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The real reason J-Star’s June Wong pushed upstairs

Could it be because of her paper’s 12 Oct 2013 front page?

Backed the wrong horse, eh? So now it’s payback time, huh?

Ya lor, the thing about playing with stilettos is the risk of other pointy heels (or thin daggers) stabbing back.

MCA’s dirty internal politics, sheesh. The skullduggery that goes on in that Christian nest of vipers makes Umno look like a tame flock of geese.

BELOW: Old sins cast long shadows


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Back story:

Ketua pengarang J-Star dipindah ke penthouse hari ini


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7 thoughts on “The real reason J-Star’s June Wong pushed upstairs

      1. In Malaysia, 2 months ago is considered old and partly forgotten… remember MH370?

        1. Anwar’s street demo Reformasi was in 1998 and they still keep bringing it up.

          Chua Soi Lek’s sex tape was in December 2007 and the Dapsters still won’t let go.

  1. Hence if that the reason , is more of personal rather then MCA are trying to change their long known attitude towards Barisan N ,or at least trying to build new image of predominant “gunting dalam lipatan”, that being shown all this years.

  2. It puzzles me as to why one might want to bite the hand that feeds them. Is it arrogance, or is it just plain stupidity? Or do they think the hands that feed them don’t read their poor attempts at hiding the true message within a message?

    No one is asking the journalists (and I use the term rather loosely here) to suck up to their paymasters, but surely any form of ridicule towards their benefactors should be withheld?

    Self-restraint is a practice that must be alien to some of these news journalists. I hope the purge at The Star continues. I’m pretty sure there will be openings in The Rocket, Malay Mail or Harakah.

    Gene K

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