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Online poll snap results: DAP is freaking out the Malays

Usually my online polls are run over the span of a week.

However the ‘DAP and Islam’ opinion survey has been so hot that within a matter of 24 hours it has attracted more than 500 respondents.

The poll below asking “Which possibility is more scary?” was uploaded yesterday at 2.48pm.


As at 2.45pm today (see screenshot above), 86.5 percent of the participants have responded that the prospect of “DAP in Putrajaya” is more scary than the prospect of ” Hudud in Malaysia“.

It really is just too CREEPY when the DAP Yang Berhormats publicly profess their ‘love’ for Islam.

This is because discerning Muslims are well aware that the kissy-kissy Christian hypocrisy merely masks a hatred and deep-seated hostility that is never far from the surface.

BELOW: Among some of the DAP leaders (details here) who have portrayed themselves as Islam-friendly


Out of the 505 readers taking part in our ‘DAP and Islam’ sampling so far, a total of 437 ticked the option “DAP in Putrajaya” as the scarier possibility.

Compare the above figure of  86.5 percent to the opposing 13,5 percent (68 votes) which agreed that having hudud in Malaysia is a more frightening thought.

There are several implications for Umno to consider from these findings.


Malays are freaked out by the DAP aggression

The instant and tremendous take-up comprising more than 500 respondents within 24 hours indicates that the poll question had struck a deep chord with my blog readers.

That so few appear to be worried over the real possibility of hudud is only in tandem with the results of an earlier poll conducted three weeks ago. On April 8, my survey found that 75.4 percent of 1,029 respondents were agreeable to the idea of Umno supporting hudud.

Now why has the pro-establishment Malay public opinion gone this direction of tacking strongly to the right?

The Tun suggested a probable reason. ‘Hudud an issue because Najib is weak, says Dr Mahathir(The Malaysian Insider, 30 April 2014)


The DAP leviathan

Pro-government Malays are freaking out at the possibility that DAP might conceivably be able to wrest Putrajaya.

They see the DAP becoming big, strong and grotesque.

Furthermore Umno is not in control of its satellites. The BN Chinese parties, i.e. the MCA, Gerakan, SUPP and LDP, are all teaming up with the DAP to oppose hudud.

BELOW: Lookalikes Koh Tsu Koon and Hannah Yeoh

One can’t tell the BN Chinese components apart anymore from the DAP nowadays

Malay ground spooked

The Umno grassroots are bleeding from the wounds in their back where the MCA apparatchiks had scissored the BN with a thousand little cuts. It can only be with BN Chinese collusion that the tsunami happened in GE13 to effectively install the DAP as the second biggest party currently in Parliament.

It was clear to everyone that the MCA media machinery was campaigning for the DAP evangelistas during the general election. And Umno allowed them to get away with the lethal backstabbing, to the point of BN losing the popular vote.

Malays no longer feel that Umno is fully capable of safeguarding their race and their religion. This explains the ascendency of Perkasa, Isma and other NGOs that are championing Malay-Muslim interests.

Today there is a void due to the structural weakness of the BN’s anchor party.

Evangelistas muscling in on Islam

The coalition edifice cracked because Umno has lost the plot and allowed the MCA, principally, to send a wrecking ball to knock at the BN’s core foundation. Just listen to the MCA leaders — they’re sounding more DAP than the DAP. Read The J-Star and you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Rocket editorial team is in charge of the paper.

This vacuum in Malay-Muslim leadership is being filled by Perkasa, Isma and the other NGOs that have stepped up to the plate because Umno is clearly falling short.


DAP is damn scary to the Malays alright!

Currently Isma is under attack from the Christian-Firster opposition. Twin terror Perkasa has from the outset been the Pakatan’s favourite bogeyman. If both Isma and Perkasa are such sharp thorns in the opposition’s flesh, then you know for a fact that the opposition is being painfully pricked by these guerrilla movements.

On the other hand, Pakatan is not receiving any meaningful challenge from the Parti Paling Tidak Apa. It is because Umno is so very PPTA that the Malays are hitting the panic button.

Since I took the snapshot poll results above, the numbers have risen to 87 percent of survey respondents whom believe that DAP conquering Putrajaya is scarier than hands being chopped off.

The poll is still open. Please vote if you haven’t yet.

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72 thoughts on “Online poll snap results: DAP is freaking out the Malays

  1. Alamak Helen! Pura pura tak tau pulak. Mahathir tu lah the chief corruptor amongst all the givers and receivers of corruption in the country. Sebab tu dia paling takut dengan HUDUD.

    1. Haha komen paling bodoh. Kalau mahathir takut x dibalasnya surat nik aziz spy keadilan yg paling penting ditegak dlm pelaksanaan hudud.

      Yg penakut skrg ni pas dah lebih 10 tahun org tua tu letak jawatan pm masih jgk x berani nak perjuang hudud. Lps tu dikata mcm2 pd dia.

      Lg malang macai angguk2 geleng2 pr mcm kamu ni telan je penipuan spjg zaman. Kesian…

      1. Jentayu, siapa yg bodoh? Kamu ke?. Lepas Nik Aziz tak ade barulah PAS berani mengemukakan hudud. Dah jelas lagi bersuluh yang tak mahu hudud ialah Tun Mahathir and he blame DS Najib for it.

        1. Re. Lepas Nik Aziz tak ade barulah PAS berani mengemukakan hudud.

          Kenapa masa Nik Aziz masih menjadi MB dan selepas Tun M letak jawatan dan semasa era Tun Dol, Nik aziz tak ambil peluang tegakkan Hudud di Kelantan?

          Re. Dah jelas lagi bersuluh yang tak mahu hudud ialah Tun Mahathir

          Sila baca surat Tun M kepada Nik Aziz disini.

          Re. he blame DS Najib for it.

          Mana buktinya? kenapa pula Tun M nak salahkan Najib sedangkan beliau tidak lagi berkuasa.

          Mana logiknya ‘argument’ kamu?

          1. apa nak dibukti dgn surat mamak kutty tu? tiada apa selain dari dia mmg tidak mahu melaksanakan tapi menyalahkan pihak lain atas nama keadilan bla bla… yang dia sendiri pun tatau apa-apa… memberi persepsi negative dan memandang dari segi perpektif negative dari hati yang tak mahu tgk benda ini tertegak. MEMANG MUNAFIK….

            memberi kebenaran tidak bermakna hudud terlaksana serta merta… bagi lah sokongan dan tunjuk ajar jika mamak kutty tua itu betul2 dan seorang saje yang mahir..

            sekarang dia salahkan najib kerana najib tidak reti tutup mulut menteri dia yang kata nak sokong hudud… dia ingat org lain sejahat dan sejahil dia….

            utk mamak kutty… sama-sama lah kita mengimarahkan masjid, dengar kuliah agama dari pelbagai pihak yg amanah. Usia bonus ini hendaklah digunakan seoptimun mungkin.

            1. DAP? and DAP is championing Hudud as opposed to Tun M’s valid question that requires further clarification by Nik Aziz and PAS in general?

              What a joke….

                1. Bukan muka sahaja macam syaitan tapi mereka memang syaitan jenis manusia.

              1. Siapa yg menyalak, LOL? Mahathir yang menyalak dan kamu pula melalak macam orang gila atau si Jentayu tu yang gila. Mamak Kutty dah pencen dan semua anak anak dia kaya raya. Aku kenal sangat dengan si Mokhzani dan Mirzan dan akademik mereka pun bukannya hebat sangat dan sekejap je and dah jadi Billionaires.

                Aku setuju dengan Razko. Mamak Kutty is the most corrupted.

                1. Re. kamu pula melalak macam orang gila

                  You are one sad person. While we are focusing on the HUDUD issue you went around and defaming others by calling them names.

                  Re. Aku kenal sangat dengan si Mokhzani dan Mirzan dan akademik mereka pun bukannya hebat sangat dan sekejap je and dah jadi Billionaires

                  Because your father is not ‘Mamak Kutty’, given the same opportunity you could have done the same or even worst.

                  JEALOUSY IS ONE UGLY THING

          2. LOL. Logik apa yang kamu nak lagi? Kenapa mahathir tak laksana Hudud masa dia PM dulu. Bukankah lagi senang to implement sebab kuasa 2/3 ditangan BN? Bolih terus ubah perlembagaan to accomodate hudud dengan majority 2/3. Kamu sama bodoh dengan Jentayu!

            1. Re. Kenapa mahathir tak laksana Hudud masa dia PM dulu

              Ain’t this a reflection of a question that I posted to you above ‘kenapa tak buat bila Tun M dah bersara?’.

              Meantime, surat Tun M pada Nik azis telah menyatakan sebab-sebabnya sila baca balik.

              Why blame Tun M when he is no longer in power and take the opportunity during Tun Dol’s time to implement Hudud. Why suddenly jump to Najib’s era?

          3. Jentayu, LOL! Tak dengar berita ke? Tak baca paper or internet ke? Satu Malaysia tahu he blamed DS Najib `weaknesses` for PAS to implement hudud. Weaknesses apa yang Najib ada? Najib is a truest reformist and willing to embrace hudud. Tak tahulah kalau Melayu Islam macam kamu tak suka dengan hukum hudud ALLAH SWT.

            1. Re. Tak tahulah kalau Melayu Islam macam kamu tak suka dengan hukum hudud ALLAH SWT.

              Dan kamu tu ISLAM SANGATLAH dengan menuduh orang tanpa sebarang periksa. Please read all my comments about HUDUD before you open your mouth.

              My stand remains;

              1. Kenapa nak menyalahkah Tun M sedangkan dia tidak lagi berkuasa;

              2. Kenapa Nik Azis dan PAS tidak mengambil peluang melaksanakan hudud semasa era Tun Dol dulu;

              3. Sebagai rakyat dan bekas pemimpin Tun M berhak memberi pendapat beliau seperti kita semua;

    2. Yo Razko Chucko Wacko and kukkoo no brainer,,,

      Apasal ni bro… panas demo semalam dah parahkan lagi CPU kamu ker..

      Tuduhan keatas Tun macam tu dan tuduhan UMNO tahan hujan di Selangor hanya boleh diterima oleh zombi zombi didataran semalam tu bro…

      1. Fadzilmohdsaid, If Razko is Chuko Wacko and Kukkoo and he said that he is an UMNO member. The entire UMNO is also Chuko Wacko and Kukkoo for having member like him OR it is you who is the real Chuko Wacko and Kukko. For only a Chuko and Wacko like you can comment people like that. Are you an UMNO member? or you are a chuko wacko PKR or PAS?

    3. Bukan Anwar ke? Bapak segala pink form~ Guess Razko is too green to know all about “saya setia di belakang encik ghafar baba” and then stabbed Tun Ghaffar in the back. Now we saw the same game again via that stupid Kajang Trick. Razko, please. Dont be so low class (pinjam ayat madam speaker) & do read proper books ^^

      1. Razko is one of those stupid Melayu who attended the rally yesterday. He brought along his bongok wife who wore her mini telekung and 2 children, one in ketayap and one in mini telekung. Razko himself of course wore his ketayap. What kind of Melayu are they?

          1. Spot on Razko. A Malaysian 9.43pm must be Mahathir butt kisser. The kind of dillusioned guy who simply accused without checking. What a joke, a wife and two kids! What kind of Melayu are you Mr. A Malaysian?

            1. Ramai PATI dan towkey2 yg tak declare income tax akan terasa pahit hidup if GST is introduced.. Razko sambil2 to is helping to protect their interest la so they can live happily ever after in this land and enjoy their life here. Macam Robin Hood la..

                1. Okay.. okay.. terout of topic.. ingat pi sana pasai GST..

                  Kalau I curi sehelai kertas rahsia gomen yg mencatat ‘senarai sebut2 harga’ tender beli 100 biji Kapal perang.. I bid my specs and prices after scrutinizing all other bidders’ details and won the tender bertrillion2, kena hukum potong tangan ke?

                  Sekadar curi kertas sehelai aje nu..

                  1. PENCURI

                    Pencuri ialah mengambil harta orang lain dengan cara bersembunyi dan diambil daripada tempat pertaruhan (tempat yang layak untuk menyimpan harta itu). Mencuri itu adalah salah satu daripada dosa-dosa besar dan mewajibkan potong tangan ke atas si pencuri itu.
                    Sebagaimana dengan firman Allah yang bermaksud:

                    ”Pencuri lelaki dan pencuri perempuan hendaklah kamu potong tangannya sebagai balasan pekerjaan, dari siksaan daripada Allah, Allah maha perkasa lagi maha bijaksana”

                    (Surah Al- Maidah ayat 38)

                    Sabda Rasulullah s.a.w. yang bermaksud:

                    ”Tidak dipotong tangan seseorang pencuri itu kecuali seperempat dinar atau lebih daripada nilai wang mas”

                    (Riwayat Bukhari Muslim)

                    CIRI –CIRI PERBUATAN MENCURI

                    1. Memindahkan secara bersembunyi harta alih dari jangkaan atau milikan tuannya.
                    2. Pemindahan harta itu tanpa persetujuan tuannya.
                    3. Pemindahan harta itu dengan niat untuk menghilangkan harta tadi dari jangkaan atau milik tuannya.


                    1) Mengikut peruntukkan hukum syarak yang dikuatkuasakan dalam Qanun jenayah syar’iyyah, orang yang boleh didakwa dibawah kesalahan kes sariqah (mencuri) dan wajib dikenakan hukuman hudud ialah:-

                    i) Orang yang berakal
                    ii) Orang yang baligh
                    iii) Dengan kemahuan sendiri

                    2) Pencuri yang gila atau kanak-kanak atau orang yang kurang akalnya (tidak siuman) tidak wajib dikenakan hukuman hudud, sekalipun mereka itu mengambil harta atau barangan orang itu secara bersembunyi dengan tujuan untuk memiliki harta atau barangan itu. Sebagaiman Hadirh Rasulullah s.a.w. yang bermaksud:-

                    ”Allah tidak akan menyiksa tiga golongan manusia iaitu orang yang tidur hingga ia bangun dari tidurnya, kanak-kanak hingga ia baligh dan orang gila hingga ia berakal (siuman)”

                    (Riwayat Ahmad, Ashabi, Sunan dan Hakam)

                    3) Orang yang dipaksa mencuri dengan cara kekerasan, misalnya orang yang diancam dan diugut akan dibunuh jika tidak mahu mencuri. Sebagaimana hujjah Hadith Rasulullah s.a.w yang bermaksud:

                    ”Sesungguhnya Allah menghapuskan dosa umatku yang tersalah, terlupa dan dosa mereka yang dipaksa melakukan sesuatu kesalahan”.

                    (Riwayat Ibnu Majah dan Baihaq’i dan Lain daripada keduanya)

                    4) Orang yang terpaksa mencuri disebabkan tersangat lapar (kebuluran) atau terlalu dahaga yang boleh membawa kepada maut tidak boleh juga dikenakan hukuman hudud, kerana mereka yang dalam keadaan tersebut adalah termasuk dalam darurat yang diharuskan oleh syarak melakukan perkara yang dilarang. Kes ini adalah merujuk kepada Kaedah Fiqhiyyah yang bermaksud :

                    ” Darurat (dalam keadaan yang memaksa) diharuskan melakukan perkara yang dilarang”.

                    (Al- Ashbah dan An – Nazha’ir)

                    Dalam perkara (3) dan (4) mereka itu terlepas dari hukuman hudud, tetapi hakim boleh mengenakan hukuman takzir keatas pencuri itu mengikut kea’rifan dan kebijaksanaannya.


                    Pencuri yang tidak boleh dikenakan hukuman kesalahan sariqah ialah :-

                    1) Pencurian yang dilakukan secara khianat, iaitu orang yang mengambil harta atau barangan yang diamanahkan kepadanya. Mereka yang melakukan kesalahan tersebut tidak boleh didakwa dibawah kes sariqah (mencuri) dan tidak boleh dikenakan hukuman hudud, tetapi mereka itu hendaklah didakwa di bawah kes kesalahan pecah amanah yang wajib dikenakan hukuman takzir.

                    2) Orang yang mengambil harta atau barangan orang lain dengan cara paksaan dan kekerasan.

                    3) Orang yang menyambar barangan orang lain sambil lalu, iaitu semasa berjalan atau atas kenderaan,termasuk juga penyelok saku.

                    4) Pencurian berlaku dimedan peperangan.

                    5) Mengambil buah yang tergantung di atas dahannya kerana tersangat lapar dan dahaga.

                    SABIT KESALAHAN MENCURI

                    1. Kesalahan mencuri boleh disabitkan dengan adanya salah satu dari bukti-bukti berikut:-

                    i) Ikrar (pengakuan)
                    ii) Keterangan dua orang saksi lelaki yang adil
                    iii) Sumpah yang mardud iaitu sumpah pencuri itu dikembalikan kepada orang yang mendakwa, jika orang yang didakwa tadi tidak mengaku, dimana mengikut keterangan orang yang mendakwa bahawa orang yang didakwa itu memang sebenarnya adalah mencuri.

                    2. Pencuri yang mengaku melakukan kesalahan mencuri memadai membuat pengakuan hanya sekali pengakuan sahaja dan pengakuan itu dibuat dimajlis dalam Mahkamah dihadapan hakim.

                    3. Untuk mempastikan kebenaran keterangan saksi-saksi bagi mensabitkan kesalahan seseorang itu mencuri, hakim hendaklah menyoal siasat saksi-saksi itu mengenai harta atau barangan yang dicuri, cara kecurian, tempat kecurian, masa kecurian dan lain-lainnya.

                    4. Hakim hendaklah juga menanyakan kepada saksi-saksi itu hubungan antara orang yang kena curi dangan orang yang mencuri.


                    1) Jumlah nilai harta atau barangan yang dicuri itu kurang daripada satu perempat dinar atau tiga darham.

                    2) Untuk mensabitkan kesalahan mencuri itu tidak dapat dibuktikan mengikut yang dikehendaki.

                    3) Pencuri itu bukan orang yang mukallaf.

                    4) Tuan punya harta atau barang yang dicuri itu tidak menyimpan dan menjaga harta atau barangannya ditempat yang selamat daripada kena curi.

                    5) Pencuri itu belum lagi mendapat milik yang sepenuhnya keatas harta yang dicuri itu.

                    6) Harta atau barang yang dicuri itu bukan dari barangan yang berharga dan bernilai.

                    7) Harta atau barangan yang dicuri itu tidak memberi apa-apa faedah dan tidak bernilai mengikut hukum syarak seperti alat hiburan atau minuman yang memabukkan.

                    8) Pencurian yang dilakukan oleh orang yang memberi hutang ke atas harta atau barangan orang yang berhutang.

                    9) Pencurian yang berlaku itu dalam kedaan yang mendesak seperti didalam peperangan, dimasa sangat lapar dan dahaga.

                    10) Pencurian yang dilakukan oleh anak keatas harta atau barangan kepunyaan ibu bapanya hingga ke atas (datuk dan seterusnya).

                    11) Pencurian yang dilakukan oleh suami keatas harta atau barangan kepunyaan isterinya dan sebaliknya.

                    12) Pencuri itu mencuri harta atau barangan kepunyaan Baitul Mal.


                    Sesiapa yang melakukan kesalahan mencuri wajib dikenakan hukuman hudud sebagaimana yang dikehendaki oleh hukum syarak.

                    1) Mencuri kali pertama hendaklah dipotong tangan kanannya.
                    2) Mencuri kali yang kedua hendaklah dipotong kaki kirinya dan,
                    3) Mencuri kali ketiga dan berikutnya hendaklah dikenakan hukuman takzir dan dan dipenjarakan sehingga ia terbunuh.


      2. Adieu, A Malaysian and Rina. You all tak pergi sekolah ke? Razko was commenting about hududlah…and Mamak Kutty.

        1. Judging by the tone of lingo and popular phrase, I have a very strong inkling that some of them might be KAFIR HARBI menyamar MELAYU.

  2. We still remember Lee Kuan Yew and his songkok. We also remember the days leading up to 13 May 1969. Some of us saw with our own eyes the role played by Lim Kit Siang and Dr Chan Tee Khoon in the parades after the elections, not forgetting hearing for ourselves the speeches made during the 1969 election campaign.

    These memories still remain very fresh in our minds. Although our numbers are smaller now due to deaths and the like, I do not discount the fact that stories have been told and handed down to the younger generation.

    As for me, personally, I will not stop reminding my children and grandchildren about the interregnum after the Japanese surrender and before the arrival of the British Military Administration after World War 2.

    I have many long-time Chinese friends but since 2008 they have strangely drifted from me; now only a few remain for teh tarik and other outings and in regular contact. Even those friends from my schooldays talk a different language and discuss topics that are “Chinese’ in nature, no more all those familiar stories of old we used to enjoy.

    I have no hatred for them or for the Chinese as a whole but with the changes in attitudes and behaviour I now experience, I am more wary of them. For the above reasons alone, I have to remind the present generation of the dangers posed by a significant segment of the Chinese populace in this country.

    Our mosques are unlike the churches of the City Harvest kind but the increasing number of young people who attend prayers, especially Friday prayers and attendances during Ramadhan are telling in face of the anti-Islamic rhetorics of the Chinese politicians.

    Let’s face it: it has long been known that the Chinese have ambitions of controlling this country but their various political parties have gone about it in different ways. First it was race, now it is race and religion. When push comes to shove, the Malays will also choose race and religion to take care of themselves. That’s why I guess we Malays are not really scared of Hudud, because not all Malays are crooks and criminals. We just want to live peaceful and meaningful lives with our Chinese and Indian friends, Christian, Taoists, Confucianists, Hindus or whatever religion they profess. But please don’t take us for granted.

    1. Well said and thank you AYAH. Some of your words remind me of my late beloved father.

  3. Ms H. As I mentioned in another comment, the blasts of sound and fury by the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP serves a purpose which is to deliberately distract, lull and lead the hospitable and friendly Malays into a different direction so that the digits, cohorts, etc could quickly push through the signing ot the TPPA by our beloved Malaysia.

    As I said before, the TPPA is the elixir of life for Singapore whilst it is the poisoned chalice for Malaysia and the Malays. Why ?

    The TPPA opens up the Malaysian Mart to Singapore the sole beneficiary of the TPPA which is their creation in 2006 after being hit by the Crash and the Pax America ‘Globalization, Free Trade, Human Rights’, spiel which is actually anathema to Singapore’s traditional activities. All young and nascent Malay business to the wall. Without Malay commerce, where is Malay politics ? With the death of our beloved Malaysia, we lose the Royalty, politics, religion, history, culture etc. Without the Malays and their accoutrements, where is Malaysia ? It is living Holocaust for the Malays culminating into a Malay Diaspore from their only homeland.

    For the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, worse. They gave their all 90% of the votes to the DAP thinking that by voting Lim Kit Siang, they will get the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 failed Policies for Singapore. And the Chinese got nothing in return and now without political power are up a greasy pole of no return and antagonised the Malays WITHOUT ANY REASON BUT TO BE SERVED OUT AS THE SACRIFICIAL LAMBS OF PHANTOM HANDS ! Stupid !

  4. Dap sudah keluarkan kata2 amaran keras pada PAS supaya keluar PR jika mahu terus laksanakan hudud. Jika Dap berkuasa di Putrajaya tidak mustahil ia akan keluarkan kata2 yg sama pada yg tidak bersetuju dgn tindakan mereka nanti.

    Dulu ada pihak yg kata keluar Msia jika tak setuju dgn negara ni. Mereka terus kena sumpah seranah dgn tuduhan extremist, Taliban, racis, etc..

    sekarang bila Dap buat perkara yg sama suruh Pas keluar PR ada sapa bising tuduh mereka extremis,racis,kominis…?

    Umno pun macam bisu, tak kata apa pun.. Lembik sangat ke umno?

    1. toshiba.

      The brillaint Lee Kuan Yew 15 failed Policies for Singapore are :

      1. Money was used as an instrument of Foreign Policy which resulted in the kiling, maiming and injuring innocent Thai men, women and children since 2006. Vide. Thaksin. Shinawatra.

      2. The 2 Child Family Policy of the 1970s and the 1980s. When the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew took power in 1959, indigenous Singaporeans 100%; 2013 – 62%. 2030 – 45%. Vide Singapore Government White Paper on Population 2013.

      3. Humanity and multiculturalism never practised. Vide. Channelnewsasia 2011 Curry Smeil Tribunal. The 188 bus drivers strike, The toilet flights. etc

      4. US $108 Billions of the CPF Trust money was lost in October 2008 on Wall Street. Vide Channelnewsasia. Lee Kuan Yew November 2008. Singaporean Blogs. Financial Times London. Gillian Tett April 2010.

      5. A perfunctory Judiciary System. Vide. Dr Chee; Tan Koon Swan; the Aussie, Malaysian, German drug mules ; Dr Woffles Wu ; Shaw – if the Police stopped at 1, he would not have been in trouble. But they stopped at 51. Poor girl !

      6. 5,000 pigs imported daily. Flower nursery contracts. King of the Road. The dale of Kim Eng Securities to Maybank. etc. etc.

      7. No World class transportation established. Vide. Manubhani. Distinguished diplomat and academic.

      8. The highest paid Ministers in the World for a one-street town. Vide. Warren Buffet.

      9. A full-fledged military of 300,000 active reservists, aging Gurkhas brigades, AWACS, Apaches, F-35, rusting tanks, 9 submarines, corvettes, spies, secret caverns, drones, etc. against neighbours who had never raised a voice in anger.

      10. The founding of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP in 1966 which was only interested in being the Opposition.

      11. The Little India Riots and the Rex cinemas 100 persons sit-in

      12. The espionage on the sexual peccadilloes of the abang adeks like Malaysia’s personalities. since 1972. Vide Wikileaks.

      13. The perennial breakdowns of the MRT. Hong Kong MRT has 99% efficiency.

      14. The dysfunctional meritocaratic pyramid of yes-men with the smartest fellow on top. They were responsible for the loss of US108 Billions of CPF Trust money by being unable to say ‘NO’. The Policy discarded in 2013 after 2 Ministers announced that not only acacademic qualifications considered for promotions/appointments but also hidden talents..

      15. The brilliant Lee Kuan Yew took power in 1959. He is still there in 2014. During this period, Malaysia has had 6 democratically Prime Ministers elected.

      16. The failure of the obsession to take over and control Malaysia by the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew who is much aware of how the Imperial Japanese Army conquered British Malaya first and then moved on to control Singapore. Hence, the creation of the TPPA by Singapore in 2006 !

  5. Surely you have to realize that your poll is only reflective of the readers of your blog — who form but a sliver of the full spectrum of Malaysians. 51% of Malaysians voted Pakatan, meaning 51% of Malaysians were more than comfortable with Pakatan in Putrajaya.

    The fact that the vast majority of your blog reflects the opposite, simply points to the fact that your sample set isn’t indicative of what Malaysia thinks. Having a poll is great, but jumping to the conclusion that the poll reflects what all Malays think is stretching the truth.

    1. My poll serves its purpose.

      It reflects the demography of my blog which is Malay predominant and generally pro-establishment. I’ve also got some PAS readers.

      I do not claim that my poll reflects what Chinese and Christian oppo-leaning people think about hudud and the DAP.

      And no, not quite 51 percent of Malaysians voted Pakatan. To be precise, 51 percent of registered voters who turned up on polling day voted Pakatan.

      The Chinese turnout was stronger and more committed. Anecdotal evidence was that the Chinese turned up early at the polling centres and queued for hours in lines that snaked miles long.

      The Malay pro-establishment turnout was more lukewarm due to the lack of the “Ubah”, “Ini kali lah”, “ABU” and “Kuburkan Umno” incentives.

      Chinese electorate was also “over represented” (percentages in higher proportion) compared to Malay due to the DAP hyper voter registration drive. You can see this trend in the quantum leap in Gelang Patah electorate compared to “normal” increases in 2008 and 2004 voter numbers.

      Pakatan may boast its 51% popular vote and BN’s lagging at 47% but you must remember that the Chinese and the Christians (note the church political activism) shifted into high gear in GE13 while the Malays were caught unawares and hence Najib’s shock utterance of “Chinese tsunami” on the night the results were announced.

      However in GE14, the Malays will not be caught napping again. The sleeping giant has been awakened and stirred. Why do you think the Muslim NGOs have suddenly gained so much prominence?

      They’re ready for an anti-Malaysan Union II wave and to replicate the spirit of 1946. Do look at the archival photos. Almost 70 years ago, the Malays were already protesting in the tens of thousands against the Malayan Union.

      1. Re. My poll serves its purpose

        If you run your poll in pro UMNO, and PAS blog, you will almost definitely achieve the same result. In contrast, you may have 50-50 or even lesser chance to get the same result in pro PKR blogs.

          1. The farrangi is a TMI n Mkini totok, what do you expect his line of argument would be. Speaking of which, has anyone seen or heard of another farrangi, a Lopez?

            1. Is Eurasian considered as ‘Farang’ i.e. the Thai term for pan-Asian breed? Historically they are actually the non-Brahmin decedents who embraced Christianity during the British colonization.

              1. ‘Is Eurasian considered as ‘Farang’ i.e. the Thai term for pan-Asian breed?’

                I believe in the first place it is used to describe foreigners specifically the Portuguese in Penang.

                Batu Feringghi in Penang.

                ‘In fact Penang has a history that goes way back to the days of the Malaccan Sultanate in the 14 th century. Portuguese traders from India used Penang as their replenishment centre for water, food and traded with the villagers. The main stopover point was at Batu Feringghi or Feringghi’s Rock. The word Feringghi is an Indian term for Europeans.’


          2. I think UMNO is already aware of that, with all the 12 UMNO ADUN seats in Kelantan are voting for Hudud. If this goes through, meaning UMNO in general wouldn’t mind giving PAS the lead in all Pakatan states. Selangor is one example, where PAS has been sidelined by PKR despite its bigger number seats as compared to PKR.

            I myself will give my vote to PAS over MCA, Gerakan and MIC should they opt out from Pakatan.

          3. BTW, Perak would have been still under PAS should they follow Tan Sri Harusani’s advice to leave DAP when Pakatan took over Perak in PRU12.

            Tan Sri Harusani practically went to see Nik Azis in Kelantan to discuss the deal and the former Kelantan MB has no objection with the idea and asked Tan Sri Harussani to take the issue with Haji Hadi but the later bluntly rejected the idea and that brought Tan Sri Harussani to tears.

            What happens in Kelantan now will pave a new way for UMNO-PAS cooperation in the long term.

    2. Popular votes pi kat Pakatan cos most of them eat MOONCAKES so depa depa ni semua dapat baca le secret message yg mengatakan “Putrajaya is already in their hands dan Anwar will be their next PM”.

      1. re: “most of them eat MOONCAKES so depa depa ni semua dapat baca le secret message”


  6. Keith Rosario,

    Al Gore won the popular votes but Bush became the President. Why? Because Bush got more seats and that’s what counts! Popular votes, pordah!

      1. Thanks, LOL for the info. Yes, it was electoral votes and not seats as I had mentioned. I was too lazy to google, hehehe!

        1. Either way there’s no way you can reason with Pakatoon folks. Nobody care to ask Anwar what’s the fuss is all about now, since he had been making his wealth being appointed by the same electoral system. the good guy anak Rozario mungkin hingusan lagi kut masa tu!

    1. Ramai lelaki cross over to Thailand to get married to a second and third wife.. Pasai apa masih berlaku dan kenapa?

      Pasai, ikut syarat depa tak mampu dan tak layak kawin lagi tapi ikut nafsu nak nak nak nak. Lantak le anak bini kebuluran itu semua masalah UMNO.

      So are PAS really ready to implement Hudud laws?

      1. Masalah kahwin nak dilibatkan dengan umno kita dah di ajar agama dari kecik sampai kita mati pelbagai kita menpelajari dari agama islam so… nak kahwin 4 pun boleh tapi berkemampuan dan bukan semata nafsu… bab lelaki yg kerap dok pi thailand semua 2 atas diri

    2. “Sokong hudud dilaksanakan…”

      Hudud yang dikenakan ke atas semua (Muslim dan non-Muslim seperti negara Brunei), bukan hanya ke atas orang Islam sahaja seperti hudud PAS. Baru adil namanya.

      1. Sekarang boleh nampak cina dap ketakutan dan resah…
        Saya nak hukum hudud ini dilaksanakan juga di malaysia seperti mana negara brunei telah buat…

      2. Brunei haram 19 perkataan untuk bukan Islam

        BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN – BRUNEI. Kerajaan Brunei mengharamkan penggunaan 19 perkataan, termasuk ALLAH dan masjid, oleh orang bukan Islam di negara itu.

        Brunei Times melaporkan, pengharaman itu berkuat kuasa bulan ini di bawah Kod Penal Syariah.

        Lain-lain perkataan diharamkan adalah azan, baitullah, al-Quran, fatwa, firman ALLAH, hadis, haji, hukum syarak, Ilahi, kaabah, kalimah syahadat, kiblat, imam, mufti, mukmin, solat dan wali.

        Pegawai Undang-Undang Syariah Kanan Unit Undang-Undang Islam Hardifadhillah Mohd Salleh berkata, Kod Penal Syariah juga diguna pakai kepada bukan Islam, termasuk kesalahan berzina dengan pasangan Islam, minum arak di tempat awam dan khalwat dengan pasangan Islam.

        “Jika sabit kesalahan, hukuman adalah denda sehingga B$4,000 (RM10,400) dan/atau satu tahun penjara. Bagi pesalah zina yang dilakukan oleh seorang Muslim yang sudah berkahwin dan yang sudah berkahwin tetapi bukan Islam, kedua-dua mereka boleh dikenakan hukuman rejam sampai mati jika kesalahan itu dibuktikan oleh pengakuan atau kesaksian empat saksi,” katanya.

        Menurutnya, mana-mana pihak yang menghasut lelaki atau wanita Islam bercerai atau tidak menjalankan kewajipan terhadap pasangan masing-masing, boleh dikenakan denda sehingga B$4,000 (RM10,400) dan/atau penjara setahun.

        “Mana-mana ibu atau bapa beragama Islam yang ikhlas menyerahkan anak mereka dipelihara oleh orang bukan Islam, boleh dikenakan denda sehingga B$20,000 (RM52,000) dan atau penjara lima tahun,” katanya.

  7. Hello Helen dan Assalamualaikum kepada pembaca semua…

    Saya memilih untuk tidak mengundi kerana kedua2nya akan memberi implikasi yang besar ke atas negara kita pada masa depan…

    Bagi saya jika kita hanya mengimplikasikan hudud sepertimana yang Pas mahukan, ditakuti kesan yang buruk akan menimpa negeri Kelantan… Ini kerana hudud Pas Kelantan sendiri tidak mementingkan beberapa aspek seperti dari segi aspek taubat pesalah, penggunaan kaedah saintifik, bukan Islam tidak tertakluk kepada hudud Pas Kelantan dan juga adakah keadilan akan ditegakkan sepenuhnya seperti misi hudu itu sendiri yang mementingkan aspek keadilan…

    Mungkin saudara2 Islam saya akan mempersoalkan tujuan saya memberi komen ini tetapi saya amat berharap kepada saudara2 Islam saya semua agar cuba menerime perbezaan pendapat antara sesama Islam… Perbezaan pendapat itu sepatutnya dapat memberikan satu perbahasan dan hasil buah pandangan yang baik bukan sahaja kepada generasi kita sekarang tetapi juga untuk generasi kita yang akan datang

      1. LOL,
        Agaknya kalo forward this link kat extremist Somalia yg stoned the ‘raped’ girl to death depa faham tak?

        It was reported many tried to stop the execution but they sprayed bullets at the crowd killing one boy.

        You confident ke puak PAS can implement fairly or bila depa tak dapat kata sepakat satni depa tala mohon nasihat dari rakan2 Pakatan ketat mereka terutama dgn DAP pulak nanti?

        1. As a woman, kat Malaysia dengan sapa kami boleh dapat perlindungan kalo terpaksa berdepan dgn mereka yg berotak macam extremist Somalia tu?

          Dulu Sharizat as the reponsible Minister sibuk jaga lembu aje.. skrg siapa jaga Ministry tu, masih Dato Najib ke?

          1. Apa yang berlaku di Negara lain terutamanya negara-negara Afrika, dimana perlaksanaannya lebih menjurus kepada ‘tribal law bias’ patut menjadi sempadan kepada kita. Mengapa perlu bimbang kerana negara kita berlainan dengan negara mereka.

            Awak terlalu bias terhadap undang-undang dan perlaksanaan hudud, sedangkan selama ini undang-undang sivil juga ada cacat celanya. Saya tidak fikir kerajaan akan membiarkan kezaliman seperti itu berlaku. Telah saya katakan, sebagai seorang Muslim kita patut sama-sama menegakkan hukum Islam i.e. Hudud.

            1. Mempelajari dan Memahami apa itu Hudud;

            2. Menyokong dalam process perlaksanaan Hudud dengan memberi pendapat, mengajukan soalan, mengkritik secara aktif sebelum perlaksanaan dilakukan. Dan bukannya menyokong dengan membuta tuli.

            Jawatankuasa teknikal pusat diwujudkan bagi mengkaji pelaksanaan Hudud – Jamil Khir


            Re. Dulu Sharizat as the reponsible Minister sibuk jaga lembu aje

            Dari Abdullah : Rasulullah saw bersabda, “Mencela seorang muslim itu perbuatan fasik, dan membunuhnya adalah perbuatan kufur.” (0058) Sahih Ibnu Majah

            Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam menerangkan erti ghibah dalam sepotong hadis yang bermaksud: “Engkau menyebut tentang saudaramu apa yang tidak disukainya. Sekiranya apa yang engkau sebut itu ada padanya, maka sesungguhnya engkau benar-benar telah meghibahnya. Dan sekiranya apa yang engkau sebut itu tidak ada pada dirinya maka sesungguhnya engkau telah mereka-reka cerita tentangnya (fitnah).”


            Re. skrg siapa jaga Ministry tu, masih Dato Najib ke?

            Takkan pekara ni pun Rina nak harapkan orang lain terangkan.

            1. Bab Agama tekan butang sana sini copy and paste siapa pon bole.. Segala hukum serta syarat2 memang tersedia ade kejap dan kemas, tiada siapa mampu pertikaikan.

              Question now is, PAS is implementing Hudud Law?

              LOL…Re. skrg siapa jaga Ministry tu, masih Dato Najib ke?

              Memang tak tau, tu pasai tanya. Kalo google sure dapat image sekali, tengok nama dan gambaq saja nak buat apa?

  8. Your poll did serve another purpose though. Look at the comments above, the ones at the top. The whole enterprise turned into name calling, a tactic employed by typical opposition hacks. It touched their nerves.

  9. Helen…in your “Lookalikes” caption, it is grossly unfair of you to use Koh Tsu Koon and Hannah Yeoh’s photo side-by-side. Koh is much prettier than Yeoh.

  10. BN lost popular vote in PRU13? You must be joking… How can you compare the votes of BN, and the votes of PAS, PKR and DAP put together. Had PAS, PKR and DAP fought the election under SINGLE BANNER of Pakatan Rakyat, could you guarrantee that they would have fetched similar number of votes?

    The truth was, PAS use Islamic State and Hudud as their battle cry in Kelantan, Trengganu and Kedah. While DAP talked about abolishing Malay rights in Penang, Kuala Lumpur, and Chinese majority areas. What would be their BATTLE CRY had they fought under the same banner…

    So, the proposition that the Pakatan Rakyat won the PRU13 in term of popular vote is OUTRIGHT FALLACY.

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