Isma dan para ulama syorkan hudud untuk semua

Islam is not a rigid religion“, kata Khoo Ying Hooi yang menulis kolum mingguan di portal The Malaysian Insider.

Islam ditafsirkan oleh orang Cina Malaysia sebagai sebuah agama yang tidak kaku seraya boleh dibulatkan untuk merangkumi kehendak dan keperluan orang bukan Islam.


Dengan itu, cadangan Isma supaya hudud sekaligus melibatkan penganut-penganut agama lain adalah bertepatan dengan citarasa kaum Cina itu sendiri.

Isma cadang hudud ke atas bukan Muslim — laporan Malaysiakini hari ini.

Malaysiakini Isma hudud

Sarjana-sarjana Islam pun bersependapat juga.

Sebenarnya tiada alasan kukuh kenapa orang bukan Islam dikecualikan daripada tertakluk kepada sebuah undang-undang yang adil, saksama serta membina sahsiah — ini DAP yang kata sewaktu parti itu kuat membela agama Islama tidak berapa lama dahulu.



Sama rata, sama rasa

Negara jiran kita yang melaksanakan hukum jenayah Islam mengenakannya ke atas semua pendudud — ‘Hudud liputi semua rakyat Brunei termasuk bukan Islam‘ (Agenda Daily, 3 April 2014)

Selain Brunei, di Aceh juga. Lihat ‘Aceh fully enforces sharia‘ (Jakarta Post, 11 Feb 2014)


Sekitar 90 peratus pengundi Cina menyokong Pakatan dalam PRU13.

Masyarakat Cina nyata menolak “parti Cina cauvinis, rasis” MCA (ungkapan ini berupa tohmahan oleh pemimpin dan para pengikut DAP).

Pemilih Cina pro-pembangkang meletakkan kepercayaan penuh mereka terhadap  calon-calon PAS.

‘Chinese Catholic woman vows to vote PAS (22 Okt 2012)


Golongan Cina dewasa ini sememangnya sudah berjaya ditarbiyah DAP untuk menerima landasan-landasan Islam dengan hati yang terbuka.

Maka sahutan Isma supaya hudud dikongsi semua kaum pasti disambut mesra oleh Cina-Cina penyokong DAP yang sayangkan PAS.

Anda boleh membaca komen mereka @

Tiada wujud apa-apa sebab Dapster-evangelista harus mengkritik dan mengecam hudud.


Madam Speaker of Selangor
Puan Speaker Selangor Hannah Yeoh

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55 thoughts on “Isma dan para ulama syorkan hudud untuk semua

  1. I knew this will come sooner or later.

    Helen. As a non-Muslim don’t you feel threaten or frighten by this Isma?

    1. I don’t think it is only me as a non-Muslim who should be frightened of Isma.

      In fact, it is Umno that should feel most threatened because Isma is more intelligent than Umno, more articulate, more efficient and more effective.

      Isma has the public narrative gripped in its hands whereas the caca marba Umno is all butterfingers.

      Isma has got the moral high ground among not only the Muslims but the Malays as well.

      Furthermore Isma succeeds in its moral persuasion where Umno is sorely lacking. Isma is forceful as well as purposeful where Umno is lembik and directionless.

      And the clincher is this: Isma’s appeal is to (what used to be) the Umno demography. If Umno does not buck up, and buck up fast, it will be surplanted by Isma.

      1. Then Isma should contest in the upcoming by-election or general election to prove its worth. Hopefully, they will not end up like Perkasa Ibrahim Ali in Pasir Mas and Zul Nordin in Shah Alam. Rejected by voters in Malay majority areas. Now Perkasa seems to have taken a backseat and Isma took over. Will they have the guts to do so?

        1. Isma did put up their ustaz’s to run on the Berjasa ticket in GE13. They stood in constituencies that were Malay-majority but where the BN had fielded MCA, Gerakan and MIC people.

          In Seremban, the Isma candidate collected 20 percent the amount of the votes that the MCA candidate obtained. That’s an impressive showing for a third party.

          If Isma can manage to register itself as a political party and use their own logo as election symbol, Isma would surely do even better.

          1. Thanks for the info. In an election, lose by one vote is still a loss. Give them another chance. Wait for the coming election and see their performance. Ukur baju di badan sendiri.

            Problem is I see Perkasa and Isma trying to speak and dictate terms acting as if they have representative mandate. Just wait and see what is the voters’ acceptance. Perkasa has failed. I think Isma will follow the same path.

            1. ‘In an election, lose by one vote is still a loss.’

              Oh really? Now go and tell this to Anwar and his lembus!

              ‘Problem is I see Perkasa and Isma trying to speak and dictate terms acting as if they have representative mandate.’

              Only in Malaysia. PR did that too. MCA obviously did it. Gerakan, especially the muka tak malu Gerakan, did it too. So what’s new? You and me talk, and talk and talk, do we have any mandate to begin with, Toshiba?

              ‘Perkasa has failed. I think Isma will follow the same path.’

              Perkasa had 350K members to date and counting. ISMA is engaging more and more professionals into their movement and gaining traction.

              Who are you kidding?

              1. And despite that, their Grand Leader still lost in a Malay-majority eastern state. Zulkifli Noordin lost in Shah Alam, with his opponent Khalid Samad scoring a bigger victory.

                Isma will just grab a smaller piece from BN’s shrinking pie.

              2. islam1st,

                Just mark my word. Let us wait for the upcoming by-election and general election. Let us see if Isma dare to contest and whether they can win any seat.

                As for MCA and Gerakan, they did win some seats and they have representatives in all levels of government, i.e. federal, state, local, statutory bodies etc (MCA soon joining the cabinet).

                As for PR, they are holding power in state governments. Isn’t this a mandate? As for our conversation, obviously we are talking based on our personal capacity. Nothing more. Do you represent anyone else in this blog?

                Mark my word. Isma will follow the footsteps of Perkasa, i.e. rejected by voters including in Malay majority areas.

                  1. Unable to win any seats in the event of contest. Even if BN endorses Isma candidates, i.e. BN does not put their candidate and allow Isma to contest as BN-friendly candidate, Isma will still lose just like Zul Nordin and Ibrahim Ali.

                    1. If they’re 3rd party candidates, then no chance of winning due to the ABU mindset and “two party” set-up.

                      Arutchelvam and Saras of PSM failed in Semenyih and Jelapang respectively even though they’re both good candidates from a good albeit mosquito party.

                      If say Abdullah Zaik gets a Zul Noordin-type of deal, I believe he can win depending on the seat.

                      Zul suffered a few setbacks/shortcomings:

                      (1) He was a last minute and parachute candidate. He’s a Perakian. And the local Umno warlord couldn’t have been happy. The BN machinery did not go top gear and full swing for him.

                      (2) Some old footage of him dissing some Hindu festival (was it Thaipusam) damaged his standing among the Indian voters in Shah Alam who were 14%. That’s double the size of the national Indian population (7%).

                      (3) The high Chinese turnout (15% of the Shah Alam electorate). In 2004, the voter turnout in Shah Alam was 75%, in 2008 (77%) and in 2013, a whopping 88%.

                      (4) Aziz Shamsuddin, Umno’s guy in 2008 got 24,042 votes. Zul got 38,070.

                      Zul obtained 14,028 votes more than Umno’s GE12 candidate.

                      Khalid Samad’s votes in 2008 were 33,356, and in 2013 (49,009). His increase in the number of votes is 15,653.

                      *** *** ***

                      Compare. In his own constituency where he is incumbent, KS got an increase of 15.7k.

                      ZN was announced as a candidate on Apr 16. Election was May 5. His candidacy was made known only 19 days before polling.

                      So for Zul to get an increase of 14k votes over his Umno predecessor and mind you, Zul was not even an Umno member having been PAS and PKR, with less than 3 weeks of campaigning and zero familiarity with the election infrastructure, I’d say that he did remarkably well in a seat with 31 percent non-Malay voters.

                      I’m willing to bet my money that Isma can stand a fair and equal chance of winning Shah Alam with better/earlier planning if they’re given the opportunity of a BN ticket.

                    2. Helen, ISMA just like Perkasa is a pressure group. They are not political parties to begin with. But I was made understood by some conversations I have had with both, that ISMA is going to field a candidate in a Malay or Muslims majority area should no other Malay or Muslim candidate being field by either UMNO, PKR or PAS.

                      They may be stopped, be asked to stop, be boycotted even, but that is their perjuangan and they won’t budge.

                      The problem with Perkasa is that too many of UMNO members are in Perkasa, it is both a disadvantage and an advantage, depending on issues. If it is biting the hand that feeds them than it is a dis. A more independent and bold Perkasa needed for it to be effective. But liking them a political party, ought to fail is simply wrong, because they are not. Not yet at least. But who knows what the future holds for us!

                    3. Helen,

                      Thanks for the analysis.

                      Re: I’m willing to bet my money that Isma……………

                      Alright. Let us bet. No need to place money. Just based on our understanding. I bet that should Isma contests in the upcoming election whether on BN ticket or BN friendly ticket against PR, Isma will not win a single seat.

      2. The ideology of Isma and its comments against the Chinese, Hindus, non-Muslims, and even other Muslims, prove it is anything but intelligent, articulate, and effective.

        “Isma has got the moral high ground among not only the Muslims but the Malays as well.”

        There are many Malays who are uncomfortable with these firebrands, and they are not only the liberal ones. Isma’s support will be limited to the ultra-conservative and ultra-racist demographic within the Muslim community.

        “If Umno does not buck up, and buck up fast, it will be surplanted by Isma.”

        Isma is supplanting Perkasa for the role of National Empty Vessel.

        1. The thrust of Isma’s activism may not be to our (non-Malay, non-Muslim) liking but just because their objectives are not aligned with non-Malay, non-Muslim interests does and should not take credit away from their ability to articulate and act with efficiency and effectiveness.

          If Isma was a Christian NGO, I’m sure you would willingly concede their efficacy. Your type of response (putting down those who are not on the side of your cause/crusade) is typical of the oppo supporters.

  2. Why target hudud? Our Common Law system too has its roots with religious law i.e. Christian Law. Christian law and Hudud come from Abrahamic roots.

    “In the late 800s, Alfred the Great assembled the Doom book (not to be confused with the more-famous Domesday Book from 200 years later), which collected the existing laws of Kent, Wessex, and Mercia, and attempted to blend in the Mosaic code, Christian principles, and Germanic customs dating as far as the fifth century.[46]”

    The only difference with religious law is that common law has also taken into account changes of the day especially court decisions. Syariah law with the decisions from the syariah courts will come to with the Syariah Common Law.

    It is not Syariah which is the contentious issue. It is the politicians that misuse Syariah and Christianity so that can UBAH and rule. I asked yesterday are the governments in Penang, Selangor and Kelantan Pakatan governments or is it DAPled, PKRled or PASled?

    Remember last year. When DAP lost their rights to contest using their logo, are we to believe voting the Moon logo means not voting for PAS and all that they stand for? Is the Moon logo just a meaningless logo so voters can vote for fun.

    The fun has now grown teeth. Kuds UBAH kids!

    1. Thanks for the reminder that DAP was contemplating using the PAS moon symbol. You must remind me to highlight this in my next posting ,)

      1. You would also notice that DAP wanted to use the PKR logo in East Malaysia.

        Perhaps the Peninsular Malaysians (esp the Chinese) are not dead scared of the Moon logo. The East Malaysian are not confortable with the Moon logo (as Sarawak is predominantly Christian Bumiputera) so the Blue BlackEye logo is used instead.

        1. re: “DAP wanted to use the PKR logo in East Malaysia”

          The chameleon party. Semua pun boleh ‘UBAH’.

    1. re: “Apa lagi Melayu mahu?”

      Melayu mahu berkongsi hudud dengan Cina supaya Cina akan boleh berhenti daripada selalu merengek-rengek bahawa kaum Melayu menikmati hak-hak istimewa yang tidak dihulurkan kepada kaum-kaum lain.

      Sekarang kita mengorak langkah ke zaman baru Sama Rasa.

        1. Kalau hudud digunapakai ke atas orang bukan Islam maka Cina-Cina pun akan tertakluk kepada hukuman yang sama. Baru adil itu.

          1. Bukan saja Cina-Cina, orang India pun dapat sama rasa. Menurut statistik PDRM 75% gangster adalah dari kaum India.

          2. Macam mana hudud sebagai undang-undang Islam boleh dipakai ke atas orang bukan Islam? Dalam 7 jenayah hudud, 4 daripadanya adalah bukan jenayah untuk orang bukan Islam iaitu zina, tuduhan zina tanpa bukti, murtad dan minum arak. Kalau nak laksanakan hudud kepada semua rakyat, orang Islam akan dihukum untuk semua 7 jenayah manakala orang bukan Islam hanya 3 jenayah. Selebihnya, juga bukan kesalahan dalam undang-undang sivil. Di manakah keadilan?

            1. Saya kira penyokong-penyokong DAP menerima pakai zina sebagai sesuatu wajar dikenakan hukuman.

              Contohnya mereka selalu menuntut supaya Dr Chua Soi Lek dihukum menerusi kaedah-kaedah yang khususnya mencacatkan seorang lelaki (saya rasa tak payah saya perincikan apa yang dikehendaki oleh si Dapster untuk dikenakan ke atas CSL).

              Memandang anggaran hampir 90 peratus kaum Cina adalah penyokong pembangkang, saya rasa mereka akan sealiran dengan keputusan DAP untuk tidak membantah tindakan PAS mahu melaksanakan hudud mahupun ke atas orang bukan-Islam bagi kesalahan zina.

              Pada suatu ketika dulu, pencacai-pencacai DAP-Jerusubang pun amat ghairah mengkafirkan saya (mirip PAS suka mengkafir orang Umno). Nampaknya bagi pengikut DAP, murtad atau riddah atau kafir pun berupa kesalahan di kaca mata mereka.

              Orang Kristian pun ada kanun hukuman hudud dalam kitab mereka. Jadi tidak hairanlah Dapster-evangelista tidak membantah hudud, bukan macam orang MCA dan Gerakan yang begitu fobia dan anti.

      1. Bagus hududkan semua. Moga tiada ladi kes2 peniaga curi air SYABAS dan elektrik TNB

  3. Islam dah tiada beza dgn komunis paksa org lain ikut kepercayaan mereka.

    1. Hudud ini bukan dipaksa PAS ke atas orang bukan Islam di Malaysia.

      Sebaliknya ia orang Cina sendiri (baca: Cina DAP, 90 peratus) yang beriya-iya mahu memberi restu mereka bagi pembentukan negara Islam-PAS-Pakatan. Asal Umno berjaya ditendang kelaur daripada singgahsana Putrajaya.

      Intipatinya, DAP lah yang merelakan hudud.

      Maka pada saat ini, tidak masuk akal untuk orang Cina membantah sesuatu yang tidak berapa lama dahulu telah mereka menyambut dengan tangan terbuka. Sila lihat pada kompilasi gambar-gambar di atas.

      1. Macam mana kamu dapat kesimpulan bahawa pengundi Cina menolak BN adalah bersamaan dengan menerima hudud PAS?

        1. Mereka sedia memangkah bulan. Penyataan sokongan tersebut timbul ketika ia dikhuatiri umum bahawa DAP mungkin diharamkan ekoran pemilihan CECnya yang tidak telus – Zairilgate – dan PAS tampil ke depan dengan tawaran untuk meminjamkan logo mereka.

          Platform PAS tidak pernah menyimpang daripada hudud. Jika pengundi Cina rela sokong PAS (dan memang sokongan Cina terhadap PAS mantap contohnya di Temerloh, Kota Raja, Sepang, dsb), bermaksud undi Cina mendokong matlamat-matlamat parti PAS.

          1. hudud tidak termasuk dlm syarat akad nikah pakatan. dap suruh pas simpan dlm lachi dulu. jadi, negara islam ditukar ke negara kebajikan. yang depa setuju hanyalah ke puterajaya, lain2 belakang kira.

            1. Entah.

              Teng Chang Yeow, pengerusi BN Pulau Pinang, menunjukkan kepada para wartawan di sidang akhbar hari ini surat perjanjian yang ditandatangani sebelum PRU13, di mana DAP mempersetujui hak PAS untuk memenuhi agenda Islamiknya.

     Gerakan’s Teng slams DAP for ‘three bluffs’ on hudud

              1. So Melayu kena tipu lagi. Sekejap kata boleh, bila dah menang jadi emperor, sudah mungkir janji.

                Khalifah apa ni bang Mat (Sabu)?

  4. So Dr M has made a direct comment against ISMA today for their anti-Chinese remarks.

    I feel with that signal from old Dr M, PM Najib’s government will crackdown on ISMA soon. It will be interesting to see how this new developments unfold.

    Will the withdrawal of government facilities & resources for ISMA to organize their activities plus police crackdown be the end of them?

    Just like the Egyptian military As-Sisi’s swift and brutal repression of Ikhwanul Muslimin in just a short span of time has destroyed them in Egypt nowadays…

    ~ Anak Pasir Gudang

    1. re: “government facilities & resources for Isma”

      Got meh? What support has the govt given Isma?

      re: “the Egyptian military As-Sisi’s swift and brutal repression of Ikhwanul Muslimin”

      Isma – not PAS, not DAP – is the biggest threat to Umno.

  5. Menanti hari nya moga aku dapat berjasa kepada Islam & Melayu, macam diminta minta syabas Cina.

  6. ‘Isma dan para ulama syorkan hudud untuk semua’

    hadeeth and sunnah have been understood to be the sayings and deeds of the prophet. undang2 syariah digubal berdasarkan dari dua sumber ini selain quran. my question – have they (isma & ulamak) entirely forgotten about the medina charter which among others stipulated the rights of non-muslim to freedom of religion and autonomy? isn’t it their action or intention (wishful thinking?) tantamount to melanggar sunnah?

    Al-Ghazzali (1058-1111) said, “Doubt is to find truth. Those who do not have doubt cannot think. Those who cannot think, cannot find truth.”

    1. “Al-Ghazali, the Alchemist of Happiness”


      Some of his reflections:

      *** The corruption of the ordinary people is due to the corruption of the rulers, and the corruption of the rulers is due to the corruption of the scholars (or intelligentsia), and the corruption of the scholars is due to the fact that the love of money and status has taken over their hearts. Whenever the love of the world takes over a person, he will not be able to stand upright even to petty criminals, so how could he face up to kings and rulers?

      *** Never have I dealt with anything more difficult than my own soul which sometimes helps me and sometimes opposes me.

      *** Renewing Islam is not by changing the religion until it fits people’s desires, rather, it is by moving people away from their desires to a place that gains God’s approval.

      *** If you see an unbeliever, say, “I don’t know, maybe he will become a Muslim, and his life will be sealed with the best of deeds, and for his Islam he will emerge free of sin, as a strand of hair is gently removed from flour. As for me, Allâh could cause me to go astray, so that I become one of the unbelievers, and my life could be sealed with the worst of deeds. So tomorrow this person might be among the Ones drawn Nigh [to Allâh], and I of the distant ones!”

      *** The corruption of religions comes from turning them to mere words and appearances.

      *** Love for God will envelop the heart; it rules the heart and it emanates over everything.

  7. It is a good idea to have a common law that is applicable to ALL. However a thorough study has to be done so that the law is effective and very fair than the existing one which is a medieval Christian law (please refer to RPK’s blog).

    Though I would like the Islamic law to be implemented, PAS has failed to educate us on the law as we are in the dark on the law itself and how it can be implemented even though they are in state government for many decades.

    With regard to Tun M comments on ISMA, Malaysia is now more or less I can say practised freedom of speech, both have the right to put forward a proposal and to comment. In my opinion, it is nothing wrong to remind the non-Bumi, their history of why they were in Tanah Melayu and not in Tanah Malaysia.

    If we know the history and the position that a race has to occupy in the society and the rights of the Bumi, we should be able to live harmoniously. But one of the issues that we are facing is the lack of respect on the rights of the Bumi as enshrined in the constitution either Islam as a religion and their economic rights.

    I have been educated in UK and read widely, the westerners including the Americans (USA) are hippocrites of a highest quality. They do not practice what they preach. How many Chinese in those countries have become law makers or risen to the ministerial posts? None or almost none.

    In my personal opinion non-Bumi Malaysians are fortunate that they can become ministers and law makers and gain economically. In Malaysia, in theory we discriminate but not in practice. We are not hippocrites as the westerners.

    1. “I have been educated in UK and read widely, the westerners including the Americans (USA) are hippocrites of a highest quality. They do not practice what they preach. How many Chinese in those countries have become law makers or risen to the ministerial posts? None or almost none.”

      Perhaps you should have read more. Do not let your foreign education go to waste.

      It is nothing wrong to remind other races of their origins, but it is hypocritical to do so while forgetting one’s own origins from another region. Only a person who is an Orang Asli or one of the native tribes of East Malaysia has the right of doing so without sounding hypocritical.

      1. What I meant was how many chinese in the current uk government, obama government and the french goverment. I am not talking low level politicians that outsiders like us in malaysia care less.

        We must remind them so that we know our position in the society. We do not call TANAH MELAYU as TANAH ORANG ASLI. As they know their history they will respect other people as not be arrogant. Refer to Tun Abdul Hamid blog for discussion on this.

      2. ACDC for the last time, the Malays came from the Orang Asli la. We had Semang bloods, among others, running in all of us. Where do you think we are from, Indonesia?

  8. You would be surprised to acknowledge that these dapsters have brainwashed the chinese saying we malays are also pendatang from Indonesia and that orang asli are the real natives here in Malaysia.. haish… really escape me how their tiny brain works.. must we educate them again and again that malays have been here for thousands of years before?

    Remember the Perak Man? It was estimated that the discovery of the Perak Man was around 10,000 or 11,000 years old. How about the Batu Bersurat Terengganu? 700 years old.. need I say more?

    1. re: “how their tiny brain works..”

      There is a lot of holy water sloshing around in the cranium.

  9. Dear AC DC, this

    Keadaan ini mula berubah apabila Human Genome Organization (HUGO) di New York yang mengumumkan hasil kajian selama 15 tahun ke atas mitochondria DNA.Kajian HUGO membuktikan bangsa Melayu adalah ras yang kedua tertua di dunia selepas bangsa Arya.

    Dipendekkan jalan cerita, setelah Semenanjung Arab tidak lagi sesuai didiami manusia disebabkan perubahan cuaca di zaman air, leluhur manusia ini berhijrah melalui pesisiran pantai hinggalah sampai ke pentas atau benua Sunda kira-kira 65,000 tahun lalu.

    Di benua Sunda, inilah lelulur bangsa Melayu dari juraian Senoi dan Semang yang berasal dari pentas pertama bersemenda lebih kurang 25,000 tahun sebelum berhijrah China melahirkan bangsa Cina dan merepopulasi benua India lantas melahirkan bangsa India hari ini.

    Hikayat Melayu ini baru dikesan sampai setakat 65,000 tahun sahaja dan Melayu bertamaddun lebih lama daripada itu.

    Cukuplah untuk pengetahuan kaum pendatang di Malaysia yang kini beriya-iy mahu menggulingkan kerajaan dan mengambil alih negara ini bahawa mereka lahir dari sulbi leluhur Melayu.

    Dipetik daripada (

    #to make things short.. chinese and indians are also descendents of the senoi and semang.. ie malay are your forefathers… hehe

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