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Ha Ha Ha Haris Ibrahim … “claps, claps, claps”

Haris Ibrahim, initiator of Asalkan Bukan Umno, previously blogged his ‘ABU message : Don’t fall for the MCA hudud bogeyman‘ (24 Aug 2012). Haris had then dismissed MCA’ s hudud warnings as “cheap talk that no one in their right mind is going to fall for”.

He also highlighted Upko president Bernard Dompok’s dissent against the idea of Malaysia as an Islamic state.

For everyone’s info (1), Tan Sri Dompok failed to defend his Christian-majority Penampang Parliament seat in Sabah (Penampang is also the Tan Sri’s birthplace) in the 2013 general election.

For everyone’s info (2), the fetching phrase “claps, claps, claps” in my headline is borrowed from a tweet by DAP Kulai MP Teo Nie Ching.

Only two years for Firsters to splat

Calling it the “MCA spin to get the Chinese to fear voting for Pakatan by playing up the hudud and the Islamic state issue”, Haris’ ABU came out with “a little comic as an antidote to those MCA lies”. See cartoon frame below where ABU declared that PAS, with only 23 seats in the 12th Parliament, would surely be unable to move any hudud legislation.

PAS occupies even fewer seats in the 13th Parliament (today reduced to 21 MPs) but they’ve managed to pull the rug out from under everyone’s feet, haven’t they?

Flashback to 2012: Shall we relook Haris’ mocking question (see cartoon below), “So can a PAS-BN government make Malaysia an Islamic state and make hudud law?”

Forward to 2014: Cannot meh, Haris?

ABU comic booklet on Chua Soi Lek's hudud warning
ABU comic booklet to counter Chua Soi Lek’s hudud warning

“E-v-i-l” wor

Haris derided Chua Soi Lek and the MCA for what he called “their evil design to agitate the non-Muslim community, especially the Chinese, with their alarmist message that voting Pakatan into federal power post the 13th GE will see hudud become the order of the day”.

He labelled the MCA’s alarm bells as “filthy lies”. He urged his ABU fanatics to “bury Soi Lek’s hudud spin”.

Haris was cocksure that “We, who have access to alternative news, and realise that Umno / BN are on their last leg, no better than to buy into this crap”.

Ah-huh, any argument that is not aligned to the Dapster Cloud Cuckooland delusions is waved away as “crap”.

Yeah right. BN people buy crap … unlike Jerusubangites and their diet of sparkling Holy Water.

Firster campaign to deny hudud possibility

Haris’ putdown of Dr Chua two years ago called upon “Time for a reality check, folks.”

Well folks, it is Haris and his ilk who are checkmated this time.

Do remember that the Firsters went all out trying to convince everyone old enough to vote that MCA and their hudud warnings were crap.

And it wasn’t only MCA that was the target of the Voice of Righteousness Thundering from the Mountaintop. Even Gerakan had to bear the brunt of Haris’ wrath.

“The Idiot Lawyer”

Who, eh?

“Idiot lawyer” was what Haris labelled Gerakan’s Baljit Singh who heads his party’s Penang legal and human rights bureau.

Haris called Baljit a “disgrace to the legal profession”, a “low-life Umno lackey” as well as bringing shame “to the Sikh faith”. Wooo, tohmahan bertubi-tubi ni. Kepandaian orang Pakatan sememangnya ialah memaki-hamun.

Haris asked Baljit to “shut up”.

Baljit had clarified that hudud can be legislated as a statute with a simple Parliamentary majority. According to him, hudud can be absorbed into the existing Penal Code and Criminal Procedure Code by amendments passed through this simple parliamentary majority.

He also said DAP had misled the people whereas the PAS leaders were telling the truth that “they can do it” (effect hudud).

On the other hand, the Guan Eng administration in its six-year rule did nothing to “safeguard the rights and interests of non-Muslims nor liberalise Islamic laws in Penang,” Baljit added. See ‘Simple majority enough to implement hudud’ (FMT, 29 Apr 2013)

Haris Ibrahim pictured here with Hannah Yeoh and Mariam Mokhtar
Haris pictured with his mentee Hannah Yeoh & Mariam Mokhtar

Haris gold standard guarantee: “No reason to fret about hudud”

Some public figures – Karpal, Norman Fernandez and here Baljit Singh (please note that they’re all Indians) – had given their warnings prior to the general election but they were insulted and smeared by the Pakatan “lawyers” and their Jerusubang sheeple.

The fact of the matter is that the two-thirds majority is only required to AMEND the Federal Constitution! The PAS bills are not seeking to amend the FedCon. The pro-Pakatan media and their oppo operatives are still spinning this detail.

Going by the ABU math, “as things stand, we have no reason to fret about hudud being implemented post the 13th GE”.

Haris previously preferred to attribute the old hudud issue to “Mahathir’s devillish stirring“. We don’t see Dr M tabling the hudud bill and nor did any of his Umno MPs do that in the 22 years when he was PM.

What kind of people are they in Pakatan?!

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57 thoughts on “Ha Ha Ha Haris Ibrahim … “claps, claps, claps”

    1. Didn’t Haris & Co. convince you that it ain’t possible for hudud to happen?

    1. Was about to post the same earlier but was in the rush. Here is another news:

      Kalimah Allah: Mahkamah terikat dengan keputusan Mahkamah Rayuan

      KUALA LUMPUR: Mahkamah Tinggi hari ini menolak permohonan Sidang Injil Borneo (SIB) untuk mendapatkan semakan kehakiman bagi mencabar perintah Kementerian Dalam Negeri yang melarang pengimportan buku Kristian mengandungi kalimah “Allah”.

      Hakim Datuk Zaleha memutuskan Mahkamah Tinggi terikat dengan keputusan Mahkamah Rayuan bahawa kalimah ‘Allah’ bukan sebahagian daripada aspek penting dalam kepercayaan dan amalan agama Kristian.

      Read more at:

      1. Why is a Muslim judge making assessment on the practices of another religion?

        1. Dimana Bumi dipijak disitu langit dijunjung.

          France to maintain headscarf ban in spite of legal advice

          Education minister says religious neutrality does not apply to Muslim volunteer school monitors after council of state ruling

          China denies church demolition is persecution of Christians

          Swedish court finds Malaysian couple guilty of hurting children, metes out jail sentence

          source: J-Star

          P.S they were jailed for punishing their kids for failing to perform the Solat.

          1. re: “they were jailed for punishing their kids for failing to perform the Solat”

            Dunno about the man, but the woman was jailed because she beat her kids including with coat hangers, the court was told. The beatings were for a variety of offences, including “stealing” chocolates (or rather eating what was off limits).

            1. The early report that emerged stated so i.e. wrt solat in the Malay news, tlazy to google the info. but I do believe the rest of the causes can’t be denied.

              1. Yes, the initial report did say that the kid (a specific one, the middle boy) was beaten for not praying. The other details emerged during the course of the trial.

          2. LOL,

            The judge is making a decision in his/her capacity as a judicial officer, i.e. to interpret the law of the land. The decision must be based on the legal point of view, i.e. whether the minister is empowered to make such prohibition and whether the Christians have the constitutional rights to practice their religion.

            I can’t see the correlation of using the notion of ‘Allah is not an integral part of the practice and faith of Christianity’ to legalise the minister’s power to order such prohibition or to curtail the constitutional rights of Christians.

            The issue is not whether the word ‘Allah’ forms an integral part of Christianity. The real issue is about the power of the minister and the constitutional rights of the Christians.

            1. I think you miss the point that i tried to convey via “Dimana bumi dipijak disitu langit dijunjung’ hence the given examples.

    2. “Baklava anyone?”

      Boleh join with 3 pint of beer… Root beer ok…halal..

        1. Is ginger beer halal?
          In: Halal and Haram


          No, Ginger Beer is not halal, because it contains alcohol. Even the slightest amount of alcohol consumption is forbidden in Islam.

          It says in the Qur’an, in the 5th Surah Al-Ma’idah, verses 90 and 91:

          O you who have believed, indeed, intoxicants, gambling, [sacrificing on] stone alters [to other than Allah ], and divining arrows are but defilement from the work of Satan, so avoid it that you may be successful. (90) Satan only wants to cause between you animosity and hatred through intoxicants and gambling and to avert you from the remembrance of Allah and from prayer. So will you not desist? (91)

          1. ‘The big difference between ginger beer and ginger ale is that ginger beer is brewed (fermented) but ginger ale is just carbonated water that’s been flavored with ginger’



            It is halal, here you can check it yourself, LOL


            1. If you talking about F&N Ginger Ale that has received Halal certification from JAKIM then I understand. But ginger ale as per se has been around for a along time and one of its ingredients is fresh granular baker’s yeast as fermentation agent.

          2. re: ‘No, Ginger Beer is not halal, because it contains alcohol. Even the slightest amount of alcohol consumption is forbidden in Islam.’

            Ginger beer in MY does NOT contain alcohol.

            To pander to your irrational paranoia, F&N has even renamed their ginger beer as “Ginger Ade” now.

            Bak kua, anyone?

            1. Re. F&N has even renamed their ginger beer as “Ginger Ade” now.

              Ginger Ale is not a new product, it is has been there for ages. The ingredient for ginger ale contains fresh granular baker’s yeast as fermentation agent.


              Re. To pander to your irrational paranoia

              Matlamat tidak menghalalkan cara.

            2. Re. Ginger beer in MY does NOT contain alcohol.

              How very confident of you? unless there is a Halal certification from HALAL Corp.

              Re. To pander to your irrational paranoia, F&N has even renamed their ginger beer as “Ginger Ade” now.

              One swallow doesn’t make a summer.

              The discussion to begin with start with Ginger Ale/Ginger Beer not F&N Ginger “Ade”.

                1. Yes you right on that.

                  But the fact remains that traditionally Ginger Ale contains fresh granular baker’s yeast as fermentation agent. Except for F&N Ginger Ade which has Halal certification from Halal Certification, the rest without it will fall under “Syubhah’ or “Meragukan’.

                2. I don’t drink alcohol though I used to be a club-hopper. I did realize that during those party days I had consumed some punch/soft drink lazed/spike with alcohol unknown to me.

                  I was in Manila with my ex-boss when I first learned about Ginger Ale. We were attending a get together dinner with his ex ABN AMRO Bank colleagues. My ex-box suffers from liver problem due too hard drinking during his younger years; he is a Muslim Malay btw. The pinoys are hard drinker, while everybody settled for beers my ex-boss resorted to Ginger Ale and his reasoning was less alcohol or something to the effect. The fist time I actually tasted Ginger Ale was at a party hosted by my professor and I could immediately tell that it is not a “usual” soda pop.

                    1. Tapai just like Tuak (I believe which is made from “nira kelapa”) will become sourish after certain date.

    3. First time watching her video.. my goodness! She is an Adun/MP right? What a shame, is she not aware that Sabah is part of Malaysia? Teresa and the three actors seem to find the pirate incidents amusing, wait, what? satirical video?

      I was living in Sabah during the late ’70s when pirates stormed LDU/Semporna and terrorized the coastal areas of Sabah.. these pirates were foreigners ba! So many families lost their sons, husbands, fathers, grandparents and this Cocky Cock + 3 actors find it amusing? Kurang ajar!

      Kalau kat Negara asalnya ‘bahasa ibonda’ dia dulu2 sure kena pancung wan, sekarang tukaq firing squad! Am anxiously waiting what her penalty will be?

  1. Baklava anyone?

    ‘Muslims should celebrate the High Court’s ruling against the Sidang Injil Borneo (SIB) church as a validation of “Allah’s” exclusivity to the religion, Malay groups have said.

    Earlier today, the High Court struck out Sabah SIB’s 2007 lawsuit against the Home Ministry for confiscating three boxes of Christian publications that contained the word “Allah”.’

  2. Wooden sword lah. Like kids play-acting in those old old days. They deluded themselves into thinking PAS had neither sword nor keris.

    1. I posted in one of the entries sometime last year something to the effect of “Siapa Tipu Siapa’ kind of relationship between PAS and DAP.

      DAP must be brewing now that UMNO Kelantan has given full support for HUDUD.

        1. Saudi Arabia has declared atheists to be as bad as terrorists. But does this mean those without faith cannot live happily in the Muslim world?

          Saudi Arabia recently declared atheism and Islamist terrorism equal crimes in the eyes of the law. To the Saudi government, not believing in God, and fighting in his name – although polar opposites – represent the same threat, a challenge to the religious consensus. What is it about atheism that it finds so challenging? And are different types of atheism possible in the Muslim world?

          1. Our home-grown evangelistas are kindred spirits of the Saudi mullahs.

            They – the DAP Christians – like to mengkafir others i.e. anyone who challenges the DAP hegemonic grip on 90 percent of the Chinese and the DAP’s fishing expedition for Malay-Muslim support. Same as how their party likes to demonize the MCA as “anti-Islam” and “Islamophobic” for opposing hudud.

            1. In the Name of Allah Most Compassionate and Merciful

              Those who reject Truth, among the People of the Book (ahlul kitab) and among the Polytheists (mushrikin), were not going to depart from their ways until there should come to them CLEAR EVIDENCE (bayyinah). A Messenger from Allah, rehearsing scriptures kept “pure and holy”, wherein are laws and decrees “right and straight”. Nor did the People of the Book fall into SCHISMS, until after the Clear Evidence had come to them. And they have been commanded no more than this:- To worship Allah, offering Him sincere devotion, unwavering in faith; to engage in regular prayers; and to be charitable with their wealth; and that is the Religion, Right and Straight.

              [Quran: chapter 98: Al-Bayyinah]

          2. Meantime, China is learning fast with swift action:

            China denies church demolition is persecution of Christians
            By Zoe Li, CNN
            May 2, 2014 — Updated 0401 GMT (1201 HKT)

            (CNN) — A massive church was razed to the ground this week in Wenzhou, a coastal Chinese city nicknamed the “Jerusalem of the East” for its large Christian population.

            Local officials responsible for the demolition say the church was an illegal structure that was four times the permitted structure size. But Christian groups are concerned that the demolition signals an official campaign against religious organizations.

            The Sanjiang Church took 12 years and 30 million yuan ($4.7 million) to build, reports Chinese media. Its soaring spires were a symbol of worship in a city that is fifteen percent Christian.

            The church’s demolition on Monday was preceded by a month-long standoff between supporters of the church and local authorities, with supporters occupying the church to protest its destruction.



            Take a look at the pix. They practically bulldozed and uprooted the building.

            1. The China and Singapore governments are clearly worried about the fast growing trend of evangelism.

              The Najib administration is obviously not.

              1. A bit difficult for him as for here in Malaysia it is tied to a political party, unlike Singapore and China.

                1. He should not allow MCA to weasel back into the cabinet because MCA has clearly melded with the conniving Christian political party, and the MCA’s media organ is a nest of evangelistas.

                  1. ‘He should not allow MCA to weasel back into the cabinet’

                    Absolutely. MCA tak buat kerja, tak layak join kabinet. Bertanding asyik kalah saja, lu kata lu mau meritocrasi, lu start walk the talk dulu, boleh?

                    1. “……jika MCA terus memberi tentangan kepada hudud, maka undi Melayu yang sebelum ini berpihak kepada MCA akan menyebelahi PAS…”:

                      Probably itu yang MCA nak kut?

  3. Great, now Mr Haris will get to eat crows together with the rest of Chinese electorates who voted for PAS last election. I still admire his anti-establishment bravado though.

    In the mean time, one can read or monitor the on-going situation about Brunei’s hudud implementation to get some ideas what Malaysians are about to face should this become a reality- FMT just published a Malay article about the content of hudud law in Brunei.

    1. re: “Great, now Mr Haris will get to eat crows together”

      You think the Great One will ever admit to anything, meh?

      He is evading responsibility for ABU’s prominent role in cavalierly rubbishing all of the past warnings by MCA on hudud as being mere BN “fear-mongering”.

  4. “Women-only waterfall in Kenyir lake after requests from West Asian tourists – (Bernama) – One of the many waterfalls in Tasik Kenyir, which is being promoted by Terengganu as a major tourist attraction and duty-free lake, is to be reserved for women tourists only.”

    Let us embrace the Hudud law, everyone!

    1. ‘Women-only waterfall in Kenyir lake after requests from West Asian tourists ‘

      In Batu Feringghi the peniaga Cinas, proudly displays arabic texts to lure West Asian tourists!

        1. Products and services information, namely prices.

          I thought Cina DAP would go GAGA over arabic texts ala Theresa, Sey Lei Ahh!

    2. Re. Let us embrace the Hudud law, everyone!

      I have been asking myself lately whether many of us will have the courage to confess for those ‘things’ that we have done that is punishable under HUDUD? Several PAS politicians have crossed my mind as well? Would they dare to come out in the open and confess and be stoned to death?

      Here is one story for us Muslim to ponder:

      Kisah Ma’iz bin Malik dan perempuan al-Ghamidiyyah radiallahu ‘anhuma:

      1. “If the shar’i ruler hears of offenses and they are proven by sufficient evidence, then the hadd punishments must be carried out…”

        “…But if news of that offence does not reach the ruler, then the Muslim should conceal himself with the concealment of Allaah and repent sincerely to Allaah, so that Allaah may accept his repentance.”

        1. This is understandable. The question is how many of there, who will actually shout the LOUDEST for HUDUD but at the same time being the BIGGEST HYPOCRITE of all.

  5. Ah, Harris Ibrahim, the joker who put up a YouTube video proclaiming that he’d topple the elected govt via street protests within 100 days, and also set the hysterical frenzy of dark-skinned Malaysians getting harassed for being “phantom Bangla voters” by fair-skinned, Canto-speaking voters last year.

    Harris Ibrahim = Noisy empty can.

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