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“Alifah Ting membayar dengan harga yang sangat tinggi”

If you thought that the paying subscribers of Malaysiakini yesterday were hitting below the belt at Alifah Ting Abdullah, then in comparison the commenters on the Malaysiakini Facebook page of the story are truly beyond the pale.

The Isma girl has elicited altogether close to 1,000 comments on Malaysiakini Facebook in the portal’s two news articles, I am Chinese, and I support Isma‘ and its follow-up story via kiniTV.

Among them,

Yeow Aun Lim: “What is so unusual about another Ridhuan Tee? There are plenty of such people around. Amazing what a few ringgit would do.”

An-Tel Hantulu: “She’s been paid to talk … hahaha…”

Teo Sh: “berapa dia kasi kau”

More comments can be read in the screenshot at the bottom of this page.




What kind of people are they?

Their comments mirror what is really in their hearts.

And the worst of all their ugly traits is their rank hypocrisy.

They can stand on the soapbox shouting that they want to rid Malaysia of racism but look at what comes out of their mouth.

They clap and cheer when their two-faced DAP evangelista leaders descend upon the mosques but just listen to what the Dapsters say about Islam, about Muslims and worst about Chinese converts and mamaks.

BELOW: But the DAP Christian leader(s) accuse Umno Muslims and MIC Hindus of being “racist” who use “nasty words” on their family.

The DAP Christian leader(s) are also always preaching LOVE and wanting to teach the Malay racists “how to love”.

    Pada suatu kala dulu, @hannahyeoh pernah buat perangai mengada-ngada dengan "sibertrooper" (konon) MIC dan Umno "rasis" yang didakwa Hannah telah mengusik keluarganya


“Chinese, Chinese, Chinese” but they claim to be colour blind

Below is one Facebooker who responded to the torrent of insults hurled at Alifah:

“Bla bla bla my CHINESE ancestor bla bla bla you are not CHINESE ANYMORE bla bla bla CHINESE CHINESE CHINESE.

“Racism at its best” — Trafalgar Kenway

Exactly like the racism of Puan Speaker Hannah Yeoh’s preference for her baby to be recorded in the birth cert as a “Chinese” when the child’s father is Ramachandran Muniandy.


“Sudah berapa juta dalam bank u?”

The above is a question typical of the evangelical Christian mindset. It is called the Gospel of Prosperity where the Greedy pastors pursue Gold and seek self-Glory by peddling the Gospel (Google the 3Gs and City Harvest Church).

Sharifah Abdul Samad, who is Alifah’s good friend, answers the question. In her blog posting yesterday titled ‘[Isma beli Alifah Ting?]‘, Sharifah replied:

“ALLAH swt membeli gadis ini dengan ISLAM, dan Alifah Ting membayar dengan harga yang sangat tinggi.”

As for Isma, contrary to the accusations by the Dapster-evangelistas, Sharifah explains that “Isma tidak bergerak dengan dana luar. Dana Isma dari poket ahlinya sendiri. Dan hanya manusia materialistik sahaja yg akan pelik”.

They are much, much worse than merely “manusia materialistik”.

It is very difficult to find words to describe the kind of people they are. “Yahudi Yeoh” might be the most apt description.

Alifah’s ransom: They want her blood

The people exacting the “blood money” from her are kononnya para pendokong Politik Baru Malaysian First yang bermati-matian mempertahankan hak demokrasi dan kebebasan bersuara.

However when Alifah exercised her democratic right to speak, see what they do to her.

“Petang tadi sebelum beliau masuk ke exam hall, beliau telah menghantar gambar artikel Mkini tersebut kepada saya. Final paper, pada final year,” Sharifah revealed.

Well, I hope that the Evangelista Bintang Tiga terrorists had not unsettled the poor girl too much that her performance in the final exam paper of her final college year suffered.

Sharifah tells us a little more about her friend.

  • “Di kolej, Alifah Ting juga berniaga roti dan kek.”
  • “Satu hasil jualan, beliau akan simpan untuk perbelanjaan di kolej. Manakala hasil jualan yg satu lagi di infakkan kepada jemaah beliau iaitu Isma.”
  • “Saya berkira-kira, dalam sebulan paling kurang RM120 telah beliau infakkan buat Isma.”

Read the full story in Sharifah’s blog.

What the vile and vicious comments made about Alifah by total strangers reveals is how grotesque her tormenters are. They are mostly Dapsters.

(668 words)


Mualaf dipandang lebih rendah daripada anjing oleh Dapster

Alifah Ting, just tell them “Salam 1Negara Islam back to all of you!”

Natrah 2.0: Feel the LOVE showered on Isma girl


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26 thoughts on ““Alifah Ting membayar dengan harga yang sangat tinggi”

  1. Well, I have said countless times, still there are people who are still in denial about it. These people live in another reality.

    We’re are heading to another Malayan Union moment, only this time it will be more explosive, what with so many foreign, migrant workers who happen to be Muslims as well.

    I don’t have to remind you how these migrant workers who are also Muslims how they are being treated by their employers who happen to be, well, well, Chinese.

    Think about this, the next time we have a confrontation, think of the role these foreign workers are going to play.

    When will these opposition people realize that a storm is coming ?

    Or will they ever realize at all ?

    What are these people really ?

        1. You remembered. Okay, for those in the dark, the DAP condemns extreme weather as “racist” too.


      1. We are a contented lot, until our livelihood, race and religion are threatened. We won’t reveal our fangs until we are relentlessly cornered. We are docile people, we potray calmness and astute, although something is brewing inside for all the assault that have been thrown towards us by the dapsters.

        A colleague has been hurling negative remarks/abusive words about our ppd people, the community where we’re earning our livelihood. She sounded the super perfectionist, ever the superior being compared to the rest… typical, huhh? I could just smile, even though her remark was hurtful. Just to maintain peace and calm at the workplace. How much longer this is going to happen?

        Every year-end, they would visit China to come back and brag how superior that country is. Mind you, I felt nausaeted, ughhs! When I went to Europe, my China-man tour guide had just this word to say, “Hanching…, I don’t like to be on duty there. Luckily I am here in Europe….???”, in his ‘broken’ China-man style, but I appreciated his observation and sincerity.

        I just smiled when they bragged about China, again just to maintain a good rapport between us. I could not “brag” about Europe to them, or I’ll be accused of being un-patriotic or simply bragging… hoho! Hmmm, when are they going to respect the feelings of others?

        And I just read something abt the China’s economic bubble, which is just another toyland for the ‘yahudi’ in us. So, those bragging about its prosperity, just wait and see…hoho!

        1. re: “ever the superior being compared to the rest… typical, huhh?”

          Yes. They’re the perfect beings. They believe they are the ones “made in God’s image”, just like Hannah Yeoh’s tweet said. The Puan Speaker also said she “lives for God”.

          re: “even though her remark was hurtful. Just to maintain peace and calm at the workplace. How much longer this is going to happen?”

          Sabar itu pun ada tahapnya.

          re: “Hmmm, when are they going to respect the feelings of others?”

          When it snows in Subang Jaya.

          1. Well, Helen….you should re-read the Ten Commandments, the Old Testament and the preachings and commentaries by Pope Francis.

            The Pope, for instance, has exhorted the Catholic Church to get out of it’s complacency and comfort zone and re-discover it’s mission of evangelisation and spreading the Gospel.

            Can he be faulted for this? No, because evangelisation and mission are central to the Catholic Church.

            But he has also said that in going about these tasks, the Catholic Church has to be respectful of other religions, while not compromising on it’s core principles.

            It seems to me that what the Pope is advocating is in the interests of his faith.

            If there can be no compromise between different religions and faiths, then we are back to rocks and irresistible forces.

          2. If the don’t brag about China, perhaps menyesal tak sudah the ancestors tak tunggu lama skit, they will brag about Singapore, Singapore have this, and that. Or that and this will never happened in Singapore. We surely knows why, but we kept our cool and smile on just to give them face, that’s all they ever wanted, that’s all they are going to get. No more.

        2. Well, this same China is throwing it’s weight around the South China Sea, with it’s “nine dash” strategy and it’s divide-and-rule vis-à-vis Asean.

          Who’s facing them down? Vietnam and the Philippines, for now. With the US backstopping them.

          So, putting theory into practice, we should close the door on Chinese investments and tourists. Arbitrarily suspend all air services between Malaysia and China. Pull out of the RCEP FTA negotiations, because it’s in Uncle Sam that we trust.

          And you ain’t seen nothing yet. Just wait till an ultra-nationalist BJP government comes into power in India, with Modi as the next Indian PM.

          What will happen when the ultra-religious nationalists in the BJP and the RSS cast an eye on their co-religionists in other countries?

          It will be interesting to see how you can manoeuvre between China, India and Indonesia, while keeping your economy growing.

    1. Setuju.. dah dekat dah masa tu..

      Cuma perlu tanya pada diri masing-masing.. di pihak manakah kita ?

    2. Quite the pessimist, aren’t you?

      I thought these “foreign migrant workers” are economic migrants who have come to work here in order to earn money to support their families back home (alright, Indonesia)?

      Are they going to “make waves” here, or are they going to be recruited by “third parties” with their own agendas?

      In any case, why would they want to upset the status quo?

      It’s not exactly as if Indonesia is great pals with Malaysia, so much so that the doings and rhetoric of the Ismas and Perkasas resonates with Indonesians.

    1. Dunno. I don’t follow T’ganu politics.

      But it might be good for the perpaduan ummah if Umno and PAS form a kerajaan campuran.

  2. Helen…
    tentunya saya merasa ‘kasihan’ juga kepada alifah ting kerana komen-komen yang sungguh teruk yang beliau terima.

    tetapi, tahniah saya kepada alifah ting atas keberaniannya menyatakan pendapat dan pendirian beliau.

    walaupun dikatakan beliau terpaksa membayar harga yang mahal atas kenyataan beliau itu, hikmahnya amat jelas bahawa sebahagian besar kaum asalnya iaitu ‘cina-DAP-evangelis-dan pencacainya’ memang mempunyai ‘kelaku’ atau ‘akhlak’ yang teramat buruk.

    alifah ting tidak semestinya berdukacita ekoran ‘kutukan’ yang beliau terima kerana ‘kembali kepada islam’ itu sendiri adalah ujian yang lebih besar….!

    saya juga cina-muslim dan saya bersama Isma!

  3. Unlike Ridhuan Tee, Alifah Ting identifies herself with religion, not race.

    Wtf is their problem?

    And these are likely the same Malaysian Firsters willing to go head-on with the Muslim majority to assert their so-called right to proclaim joint ownership of Allah, literally.

    Goddamned hypocrites.

    1. Happy Vesak Day,

      An old woman went to hear the Zen Master Hakuin give a lecture. He said, “Your mind is the Pure Land of Amitabha, and your body is Amitabha Buddha. When Amitabha Buddha appears, mountains, rivers, forests, and fields all radiate the Infinite Light. If you want to understand this, then look into your own heart!”

      The old woman pondered Hakuin’s words day and night, awake and at sleep. One day, as she was washing a pot after breakfast, a great light flashed through her mind and heart. She dropped the pot and ran all the way to tell Hakuin: “Amitabha Buddha filled my whole body! Mountains, rivers, forests, and fields are all shining with great light. How wonderful!” And she danced for joy.

      “What are you talking about?” Hakuin asked. “Does the light shine up your asshole?”

      Small as she was, she gave him a big push, saying, “I can see you’re not enlightened yet!” They both burst out laughing. Their Inner Reality was illumined all at once – the master and the little woman.

  4. Let the dogs bark and the pigs squea!

    Remember Kg. Medan? What did these “migrant workers” do when kin and kith were threatened?l

    1. Is that a threat? That could be viewed as “seditious”!

      Are you saying that these ” migrant workers” are a law unto themselves and do not need to obey the laws of the country where they live and work?

      Wow – that means their loyalties can be questioned!

      And that they could be a major “Fifth Column” if a more nationalistic regime comes into power in their home country.

      You remember “Konfrontasi”, right? Or are you too young to remember how Sukarno was faced down?

      1. Re. Is that a threat? That could be viewed as “seditious”!

        It is a preview.

        Re. Are you saying that these ” migrant workers” are a law unto themselves and do not need to obey the laws of the country where they live and work?

        Nothing surprises us anymore. We have seen that in Lahat Datu, and not to forget our neighbour has experienced that via the little India riot.

        Re. Wow – that means their loyalties can be questioned!

        First thing first, they are not citizen of this country, thus it has no bearing whatsoever wrt to loyalty to this country. In contrast, we have been questioning about the loyalty of some “Malaysians’ instead for quite awhile now.

        Re. And that they could be a major “Fifth Column” if a more nationalistic regime comes into power in their home country.

        They are very nationalistic lot indeed, but to say that they are going to be a major “Fifth Column” in their country is rather baseless, unless they are from Aceh.

        Re. You remember “Konfrontasi”, right? Or are you too young to remember how Sukarno was faced down?

        And you remember the Indonesian Chinese massacre during the 1997-98 Asia economy crisis right?

  5. people (especially malaysian) can talk so high on the internet (facebook, twitter etc) but they cowered like scaredy-cat when been asked to talk in the public.. if keyboard warriors can help us win a war, im sure malaysia will be the most fearsome country ever

  6. Dear Alifah Ting

    We respect and helping you, Angels praying for you & surely God bless you.

    Why is so much Haters here? Not including ‘bloody’ comments in MalaysiaKini. What’s your problem folks? If you’ll disagree fight with facts & sound argument, not with childish-like insulting comments Were you all (haters) childrens right now?

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