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Isma disamakan dengan Boko Haram oleh KJ

“Their methods may differ but Boko Haram and Isma occupy the same ideological spectrum,” kata tweet Khairy Jamaluddin, Menteri Belia dan Sukan kelmarin.

Khairy juga berkata “[It’s] about time” presiden Isma disiasat di bawah Akta Hasutan.

Regina Lee (reginalah) Boko Haram Isma

Regina Lee
Regina Lee, setiausaha Dapster Khairy
Encik Regina Lee

Tentang Cina-Cina evangelista bertudung dan bersongkok yang sayangkan Melayu dan cintakan Islam, baca selanjutnya SINI.

Regina Lee ialah bekas wartawan The Star.

BAWAH: Regina Lee ialah setiausaha KJ, juga kawan akrab Hannah Yeoh

.Twitter - Khairykj- About time. “@501Awani- ... 2014-05-10

Bukan benci tapi >>cayang<< Isma sebenarnya

Puan Speaker Hannah Yeoh seorang Kristian yang menyayangi musuhnya, konon.

“We [Christians] believe in loving even those who hate us,” ujar Hannah.

Namun dia menganggap Isma sebagai penjana “SAMPAH” (lihat retweetnya di bawah)

Isma hannahyeoh

Mahu mansuhkan “bangsa”

Twitter - hannahyeoh- the more important birthcert

ATAS: Hannah Yeoh mahu butiran ‘Bangsa’ dikeluarkan daripada borang sijil lahir dan kad pengenalan

“Bangsa = rasis!”

Hannah Yeoh tudung home

ATAS: Dalam rumah pun Hannah Yeoh tetap pakai tudung … tengoklah betapa hormatnya Puan Speaker pada tradisi dan amalan orang Islam

(168 patah perkataan)


Isma dan para ulama syorkan hudud untuk semua

MAIS warns about Christianisation threat



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35 thoughts on “Isma disamakan dengan Boko Haram oleh KJ

  1. Those who follow Astro Awani news in facebook will notice that almost 100% Malays are rooting for ISMA in both English and Malay version. The normal trend is that pro-opposition will comment more in the English version while the pro-establishment comment more in the Malay version. And they are not afraid of voicing their view in no hold bar kind of tone.

    1. The pro opposition Chinese are not into Astro Awani. They are into Holy Water Channel.

      These people are seriously terpinggir yet they still think they are the mainstream. Just read their comments. Too much holy water. While consumers are busy demanding for Luas and the Selangor state government to do more checks on the contents of the water being pumped from mining pools, the consumers of holy water are silent as to the need to check the content of holy water.

      Sigh !

  2. He will say stuff like this when there’s no election to worry about. Come election time, he will sing another tune. The man is also a biawak. Only his skin color is different from those of the Iguana party.

    If the Chinese are not afraid of Hudud, if they want Hudud implemented, vote for the opposition candidates in the 2 coming by elections.

    Someone from the BN should just put up banners “Vote Pakatan if you want Hudud” in Bukit Gelugor and Teluk Intan.

    The Pakatan candidates for Bukit Gelugor and Teluk Intan will win by a comfortable majority. The Chinese are not afraid of Hudud. In fact, they readily embrace Hudud. After all, Hudud is for Umno right ?

    When Pas is ready to table the 2 Private Member’s Bills in Parliament, the Chinese cannot say they are against Hudud. If they are against Hudud, they should have rejected Pakatan in the Bukit Gelugor and Teluk Intan by elections.

    My advice to BN election workers. Go to Bukit Gelugor and Teluk Intan. Put up banners that read “Vote Pakatan If You Want Hudud”.

  3. Ramai mana anak dara/amoi DAP yang Isma telah culik? Ke dia nak sebut pasal tembakau haram Regina Lee.

  4. They outght to reintroduce the ISA so that political scum like Helen does not go inciting and bitching daily. Truely cringeworthy how you go on And on daily with your spinning.

    1. New name again ?

      I too believe we need the ISA to counter the threats posed by people like you.

      Who’s the scum here ?

      How much are you being paid to troll here 24/7 ?

      50 sen per comment ?

      1. See. I call Helen for what she is. Total and utter scum and immediately her minions leap to her defence. Who has been going on and on every Fucking day banging on about how we should hate each other?.who spins endlessly about race and religion? Rest assured though that if there is any violence on account of race and religion…every thing this Bitch has been doing will come out in the court of public opinion. Let the majority decide what she really is.

        1. Had to resort to name calling in your argument… really no class lah you f… suggest you go f… yourself

    2. Mr or miss f, you are either deaf, dumb or blind. I have nothing against the chinese except the dapster kind.

      If any one is inciting or bitching it is the likes of the daps including lks, lge, tk, hy, tp, and i forgot f.

  5. Jika Umno dan Pas mampu kawal keceluparan rakan2 politik mereka, tidak ada keperluan untuk ISMA bersuara ! Dan ISMA mendapat sokongan kerana KEPONDANAN Umno dan Pas. Sekurang2nya maruah orang Melayu terbela dengan kelantangan ISMA.

  6. Sorry helen, just because we dont like the evangelista hypocrites we should also root for ISMA delinquemt ideals. Isma and the evangelists share the same dream and must be opposed too.

    I’d have Perkasa anytime over Isma/Pas.

  7. Really kj, please shut up la! When it comes to ‘meliberalkan’ the malays and ‘balun’ the ultra malays n muslims, this anwar 2.0 guy always gives immediate n harsh response, even suggesting isma is like boko haram n charging them under akta hasutan.

    as expected though from kj, he’s terribly alergic to ultra malays
    muslims but not at all
    alergic to ultra
    evangelistas. when the evangelistas ‘balun’ the malays n muslims he keeps
    pretty quiet. He always
    thinks that good muslims
    shud just shut up when
    humilated or
    ‘dibalun’. wonder why he
    never balun hannah yeoh.

    The chinese shud feel
    humiliated with hannah for
    not being proud of own
    race. be proud lah!

    I just hope non umnos esp perkasa n isma start
    campaigning to oust kj.

    He is becoming terribly arrogant n irritating. Umno
    members just ‘adore’
    that trojan horse!

    Not only is he becoming
    anwar 2.0 but also dapster
    hannah yeoh 2.0.

  8. Mei at the very least whatever you call her she allows you one thing the “democrats” in Kit Siang, Theresa Kok and Anwar Ibrahims blogs don’t allow you. That is the freedom to ventilate your brain on her blog.

    All you have is a set of invectives curses and swearing name calling as if it had come out of Anwar’s behind. Maybe it did.

    The right to express yourself however wrong you may be, however fickle your arguments and lost your cause is a right worth fighting to preserve.

    Malaysia Kini, The Nutgraph, Anwar’s blog, DAP Lim Kit Siang and Theresa Kok none of them have the courage or capacity, the integrity or the courage to tolerate a different point of view to theirs.

    For that you ought to be thankful

    1. Kalau tak silap pandangan ISMA is quite similar that of Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dato` Dr. Khoo Kay Kim.

      Tolong check sikit did KJ propose that Prof juga perlu disiasat di bawah Akta Hasutan? Hmmm dengan itu Namewee I thought I saw he acted in the same video?

      1. The more the non Muslims raise the spectre of religion in politics to humiliate Muslims the more they will raidcalise the Muslims who will begin to see the value in that ultimate tool of religion that will subjugate the non Muslims.

        Hudud will become a reality because of the word Allah being politicized by the Catholic church joined by other Christians and opposition.

        Hudud will become a reality because the Malays and Muslims and their tolerance of the rest of us is being challenged with the most ridiculous of arguments and statements behind the veneer of democracy and ‘freedom of speech’.

        Be careful what you ask for, how much of it you need and how much of it you simply want because it is there.

        1. Like Anwar, his doppelganger Anwar 2.0 who likened Isma to Boko Haram is Muslim.

          Nonetheless when KJ made his “Isma = Boko Haram” statement, that was Dapster Khairy talking.

          Dapster Khairy was chanelling his Scissorati secretary who is very thick with the Dapsters and the evangelistas.

          1. KJ please shut the fuck up. You can give your fucking 2 sen on almost everything but others can’t?

            What next KJ, gas chambers?

          2. Ms Ang

            He is entitled to his own opinions just as Isma and Perkasa and also the chinese extremists are. The point here is not not to prosecute selectively but must be applied without fear or favour.

            On KJ’s point, how does this so-called “Boko Haram” kidnap 200 young girls and threaten them with slavery in the name of Islam? This really boggles my mind.

            1. But what is it that Boko Haram has done which is the same as what Isma is doing (according to KJ)?

              And secondly did kidnapped schoolgirls provoke Boko Haram in any way? I would consider the tsunami of insults engulfing the Isma girl Alifah Ting to be extreme provocation.

              1. Ms Ang

                You did not understand my point. Boko Haram kidnapped the schoolgirls according to their warped reasoning, Isma is doing the same to protect the muslims? Again that Ting girl, whatsover so does is her her own choice. I have no argument with that.

                1. re: “You did not understand my point.”

                  I still don’t. Are you saying Isma kidnapped some schoolgirls?

                  1. You are missing the woods from the trees. I wrote the the Boko Haram kidnappped the girls not Isma ok?

                    1. So if Isma does not kidnap schoolgirls, why make the comparison between it and Boko Haram?

                2. Ms Ang

                  I have not been a follower of your blog until recently n I would like intellectual banter with you. Some points are extremely valid but then they sometimes are skewed towards whatever preferences that you have. Still this is good and like what The PR says ” We agree to disagree”, which is b12345. I’m being extremely polite because Im from the Old School. Thank You for entertaining my comments.

    2. To add on, Rafizi Ramli, Sakmongkol, Syed Akhbar Ali pun sama aje. Among the opposition, only Khalid Samad is respectable in publishing opposing view. Yang lain tu hipokrit aje.

  9. Although it is a little bit of a stretch to equate the intellectually asthmatic Isma with the violent Boko Haram, they are both extremist religious groups.

    1. ISMA is far more legit than you could ever dreamed of la ACDC.

      Intellectually asthmatic, talking about yourself is it?

    2. Many of Boko Haram’s senior radicals were reportedly partially inspired by the late Islamic preacher known as Maitatsine. Others believe that the group is motivated by inter-ethnic disputes as much as by religion and that its founder Yusuf believed that a campaign of “ethnic cleansing” was being waged by Plateau State governor Jonah Jang against the Hausa and Fulani people. Amnesty International has accused the Nigerian government of human rights abuses after 950 suspected Boko Haram militants died in detention facilities run by Nigeria’s military Joint Task Force in the first half of 2013.

      Maitatsine was originally from Marwa in north eastern Nigeria at one time part of Cameroon. After his education he moved to Kano, Nigeria in about 1945, where he became known for his controversial preachings on the Qur’an. Maitatsine claimed to be a prophet, and saw himself as a mujaddid [ground-breaking scholar] in the image of Sheikh Usman dan Fodio. Although he was an avid student of the Quran, he seemingly rejected the hadith and the sunnah and regarded the reading of any other book but the Quran as paganism. Maitatsine spoke against the use of radios, watches, bicycles, cars and the possession of more money than necessary. In 1979, he even rejected the prophethood of Mohammed and portrayed himself as a Prophet.


      Seen in this light then, the Boko Haram leadership together with their idolized Maitatsine are thereby “outside the fold of Islam” for the following reasons: They have categorically rejected the 2nd testimony of Islamic faith namely, that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah Most High. Prophet Muhammad himself declared that no other Prophet with a novel religious dispensation would be sent to earth after his passing; All humankind shall abide by the guidance and injunctions of the Quranic revelation as well as that of the Prophet’s own counsels and actions (Prophetic Sunnah or Tradition).

      Therefore we see that not by even a very long stretch of the imagination could anyone liken the Boko Haram deviants to any conservative and legitimate Muslim organization like ISMA. The Boko Haram militants are NOT Muslims! And all human affairs go back to Allah Most Just and Wise.

  10. Topic KJ boring le..

    KJ mungkin luaq politik ramai oghang tua termasuk muda mudi tak kenal dia, apatah lagi kalau dok luaq Negara. My kids n their friends bet 13 yrs to 25 yrs tak pernah dengaq pon depa sebut KJ, memang tak kenal pon, tapi yg ini they link all over even to me;

    KJ pohon beri tumpuan sikit to whatever kamu di amanahkan (dan di bayar), kurang2 le bertweet dgn si Regina kamu tu.. Show us some results baru le buka suara bole tak?

    1. Anything on Australia Mr Lopez? How come you are not giving us the great Australian experiences on the matter.

      Perhaps you can start by digging into HY’s short lived Tasmanian Adventures and how much the Australians or rather the Tasmanians were at a lost for losing a bright and young speaker dewan. Shame on them for losing such a talent to a third!

  11. Dear Aunty Helen,

    re: “Their methods may differ but Boko Haram and Isma occupy the same ideological spectrum” – Khairy Jamaluddin.

    Why must KJ made such a harsh and unfair statement to an Islamic NGO? Where is his manners and integrity as a Malay Muslim? Is it because ISMA is UMNO friendly and KJ wants DAPsters to look at him as a fair man and a hero? Is he hoping for DAPsters to vote for him?

    Before this tweet, he tweeted to Zul Noordin to, ¨Shut Up¨. But he did not tell TMI to shut up when TMI ‘fitnah’ Majlis Fatwa regarding RIP. Where is his credibility as an UMNO Youth Chief. That´s not a leader´s behavior.

    Why is he so angry and unhappy with Muslim activists? Has he forgotten who vote for him and helped BN until he becomes a minister?

    As a leader he should behave like a leader and not going around saying bad things about people. If he is unhappy with Uncle Abdullah, he can always discuss the matter in private.

    I wonder how can he be chosen as the Youth Chief.

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