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Hypocrisy is …

… Dapster-evangelistas welcoming converts to Christianity but making life hell for Chinese converts to Islam.

Hypocrisy is … after your own Permanent Resident application for Tasmania is rejected, you tell other young people to stay back in Malaysia – – don’t emigrate but instead change the government in order to install you and your Christian party in Putrajaya.

The news portal The Heat in its colour centrepread last October headlined ‘Hannah Yeoh – The one who almost got away’ (below) reported: “Hannah Yeoh had not planned to return to Malaysia. Her future, she was convinced, was in Australia”.

Sendiri bikin lain tapi cakap berdegar-degar. Her tweet (screenshot below) had appealed: “Young people, don’t lose hope. Don’t change ur country, change ur govt!”

Twitter - hannahyeoh- change country

Hannah Yeoh – The one who almost got away 2013-12-19

Mama Dapster and the lynch mob

Somehow the savagery of the personal attacks against Isma’s Alifah Ting Abdullah does not surprise me. Dah masak pun dengan kerenah mereka.

A Dapster is as the Papa does. And as the Mama Dapster does too. It is the evangelista leadership of the DAP that has spawned the Dapsters.

The behaviour of the Dapsters is forged in the fire of the DAP politics of hate; a hatred teamed furthermore with hypocrisy.

DAPster stone throwers
The pitchforkers cornering the object of their wrath

Aiming for Islamic administration

The Dapster-evangelistas had stuck their pitchforks into Alifah over some statements that struck a discordant chord with them.

Among those statements is (translated by Malaysiakini): “whatever it is, the future and administration of this country would always be shaped by Malay Muslims”.

Originally as written by Alifah: “Sebabnya dari dulu, kini dan selamanya Malaysia akan menjadi hak milik orang Melayu (Islam). Jadi corak kepimpinan mesti mengikut orang Melayu (Islam).”

Now why did this [for Muslims, noble] objective – an Islamic administration – become so objectionable when it is said by Alifah but acceptable when it was a part of the Pakatan politics of expediency?

Click 2x to enlarge


Power hungry but still hating Islam with a vengeance

Just prior to GE13, DAP and PAS signed an agreement whereby DAP agrees that “PAS berhak memperjuangkan aqidah dan konsep Negara Islam secara sendiri” — letter above.

Alifah’s wish to see the country’s administration in the hands of the Islamic leadership has also and similarly been the unchanging desire of PAS since the formation of the Islamist party in 1951.

And in 2013, the DAP acceded to PAS’s wish. Their mutual pact to conquer Putrajaya must be preserved at all cost and hence the DAP’s self-professed “secularism” can fly out the window. But that’s alright with the opposition Christians as long as the Umno government is toppled — ABU! ABU! ABU!

For the Dapsters, it is perfectly alright when DAP agrees that PAS will continue to champion the Islamic state. Semua boleh dihalalkan demi mencapai hasrat untuk menakluk Putrajaya.

But at the same time these Dapsters skewer a young Chinese convert for sharing and expressing the same Islamic state ambition. What kind of hypocrisy is this?

It is the hypocrisy learned from the DAP evangelista leadership.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh in tudung having meal in mosque


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24 thoughts on “Hypocrisy is …

  1. Religious demagogues are those who demonstrate the Will to legitimize and to sanction human beliefs and behavior according to their own perspectives, without due regard to scriptural and rational criteria.

    1. re: “Lim kit siang pet malay Dyana sofya. Wonder why.”

      Another Zairil, the female half.

              1. Oh, I was replying to your comment that said, “Picture in the heat, doesn’t look like Hannah Yeoh. Any body agree with that?”

                1. Never mind , the pic is fake anyway.

                  I read news about Seven angry Christian parents from Balai Ringin in Serian District have complained to Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) over attempts by a Muslim non-governmental organisation to convert their secondary school children to Islam.

                  I don’t think such conversion is allowed. We are not like christian evangelist. Conversion come with responsibility. Even our own prophet couldn’t convert his own beloved uncle, because he say nay. must be a slander.

  2. like the song

    “‘killing me softly with your love”‘

    aptly designed for the 1 who almost got away, but earning 40k today

    1. re: “but earning 40k today”

      Yup, Mama works hard for her money. Look at how hyper the Dapsters have been energized to become.

  3. Mrk ada baca doa makan ke? Atau untuk menghormati HY, doa makan di tinggalkan.

      1. halal grace. btw helen, if you believe in buddhism, would like to wish you and your beloved ones a belated Happy Wesak Day. cheers!

  4. Originally as written by Alifah: “Sebabnya dari dulu, kini dan selamanya Malaysia akan menjadi hak milik orang Melayu (Islam). Jadi corak kepimpinan mesti mengikut orang Melayu (Islam).”

    Tamadun Melayu yang mencintai Nabi Muhammad (s.a.w.) itu tidak akan akur kepada fahaman Wahhabi selama-lamanya:


    1. How can it be rolled back?

      DS Najib not helping and not in a position to help either.

      1. I suppose history cannot be undone, but our sincerity and firm sense of purpose could lead us on towards the right understanding and practice of Islam which our Malay forbears have passed down through the generations. We have to uncover our authentic Sufi traditions and to re-cognize the master teachers of the religion not only in the Nusantara, but universally worldwide. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

        1. Was Hamzah Fansuri a sufi? I first heard the name in an M. Nasir song, ‘Kias Fansuri’.

          1. Yes, he was a practicing Sufi and writer, but because his works are mystical and allegorical in nature, they lend themselves to controversial viewpoints. This is a spiritual path that must be trod with the assistance of an enlightened “Knower of God” (al-murshid al-arifbillah). Prof. Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas has written a treatise entitled “The Mysticism of Hamzah Fansuri”

            Here’s a brief description of the book and you can download it elsewhere:

            Click to access e02r06.pdf

        2. “The suffering of the world is spoken of in terms of wars, starvation, hatred, competition, and the struggle of the survivals of the fittest. Yet all the suffering of the world originates in the human heart. Every crime committed, every act of oppression, every callous cruelty, and every injustice to the self or others emanates from the hearts of men. However, for every wrong wrought by the human heart, a thousand acts of mercy have issued forth: every mother’s love, every child’s forgiveness, every teacher’s care, and every father’s concern for the well-being of his progeny-all have their source in the core of human being, the human heart. If we are to right the world, we must first rectify our hearts, and this is why every revelation has been granted to humanity: to make firm our hearts.”

          – See more at:

          1. Yes, sir, religion does not have any racial barriers. If you believe the it is your choice and the converse is true. No one can force you through coercion or under-handed tactics.

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