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Natrah 2.0: Feel the LOVE showered on Isma girl


Mualaf dipandang lebih rendah daripada anjing oleh Dapster

“Alifah Ting membayar dengan harga yang sangat tinggi”

Alifah Ting, just tell them “Salam 1Negara Islam back to all of you!”

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The Yang Dipertua of Majlis Syura Isma, Ustaz Sharipudin Abdul Kadir, is on the warpath. You might be wondering What About? and Why?

Well, among other things, Ustaz Sharipudin wants to know Mengapakah mereka begitu biadab terhadap bangsa Melayu?”

BELOW: ‘Saya Cina dan saya ahli Isma – Alifah Ting Abdullah‘ (9 May 2014)


Collected below are a cross-section of Malaysiakini reader comments hurled at the Isma youngster — a Chinese mualaf. The tone of the remarks reflects the trend of hostility directed at Muslim NGOs.

Alifah Ting Abdullah (above) is a member of Pembina which is the youth wing of Isma. Although she may not be exposed to the term “Evangelista Bintang Lima“, it is clear to us that she is the latest victim of their cyber lynch mob.

The Malaysian Firsters loudly proclaim that they are colour blind but their remarks betray a fanatical obsession with race.

Take these comments (screenshots below) from Malaysiakini readers

Anonymous #63487527: “She don’t look Chinese to me!!!”

JomUbahUbah: “This racist and stupid Alifah Ting is barking shits without using her nut brain. Really disgrace all the Ting Families.”

Malaysiakini 2014-05-12 16-42-55
Malaysiakini 2014-05-12 16-02-57

All the comments on this page are sourced from the Malaysiakini article ‘I am Chinese, and I support Isma‘. Needless to say, the portal’s headline is like waving a red flag at an angry bull since Isma is their favourite punching bag.

Please note that the Malaysiakini subscriber “YF” (comments screenshot below) is a staunch Christian. His/her comments refer to Alifah.

YF: “These munafiks have a propensity to lie. The worst part is it is even allowed in their religion. That’s where all the problem starts.”

YF: “So she supports lying and racism? Are these the basic teachings of Islam? Go figure.”

Malaysiakini 2014-05-12 16-11-22
Malaysiakini 2014-05-12 16-08-19

If Ustaz Sharipudin thinks that “they” are “begitu biadab” when it comes to the Malays, then following this current Alifah episode, he’ll realise soon enough that they are even more vicious to those non-Malays who speak the national language fluently and have embraced/converted to the primary religion of the Nusantara.

The Firsters trumpet most vehemently that they transcend the divisions of religion as well as swear that they lovingly treat all who live in Malaysia as brothers and sisters.

The Firsters are mostly Christians of the evangelista strain. Malaysian First is the ideology that is being aggressively pushed by the Christian DAP.

BELOW: Madame Speaker is scolding the non-Firsters as “racists”

Twitterhannahyeoh may God have mercy on the racists

More Malaysiakini comments from the same article

As you read the rest of this page, please remember that the DAP Christians have been publicly declaring their love for Islam and their warm, undying friendship for the Malay race.

KKCheong: “By the way, I think Alifah is not real person. I saw the Facebook page saying her job is tukang kutip sampah in ISMA. Normally this type of account is fake account.”

Speechless: “Alifah or whoever you really are, I suggest you study the Federal Constitution before you fire blanks. You not only look stupid and racist, you are also doing Islam a great injustice.”

Nah ! Nah ! Nah !Sarawakian Ting Leh Ping. Asalnya Kristian, kemudian Pembina, akhirnya Islam… Chinese name but looks like ………”

Pemerhati: “This statement strongly indicates that Umno has prepared the statement for Alifa so as to help put its subsidiary organisation Isma in good light.”

Malaysiakini 2014-05-12 15-47-29
Malaysiakini 2014-05-12 16-34-51
Malaysiakini 2014-05-12 16-35-50

Screenshots at bottom of page

Anonymous_1371490394: “cina muslim convert behaving like mamaks in penang. should be labeled CINAMAK”

CiViC:Al*fah is neither Chinese of Malay, i only see some form resembling a four legged creature that barks at strangers but wags its tail when given leftover food.”

Apache “This bitch Alifah has sold her soul to ISMA for a few crumbs on the floor. Your parents have regretted giving birth to this bitch during child birth. Alifah, you are one of a few whores like Ridzuan T who would never hesitate to offer their daughters for a few cents in the bank.”

Nah ! Nah ! Nah !: “Evolutionary of animals = running dog -> Babi Betina -> Running Dog”

Anonymous #81405125 “bloody ting you might convert the so call best religeon for personal gain… or tangkap basah. your body blood is full of pork blood.. so he join a new organisation ,do sent mean you can change race,,, stupid,, don’t con-dame other betrayed you own race.”

GrooTheWanderer: “Alifah you may be Chinese, but your children are not or would not be Chinese. So what race are you? If you support ISMA then you are a ‘han jian’ traitor. Chinese do not want you.”

Boon Hor LOY: “sudah dapat berapa juta dalam bank U?”

Disgusted:What else can you expect from a member of Isma’s youth wing Pembina, but to support her boss. Kachang lupakan kulit, like Ridhuan Tee Abdullah. Perhaps they are related.”

Tangan Kirimu: “she is Ridhuan Tee d second”

trublumalaysian:ISMA – I’m (from a) Stupid Moronic Association. I pity you Alifah, for your brains has been deep-fried and Ridhuan Tee will be mighty pleased to have you as his pet chihuahua.”

Anonymous_3faa: “Oh so pitiful this ‘t(h)ing’.”

wira: “Alifah. You chose to be a Malay (masuk Melayu). That is your democratic choice which no one can deny you. However, don’t slight other mainstream Chinese in this country who do not follow your choice because you are a “running bitch” if you do.”

champion of progresive: “Islam Social contract also means that minority rights are protected, my unlearened lost soul. ISMA the dickhead has undermined this very social contract!. We are Malayisans and we are a secular country! You think the non malaysa would have agreeed to independence if hudud is the law of land. My foot!!! Sheesh and mf ridhuan tee in making! half baked and raw as it comes. village fools!!!”

Continue-The-March: “This is the problem of Malaysia education system. It produces people of closed-mind with limited access to information (due to limited language skill) and ability to analysis and think. They become bigots and stupid.”
Malaysiakini 2014-05-12 16-17-14

Malaysiakini 2014-05-12 15-30-48

Malaysiakini 2014-05-12 15-42-13
Malaysiakini 2014-05-12 15-44-51
Malaysiakini 2014-05-12 15-57-21
Malaysiakini 2014-05-12 15-33-22
Malaysiakini 2014-05-12 14-57-24 Malaysiakini 2014-05-12 15-10-56
Malaysiakini 2014-05-12 15-13-58

Malaysiakini 2014-05-12 16-05-51
Malaysiakini 2014-05-12 15-20-25
Malaysiakini 2014-05-12 15-46-00




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49 thoughts on “Natrah 2.0: Feel the LOVE showered on Isma girl

  1. Those commentators are ‘pathics’ and carry ‘low class brains’ of the motherfuckers’ type….

    What do you expect from them ? NOTHING !


    1. The Yahoo-dee Yo following is very sensitive. I thought it better that your comment is moderated.

            1. Hahaha! Those commentators are really in a class of their own, lunatics!. Truely enjoy reading their commnets, shows how desperate they are and their true colour blindness.

    2. please, maae, don’t employ the language of the people you condemn. Be civil. Otherwise, you are just like them. you can be tough sounding but not crude, rude, vulgar or obscene.

  2. Well, if you want to be respected, you have to treat people with respect.

    If you treat them like s**t, they will treat you like s**t.

    Newton’s Law – every action has an equal and opposite reaction. We studied that in secondary school physics.

    Now, who was the first to coin the term “evangelistas” – something that Helen tosses around with gay abandon?

    And it wasn’t meant to be a complimentary term, was it?

    I have no problems with this Chinese girl converting to Islam and joining Isma. That’s freedom of religion and freedom of choice.

    Now, will Isma countenance Malays converting to Christianity and joining a Christian organization such as Campus Crusade or Christian Youth Fellowship?

    The short answer – they won’t. They will probably erupt in “righteous” anger at the temerity of these “Kaffirs”.

    So, the freedom of religion and freedom of choice is a one-way street, with no exits and no U-turns allowed.

    No wonder the rest of the world shakes their heads at these strange goings-on!

    1. re: “If you treat them like s**t, they will treat you like s**t.”

      The Christians are mild and peace-loving. They turn the other cheek, love their neighbours and love their enemies, wor.


      1. Well Helen…you started it all with your daily hate sermons. Amazing that you go and and non daily and yet wonder why people think you’re scum?

        1. re: “you started it all with your daily hate sermons”

          “I started it all”?

          You Yahoo-dee Yo worshippers give me to much credit. Next you’ll say that it was I who made the T’ganu MB resign.

      2. ‘seorang pegawai bijih timah British menyatakan kepada saya bahawa dia sudah menjangka iaitu apabila pelombong2 bijih British yang akhir sekali meninggalkan Tanah Melayu kelak, mereka akan diiringi oleh satu rombongan saudagar2 bijih timah China yang kaya2 sampai kepelabuhan dan mereka akan dihadiahkan tempat2 rokok yang dibuat daripada emas oleh saudagar2 China itu.’

        Kita ingat Cinas benci UMNO kerana rasuah???

        Hadiah tempat rokok yang dibuat daripada emas tu bukan, err, RASUAH ke?

        Apa lagi Cina mahu?

        1. They want what is yours, what’s theirs are theirs. In other words, they want everything.

    2. Re. Well, if you want to be respected, you have to treat people with respect.


      Re. Malays converting to Christianity and joining a Christian organization such as Campus Crusade or Christian Youth Fellowship?

      Then the disrespect started brother…

      Re. So, the freedom of religion and freedom of choice is a one-way street, with no exits and no U-turns allowed.

      Don’t worry. It just apply to muslim only. As for the non muslim they are free to choose their religion or having as many faiths in the course of their life. Your freedom..your choices.. but as you said.. respect others.

    3. It is because of the deviant doctrine of the Trinity Godhead taught in Pauline Christianity that Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, taught us to recite the first 10 verses of the Quranic chapter 18, to invoke the protection of Allah Most High against the power of the Anti-Christ or as he is known in Islam, the Dajjal.

      Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

      (1) Praise be to Allah, Who hath sent to His Servant the Book, and hath allowed therein no Crookedness: (2) Straight (and Clear) in order that He may warn (the godless) of a terrible Punishment from Him, and that He may give Glad Tidings to the Believers who work righteous deeds, that they shall have a goodly Reward, (3) wherein they shall remain for ever; (4) Further, that HE MAY WARN THOSE WHO SAY: “ALLAH HAS BEGOTTEN A SON”: (5) No knowledge have they of such a thing, nor had their fathers. It is A GRIEVOUS THING THAT ISSUES FROM THEIR MOUTHS which is NOTHING BUT FALSEHOOD! (6) You would only, perchance, fret yourself to death, following after them, in grief, if they believe not in this Message. (7) That which is on earth we have made but as a glittering show, in order that We may test them – as to which of them are best in conduct. (8) Let it be known that We will turn all things on earth into dust. (9) Or do you reflect that the Companions of the Cave and of the Inscription were wonders among Our Signs? (10) Behold, the youths betook themselves to the Cave: they said, “Our Lord! bestow on us Mercy from Thyself, and dispose of our affair in the right way!”

      Read more Quran at:

      1. What was Paul a.k.a. Saul of Tarsus really like?: Statements from Westerners about his deviant innovations to the teachings of Yeshua (Jesus). Hence Paul and his followers brought disrepute to the practices of the Gnostics.


        (you may want to read the comments)

        1. Paul’s writings show a marked divergence from Pharisaic Judaism. Most Christians are not aware of this. Paul’s writings also, not surprisingly, are different from the views of the Nazarenes (Nasara) or Jewish Christians (Ebionites lit. “the poor ones”) who were the original followers of Yeshua (Jesus). The people most closely associated with Yeshua in his life formed the nucleus of the Nazarene movement. The apostles in this group attended synagogue and considered themselves Jews. They were Nazarene Jews, just as others were Pharisaic Jews or Essene Jews. These first followers of Yeshua were opposed to Paul’s arguments against the Torah and Jewish ceremonies and practices. Paul had preached the worship of Jesus as the Son of Yahweh. Leading members of the Nazarenes were James (brother of Jesus), Peter, John, Thomas and Matthew . James was the head of the first Jerusalem Church or Council. In the Epistle of James the conflict between the Jewish Nazarene movement and Paul’s Gentile Christianity came to the fore. James ridiculed the Pauline concept that faith can substitute for good deeds and actions. Jesus taught that the heavenly kingdom was to be sought by true faith and good works in this life.

    1. Are the police investigating LKS for his accusations against Isma?

      The DAP leaders make a lot of strident accusations against opponents. The Yahoo-dee Yo following are rampaging and terrorizing the countryside.

  3. No idea. I spent almost 2 hours at the police station today. It was a pleasant conversation and interview really. Its up to them to decide on the next course of action.

    1. Until quite recently, i.e. around the time of GE13 Gelang Patah, it never sank in for me why the Malays are so phobic with regard to LKS whom is a folk hero in the eyes of the Chinese.

      It saddens me that I now begin to see beyond/behind the hagiography that has build up around the old-time DAP icons and stalwarts.

        1. You wrote: “Your days are numbered DAP, despite the apparent control and supremacy over certain sections of the community.”

          And you’re correct. And that is why I am sad. The DAP are marginalizing and will ultimately send the Chinese to the ghettos.

          MCA somehow negotiated an accommodation with Umno although it is one that leaves the Chinese dissatisfied.

          The unprincipled DAP, on the other hand, can offer no such thing because its chameleon ideology – as the hudud tug-of-war reveals time and again – will never, ever be compatible with PAS.

          Its greedy, triumphalist Christian agenda is inherently one that is at war with Islam. This is revealed to us not only in our country but many other parts of the world where there is violent, religious conflict.

          What your Isma president said in his open letter is a view shared by the Malaysian religious authorities. Jakim and MAIS/JAIS have time and again warned about how the Christians are always attempting to usurp the primacy of Islam.

          The Chinese community (Buddhists, Taoists, Confucianists, adherents of folk beliefs) have hitched their wagon to the DAP Christian leadership. Their grandchildren and great grandchildren will one day curse their forefathers for this folly.

  4. Diorang ni komen belakang-belakang berani la. Cuba komen yang diorang tulis tu cakap depan-depan orang Melayu. Nahas la jawabnya.

  5. Reading through the comments, I’m thinking how sad. 5000 years of civilization that they are so proud of and all the preaching on love, and nothing to show for it in terms of “tatasusila”.

    I hope that’s not the product of SJKC/T but I’m not surprise if that is the result of all the DAP ceramahs in the past decade or five.

    1. A small handful are. You can tell (make educated guess) from their quirky grammar.

      But the majority are “English-educated”. The Chinese-educated would be commenting in Chinese version of Malaysiakini and writing in hanzi.

      Particularly if their comments (or past series of comments since they are regular readers) give away their age. They love to reminisce about their experiences in the gloary days of the mission schools or boast about how, in the past (usually invoking the Tunku’s era), the educational institutions were multicultural/multiracial.

      1. Ms Helen

        What is wrong with that when neither race nor religion would divide the rakyat during that era? Are you one of the proponents who would see the legacy of our forefathers destroyed?

        We do not “boast” as what you wrote but we still sit down together, yes, we are older but at least wise enough to see the angst and stupidity that will destroy the very fabric of this nation.

        We work within our society to spread the message of national unity based on the constitution but just because we are the silent does not mean we are are not doing anything.

        1. Your ‘world’ has long faded away. No amount of nostalgia will bring it back.

          Better to face up to the reality as it is today.

          I’m not sure what your message of national unity is (I’m separating your views from the DAP’s) but the sincerity of the DAP’s ‘Malaysian First’ is rightly scoffed by the pro-establishment Malays.

          1. That “world” never existed.

            How many of people back in those days were schooled by the mission schools ?

            Only a small minority.

            And now we have people talking nostalgically about those “days” as if it ever existed.

            Truth be told, most of the people back in those “days”, the majority, they were barely educated.

            The education they speak of, those provided by the mission schools and those operated by the colonial government, they were available only to the rich and well connected, which I have said, constituted a small minority of the population of that era.

    2. Re. how sad. 5000 years of civilization that they are so proud of and all the preaching on love, and nothing to show for it in terms of “tatasusila”.

      Unless they are of Baba-Nyonya decent, the 5000 years of civilization has no relation or whatsoever with them.

      1. You ask them what the 5000 years of civilization is and they will stare you in the face. That’s what happened when I asked some of them. I asked them to explain what 5000 years of civilization is and they can’t even answer my question.

        Most of them don’t know anything about the 5000 years of civilization. These people are glory hunters, just like supporters of football clubs. When a football club is on top and winning trophies, the club will have legion of supporters. Those not associated with the club will say they support the club even though they know little or nothing about the club. Same with the people who constantly evoke 5000 years of civilization.

        1. Maybe the Cina in Zack can tell us more about the 5000 years of Chinese civilisation. He had famously quoted that vis a vis the 500 years of Melayu civilisation.

          Zack, bole kamu sikit cakap kan hal ini?

  6. “This racist and stupid Alifah Ting is barking shits without using her nut brain. Really disgrace all the Ting Families.”

    It is said that R.Tee had conteng arang ke muka the whole of Tee families. And now its Ting families, just because one Ting had masuk Islam.

    Helen, I bet the Angs are worried now, are they?

  7. Suppose many are clueless and knew nothing about Islam yet are confident enough to come out with harsh hate comments as above against Alifah Ting Abdullah.

    Let us look at another one similarly konpius and clueless soul;


    1. re: “knew nothing about Islam yet are confident enough …”

      … to proclaim what Islam is or isn’t and how good Muslims should or should not behave.


  8. This is a situation that we need a law such as ISA. Never before in the Malaysian history that Islam as a national religion and its people has been bombarded with racist, bigotry uncalled criticisms and comments. Please PM wake up from your sleep before it is too late and causes chaos to Malaysia as it happened before.

    1. The very reason why they wanted the ISA to go in he first place.

      The Malays are too palling tidak apa to start the name calling rolling. Come what may the mudah lupa, mudah memberi maaf and, especially and, mudah meminta maaf bangsa would never start the fire. And they know it!

      This is why the want the law that govern sedition to go as well, so that people like them won’t have to worry about ridiculing peoples too.

    2. Sorry, PM cannot rise because he is being pressed down by you know who.

      With charity towards all and malice towards none!

      Just telling the truth.

  9. Luttfi. I have just read your article. In fact I have raised more or less what you have written. I want to be more direct that DAP IS RACIST ORGANISATION WHICH FIGHT FOR PURELY CHINESE AGENDAS.



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