25 thoughts on “Hannah kepala besar perli Isma

  1. I too have a question. I would to know why the Aussie immigration authority rejected her application for permanent residency status in Australia. Anyone care to answer the question ?

  2. ISMA ialah penyokong kuat HUDUD.

    Non Islamic people of Malaysia should not fear HUDUD implementation here. It will be good for all of us Malaysian. It is the Melayus/Islam ways correcting our race who has indulged (for the last 3 decades) in excessive act of DOSA like adulteries, stealings and corruptions etc lured by materialistic ways of life.

    Kalau sudah tidak ada lagi Melayu yang melakukan dosa besar dan kecil dan mengambil rasuah kerana takutkan hukum HUDUD barulah Malaysia dapat melaksanakan `government of the people by the people and for the people`. Melayus become CLEAN people.

    TETAPI aku percaya Cinabengs di Malaysia akan cuba untuk mengagalkan hudud kerana susah nak BERNIAGA kalau tak bagi rasuah pada para pegawai Melayus. Cuba tuan tuan semua bayangkan kalaulah Melayus sudah jijik dan tidak lagi mengambil rasuah PASTI cinabengs semua kat Malaysia TAK BOLIH TIDOR LENA!!!!! With HUDUD every dealings are now clear cut and by the book… no more hanky packy lor..

    1. The countries with hudud are seen as corrupt in the corruption perception index.

      1. Yes indeed. I agree. There is also another form of corruption, corruption that is accepted as political norm. Take a good look at western countries. They have legalized corruption.

        Look at their think tanks, look at their business lobbies and look at how these political actors behave during election time. Look at their military industrial complex, look at the wars they initiate on behalf of these defense manufacturers.

        The truth is, no country is corruption free. It is all a matter of perception. What is the difference between politicians who make war on behalf of weapons manufacturers and politicians who take money from businessmen, let’s say Malay politician/Malay civil servant getting money from a Chinese businessman for licenses ? Spot the difference ? No difference at all. All about perception.

        1. re: “Look at their think tanks”

          Same thing happening here.

          The BN info bureau should expose the funders behind the Pakatan “think-tanks” and media.

          1. For once, we can learn from Singapore. I mean, look, they demand that online news media apply for an operating license and should the online media report baseless and slanderous news, their licenses will be revoked unless they retract their report and issue an immediate apology. We can use the same MO on these think tanks too. But is our government brave enough to do this ?

            1. re: “But is our government brave enough to do this?”

              The government of Najib Razak?

                  1. Truth be told, his government is a government of the cowardly and glamor obsessed. His government is more interested in outdoing themselves. His youth and sport minister is one such example. Notice who was there to greet Obama and who was also there for the send off. The youth and sport minister !

                    1. Still, it would have been Najib Razak who deputized Regina Lee’s boss to serve as attending minister to the Prez.

  3. Madam Speaker, please concentrate to deliver your election promises, the rakyat are suffering with bad road and water shortage, improve these first and after that you can question other things.

    Less bull shiting especially when you are holding that position. Lets deliver as professional. We are 20 years backward under you all la. China is moving to be the giant economic power of the world, Selangor is competing with Kelantan or Bangladesh lo. wake up speaker!!!!!! Please do not leave a legacy as the most incompetence speaker at all time.

    Now I can conclude after 6 years, you all are the worst government ever ruling Selangor and very very incompetence. You are part of it management!!!!

  4. re Selangor is competing with Kelantan or Bangladesh lo.

    This way, she can keep on saying that she is high class with the rest are low class. you don’t know ?

  5. L o L !!!



    Here we have people saying “They are all Malaysians”. You know who said that right ?

    I have never heard a white person who said he or she wants to become Asian by I have encountered Asians who said they want to be white.

    L o L !!!

    By the way, someone did try to be Arab. You know him too. You even call him Iguana. You get what I mean ?

    L o L !!!

    1. No need for any plastic surgery. Hannah Yeoh already looks like Koh Tsu Koon.


      1. When do you think she will demand for a 3rd column for gender ?

        Can or not ?

        Her first child = Chinese

        Her second child = India

        Her third child = make your guess la ! l o l !

        For gender, we have male and female. 3rd gender coming soon but I have my reservations if she will really push for the inclusion of a 3rd gender but okay what ? She says it all the time, we are all Malaysians. Must be fair to all l o l !!!

    1. re: “Kenapa Hannah mahu cari gaduh dgn Isma dan lain2 NGO melayu islam?”

      Sebab kepalanya sudah besar. Tengok gambar.

      1. Next time put a pic of her wearing the tudung. We are now in a frenzy over hudud just to remind her groupies that DAP supports hudud.

        Remember the slogan Sokong DAP DAPat Hudud.

        The slogan boleh Helen ?

  6. Dont baling batu sembunyi tangan la hannah. Dap also get funding from hongkong, taiwan, singapore n chinese majority country.

    In singapore u will get shutdown if u receive funding from foreign funding. Because its tantamount to treason. Here as helen quote parti paling x apa condone wat youre doing. U should be thankful to that madame speaker!

  7. Hanah ni orang mana dia ni darah campuran sebelah bapa Melayu atau India sikit nak tau tiba-tiba jadi popular pulak tengelam nama saperti Elizabeth Wong(eli)

    1. re: “tiba-tiba jadi popular”

      Sebab dia pandai menghibur orangramai dengan pertunjukan silap mata — anaknya boleh bertukar-tukar bangsa.

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