Bukit Gelugor: Does MCA see Umno as their real enemy?

Lee Hwa Beng Umno is the real MCA opponent

An important lesson for Umno from Thailand.

The Yellow Shirts (like Bersih) comprise the Thai urban middle class. They have brought down Yingluck, the PM of Thailand, whose party has the stronger rural support … cough, cough, Umno please take note.

The “Democrat” Party supporters occupied the streets, locked down Bangkok and took control of important institutions of state.

Only last week Dr Mahathir warned against the breakout of anarchy and how “demos and violence can overthrow Government”.

Now most recently, the ‘Thai Red Shirts warn of civil war if government falls‘ (Channel News Asia, 10 May 2014).

BELOW: The garang Bersih Aunties, Thai-style

Protesters blow whistles and hold placards
Thai oppo supporters in Bangkok display an uncanny resemblance to Bersih’s KL Chinese women protestors

The centre cannot hold

Yingluck has been ousted because her self-styled “democratic” opponents are more city savvy, among other reasons. Bangkok is the centre of power and power brokers. And in Bangkok, the opposition rules.

Umno cannot keep maintaining its grip on power without urban strongholds. All the state capitals are in Pakatan hands with the exception of Kangar and Johor Bahru both of which have Umno MPs.

  • DAP — Georgetown/Tanjong, Ipoh Barat, Ipoh Timor, Seremban, Kota Melaka, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching MPs
  • PAS — Shah Alam, Kota Bharu, Kuala Terengganu MPs
  • PKR — Kuantan, Alor Setar MPs

The Federal Territories are owned by the opposition who hold the majority of KL seats, nine, compared to BN-Umno’s two.

Read how the DAP is staking a claim on KL (see below).

Without adequate electoral strength in the urban areas, Umno will be unable to secure its continued hold on federal power.

In the latest current development, BN has given up on the late Karpal Singh’s seat even before the by-election takes place. We must examine what this walkover portends.

BELOW: Datuk Lee Hwa Beng, MCA former three-term ADUN for Subang Jaya insists Umno is the real MCA opponent

Urban is extremely hostile terrain

Bukit Gelugor is an urban seat in a developed state. Its electorate is 75 percent  Chinese, 14  percent Malay and 10 percent Indian.

There are three state seats under Bukit Gelugor, i.e. Seri Delima, Air Itam and Paya Terubong, and all are held by DAP.

In GE13, DAP won Paya Terubong with a landslide and whopping majority of 25,719 votes. Paya Terubong has 82 percent Chinese and only 6 percent Malay voters, so the result figures.

DAP won Air Itam with the smallest majority among the three DUNs under Bukit Gelugor. There are 21 percent Malay voters in Air Itam.

The Seri Delima Adun, RSN Rayer, is a lawyer and Karpal’s man.

Seri Delima is to Penang what Jerusubang is to Selangor — the hub of Christian activities. Although the City Harvest Church of Penang is not located in Karpal’s constituency nonetheless the affluent suburbs in this area, e.g. Island Glades, Green Lane, are host to the Christian communities.

Let’s extrapolate on the Bukit Gelugor urban electorate profile and assess what it means to the BN’s political fortunes.

BELOW: Yup, there is a City Harvest Church in Penang 

Worship is singing and dancing
Worshiping God is singing and dancing / Is their God Allah too?

Sebenarnya MCA takut malu, tu jer

The conventional wisdom is that it’s virtually impossible for BN to win in any Chinese-majority area. This formulation is solidly backed by the GE13 data.

Lim Kit Siang says that the reason BN is not fighting the upcoming by-election is really the MCA’s “fear of an even more ignominious defeat in Bukit Gelugor than during the 13GE last May”. Karpal’s margin of victory then was 41,778 votes.

The MCA man had obtained 19.9 percent of the votes cast in Bukit Gelugor and not too far from losing his deposit. (A deposit is forfeited when the candidate fails to secure 1/8 or 12.5 percent of the total number of votes polled in the constituency.)

In the last general election, MCA lost their deposits in two Penang DUN seats — Berapit and Pengkalan Kota. It was a first for the BN. The Bukit Gelugor by-election could have been a first for BN to lose their deposit in a Parliament face-off.

Vote swing from 2004 (dark blue) to 2008 (red)
Vote swing from 2004 (dark blue) to 2008 (red)

If “Abdul Aziz Isa” is Malay, then my most dedicated reader is Syed Mokhtar

See in the constituency map above how the dark blue of BN was wiped out in just one electoral cycle. Similarly the BN can lose at federal level too.

It’s only been 10 years since BN was ascendent in Penang. So how did the emphatic swingback take shape? (I say swing_”back” because Penang swung to the opposition in the 1969 election).

The methods employed by the Chinese opposition has been characterized as the Politics of Hate. But it is much more. The very foundation of their campaign is cemented with building blocks manufactured by the Putar-Belit, Bohong dan Fitnah factories. Think Scissorati and their modus operandi.

And not to mention their chameleon playacting in the social media that is thoroughly dominated by the DAP. Take for instance the UBAH message (below) in Facebook purportedly originating from one “Abdul Aziz Isa”. Hah.

Does anyone believe that this “Aziz” fella is a genuine Melayu?


Seething with anger and resentment

How does Malaysian politics even begin to deal with such a forked-tongue, shape-shifting and grotesque species like the Dapster-evangelista?

MCA is quite correct to be quaking at the malignant climate in Penang. However BN is wrong to surrender without a fight when there are some 12,000-odd Malay voters in Karpal’s ward. This by-election provides a timely opportunity to touch base with them and indeed the state Umno machinery is willing to crank up.

Then there are the 10 percent Indian voters in Bukit Gelugor. While the BN can write off any support from the Christian Indian and Indian professionals, there is still the possibility of outreach to those who do not fall into either categories.

Come on, BN! You need to buck up.

Not all Indians are lost to you. Start working!!

BELOW: Is this Indian man a Penang registered voter? He doesn’t look like a Guan Eng fan


Venom spewed at Umno reveals real feelings about Malays

If you want to know what Penang is like nowadays, think Kelantan when that state was at the height of its animosity against Umno. Think Terengganu at the peak of Amanat Hadi Awang and its ‘sembahyang dua imam’ fallout.

If you were to ask me, I’d concede that it is Mission Impossible to persuade the Chinese today to return to the path of rationality. And I blame the MCA for this state of things.

The MCA had allowed the DAP to make use of its resources, its media and its machinery. MCA fuelled the growth of the DAP 3.0 and fed the DAP evangelistas extra tasty snacks so that these creatures ballooned into behemoths.

And MCA is still allowing the DAP to make use of its resources, its media and its machinery. MCA claims to have one million members but is incapable of contesting one by-election in a small state?! Takkan lah…


Eject this biawak hidup already


What is the point of keeping MCA in the BN when they wave the white flag from the get go?

MCA are no value add. They only serve to demoralize the rest of the BN components with their defeatist attitude.

Come on lah, the party is after all the Malaysian CHINESE Association. If the MCA refuses to stand in the Chinese-majority Bukit Gelugor, where does it expect to be given a seat to contest? Kepala Batas?

Umno must really dwelve into the MCA’s hidden and ulterior motives for this cop-out in Bukit Gelugor.


Datuk Lee Hwa Beng, the former three-term MCA Adun for Subang Jaya said:

“Our real opponent is not DAP as we only face the opposition party once every five years. Our real opponent is Umno. Every day at local, state or federal level, we have to face them. We have to stand up against them if not they keep eroding our (Chinese) rights”.

BELOW: Might as well the MCA Datuks just submit their application form for the Parti Biawak lah


Former MCA three-term Subang Jaya Adun Datuk Lee Hwa Beng and KitSiang
Former MCA three-term Subang Jaya Adun Lee Hwa Beng and Kit Siang

(1,380 words)


Press statement by Wee Choo Keong, former MP for Wangsa Maju


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41 thoughts on “Bukit Gelugor: Does MCA see Umno as their real enemy?

  1. Helen – Have any one of the MCA leaders ever respond to your blogs about them?

    Dr M did.

    I would like to hear MCA rebuttal to your blogs about MCA.

    Takde telur ke MCA leaders ni? Oops sorry, I forgot that one of them did expose his telurs in the honey-trap operation in Johore.

    1. re: “Helen – Have any one of the MCA leaders ever respond to your blogs about them?”

      You might know better ,)

  2. Re Does anyone believe that this “Aziz” fella is a genuine Melayu?

    l o l !!!

    Kan saya dah kata. Mereka ni konco konco Part Biawak. Mana mungkin “Aziz” Melayu ?

    Yang genuine tentang “Aziz” dia ni konco DAP.

    Dah lupa Ravin a.k.a Mohd Aziz ?

    Saya ada satu soalan. Mereka suka sangat dengan nama “Aziz” ni. “Aziz” ni special ke ?

  3. Dear H:

    I am guessing you had prepared an alternative article just in case MCA decided to contest. (Don’t even mention DAP’s response. They have a response for every situation: give the audience what they want to hear.)

    It’s clear that it’s a Catch-22 situation for MCA. What’s the worst outcome from this decision? Public perception that they know they are going to lose. So what? That is already the existing perception. If they are smart they can always cite respect for Karpal Singh as a reason. The Christians will like it, for they are all about love.

    What would be the worst possible outcome had they decided to contest? A trashing, the continued gloating of the Bible bashing folk, and an inflated ego that will get even more inflated.

    It’s the right decision.

    Gene K

    1. re: “What would be the worst possible outcome”

      Hilang deposit.

      Everybody and his grandmother’s cat knows that MCA sure lose.

      The point is whether to put up a fight or not. By contesting, the BN gets a window of opportunity on the national stage.

      You might argue that BN Ministers can say what they want to say anytime over RTM or to Bernama but it’s not the same. The Karpal legacy by-election will get the attention of an audience that normally doesn’t tune in to pro-establishment channels.

      For example, they can bring up the matter of the agreement signed between DAP and PAS just prior to GE13 where the DAP acceded: “PAS berhak memperjuangkan aqidah dan konsep Negara Islam secara sendiri”.

      The agreement letter HERE.

      Don’t forget that the name of Karpal Singh is synonymous with opposing hudud. Campaigning in Bukit Gelugor gives the BN the chance to point out the anomalies whereby the late party chairman was sidelined to the extent that whatever he objected to wrt to the Unholy Matrimony, the DAP let on their he was speaking merely in his personal capacity.

      As for the DAP gloating, with or without basis we can be assured that’s they do. Example, the winning “popular vote”.

      Dr CSL has been out of active politics some time back but they will continue casting stones at his ‘DVD’ until the year 2020. Dr Chua’s sex scandal erupted end-2007. Yet he still remained cannon fodder for the evangelistas in the 2013 election campaign although he was not a GE13 candidate.

      Remember that ABU attacked CSL personally over the hudud issue – accusing him of being anti-Islam and fear mongering – and they distributed the CSL-hudud comics where the cartoons mocked at CSL’s hotel tryst.

      The Dapster-evangelistas will always hit below the belt. This nature is hardwired into their mainframe.

      By refusing to step into the ring, and providing a flimsy excuse that they want to concentrate on hudud roadshows (when in fact Bukit Gelugor is the best venue to trash out this topic given Karpal’s related reputation), MCA has proven beyond doubt that they’re no asset at all to the BN.

      Bringing no value is one thing. MCA is actually a menace and BN will hemorrhage from all the thousands of fine cuts in the back inflicted by the enemy within.

      1. Helen,

        Let us accept reality that MCA is already rejected for good by the Chinese.

        Why UMNO goes along with MCA idea of not contesting in Penang? Actually the reason is quite glaring. UMNO already gives up hope on sny Chinese support.

        Besides UMNO is not that worried. After all, it still rules the country WITHOUT THE CHINESE SUPPORT.

        What need to be done is to kick MCA out from BN. Simply because MCA members too voted DAP contestants in last election.

  4. ‘Then there are the 10 percent Indian voters in Bukit Gelugor. While the BN can write off any support from the Christian Indian and Indian professionals, there is still the possibility of outreach to those who do not fall into either categories.’

    Indians who do not fall into either categories around the Gelugor area are very few. Biawak made sure their numbers were substantially reduced with the obliteration of Kg. Buah Pala.

    Nevertheless, there is a still a sizable number of “I am an Indian” Indians scattered over Seri Delima, Air Itam and Paya Terubong who are quite disillusioned with Tokong or don’t fit in with the standard DAP Chinese-Christian requirement.

    BN is making a mistake by not contesting in Bkt. Gelugor. At the very least, the results could have indicated if they still had the support of minority Malay and Indian voters there and if this support has increased or decreased since last May.

    Or maybe that’s just the plan with the semi-independent, former Gerakan VP Datuk Huan Cheng Guan of PCM?

    He reminds me of a BN manufactured version of the Malaysian First Dapster – intended to appeal to the rational Chinese, Malay and Indian.

    1. Dia mana berani. Dia tu cakap saja lantang, tapi takde action. Dia menang PRU lepas pun atas sokongan orang Melayu. Kalau dia berani, PRU akan datang suruh dia tanding kat kawasan Cina.

  5. Sedikit masa dulu boleh dikatakan semua melayu tak sokong Dap. Namun sekarang dah ramai melayu yg bukan saja sokong tapi pertahan Dap. Jadi Dap boleh buat suka hati sebab sudah ada benteng melayu. Bukankah tempoh hari Pas nak jadikan Unit Amal sebagai pengawal peribadi Teresa Kok?

    Perpecahan melayu makin menjadi jadi bukan saja dari sudut politik tapi dari sudut agama. Macam2 ideologi songsang jadi pegangan melayu sekarang.

    Terjadinya perpecahan demi perpecahan ini adalah berpunca dari UMNO.

    1. Yg lebih menyebabkan parah perpecahan Melayu bukan UMNO tetapi bermula dgn PAS dan diparahkan PKR. Anwarlah puncanya.

      Dulu memang ada UMNO vs PAS hingga timbul kafir mengkafir. Tapi tak berpecah belah sehingga hilang kuasa Melayu. Bila PKR muncul lawan UMNO Melayu terus menderita dan pecah. Logiknya Anwarlah puncanya bukan UMNO. (Saya bukan ahli UMNO)

      1. Maksud kamu orang Melayu tidak boleh menjadi ahli parti politik yang lain kecuali UMNO?

  6. MCA sekarang duk kunyah buah dilemma kat Tanjung, telan biji nanti mati emak luah mati bapa pulak.. Bush’s famous quote giving them nightmares ‘”you’re either with us, or against us”

    Famous as always………… HIDE……

  7. Yingluck’s party won the majority vote with the northern Thais. Yet, ousted from power via a military drafted charter that had replaced their Constitution.

    The central and southern Thais have their legitimate grouses against the government but it’s not right to create this havoc and unseat a PM with the popular mandate.


    Demonstrators trying to rid the country of Thaksin’s influence by ousting the government led by his sister Yingluck Shinawatra believe he has broken the kingdom’s tacit contract with graft, says political commentator Voranai Vanijaka of the Bangkok Post.

    “Thai people are quite pragmatic… we understand that everybody takes a little bite of the apple,” he told AFP. “The problem with Thaksin is that he put a sign on the whole apple tree saying ‘property of the Shinawatra family’… that’s dangerous to do here.”

    The demonstrators allege Yingluck is being controlled by her brother, a tycoon-turned-politician who was ousted in a 2006 coup and lives overseas to avoid a jail term for abuse of power that he says was politically motivated. Protesters point to accusations of wrongdoing over the former leader’s business empire, as well as complaints about populist policies and alleged “vote buying” that they say explain the victories of Thaksin and his allies at every election since the start of this century.

    1. There are many layers to this and yes, at one level it is about corruption. At another, it is about parochialism and the barely concealed contempt the middle classes have for their rural and lower income countrymen.

      But at its core, it’s just about money and power between royal factions.

      Democracy has always been a stage show until Thaksin came along and won the game from under the elites’ noses. And for that, they cannot forgive.

      1. re: “the barely concealed contempt the middle classes have for their rural and lower income countrymen”

        When the middle class ABU-ers insist that the people who vote BN are stupid and allowed themselves to be kept stupid, their barely concealed contempt shows clearly.

          1. Read Ahmad Ibrahim @

            I consider his take to be realistic and on target.

            The buta sejarah Dapsters have no idea of the Malayan Union and the historical sentiments behind the 1946 Malay uprising.

            Led by the evangelistas, they (Dapsters) are just going four-letter berserk at Isma while remaining ignorantly cocooned in their own Jerusubang black hole.

            Their spiteful ignorance poses a grave danger to other people.

  9. Pardon me Helen but I think we must compare apples with apples and oranges with oranges. ( I hate that expression but that’s for the plebs here not you…).

    Thailand is a nation of prostitutes and army coups. Its recent past of the last 4 decades at least and even during the time of the very dubious circumstances of the ascendancy of King Ayuledev Bumibhol on his brother’s mysterious death is surrounded with deposit power in the hands of not their parliament but in individual hands sanctioned by the Royal Palms outstretched leading its way into a series of dummy corporations from Switzerland to Lichtenstein (courtesy of the German mole planted in the bank of Lichtenstein in 2009.

    What they do on the streets of Thailand is no barometer of what the people of the nation really feel about what government is or isn’t doing for them.

    In the 1960’s and 1970’s they would massacre students who dared ask the question “what the hell are Americans doing here”. Its always been a reign of terror there.

    Yingluck has about as much luck as her brother in exile. They are kleptomaniacs and are doing nothing more nothing les than all their predecessors in government by bribing their way to the top. Their followers both red and yellow shirts are two sides of the same coin. Both led by a coterie of foreign educated and foreign supported power hungry elites.

    Malaysia’ situation is radically different. However I must add my voice to your warning to UMNO that if it keeps all its baskets in a growing discontented urban Malay polity they are asking for it.

    Bersih will face the stick this time around. I believe the timing will be such that the closer it comes to the next and most likely highly controversial US presidential election, that country will be foreign policy paralysed and be able to do nothing whilst the Malaysian government takes care of business themselves their way at home.

    1. re: “UMNO that if it keeps all its baskets in a growing discontented urban Malay polity”

      Umno eggs are in the loyal rural basket.

      I believe Isma is gaining traction among urban Malays. In this sense, the most potent competitor to Umno is the Muslim Brotherhood and not PAS, not DAP.

      1. Re I believe Isma is gaining traction among urban Malays

        Well, this is what I have been trying to tell people over here not too long ago. Isma by the way is not the only one gaining traction with urban Malays. We don’t have to name names. From now on, any NGO that copies Isma can get the same level of support.

        The opposition are still in perpetual hysteria. They think they have the urban vote and nothing is going to stop them in GE14.

        Nothing to stop them ?

        They have forgotten Malay history. How did Umno come into existence ? It was the Malayan Union and after a series of Malay congresses the various Malay organizations banded to form Umno.

        Now you pick a fight with Muslims. What do you think is going to happen next that you’ve started this fight with Muslims ?

        Those liberal Muslims the opposition are counting on, my advice to them is, forget about them. They amount to nothing. The Muslim community is by and large conservative and this conservatism is gaining traction with the more educated urban folks.

        1. Thanks.

          In short, the Spirit of Malayan Union 1946 redux, but this version is Islamism rather than Malay patriotism.

          I hope that more people will take you what you’ve outlined above very seriously.

          1. One more thing.

            The opposition think that with Umno gone they can do whatever they want.

            They are grossly mistaken.

            You actually think we give a hoots if Umno is kaput. If you think Umno is our last refuge, you’re mistaken.

            I could easily cast my vote to what comes next after Umno is kaput and I will tell you why.

            Here is the scenario. Umno barely survives GE14. Severely weakened. Managed to hold on to most of the seats. So ?

            The Muslim NGOs step up their game, and I tell you, Isma and the like are very persuasive. Their message is very simple. Just as the opposition’s simple message of Ubah, Isma has so far consistently said it is standing up for Islam and Malays.

            And it has only responded only when it is provoked. This is an appropriate response. Why attack people first ? Attacking people first, striking first is not going to work. Let the other side strike first. Attacking first only makes you lose more ground.

            Since Umno is severely weakened, why not start anew ? We have scores of Muslim NGOs scattered all over the country. Gather all of them, the same manner in which Datuk Onn Jaffar mobilized the Malay NGOs to come together to form Umno. This is not a difficult task.

            When the tiger is wounded, and it knows that its survival is at stake, it will fight. And this time, it will be something else entirely. With no British military around to keep order, anything could go.

            Now don’t tell me or people like me that you have never been warned. We told you so, yet in your perpetual hysteria, you chose to ignore the warnings.

            Have a nice day folks.

        2. re: What do you think is going to happen next that you’ve started this fight with Muslims?

          So, what will happen? When will it happen?

      2. Helen and Ahmad Ibrahim. The Malays in general are being gradually radicalized. Yes at its core is the most sensitive subject to most Malays and that being their religion.

        Father Lawrence Andrew and the heads of the other Churches can take credit for that. Add to these the sycophants of powerful non Malay interests amongst the urban Malaysia like Marina Mahathir and the self titled “defender of truth” Miriam Mokhtar and the US sponsored “Sisters in Islam” and you have a volatile and provocative mix ready to light the fuse to a tinder box dry Malay anger.

        The pattern in the middle east tells us how these changes come about. GE 14 will be more bitter and divided but the lines will be clear cut and black and white.

        What we as non Malays may have inadvertently forced upon the Malay polity is a revival of their nationalism laid dormant for decades. The future will be very different to what the DAP and the Ambigas have in mind for the rest of the nation.

        It may not even be a return to the Dr. Mahathir’s or Razaks or Onns or the princelings in waiting. it will be decisively a grass roots leader without the social pedigree of Oxford Cambridge Lincoln’s Inn or the civil service. It would more likely be a theocrat with a vision. Whose vision and what vision I will not chance a guess at.

      3. Helen,

        Actually UMNO has considerable support among urban malays too. but it lost many urban seats because almost all Chinese voters rejected in places where UMNO contested.

        In Ampang, UMNO managed to get the lion share of Malay votes. But with almost 45% voters of Ampang is non Malays and they rejected UMNO, then UMNO lost the seat.

  10. correction in the following paragraph:

    Malaysia’ situation is radically different. However I must add my voice to your warning to UMNO that if it keeps all its eggs in one basket (instead of the above) in a growing discontented urban Malay polity they are asking for it.

  11. Okay le let the Chinese voters crowd and suffocate themselves in town areas, just as how the Brits did during their rule..

    The rural areas of today have changed. Many of my friends, professionals, are opting for early retirement and heading back to our ‘kampung ibunda’, financially very stable and with tons of ideas (kan PNB ade berbillion2 asset ehsan dari simpanan kami, muahahaha). BN to please bring more development to us kampung folks OKAY.. We definitely give our full support here.

    Cina hangpa jgn terhegeh2 nak ikut masuk ‘kampung2 ibunda’ kami owh!. Go squat in all the towns and give all your votes there. Recently I made a short tour to places like Petaling Street, Kaw Teresa Kok, Bk Bintang and Cowkit.. sesak and suffocating with all sorts of foreign faces. So Pakatan Aduns and MPs win more in the towns so you can give full concentration and serve the PATIs there well Okay..!

  12. Re.The Yellow Shirts (like Bersih) comprise the Thai urban middle class. They have brought down Yingluck, the PM of Thailand, whose party has the stronger rural support … cough, cough, Umno please take note

    1. Yingluck is Thaksin’s sister. Both are of Chinese decent;

    2. Thaksin was toppled when he sold Thai Telecom to Singtel, a telecom company belong to Temasek, Singapore. It is the beginning of everything to be frank. News about this was downplayed but you can still google it;

    3. According to my Thai friend and from some feedback from the blogs and FB, the native Thai i.e. the Yellow Shirt to be exact, is anti-Chinese;

    Maybe followers in here can add more comments on this.

    1. Sorry, it’s the other way around – the Yellow Shirts are predominantly “lukjin” (fair skin, Sino-Thai and Thai-Chinese mix) and native Thais of the Central plain who have been riled up by the Privy Council faction aligned to the Queen and the “Democratic” party (oh, the irony…) to oppose Thaksin for his temerity in raising the living standards of the “low class” northerners, which they read as ‘vote buying using their tax dollars’.

      They are anti-poor-people-not-knowing-their-place-as-the-dust-beneath-my-feet; not anti-Chinese because most of them ARE part-Chinese. BTW, the Chakri Dynasty founder was half-Chinese himself…

      The Muslim southerners support the Yellow Shirts due to the brutal incidents of the army & police crackdowns during Thaksin’s time in power.

  13. I wonder what Ram stands for. His campaign slogan
    “Bantah GST, Bantah Royalti, Undi DAP” and “I am Karpal Singh”.

    I noticed the 3 Pakatan logos at his operations centre in Green Lane but clearly the PAS people are not around even though the logo is so clear.

    Oh yes, I miss Mujahid. He has not been coming to his favourite church in Island Park (in Bukit Gelugor) since the Hudud issue.

    Can anyone suggest who I should vote for since I have no candidate from the party I am interested in?

    1. ‘Can anyone suggest who I should vote for since I have no candidate from the party I am interested in?’

      If its MCA you mean, howbout Huan Cheng Guan?

      He’s as close as one can get to MCA/Gerakan and he’s been sniping at Tokong with no comebacks.

      An chua?

      1. The problem is none of the candidates have any good strategies to run Bukit Gelugor. One is memories of Daddy, another is let us get DAP, another hudud by 2020 and another silence.

        Like madam speaker’s area, vote for someone useless.
        Penang culture – useless is good.
        PS when the Tiger was not an OKU he was never seen in my area. Why start community work now?
        Maybe ask Mujahid to run his church goodwill visits.

        PS Kit Siang’s house is in Island Glades. I predict DAP will win.

        1. No doubt DAP will win. That’s why I don’t worry too much about the strategies/platforms of the others – any monkey/donkey will do except that vandal Yacoob Bebas. Good thing he didn’t make it.

          I’ll vote for the underdog(s) like the moderate HCG just to do my little part to contribute to opposition and keep things in perspective for DAP.

          Btw, don’t you just hate that stupid balloon?

          1. Hate it.
            In the words of Regina Lee, I wish I could shoot it down like the pigeons.

  14. And to Kak Helen. Happy Wesak.
    (Oh yes. Today is also the May 13 anniversary.)

  15. The Barisan Nasional should not give up the fight in Bukit Gelugor as it sends a wrong message to the whole country that they are defeated. At least they should put up some resistance.

    The loss of Penang and many other seats around the nation is the result of Barisan Nasional’s failure to reform as promised during the Badawi era, and Najib’s indecisiveness in dealing with the extremists within his own party.

    Given the internal UMNO conflict in Terengganu (and Perak), expelling MCA from the fold is probably the worst thing they could do. It will also send a bad message to its other component partners.

    “And not to mention their chameleon playacting in the social media that is thoroughly dominated by the DAP. Take for instance the UBAH message (below) in Facebook purportedly originating from one “Abdul Aziz Isa”. Hah.
    Does anyone believe that this “Aziz” fella is a genuine Melayu?”

    Let me ask: Who do you think Abdul Aziz Isa is? Do you really think he is a non-Malay acting as a Malay on Facebook?

    “Not all Indians are lost to you. Start working!!”

    After the Waythamoorthy crisis, whatever that remains of the pro-Barisan Nasional Indians has diminished.

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