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Lesson for BN from Terengganu crisis

MCA refused to fight the DAP in the upcoming Bukit Gelugor by-election. Instead the party prefers to fight hudud.

And MCA is willing to work with the DAP to oppose hudud.

DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng has urged that non-Muslims must pressure Umno on hudud.

MCA is co-operating with an archrival that is always pressuring Umno.

Malaysiakini LGE hudud

“The moon is square” … bisa diatur

Doesn’t it make more sense for DAP to pressure PAS not to proceed? After all, the two parties are coalition partners and to the extent that the DAP was willing to use the PAS logo as their election symbol in GE13.

Does DAP care what the PAS moon symbolizes?

Or was the DAP – if it had really been forced to use the PAS symbol due to action taken by the Registrar of Societies – ready to UBAH whatever symbolism there is previously attached to the PAS flag and amend it to suit the Christian party.

And why not? Where is PAS’s principled stand? After creating all the brouhaha, it is shelving its hudud bills.

Think about what the flip-flopping PAS will concede to its Pakatan Big Brother DAP.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- moon square

Yahudi Yeoh dan lidah biawaknya

Madame Speaker Hannah Yeoh today tweeted: “They will tell you that the moon is square just to remain in power“. It sounds like she is talking about her own Parti Biawak.

Probably without her realising it, Hannah’s statement is revealing of the length that DAP and its Christian politicians are willing to go in their pursuit of power.

Nothing is sacred to them, not even the name of their god (is it Yahweh, Jehovah, Adonai, Elohim or Lord?) Nor the name of another religion’s God that they want to steal.


Turning against Umno without any hesitation

Today a crisis unfolded in Terengganu which suddenly left PAS with more state assemblymen than Umno and the possibility that the state assembly might have to be dissolved.

Ahmad Said who was rumoured to have been ‘removed’ as Terengganu MB has quit Umno in a hissy fit. So have two of his Aduns, at the time of writing.

The thing that interests me personally about the Terengganu political play is this: In the blink of an eye, Ahmad can walk out of Umno with nary a second thought.

He ditched Umno, just like that, and his act likely to cause BN’s fall as the Terengganu government.

Where is his sense of loyalty to the party?

BELOW: Where was Lee Hwa Beng’s loyalty to the MCA?

Lee Hwa Beng, three-term MCA evangelista Adun in Subang Jaya … with Kit Siang

Will MCA jump ship?

Having said the above, I wish to toss a thought for the BN bigwigs to seriously ponder on. How sure are you about the MCA’s own loyalty?

Supposing the outcome of the next general election goes down the wire? Are you sure that the MCA will still be standing at your side if there is a hung Parliament?

Even today the MCA is behaving more opposition than Pakatan and its media The J-Star more pro-DAP than the Rocket.

Now with Ahmad Said’s treachery, BN stands to lose a state.

In GE14 with the Gunting Dalam Lipatan giving a lethal stab in the back, the BN stands to lose the country.


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Updated: 14 May, 7.58am


Bukit Gelugor: Does MCA see Umno as their real enemy?


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30 thoughts on “Lesson for BN from Terengganu crisis

  1. And why not? Where is PAS’s principled stand? After creating all the brouhaha, it is shelving its hudud bills.

    Not true just postponing the bills. I don’t think PAS have the balls to cancel hudud forever.

    They will play around with Chinese, Christians and homosexuals and when these people are comfortable with PAS/DAP or whatever, wham the hudud plans again. In the 90s, remember Barisan Alternative. Then wham the hudud story again.

  2. The lesson for the Barisan Nasional is that the MCA is not necessarily the weakest link. While all eyes were on another state, and while the MCA and its The Star newspaper were repeatedly accused of stabbing the Barisan Nasional in the back, an ‘unexpected’ event occurred in Terengganu. And, the backstabbers came from the ranks of Terengganu UMNO itself. In case the worst happens, the Federal Government should prepare the legal framework to withdraw the oil royalty money from the state…

    Oh, the ironies of life…

    1. You must be kidding to say the biawak hidup with no balls to even put a strong fight in Bukit Gelugor as not one of BN’s weakest link. MCA is the most malas political party around, considering when the going gets tough, the toughs get lost and abandoned the fight altogether. WTF.

      And yet they are still significant? And some more wants Cabinet positions, as if without a Cina menteri, Cinas are not being served? What’s next, a Cina PM for the Cinas, or wait they already did, the Cinas that is. Meritocracy my Malay Ass!

      1. Yes so Malas that they unwillingly contest. They know there is no Malay that will lead a campaign or going house to house call to pancing undi for them. They know they need to do this on their own as the majority there are a Chinese.

        So why bother to contest when they know without umno working so hard and a Malay vote they will be outclass and out vote again hehhehhehheh


        1. But this one got the Indian DUN that come out only during makan time. Normal days if you call the DUN or the last MP office, jangan harap mereka mahu tolong hal ehwal longkang sumbat.

          Remember, come out when the food is served. (that is the custom at Bukit Gelugor).

          PS. The candidate for MCA for the last election is really someone with no charisma. And they were so stupid. The campaign dinner was done with Indian food and MCA members dressed in saree and Indian songs. So dumb. The residents are Chinese, only the MP/DUN are Indians.

          At least the Gerakan dinners were sexier and more interesting.

    1. Umno never learn..their tak apa attitude will put them into their own grave soon…

  3. Dear Aunty Helen,

    Ahmad Said has forgotten history. In 2008 he replaced Idris Jusoh, who was a good MB; so it is unfair for him to behave this way when he was replaced by another person. He has a lot to learn from Idris Jusoh.

    re: “The moon is square”

    PAS members will have no problem with that if their leaders say so. They used to call UMNO kafir because of Amanat Haji Hadi but now do they still remember Amanat Haji Hadi? If they do, I don’t know how could they still vote for PAS.

    1. ‘PAS members will have no problem with that if their leaders say so’

      malang sekali sifat hang tuah pun ada di kalangan ahli umno. bukti – baru2 ini umno (baru) meraikan ulangtahun ke-68.

    2. This Ahmad Said is an embarrassment to all Terengganu people.

      An-ex MB acting like budak-budak.

  4. Berapa Gunting atau Parang lipatan dalam UMNO?

    Tu lah, syiok reka cerita orang lain, rumah sendiri penuh penyamun, penyangak, Hipokrit , blogger tak berakal, semua penting kan diri walaupun asyik sorak Dan menghunus keris.

    Semua sama je. Cuma ni lah balasan Tuhan terhadap mereka yang sangat Hipokrit.

    1. Hahaha. Memang betul.

      Asyik siang-malam menuduh MCA, Cina, Kristian pembelot. Tetapi akhirnya musuh dalam selimut datang dari barisan UMNO sendiri.

      1. Kan dah kata apa yang dipaparkan kat blog ni umpama nasi goreng. Habis tu kenapa datang kat sini lagi ?

        Oh ya. Kalau tak datang kat sini, ke mana kamu boleh pergi ?

  5. A few commented in the FB wrt to his resignation, stating that it was agreed via a mutual agreement after PRU13 that Ahmad Said is to vacate the MB post on May 12, 2014.

    Now he has gone to town playing victim that he was not given a chance to stay on until after the daughter (is it his son?) wedding. Few have rebutted that in return, by saying what and why on earth did he plan the wedding date so close after the agreed handover date, knowing the situation in advance.

  6. serves UMNO right…. kudos to Ahmad Said. “Paling ramai hipokrit dalam DAP”? Are you mad, Helen?

  7. Cik Helen, saya suka sangat blog cik Helen ini.

    Apa kata kalau Cik Helen masuk Islam dan tawarkan diri sebagai calon Adun Subang di PRU akan datang? Yang pasti saya dan kekawan akan menyokong Cik Helen kalau cik masuk Islam. Saya penghuni di Wangsa Baiduri Subang Jaya.

    Cik Helen memang prihatin dengan hal ehwal kaum Islam di Subang Jaya ini dan saya dan kekawan sangat bersyukur adanya pejuang seperti Cik Helen ini.

    1. Ahmad Khamis, esok lusa, hari Jumaat hang tolong kirim salam 1Malaysia kat HY. Hang habaq kat dia, aku ada buat kelas Bahasa Kebangsaan untuk pendatang, setiap Isnin sehingga Rabu.

  8. So funny. hey will tell you that the moon is square just to remain in power actually suit DAP. Just as they tell everyone to pressure UMNO on hudud whereas it is their own bedfellow that want to implement hudud. It is also their foolish supporters who continue to believe that DAP moon is square.

    1. re: “They will tell you that the moon is square just to remain in power actually suit DAP.”

      Yup. Absolutely. But since it is PAS that relakan diri untuk ditunggang, we’ll give over the Square Moon branding to express how PAS is being hoodwinked and exploited by DAP.

  9. Ahmad Said the ex MB Trengganu who approve the 1 billion New Istana for the Sultan when so many Trenganurians still living a poor life even with the Monsoon Cup Badawi Glamorous Sport and PETRONAS Oil.

    Ahmad Said and gengs resignation from UMNO shows that UMNO leader up to the TOP’s are $$$$ brain inclusive of ex UMNO Anwar Ibrahim. It no surprised as this what Malaysia politics are about. Money is the King.

  10. Wow! I didn’t see it that way until you mention it.

    MCA not going against DAP. MCA working together with DAP against hudud.

  11. Hello Helen…

    Aku memang marah betul dengan Najib ni… Janganlah cari pasal!!! Dahulu Duli Tuanku Sultan yang memperkenankan pelantikan Datuk Ahmad Said… La ni tetiba je ada perjanjian secara diam2, tak ke membelakangkan Duli Tuanku Sultan???

    Jika perjanjian kononnya Ahmad Said hanya memegang jawatan ni selama setahun sahaja selepas itu kena lepaskan jawatan, maka sebenarnya secara tidak langsung atau Najib sendiri tahu tentang perkara ni, membelakangkan Duli Tuanku Sultan…

    Jika Najib boleh membelakangkan Duli Tuanku Sultan, apa lagi orang Melayu???

    Helen, saya terpaksa je undi UMNO pasal PAS ngan PKR x boleh diharap langsung… Tapi jika ada parti lain yang boleh menjamin kedudukan Islam dan Melayu konferm selamat tinggal UMNO le!!!

  12. “MCA is co-operating with an archrival that is always pressuring Umno”

    But DAP is having love dinner with PAS at Bukit Gelugor. If you want to cancel Hudud, eat dinner with PAS and ask dumbo MCA to pressure UMNO – who has never initiated at hudud laws.

    How clever.

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