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MAIS warns about Christianisation threat

Commenting on Teresa Kok’s most recent sedition charge, Lim Kit Siang warned that Malaysia is heading for a “dark age [of] undemocratic, repressive, unjust and draconian rule”.

Teresa Kok & her evangelista compatriot

Kit Siang confronts Isma

Continuing his theme of Malaysia’s plunge “into a new dark age”, Kit Siang slammed Isma for what he terms their “irresponsible spewing of racial and religious hatred”.

Further calling Isma “merchants of hate”, Kit Siang accused the Islamist group of perpetrating the worst lies and falsehoods “to tear the Malaysian nation asunder”.

Contending that Islamist NGOs the likes of Isma are “the Movement of Racist and Religious Extremists”, Kit Siang said it is their “racist and religious venom” that is seditious, and not Teresa’s CNY video lampooning Onederful Malaysia.

Lim Kit Siang & his protege

Isma replies Kit Siang

Isma’s Sg Petani Isma leader, Muhammad Luttfi Abdul Khalid, warned that the DAP’s “days are numbered” and that it would be Muslims themselves who debunk the fallacious myth that DAP is “very Islam-friendly”.

The only poison and venom that is threatening the Muslims and this nation, Mr Lim Kit Siang, is none other than DAP,” he said, pointing to the increasingly provocative statements coming from the anti-Malaysian“, and “extreme” DAP that have ruffled Malay-Muslim sensitivities.

Muhammad Luttfi and his Isma colleagues throughout the country have made dozens of police reports against the DAP spiritual advisor.

Dyana Sofya & Yahudi Yeoh
Dyana Sofya & her mentor

Kit Siang’s Melayu political aide

Nowadays the DAP is very free and easy in throwing accusations against their opponents whom the DAP leaders describes as “racists” as well as “merchants of hate” who spew poison and venom.

Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud, who is Kit Siang’s pol-sec, said the recent seminar held at UiTM to expose the Christianisation agenda was organized on behalf of certain parties that are “closed-minded, full of hatred and obviously very backwards”.

It’s clear who Dyana is referring to when she accuses the certain parties of being “full of hatred” even though she does not mention them by name.

BELOW: PAS’s Mujahid in Subang Jaya evangelical church with his DAP hostess

Twitter - mparitbuntar- Just made my point on the issue ... 2013-10-16 10-59-58


Isma president Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman has been subjected to dozens of police reports for the thought crime of thinking that the Chinese had bullied the Malays.

Perhaps if Abdullah Zaik had instead narrowed his “Chinese bullies” observation to specific DAP leaders – like for example, Papa Dapster Lim Guan Eng and Mama Dapster Hannah Yeoh – he would not be too far off the mark.

(Long before Abdullah Zaik came into the limelight, the Beliawanis MCA had already called Hannah Yeoh and Ong Kian Ming “DAP SuperCyber Bullies“.)

Mujahid Yusof Rawa, the great Christian defender

As to be expected, PAS’s Mujahid Yusof Rawa has stepped forward to defend the Christians. See ‘PAS MP slams UiTM event attacking Christianity‘ in MSN News (7 May 2014).

“What right did they have talking about another faith in front of people?” [Mujahid] asked, adding that similarly, he would not appreciate a person of another faith commenting on Islam, said the news report.

Mujahid disapproves the non-Christian speakers publicly dissecting Christianity in UiTM, just as he would not appreciate non-Muslims commenting on Islam either.

However Mujahid failed to say anything when his fellow Malaysian Insider columnist Khoo Ying Hooi had the temerity to declare that “Islam is not a rigid religion” (see scan above).

If Mujahid can complain about the UiTM speakers having no right to talk about Christianity since they’re not Christians, how come he does not query who is this TMI ustazah wannabe to make sweeping pronouncements about Islam?

Isma should ask Mujahid to clarify.

BELOW: Majlis Agama Islam Selangor (Mais) distributed the booklet exposing the Christian agenda during the UiTM event


Playing persecuted victim pula ni

Shedding a big drop of biawak tear, Hannah Yeoh lamented in her tweet yesterday: “Why is Christianity being treated like the no.1 threat in this country?”

The Selangor Speaker also bemoaned the fact churches are “treated like an enemy” despite their charitable work in helping drug addicts and people with HIV aside from also running food kitchens for the poor.

And then she ostentatiously declared: “Christians will not retaliate. We believe in loving even those who hate us“.

Perasaan dan mengada-ngada!

The Dapster-evangelistas are really freaking out a lot of people.

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MCA in cabinet: Would Caesar have taken back Brutus if Caesar had survived the assassination?




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56 thoughts on “MAIS warns about Christianisation threat

  1. ISMA is a group of extremist and they have sense of inferiority. They have no faith on Muslim that they think Muslim are easily converted with just few words or by using Malay language. They are a group of retard who are trying to bring down the Malay intelligence as well.

    1. loogi,

      ISMA and PERKASA and other NGO alike are born, because of continues pressure by anti Islam / Malay, extremist pressure group which are evidently pro pakatan, and much of them are pakatan member and officials.

      Only extremist can counter extremist, why blamed ISMA and Perkasa then?, both of them wont be around if anti Islam / Malay, extremist are not kicking the balls rolling.

      FYI, UMNO youth are now too gentlemen, and are too afraid to take such challenge where they used to do in the past.

      PERKASA and ISMA are born to take over their role, to give a choice, the Malay would rather retain PERKASA and ISMA, they can do without UMNO youth.

      1. “the Malay would rather retain PERKASA and ISMA, they can do without UMNO youth.”


  2. There is still no proof to this day except for hearsay. Even a great investigating reporter blogger like your goodself with ears on the ground has not come up with any substantiated facts.

    But it is a fact that Malays have no freedom of religion as there are so many state instrument, constitutional legislastion and societal pressure against that. Even Outsyed Akbar Ali says that there is no punishment for apostasy in the Quran. What say you?

    1. My frank opinion is, yes, the evangelical Christians in the Klang Valley are indeed proselytizing to vulnerable Malay individuals.

      It’s happening underground and of course the Christians are secretive.

      And I do believe that there is a larger, regional Christian agenda at play.

      I’m convinced that in the DUMC case there was enough proof but the key decision makers in Selangor opted to keep it under the lid in order to preserve peace against the backdrop of the previous spate of church arson.

      A logical explanation for the existence of closet Christians is that they will be prosecuted by the religious authorities if they so happen to be Malay.

      re: “But it is a fact that Malays have no freedom of religion”

      If the non-Malays want Bumiputera status, then they will have to be Muslim. As such, the non-Malays – just like the Malays – will not have the freedom to leave the Religion of the Federation.

      At present, the non-Malays do not have Bumiputera status but they have freedom of religion.

      1. “If the non-Malays want Bumiputera status, then they will have to be Muslim. As such, the non-Malays – just like the Malays – will not have the freedom to leave the Religion of the Federation.
        At present, the non-Malays do not have Bumiputera status but they have freedom of religion.”

        This is an error on your part.

        James Masing is a non-Malay and non-Muslim. He also has Bumiputera status.
        So does Idris Jala.
        The same with Leo Moggie.
        So do the non-Muslim Kadazan Dusuns, Ibans, Penan, and Siamese.

        1. There is no error of my part, just idiocy on yours.

          We’re talking the context of born Muslims (= Malays) who face prosecution by the religious authorities should they leave Islam and then again also within the context of current discussion, i.e. the closet Christians in the Klang Valley.

          James Masing and friends are not in this equation.

          1. Your own words:

            “If the non-Malays want Bumiputera status, then they will have to be Muslim.”

            “At present, the non-Malays do not have Bumiputera status but they have freedom of religion.”

            A non-Malay and non-Muslim can be a Bumiputera, if he belongs to one of the ethnic groups included in the Bumiputera category. This includes James Masing and the other people I listed.

            1. Yes of course Masing, Dompok, Entulu, Kurup & Co. can be Bumiputera and Christian at the same time. They are the natives of Sabah and Sarawak.

              We’re talking about the individuals hogging the news scuh as Ridhuan Tee. The Dapster hordes, as everyone know, are always questioning his race and his Bumiputera (or not) status.

      2. Proselytising is an offence under the FedCon. I have not seen any one being prosecuted or convicted under this offence. I recalled that the Mufti of Perak alleged that thousands of Muslims were converted and became murtad. Until today, no proof at all.

        We cannot allow people to make baseless allegation or ipse dixit when it comes to proselytising Muslims. If a person has proof, please report to the authorities. Have faith in our authorities and judicial system. Otherwise, it would amount to ‘baling batu sembunyi tangan’.

        1. re the DUMC case,

          “Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah bertitah, berdasarkan kepada siasatan Jais, terdapat keterangan bahawa ada cubaan untuk memesongkan kepercayaan dan akidah umat Islam tetapi bukti yang diperoleh tidak mencukupi untuk diambil tindakan undang-undang.” – mStar

          Read the wording carefully.

          I would interpret the episode as the Selangor religious authorities actually having enough evidence but choosing to refrain from prosecution for the sake of preserving peace.

          Given the current behaviour of the Christians, I don’t reckon the bertolak-ansur sentiment of 2011 (when the DUMC raid took place) – i.e. the religious authorities closing one eye – would prevail the next time they are caught in the act.

          Note that the Sultan never publicly reprimanded nor contradicted JAIS on the DUMC findings.

          1. Helen,

            Proselytising Muslims is an offence under the laws of federal and state levels. If the authority has proof, they should proceed to prosecute and let the courts to adjudicate. The court will hear the arguments of both sides and decide whether there is a case or otherwise. If your proof is strong, then there will be finding of conviction. Otherwise, your case will be thrown out. This will be fair for both JAIS and DUMC by allowing an impartial judge to hear the matter.

            The cardinal principle applies, i.e. innocent until proven guilty. DUMC is innocent until conviction. Unfair for JAIS to keep on harping on the issue but at the same time refuses to prosecute. Same case like the confiscation of al-kitab from Bible Society of Malaysia. Either JAIS returns the bible as ‘No further action’ or retain them as evidence for prosecution. How can JAIS retains the alkitab but NFA at the same time?

            1. toshiba,

              re: “If the authority has proof, they should proceed to prosecute and let the courts to adjudicate.”

              Would you like me, at your behest, to pen an open appeal to Isma to pressure Jais to reopen the DUMC case?

              In fact, we can make it a public petition and those of my blog readers (particularly the Muslims) who support the idea can all add their names to the request letter based on your demands.

              This time, we can settle the issue once and for all that if Jais has strong proof, then they should not fear not being able to obtain conviction.

              1. Helen,

                Please proceed. I would like to know what are the things the court will look at in order to determine whether an act is tantamount to proselytization.

                1. Ms Ang

                  I agree with this. If you need support for a petition to settle this issue once and for all, count me in and I will give you the numbers required. Please bear in mind Im not anti-Islam but just to quell the idiocy on this this issue that exists right now. If the learned jugdes decide then we have to abide.

    2. ‘Outsyed Akbar Ali says’

      For someone who does not favour quoted words of the Last Prophet of Islam, Pak Syed, or shall we say Mullah A. Ali must be overjoyed that his sayings get quoted by some rather extensively.

    3. Re. Even Outsyed Akbar Ali says that there is no punishment for apostasy in the Quran

      First thing first, outsyed Akbar Ali is not religious scholar, to quote him as an absolute truth is false.

      Here is an explanation about apostasy based on al-Quran and Hadith.

      Hukuman bunuh adalah hukuman bagi kesalahan murtad. Ia telah menjadi kesepakatan para ulama silam. Ia bersandarkan satu hadis Nabi s.a.w. maksudnya berbunyi : “Sesiapa yang menukar agamanya, maka bunuhlah ia”. (Riwayat Bukhari).

      Dr. Wahbah az-Zuhaili berkata : “Dan para fuqaha telah sepakat di atas kewajipan bunuh terhadap murtad…dan para ahli ilmu telah ijmak di atas kewajipan membunuh orang yang murtad”. (al-Fiqh al-Islami wa Adillatuhu, juzuk 7, halaman 5580).

      Keadilan Islam dalam hukuman murtad

      Timbul satu persoalan di benak fikiran ramai umat Islam dan golongan bukan Islam tentang agama Islam yang begitu keras menghukum orang yang murtad. Di mana kebebasan beragama yang termaktub dalam perlembagaan? Alangkah zalimnya Islam hingga sanggup menghukum bunuh orang yang murtad?

      Persoalan ini perlu dijelaskan dengan rapi dan teliti. Secara umum, Islam itu adil. Kalau tidak adil itu bukan ajaran Islam. Hukuman yang zalim sudah tentulah bukan daripada ajaran Islam. Oleh itu, bagi menilai hukuman murtad maka adalah wajar Islam yang bersumberkan Quran dan sunnah dikaji. Maka hukuman murtad juga mestilah diteliti berdasarkan Quran dan sunnah, bukannya sunnah sahaja.

      Quran memberikan kebebasan untuk manusia memilih agamanya. Sesungguhnya tiada paksaan dalam agama. Firman Allah mafhumnya :“Tidak ada paksaan dalam agama”. (Surah al-Baqarah : 256).

      Quran juga menegur sikap memaksa untuk beriman dalam firman Allah mafhumnya : “Adakah kamu (hendak) memaksa manusia hingga mereka menjadi orang yang beriman”. (Surah Yunus : 99).

      Jika diteliti dalam Quran, tidak disebut hukuman bunuh terhadap orang murtad secara langsung. Antara yang disebutkan ialah amalan kebaikan orang yang murtad tidak diterima dan dia akan dimasukkan ke dalam Neraka. Ini dirakamkan dalam Al-Quran mafhumnya :“Sesiapa yang murtad di antara kamu daripada agamanya lalu mati dalam kekufuran, maka merekalah yang sia-sia amalannya di dunia dan di akhirat. Dan merekalah ahli Neraka yang kekal di dalamnya”. (Surah al-Baqarah : 217).

      Allah juga berfirman : “Bagaimana Allah akan memberi hidayah kepada satu golongan yang kufur selepas iman mereka, serta mereka bersaksi bahawa Rasul adalah benar, dan datang akan mereka oleh keterangan. Sesungguhnya Allah tidak memberi hidayah kepada orang yang zalim”. (Surah Aali I’mran : 86).

      Kalau pengertian ayat ini difahami dengan baik, ia sebenarnya sudah menjadi hukuman yang amat berat bagi orang yang murtad.

      Bagaimana sunnah melihat kepada hukuman murtad ini?

      Kalau begitu yang tersurat dalam Quran, di manakah diambil hukuman bunuh kepada orang murtad? Sebenarnya hukuman ini diambil daripada sunnah Nabi s.a.w. yang sahih iaitu sabdanya yang bermaksud : “Sesiapa yang menukar agamanya (Islam kepada agama lain) maka bunuhlah dia”. (Riwayat Bukhari).

      Ini diperkuatkan lagi dengan hadis yang lain maksudnya berbunyi : “Tidak halal darah seorang muslim melainkan dengan salah satu daripada tiga perkara : Duda/janda yang berzina, jiwa dengan jiwa (qisos) dan orang yang meninggalkan agama serta memisahkan daripada jamaah”. (Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim).

      Begitu juga dalam athar diceritakan bahawa Muadz bin Jabal r.h. bertemu dengan Abu Musa r.h. dan didapati ada seorang lelaki yang diikat. Apabila disoal siapakah lelaki tersebut, Muadz diberitahu bahawa dia adalah seorang lelaki Yahudi yang menganut Islam namun kemudian dia keluar murtad untuk menganut semula agama Yahudi. Melihat kes tersebut. Muadz berkata bahawa beliau tidak akan duduk hinggalah lelaki Yahudi itu dibunuh kerana ia adalah hukuman daripada Nabi s.a.w. sendiri.

      Ini adalah kefahaman para sahabat. Sudah tentu Muadz bin Jabal r.h. sebagai salah seorang sahabat besar Nabi s.a.w. tidak akan berkata sesuatu melainkan ia pasti daripada Nabi s.a.w.

      Begitulah amalan para sahabat Nabi r.a. Abu Bakar as-Siddiq r.a. memerangi golongan yang enggan membayar zakat dan sebahagian sahabat r.a yang lain sebagaimana diceritakan dalam kitab-kitab hadis dan fiqh. Bahkan disebutkan bahawa hukuman bunuh terhadap jenayah murtad adalah disepakati oleh para ulama.

      Dalam suasana umat Islam hari ini, bagaimana kefahaman yang sesuai untuk kita memahami hukuman bunuh terhadap kesalahan murtad?

      Adalah menjadi dasar untuk umat Islam berpegang teguh dengan ajaran Quran dan sunnah. Namun ada masanya berlaku perubahan hukum akibat kefahaman yang berbeza terhadap nas-nas Quran dan sunnah itu sendiri.

      Bagi menghimpunkan antara Quran dan sunnah, maka murtad ada dua jenis :

      1. Murtad yang memerangi Islam
      2. Murtad yang tidak memerangi Islam

      Murtad jenis pertama ialah murtad yang berbahaya. Orang murtad ini bukan setakat keluar daripada Islam tetapi memerangi Islam. Dia mencaci dan menghina Islam. Dia menulis buku, artikel dan sebagainya bagi menggambarkan keburukan Islam. Dia mempersendakan hukum Islam. Dia juga menyeru orang lain untuk membenci Islam. Ada juga yang hanya masuk Islam bukan dengan niat yang betul tetapi sekadar mempermainkan agama sahaja. Ini memang patut dihukum bunuh kerana ia sama seperti jenayah khianat. Penganut agama lain pun akan marah jika ada orang menghina agama mereka, tuhan mereka dan ajarannya. Bayangkan jika seorang India beragama Hindu keluar daripada agama Hindu untuk memeluk Islam dengan rela. Setelah menganut agama Islam, dia meludah tuhan orang Hindu, menghina agama mereka, memperbodohkan amalan agama mereka dan memperlekehkan apa sahaja yang berkaitan dengan agama. Ketika ini, sudah pasti setiap penganut agama Hindu akan marah dan berazam untuk membunuh pengkhianat tersebut. Dalam Quran, kita dilarang untuk mencaci atau menghina mana-mana agama atau tuhan agama lain.

      Adapun murtad jenis kedua iaitu murtad ringan, Dia tidak melakukan semua itu. Dia mungkin hanya tidak berpuas hati dengan Islam akibat umat Islam yang rosak akhlak. Mungkin kerana kemunduran umat Islam. Mungkin kerana ajaran agama yang dirasakan berat hasil tafsiran golongan tertentu yang sempit dalam memahami Islam. Mungkin dia menganut Islam kerana ingin berkahwin tetapi setelah berkahwin, pasangannya mengabaikannya. Golongan seperti ini wajar diberi penerangan agar jelas dengan ajaran Islam yang sebenar. Dalam istilah fiqh disebut sebagai diminta bertaubat.

      Jika hukuman bunuh terhadap murtad berdasarkan hadis sahih, kenapa kita perlu meraguinya lagi?

      Hadis sahih hendaklah diterima dengan baik. Walau bagaimanapun, hadis sahih dalam masalah murtad masih lagi termasuk dalam hadis Aahad. Petunjuk atau dalalah bagi hadis ini masih lagi dalam daerah zonn, (sangkaan) bukannya qatie (pasti).

  3. Evangelista2 ni ada agendanya sendiri dan saya mula faham apa sebenarnya tujuan mereka melaga2kan hbgn antara kaum di negara ini…

    Mungkin akan ada yang terkejut atau tidak tapi bagi saya sebenarnya mereka bertujuan untuk merosakkan hubungan antara bukan Islam di kawasan Sabah dan Sarawak dengan orang Islam Semenanjung…

    Seperti yang kita tahu yang ramai bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak adalah beragama Kristian…

    Jadi bila mereka menimbulkan sesuatu isu berkaitan agama, maka NGO2 seperti Isma akan melenting untuk membela agama Islam dan secara tidak langsung menghina agama Kristian…

    Jadi bila perkara ini berlaku maka sebenarnya NGO2 ini sebenarnya telah masuk perangkap…

    Kemudian Bumiputera di Sabah dan Sarawak akan terasa dengan teguran Isma dan secara tidak langsung akan lebih menjauhkan diri drpd BN…

    Mungkin bagi kita yang tinggal di Semenanjung dan tiada rakan2 Sabah dan Sarawak takkan faham dengan perkara ini…

    1. re: “sebenarnya mereka bertujuan untuk merosakkan hubungan antara bukan Islam di kawasan Sabah dan Sarawak dengan orang Islam Semenanjung”

      Tepat sekali.

      re: “Kemudian Bumiputera di Sabah dan Sarawak akan terasa dengan teguran Isma dan secara tidak langsung akan lebih menjauhkan diri drpd BN”

      Dah berlaku pun.

      Apa jenis manusia / what kind of people are the DAP evangelistas?

      3G + GREEDY

      1. Samb.

        “what kind of people are the DAP evangelistas? / 3G + GREEDY”

        To preserve their power, perks and privileges, they sow hatred everywhere and are willing to set the country afire.


        1. Little has changed in 2000 years of Pauline Christianity: Whither Jesus’ teachings via the Ebionites of the First Jerusalem Church?


              1. Example of “meritocracy”.

                Prinsip dan keberlangsungan meritokrasi: Siapa cepat, dia dapat.

                Siapa bijak, dia boleh cepat kaya.

                Lebih ramai lagi orang yang taksub (bermaksud orang kurang bijak kerana mudah dicucuk hidung), maka lebih besarlah pasaran (yang sedia menyertai skim multi-level marketing-MLM). Keadaan ini adalah kerangka kejayaan. Ini meritokrasi.

                Meritokrasi akan melonjotkan orang pandai seperti pastor-pastor Gereja City Harvest ke puncak piramid.

                Sebagai contoh, gaji TS Muhyiddin sebagai TPM adalah RM18,168. Sehingga 2013, beliau sudah berkecimpung dalam politik sebanyak 35 tahun, yakni semenjak menang kerusi Parlimen Pagoh pada 1978.

                Sebagai perbandingan, gaji Hannah Yeoh sebagai Speaker adalah RM22,500. Dia berada di persada dalam politik sebanyak 5 tahun tatkala dilantik sebagai Speaker pada 2013, yakni semenjak menang kerusi DUN Subang Jaya pada 2008.

                Hannah Yeoh dalam 5 tahun berpolitik berjaya mengaut gaji RM22,500. TS Muhyiddin dalam 35 tahun berpolitik hanya bergaji RM18,168.

                Kelebihan yang dinikmati Yahudi Yeoh adalah atas dasar meritokrasi lah.

    2. Usah menyalahkan kaum lain sebab mereka juga berang dengan tindak-tanduk Perkasa dan Isma.

      Sebagai pertubuhan cauvanis kaum dan agama, sudah pasti Perkasa, Isma serta kelompok lain sehaluan akan mengeluarkan kenyataan yang akan menyinggung perasaan minoriti lain. Namun, Perkasa, Isma serta kelompok lain sehaluan terlalu angkuh untuk menyedarinya. Golongan ini tidak menyerang agama Kristian sahaja, agama dan kaum lain seperti Hindu, Buddha, India telahpun dikritik.

      Jika Barisan Nasional bijak, mereka akan menjauhkan diri daripada kumpulan sebegini.

  4. Sambungan…

    Saya mempunyai ramai kenalan rapat Bumiputera Kristian dari Sabah dan Sarawak… Apabila mereka membaca berita2 seperti ini di FB, maka mereka marah… Kadangkala saya sendiri telah memberitahu kepada mereka ini semua politik sahaja dan kebanyakan daripada mereka faham…

    Tetapi bagaimana dengan ratusan lain yang menyimpan perasaan marah terhadap Isma dan NGO Islam kesan daripada isu2 sebelum ini… Saya beritahu yang DAP berjaya dalam strategi mereka…

    Cuma bagi saya NGO Islam sepatutnya tidak perlu melayan sangat kerana ini semua hanya taktik kotor DAP sahaja… Tetapi ramai org Melayu x faham…

  5. Hi Helen, you said:

    1: The evangelical Christians in the Klang Valley are indeed proselytizing to vulnerable Malay individuals.

    2: It’s happening underground and of course the Christians are secretive.

    Is that the only proof you have?

    3: If the non-Malays want Bumiputera status, then they will have to be Muslim.

    Are you sure? Is that not insulting the non-Muslim local people in East Malaysia who are also Bumiputras?

    Nice that you are writing your thoughts through this blog, but be accurate and back up your claims with facts.

    That makes better reading!


    1. Isma will furnish the proof in due course. Sabar itu separuh daripada iman. Saya syorkan agar anda belajar bersabar sikit. It will all blow up soon enough. As it is, patience and tolerance are wearing very thin already.

      And do be careful what you wish for. If you’re adamant in demanding proof, then beware that once this proof is furnished (a repeat of DUMC episode), some segments of the troublemakers – “threats to national security” – will be sorry for uncorking the genie bottle.

      As for making for better reading, if commenters like you can raise your standards and spice your remarks with a greater dose of realism (understanding of realpolitik), it will help.

      About the Special Position (there is no mention of the word “Bumiputera” in the FedCon), Article 160 defines Malay — Muslim, speaks Malay, practices Malay culture, domicile.

      As to the non-Muslim “natives of Sabah and Sarawak” who share the Special Position, pls refer my reply to AC-DC,

      1. Helen,

        re: Isma will furnish the proof in due course. Sabar itu separuh daripada iman. Saya syorkan agar anda belajar bersabar sikit. It will all blow up soon enough. As it is, patience and tolerance are wearing very thin already.

        We shall wait and see what proof Isma will tender to support its allegation.

        What is the progress of the allegation made by Perak Mufti?

        1. Why ask me about the Perak mufti? I don’t blog about him.

          I am, however, an Isma watcher.

          1. A person with an official position as state mufti and title of Tan Sri is unable to provide proof to substantiate his allegation and sidetracked when asked to do the same.

            Wondering what type of proof an NGO like ISMA can provide?

            1. State agencies are fossilized. Terang-terang Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan difitnah oleh TMI over the purported “Karpal” RIP advisory but the council did not appear to retaliate publicly other than to issue a clarification.

              Isma on the other hand is a very well-coordinated guerrilla outfit. Their activists lodged dozens of police reports yesterday against LKS.

              Also Isma is hogging the media limelight in the way that the state enforcement is not.

              Muftis are hardly in the news. Apart from the former and current Muftis of Perlis, and the one in Selangor (b’cos it’s my state), and the controversial Harussani of course, I can’t tell you offhand what their names are.

              Looking at Isma’s hyper verve, I’m confident that they will shatter the Christian wall of secrecy which the slow-grinding state bureaucracy has not.

            2. Good point.

              I know another extremist group that likes to make a lot of police reports. It also hogged the media spotlight, and it was hyped as a so-called coordinated guerilla outfit and would shatter the so-called Christian wall of secrecy. Its called Perkasa.

              What happened? Two of their prominent leaders were soundly defeated in Malay-Muslim majority seats. Perkasa is now considered the jester of Malaysian politics.

              Isma will become the same.

  6. Pucuk dicita Ulam mendatang.

    Jika UMNO sokong Hudud, MCA akan kaji kedudukan dalam BN – Wee Ka Siong

    SHAH ALAM: Parti komponen Barisan Nasional (BN), MCA akan mengkaji kedudukan mereka dalam gabungan tersebut jika UMNO menyokong pelaksanaan hudud di Kelantan, kata Timbalan Presiden MCA, Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong.

    Read more at:


    MCA melukut ditepian gantang, masuk tak menambah keluar tak meluak.

    1. Haiya, sien oo, sat lu mau jadi menteli sat lu mau jadi pembangkang… lu ingat blapa lamai olang lu blakang ada?

      Kecik2 tak mau mampos… chap cheng langs!

      1. re: “chap cheng langs!”

        This phrase (“people of mixed parentage”) that you use might be taken by HY & Co. as a racial slur.


        1. No lah Helen, in the semangat of no any other kaum but rakyat Malaysia Firsters, I merely celebrating what HY & Co. are, of mixed parentages…

  7. Dear Aunty Helen,

    re: “What right did they have talking about another faith in front of people?” [Mujahid] asked, adding that similarly, he would not appreciate a person of another faith commenting on Islam.

    Mujahid also did not complain when Tony Pua provokes the Khutbah Jumaat and Lim Kit Siang said bad things about Al-Baqarah verse 120. He loves to be the hero for the DAPsters. I wonder what will he say about his father’s statement in 1987 as written in Kertas Putih Parlimen 1988?

    1. Subhanallah, Allah SWT nak tunjuk betapa munafiksnya mujahid ni. Apa masalahnya, selama ni pun dia cakap pasal Islam depan non muslims, dalam church lagi. Jadi bila orang cakap pasal Kristian depan non christians, kat dewan saja, apa masalah nya?

    2. Mr. Mujahid is standing in no man’s land while presuming to draw boundary lines. What are his convictions really?

  8. Lim Kit Siang of all people should comment thus on “dark periods” and undemocratic forces in the country. He systemically bans and censors those whose views in even the slightest way differs from his on his own blog.

    I used to comment on the inaccuracies and contradictions on Kit Siang’s blog. In the initial stages his “Brown Shirts” a group of regulars in that blog used to respond with invectives and name calling of the most foul sort.

    When he discovered I would ignore that and come back with more analytical material to disprove his far fetched theories of government and the BN, his nemesis, he brought the shutters down.

    Lim Kit Siang and his cohorts in the opposition are a dangerous mob for this reason. Whilst thy preach “democracy” (whatever that is from their point of view) from one side of their mouths, these opposition groups avoid democratic practices like they would the bubonic plague. They chain, they fetter they censor any argument or contrarian point of view.

    Lim Kit Siang like Lee Kuan yew and Chin Peng are all nothing more than different sides of the same coin. I would rather an inefficient and incompetent (if that’s what they are) BN government any day to a sterile oppressive Kit Siang led opposition.

    A bunch of hypocrites.

              1. In how many ways you wanna try to sneak the ba alif ba ya word through, eh?

                1. Hahaha…k, i try other perumpamaan lain plak, ek?

                  Anyway the court had decides babi dish such as bakuteh is not seditious maa…

  9. It is sad that the evangelistic church in Malaysia – despite Jesus’s clear command to keep politics out to preserve the sanctity and holiness of the church – has decided to go otherwise.

    Do we want deviant City Harvest dramas enacted thsi side of the causeway? Why did the church still support HY despite her record and behaviour? How can she and others go to church every Sunday and profess to love God and his people while supporting Pas’ principles and City Harvest?

    It is terrible that the church is now hijacked by the likes of HY, Ngeh and Ngah, et al.

    HY et al have morphed into Orwellian monsters. They are no different – even more sinister – from those they criticise. What happened in Taman Kaya will be replicated all over M’sia should HJ et al come into power.

    Keep up the good work, Helen!

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