                Now the alternative movement for the Chinese has come.

                1. re: “these papers mock them as low class”

                  That’s because the Scissorati who produce the paper are like the Madame, who view others as “low class”.

                  1. Dear Helen, perhaps you might consider writing a piece on the Chinese working class, would be interesting to know your thoughts on this group vis a vis the current issues.

                    1. I’m currently living in a Chinese working class neighbourhood. But I dunno what I can write.

                      I see older folks, say 50 upwards, sitting in the kopitiam and watching the TV screens which show some Chinese drama serials. The environment is boisterous.

                      In the mornings, the elderly ladies take their exercise in the playground.

                      From the snippets of conversations, if the talk is political, it’s that they’re angry and dissatisfied with how much/the extent to which The System is under Malay dominance. This is typical of the mood that has been cultivated by the DAP through their politics of hate to bring about the Pakatan landslide victory.

                      I should imagine the climate is worse still in Penang.

                    2. “I should imagine the climate is worse still in Penang.”

                      Yes, the DAP has fed enough shit to the working class for years. I do live in the late tiger’s constituency (but the middle class side). For the past 40 years I have never seen him or his people visit our area except for makan2 tahun baru. The current representative (Indian) too is never seen and the Chinese one in Jelutong is only famous for his cat statements and yes he is so angry that there is no water in his Selangor house.

                      Will they move to Jelutong and Jalan Perak (southside) per se – the working class area? Never!
                      But like sheep in a herd the working class will blindly vote DAP or whatever the trend is. (Once upon a time, Gerakan with really horrid leaders)

                      The working class has stand being looked down and represented by MPs who even will have the disgust of staying in that area. (Sorry BN MPs included).

                      Jalan Perak will always be as crowded as ever. And MPs in Jelutong, Sg Pinang, Jalan Perak and the many inner city slumps will still opt to stay in Pulau Tikus, Minden or Bukit Jambul (hillside).

                    3. ‘I see older folks, say 50 upwards, sitting in the kopitiam and watching the TV screens which show some Chinese drama serials.’

                      还是那久久不能忘怀的眷恋 [YouTube]

                2. Remember that MCA used to fight for them LOUDLY. (They still do but now MCA focuses on UTAR and all things middle class).

                  Do you hear so much about all those cheated by the medium, daughter became a prostitute, chased by Along as the main focus of MCA today? NO.

                  It is all about Hudud, UTAR, Education etc – all things middle class. This is one reason for the disillusionment.

                    1. Even Gerakan has lost the common man touch. DAP is about developers.

                      “MCA is of no use or benefit to the BN, then.”

                      If the Malays ignore the grassroots Perkasa and the Indian ignore Hindraf, UMNO and MIC would be history.

                      Question I want to pose to you: Who is more afraid of Hudud? The lower class chinese or middle/uupper clasees

                    2. re: “Who is more afraid of Hudud? The [working] class chinese or middle/upper classes?”

                      I see an inverse correlation.

                      The more the group of Chinese hate Umno, the less afraid they are of hudud. Hate banishes fear, it would seem.

                  1. Actually you would notice the working class Malay, Chinese or Indian don’t care about the hudud debate. It is survival. I don’t see kelantan Chinese complaining of being Islamic. They still eat pork, drink liquor – but in certain enclaves – provided no Muslim comes along.

                    How to make the working class swing – PR creates a bogeyman whom you will blame everything called UMNO. so PR and DAP diverts all daily problems of these people. Question but for how long before these people wake up and revolt.

                    1. Case study.
                      Look at one of the two famous DAP cousins.
                      See Early Life section. He is from a working family but do any of his political struggles reflect the common man? Tony Pua, Hannah Yeoh, OKM all came from middle class or upper class background, not the working man. The late Karpal was from the elitist St Xaviers.
                      Unlike Ngeh, Kit Siang too is not from the first generation working class.
                      “Lim Kit Siang together with his son Lim Guan Eng first visited his ancestral home in China in Nov 2008 (reported in Chinapress). His ancestral village is in Zhangzhou, Fujian province which makes him a Minnan native. He met his 80+ years old brother-in-law during this visit.[8]”
                      You don’t see much working class representation in DAP.

                    2. Hannah Yeoh’s grandfather was a bus driver in Old Town Petaling Jaya and her grandmother was a char kuey teow seller along Old Klang Road. See,

                      Hannah Yeoh is the worst kind of “high class”-wannabe who has forgotten her family roots with her great liking to slap the label “low class” on other folks. Who wants to bet that her grandparents were not Christian.

                    3. Grammatical correction:

                      … forgotten her family roots, WHAT with her great liking to slap the label “low class” on other folks.

    2. You can imagine the sort of attack, the hounding these people are going to “receive” from the opposition hacks. When I read the news, the first thing that crossed my mind was “I fear for them, I fear for their safety”.

      In Malaysia, you have to be really, I mean really brave to take on these opposition hacks. I gather that a campaign on social media is already underway to portray these people, the people behind the Penang Front Party as extremists the same way Muslim NGOs were and are still being targeted.

      1. re: “In Malaysia, you have to be really, I mean really brave to take on these opposition hacks.”

        Even the most indomitable individual still needs sleep and rest.

  6. Antara resolusi perhimpunan CFM pada bulan Febuari 1987 adalah meramaikan ahli politik dari kalangan pemimpin Kristian. Mereka ini wujud dalam parti pembangkang mahupun parti pemerintah, bahkan ada di antara mereka menjawat jawatan menteri dalam kabinet.

    Selain itu, dalam sepucuk surat bertarikh 18 Julai 2012 yang ditulis oleh Bishop Datuk Ng Moon Hing, Pengerusi CFM menyeru supaya umat Kristian mengundi kerajaan yang akan membentuk sebuah negara di mana kebebasan agama merangkumi kebebasan untuk menganut, mengamal dan menyebarkan agama di mana ia dibenarkan berkembang tanpa sebarang pembatasan yang tidak wajar dari undang-undang, penegahan ataupun larangan. Ini bertentangan sama sekali dengan apa yang termaktub dalam Perlembagaan Malaysia hari ini.

    1. re: “Mereka ini wujud dalam parti pembangkang mahupun parti pemerintah”

      The J-Star
      adalah merupakan sarang evangelista.

        1. Okay, the J-Star group is a nest of evangelistas whose rich and vast media network is the incubator to breed more evangelistas among their Holy Water consumers.

            1. Manufactured, bottled and distributed by Madame Biawak Inc.

              Papa and Mama, what a team.

  7. …… images of DAP representatives above: Rasah MP, Sekinchan Adun, Cheras MP, Ipoh Timor MP, the election publicity chief, the Penang Chief Minister, Seremban MP and Kg Tunku Adun;

    Siapa tak caya kan I dah kata semua depa2 yg mai hidup dalam Negara bertuah ini semua bulat2 dan tembam belaka… makan 6 kali satu hari..

    lets see.. 24/6= 4hourly… hah sejenis haiwan yang menghadam makanan mereka lebih kurang 4hourly… agaknya haiwan ape owh?

    How to maintain these kind of nafsu.. so taik sendiri pon terpaksa makan. Tu pasai tak renti2 sondoi dan jolok sana sini dan apa segalanya yang ade mereka tidak akan rasa puas hati.

    And just look at their coolie mentality.. Asyik nak mengadu dan mengampu aje tak kira siapa..

    Agaknya kalo Mr Obama tengok images sekok2 diatas pasti dalam hati dia terpikiaq “akau kerja kuat pening kepala sampai kurus kering, depa yang tembam dan gedempol dah cukup makan dan hidup senang lenang kat Negara sendiri pon nak disturb my piece of mind. Lain le kalo people from Dafur approach me” muahahaha

  8. Ms H. Many thanks to the BN as led by the UMNO and the 15 component parties, the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP leaders are so rotund and well-fed by subsidized rice, sugar, flour, etc. Malaysia Boleh ! What more do we want ? Money, Money, Money ! Like their spiritual homeland Singapore ! Money, Money, Money, Money !

  9. Ms H. If Tony Pua is not a Singapore multi-millionaire from Singapore, I believe him wholeheartedly. Money Money Money Money !

  10. I am fascinated at the Non Muslims’ interest on Hudud laws.. ape benar mereka faham dengan mendalam or merely reading from here and there (cut the hands, heads and throwing stones?) or mesmerised dengaq speeches from PAS sampai ayaq liok mereka percik macam ayam percik?.

    The Malaysian non Muslims are so clueless ada yang sat anggoq ada yang sat geleng kepala macam kerbau.. They probably have the impression that TGNA is the Tok Guru of their world.. and PAS is their badan Islam Dunia.

    Are they very confident of those who will be given the responsibility to implement these laws in Kelantan? Masalah is the implementation, are they very well prepared?

    Hangpa jaga2 ya.. those officially giving their vote, one day if something goes wrong make sure don’t corner baring OKAY.. you must also be responsible, tak kira le hang Islam or Kapiaq.

  11. Really spot on mulan. always like mulan’s comments. its true the msian political scene is saturated with the likes of hannah, tony
    pua, rafizi n
    kj. similar
    traits. they study
    the western
    culture n thinking
    n then come back
    n think majority
    msians aren’t elite
    enough nor as
    smart as
    them.just look at
    kampung folks are
    umno’s majority
    voters yet his arrogance n
    inclinations are
    Elitis style, writing
    ariticles in the j
    star, bashing the
    malay umno paper
    utusan n made me
    pissed, him appearing only
    being only in the
    n tatler magazines n fashion shows as a model with
    nori; n at the same
    time think lowly of malay based perkasa members (mostly umno members) n the likes of
    hindraf, which
    majority are from
    the lower classes. always
    considers them as an insult to his

    Now the chinese
    from not the so
    called high class
    will be joining the
    likes of perkasa n

    hannah yeoh, tony pua, rafizi n kj should actually form a political party amongst themselves; the so called elitist n high class politicians. karim raslan can be their promoter, always bragging how great these guys will be for malaysia.

    1. One more thing. What about Dong Zong? Dong Zong is not grassroots similar to Perkasa and Hindraf. Dong Zong is elitist i.e. inteligensia but Mandarin speaking. Currently there are no groups fighting for the working class Chinese.

      To summarise
      DAP – Christian, foreign educated, graduates and above
      Gerakan – again the inteligensia are taking over
      MCA – now a KTAR/UTAR inteligensia party
      Domg Zong – educationists

      There is a super viod for working class Chinese with very little education. The ones that Chung ling, Heng Eee , Peng Hua look down with spite.

      1. re: “The ones that Chung Ling, Heng Ee, Peng Hua look down with spite.”

        You’re talking the Penang context. The other states have their own Chinese population dynamics.

  12. re: ‘I see older folks, say 50 upwards, sitting in the kopitiam and watching the TV screens which show some Chinese drama serials. The environment is boisterous.

    In the mornings, the elderly ladies take their exercise in the playground.

    From the snippets of conversations, if the talk is political, it’s that they’re angry and dissatisfied with how much/the extent to which The System is under Malay dominance. This is typical of the mood that has been cultivated by the DAP through their politics of hate to bring about the Pakatan landslide victory.’

    Makes me think we’re living in the same neighbourhood, except I’m in PG.

    I have breakfast at a kopitiam which used to play Chinese songs from the 50’s or 60’s (redifusion?) but now the Tauke Soh explains the Taiwanese serials we watch together every morning and/or evening.

    Ah yees and ah cheks taichi away their mornings in the taman and then wallop lor mee and chee cheong fun.

    And yes, the indignation and contempt for Malay dominance is always there. Especially in the hysterical Bible belt. They’re very proud of the fact that DAP rules here. Arrogantly so.

    Anyways, I’m gonna vote for any donkey or monkey but DAP this time around in Bkt Gelugor (like they did for a biawak).

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