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Ajaran sesat?

Di Malaysia, tarekat-tarekat yang menyimpang akan dipantau oleh pihak berkuasa agama Islam.

Namun apakah ada wujud juga sempadan yang digariskan bagi agama Kristian yang begitu pesat sekali perkembangannya di negara kita?

Hudud in Kelantan- One Christian Response - Malaysia Today 2014-05-06 00-49-30


Apa ini?

Umum tidak mengetahui bahawa evangelista amat giat di Pulau Pinang dan Kuala Lumpur. Sila rujuk persidangan-persidangan di bawah:




Sumber senarai di atas,

Baca juga, ‘Kempen politik Hannah Yeoh dibiayai orang gereja





Twitter hannahyeoh Hubby & I both preaching in 2013-01-03 18-10-28

(66 patah perkataan)




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14 thoughts on “Ajaran sesat?

  1. “Di Malaysia, tarekat-tarekat yang menyimpang akan dipantau oleh pihak berkuasa agama Islam. Namun apakah ada wujud juga sempadan yang digariskan bagi agama Kristian yang begitu pesat sekali perkembangannya di negara kita?”–judge-090820373.html

    The charges include criminal breach of trust and falsification of accounts, among others centering around the alleged misuse of some $24 million of City Harvest Church (CHC) building funds to further Kong’s wife Ho Yeow Sun’s singing career, as well as the alleged use of $26.6 million to conceal the first amount.

  2. RPK statement says alot of these christian ajaran sesats especially the one headed by HY in subang.

    1. Since the evagelista want to be so Islamic (Isya Allah, Mosque visiting, Allah4All and all the tudong wearing) then place Christians and Jews too under the bigger shariah system.

      The system is the similar. Since the Muslims MPs are obliged to support Hudud, Christians too are obliged to support God’s Law.
      Why the dichotomy? The Evangelista Chinese want to be God fearing believers but yet they want to weave their way out of God’s laws. Pay tithes with compulsion but still eat pork and object to God’s Law or use portions of the Bible to their whims.

      In fact if these Christian Chinese do not want to support a justice system based on God’s law (like what DAP is saying NOW – different message last year huh), then they should leave Christianity and join the Pagans – or unsaved as they say it.

      P/S Kak Helen. You should show some archive pictures of Chinese supporting the Green UBAH bird one year ago. Dejavu.

      If you want to say heresy, the Evagenlistas embody the word. Their credo is Read the Bible but Pastor picks which verse to follow. Shameful.

  3. Re Namun apakah ada wujud juga sempadan yang digariskan bagi agama Kristian yang begitu pesat sekali perkembangannya di negara kita?”

    The government can lend some help but I fear that if it does, it will be accused of violating the rights of religious minorities, a more sinister accusation would label the government of being extremist and religious discrimination.

    Besides, did the Chinese voice any complaints of the rampant evangelism that’s taking place within their community? The answer is NO. They even welcome it, the urban middle class Chinese in particular see this as a way to become part of the modern world. So the Chinese themselves should also shoulder some blame.

    Ajaran sesat?

    No, evangelism is not ajaran sesat. This ajaran sesat you are referring to is not evangelism. It is MLM, I m sure you know what MLM is.

    Its all about the money. It has nothing to do with religion. But of course the purveyors of this evil craft also crave something it.

    The adulation of the naive and the gullible.

    Money + adulation = Gold and glory.

    1. Sorry forget to clarify one thing. When I said rampant evangelism, I was talking about the mass deception campaign carried out by these people to hoodwink the naive and gullible into believing that by becoming a part of these so called Church groups, they have a connection with Christianity and Jesus when in fact the opposite is happening.

  4. I would say Hurray.

    Finally BN has done something that I will cheer. Weapon of Pakatan destruction. Please detonate ASAP. We are just really sick for the past 6 years for the daily bloody exploits of DAP, PAS, PKR, Bersih, Evangelista Central (Rev Politician Paul etc) and Liberalista (Marina, Karim etc).

    The country seems to have nothing to do buy pay attention to this people.

    Hudud with SYABAS Water is the right combination to set the implosion.

  5. Helen, you should read this from Zam

    From his tone, you sense he’s taunting the Chinese. I mean, come on, just read this paragraph

    “Sudah tibanya masanya untuk masyarakat Cina, akhbar-akhbar Cina, wartawan wartawan Cina, peniaga peniaga Cina, samseng samseng Cina sedar bahawa mereka semakin jauh disesatkan oleh DAP dan akan terjerat dalam suatu keadaan yang merugikan mereka sendiri.”

    You agree with him ?

  6. I was fm a Convent where our HM (Rev Mother) and all our teachers were Nuns from Europe. Perwatakan mereka compared to the Avangelists we observe today bagaikan kaca dan permata.

    Cara penampilan people like Tembam and even the Catholic Kok amat menghairankan esp if they claim they are active Church goers? Preach pulak tu! Anih dan pelik sangat owh!

    Our Rev Mother was like an Angel, fair and beautiful, soft spoken kind and loving. Like Rev Mother so were our teachers. Students respected and loved them to bits. Fond memories left by them kept us ex Convent classmates glued together right to this day – tak kira bangsa, agama – we share same aspirations and hopes for the progress of this nation. Majority kaki BN owh Surprise? Only 6 of us in this class are Malay Muslim – yg lain Ahso2 dan Aci2.

    Monthly potluck meet bergilir2 kat rumah masing2! Yg dh migrate, pi sana or depa balik sini ade aje kawan tunggu kat airport. Then special get together la to update hal ehwal masing2.

    Anyway tak hairan with all the confusion we see/hear today; ada masa google these links; ENJOY

  7. Kalau ‘ubah-ubah’ tanpa halatuju, had dan sempadan macam mana hendak dipantau?

    1. Ubah nama tuhan mereka kat Malaysia to ‘ALLAH’ (buat permohonan minta restu dari hakim2 Mahkamah Negara ini” satu hari nanti mana tau akan claim pulak dah yg tuhan mereka was born in Subang Jaya.. Malaysia.. melelong le macam ni!

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