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Where is the LOVE? Show me, show me, show me

DAP organizing secretary Anthony Loke previously said:

“If we are not involved in crime, why should we worry over its implementation or punishment. What MCA is doing is demonising Islam, painting Islam with an extremist kind of image with regard to hudud, to which we [DAP] do not agree.” — see Malaysiakini article below

Anthony accused MCA of demonizing Islam when the BN Chinese party voiced its opposition to hudud.

DAP evangelista’s honeyed words

They like to accuse MCA and other Chinese as “haters” who demonize Islam.

On the other hand, they themselves are really, truly ‘A.W.E.S.O.M.E.’ in displaying their abundance of Christian lurrrve.

The DAP evangelistas self-righteously portray themselves as peace-loving Christians who are most Islam-friendly as well as Brothers and Sisters to the Malays whose god ‘Allah’ they share.

Twitter anthonyloke low-class

Why worry?

Anthony Loke assured all the non-Muslims that since they are not criminals, there is really no need for them to be worried about chopped hands.

Just let the Muslims do whatever they want to do to themselves, and among themselves. That’s the DAP evangelista ethos. It explains why Anthony Loke defended the practice of gender segregation by PAS at party social functions. Since that is what the PAS people want.


It’s amazing what love can do

Love is … Olympic-level gymnastics.

The DAP evangelistas, and don’t forget the Scissorati, are the best at twisting and turning their words – beating even Nadia Comaneci on the balance beam – because they (evangelistas, Scissorati) are the people most filled with love.

Today Loke is making a 180-degree turn in his “Islamic” posturing. (See the Sinar Harian recent front page headline above.)


What secular state?

The non-Muslim opposition and their supporters are fond of bleating that Malaysia is secular.

Firstly, do go through this checklist of what makes a country secular.

A secular state will have, among others, the following characteristics:

  1. The state must be neutral towards religion
  2. The state cannot give religion a position of privilege in the public arena
  3. The state’s coercive powers and resources cannot be utilised in the service of any religion
  4. The state should not privilege a religion or its adherents over another
  5. The state should not privilege religion over irreligion
  6. The state should not permit religion to be a requirement of public office
  7. The state should not interfere with the affairs of religion and vice-versa

(The above recognised parameters of a secular state are compiled by historian Dr Malik Munip)


Let’s tick the checklist, shall we?

  1. Is Malaysia neutral towards religion?

    Nope. Islam is paramount. It says so in the Federal Constitution
  2. Does Malaysia give any religion a position of privilege in the public arena?
    Yup. Islam is given prominence. Official functions are accompanied by Islamic rituals
  3. Are the coercive powers and resources of the Malaysian authorities utilised in the service of any particular religion?

    Yup. That’s how Jais can raid the Bible Society and seize the ‘Allah’ Bibles
  4. Does Malaysia privilege Islam and its adherents over other religions?.
    Yup. Jakim is provided an annual budget of RM779 million and has 3,549 staff on its payroll. The Federal Territory Islamic Department (Jawi) has 2,194 people in its employ
    Then there is the Islamic television station TV Al-Hijrah which operates on a RM40 million state budget yearly. We’re just talking Federal here and let’s not even touch on the state Islamic apparatus
    Whereas Malaysia does not have 5,743 staff working in the Federal Territories to administer Christianity. There is no national Christian TV channel
  5. Does Malaysia give equal treatment to both religionists and atheists/agnostics?

    Nope. Irreligion is frowned upon and the first precept of the Rukun Negara is “Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan”.
  6. Does Malaysia require an individual’s religion to be a factor in holding public office?
    Yup. It is mandated for the Menteris Besar of Perak and Selangor to be Muslim albeit the Sultan may exercise his discretion and royal prerogative. The other states have similar provisions
  7. Does Malaysia interfere with the affairs of religion and does Islam interfere with the affairs of governance?
    Yup. An 80-year-old scholar and public intellectual Kassim Ahmad was arrested and charged by the Islamic authorities. Muslims other than those who are ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah are proscribed.
    We have the Syariah Court and Kadi’s Office. We have a Minister of Islam. We have the state muftis for every state. We have the National Fatwa Council. Every state has its own (and sometimes two, e.g. Selangor’s Mais and Jais) Islamic Departments. There is the Tabung Haji and Baitulmal.
    And most importantly, the Raja-Raja Melayu are the heads of Islam in their respective states. They have the power of issuing royal decrees on Islam. The edicts of their Royal Highnesses can be gazetted and given the force of law.


Quite delusional, right?

So what is it that the Chinese and Indian opposition super cyber bullies are talking about when they declare that Malaysia is a secular country?

A secular state does not follow the Syariah system, which in this country has jurisdiction over more than 60 percent of the population. That’s 18 million Malaysian Muslims who are subject to the Islamic Court.

PAS wants to take it a step further by having Islamic jurisprudence first running parallel, and then supplanting civil law.

The DAP greedy Gold diggers – in their pursuit of the Putrajaya crown and quest for more power, more perks and more privileges – have been colluding with PAS in the Islamist party’s theocratic ambitions.

With the notable exception of the late Karpal Singh, other DAP leaders have otherwise been reassuring the non-Muslims that they have nothing to fear. And that unless they commit crimes, hudud would not have any effect on them.

Worshippers attend a church service at the City Harvest Church in Singapore

Killing secularism softly with their evangelista song

All that the DAP evangelistas have been doing are inimical to secularism.

Clearly the actions taken by the Guan Eng administration in Penang – such as purchasing land for religious schools, providing an additional budget for these Sekolah Agama Rakyat, paying allowances to Kafa (kelas al-Quran dan fardhu ain) teachers and huffaz as well as endorsing a budget for other Islamic programmes – are antithetical to the concept of secularism that separates State and religion.

The Guan Eng administration provided a 3.49-acre land to build a new, seven-storey RM72 million Syariah Court complex. This indicates that the Penang Chief Minister not only recognizes the paramountcy of Islamic law but he has further strengthened the infrastructure concerned with the implementation of syariah.

Yeah, yeah, we know that the Christian hypocrites are giving these gula-gula to try and lock in the Malay vote. Or maybe the DAP evangelistas did all of the above out of sheer altruistic love, eh?


Secularism 101

Michael Heng, senior research fellow at the National University of Singapore’s (NUS) East Asian Institute, describes secularism as:

  • The separation of the religious orders from the state
  • Neutrality of the state in religious matters
  • Equal treatment by the state of different religions, and
  • Religion being a matter of the private sphere which is strictly separated from the public sphere

Prof. Recep Senturk, a research fellow at the Center for Islamic Studies in Istanbul, writes that one common practice in secular states is that prayers are not allowed to be made compulsory in schools.

During the early decades of the Turkish Republic, Islamic religious education was not provided at all in the schools. See Prof. Senturk’s paper titled ‘State and Religion in Turkey: Which Secularism?’

In Malaysia, doa is recited in the classrooms. So, are we secular?

Prof. Senturk also writes that in its 1934 Constitution, the Republic of Turkey removed an earlier article (contained in the 1924 Constitution) that said “the religion of the state is Islam.

Furthermore, the Father of Modern Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, abolished shariah law. Religious scholars and clergy were “outlawed” and Turkey became the only Muslim country without the ulama.

Hate and vilify the sinner 2013-01-08 00-42-14

What kind of people are they?

A secular state does not base its laws on the laws of Islam or on other ecclesiastical laws. So, is Malaysia secular?

Dapster-evangelistas actually look forward to having their countrymen maimed for life. How they relish the thought of Umno politicians and Umno members walking around without limbs, which would have been amputated for theft (or so the DAP supporters fervently hope).

The ghoulish delight with which some Malaysian Christians anticipate hudud punishment to be meted out on Malay-Muslims is one indication that the opposition are not secularists at heart.

Their heart is too full of love for their fellow citizens to have any room left for secularism.

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16 thoughts on “Where is the LOVE? Show me, show me, show me

    1. Run the checklist on them.

      One notable point is the Queen Elizabeth is the head of the Church of England.

      Perhaps we could compare this with the other European monarchies.

    2. No. The U.K., Republic of Ireland, Canada, Russia and some other European countries are not secular states in that they have an official religion and include religious rituals in their official functions. Neither too is Thailand but the U.S., China and Singapore are.

    3. Cina tak curi ? Kilang/syt Gang mana yg curi air Syabas ? Letrik Tnb ? Dey melayu lembu Pas, gst tu akan smoked out all the kilang2 dan syt2 haram tu semua la bodo…. Tu psl cinabeng glabah. Air, letrik curi, cukai tak byr tapi bila Utusan tanya Apa lagi cinabeng mau? Cinabeng jwb tak mau rasuah bla bla bla…… Tapi curi air dan letrik…… These parasites want everything foc….. Bring in GST now

  1. I remember prayers were said in Christian missionary schools in the 50s and 60s. I don’t know about St John’s but it was done at others, including the convent schools. Is this relevant?

    1. “DAP evangelista’s honeyed words …. They like to accuse MCA and other Chinese as “haters” who demonize Islam. On the other hand, they themselves are really, truly ‘A.W.E.S.O.M.E.’ in displaying their abundance of Christian “lurrrve”. The DAP evangelistas self-righteously portray themselves as peace-loving Christians who are most Islam-friendly as well as Brothers and Sisters to the Malays whose god ‘Allah’ they share.”

      “Love all, Trust a few, DO WRONG TO NONE.”
      ― William Shakespeare in “All’s Well That Ends Well”

  2. You know what helen… their love is in the stale air… their hatred deep down inside… for no reason and purpose, they mourned for the lost of nothing… make joke and fun on muslims’ the way of life…

    They never realise that they always sing ‘ I started a joke ‘ in public or even in their sacred place. All the time.

    What kind of people are they ? The lost tribe of China ? NO ! They called themselves Malaysian Malaysia…


  3. Ms H. My late brother-in-law who was a lawyer once told me, ‘ LAWYERS CAN LIE ON EITHER SIDE ‘ ! Good question. How many lawyers (failed or successful) are there in the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP ?

  4. You know what, these DAP ‘angels’ just wanna see Melayus destroying each other with hudud, that’s what it is.

  5. Ms H. Since the beginning of time in our beloved Malaysia, different peoples have been marrying each other and making babies NATURALLY WITHOUT FANFARE. These nincompoops have now politicised sex, babies and dress as though its a new thingy.

    Of course, this is all nonsense.

    There have been cross-marriages, sex, babies and attire all this while. Were this lot of so-call never die types woke up from their Rip Van Winkle sleep? Do their knowledge of the great United States only confined to voodoo dancing and stomping?

    1. ‘Since the beginning of time in our beloved Malaysia, different peoples have been marrying each other and making babies NATURALLY WITHOUT FANFARE. ‘

      This is very true!

  6. Tun M had said it loud and clear, Malaysia Negara Islam.

    “Mereka hanya tahu negara sekular, jadi mereka menganggap negara yang boleh amalkan semua agama tanpa gangguan sebagai negara sekular,” katanya.

    Dr Mahathir berkata, sesetengah pihak juga tidak boleh menidakkan bahawa Malaysia sebuah negara Islam hanya kerana ia mempunyai penduduk bukan Islam dan sehingga menidakkan keislaman negara ini.’

    Anak kepada pemimpin terkenal yang juga bekas Presiden Pas, Allahyarham Datuk Fadzil Noor, Ahmad Fauwaz juag berpendapat bahawa Malaysia bukan negara sekular.

    ‘Bagaimana pandangan saudara tentang isu negara Islam?

    FAUWAZ: Saya sebenarnya mengharapkan dalam perjalanan pilihan raya kali ini tidak terlalu dibincangkan isu-isu agama. Tetapi kita perlu melihat kepada siapa yang lebih mampu memberikan keamanan dan juga kebaikan kepada rakyat. Kalau kita lihat slogan Pas mereka berpegang kepada negara kebajikan tetapi orang kata mereka dah tinggalkan slogan negara Islam. Ini bukan isu meninggalkan slogan negara Islam, mereka bukan tinggalkan Islam tetapi mengubah pendekatan. Walaupun UMNO juga menggunakan slogan kebajikan tetapi apa salahnya mereka lawan. Pada pandangan peribadi saya tidak perlu lagi kepada slogan negara Islam kerana negara ini adalah negara Islam. Kalau tak, kita nak kata negara ini negara apa?

    Masyarakat menerima hakikat negara ini negara Islam tetapi Karpal Singh tidak?

    FAUWAZ: Karpal Singh memegang kepada kenyataan Tunku Abdul Rahman dan beberapa sudut Perlembagaan yang mereka lihat sebagai sekular. Itu dari sudut hukum undang-undang manusia. Hakikatnya dalam sudut fikah Islam walaupun Perlembagaan ditukar kepada negara kafir sekalipun, jika pemimpinnya ialah Islam dan majoriti rakyatnya Islam, ia tidak terkeluar dari negara Islam. Seperti contoh seseorang itu tidak sembahyang, puasa dan sebagainya tetapi masih mengucap kalimah syahadah, hukumnya dia masih Islam. Tapi janganlah menukar negara ini kepada negara sekular.’

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