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Alifah Ting, just tell them “Salam 1Negara Islam back to all of you!”

    Pada suatu kala dulu, @hannahyeoh pernah buat perangai mengada-ngada dengan "sibertrooper" (konon) MIC dan Umno "rasis" yang didakwa Hannah telah mengusik keluarganya

Alifah Ting binti Abdullah’s testimony directed “khususnya buat Presiden Isma, umumnya buat kaum Cina” – which is only about 400 words – caused the Dapster-evangelistas to go criminally berserk.

Since her statement is fairly short, I’m going to dissect it line by line and we shall see whether the ‘problem’ is with Alifah or it is with the Dapster-evangelistas.

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Lesson for BN from Terengganu crisis

MCA refused to fight the DAP in the upcoming Bukit Gelugor by-election. Instead the party prefers to fight hudud.

And MCA is willing to work with the DAP to oppose hudud.

DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng has urged that non-Muslims must pressure Umno on hudud.

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“Alifah Ting membayar dengan harga yang sangat tinggi”

If you thought that the paying subscribers of Malaysiakini yesterday were hitting below the belt at Alifah Ting Abdullah, then in comparison the commenters on the Malaysiakini Facebook page of the story are truly beyond the pale.

The Isma girl has elicited altogether close to 1,000 comments on Malaysiakini Facebook in the portal’s two news articles, I am Chinese, and I support Isma‘ and its follow-up story via kiniTV.

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