31 thoughts on “NYT: ‘Anti-Chinese violence turns deadly and spreads in Vietnam’

  1. China cari pasal dengan semua negara jiran dia. Bergaduh dengan Jepun berebut pulau. Sekarang berebut telaga minyak dengan Vietnam dan cuba untuk mengubah peta di Laut Cina Selatan. Hari tu sipi-sipi nak masuk perairan Sarawak tapi tak serius la. Manila pun tak puas hati dengan China. Pendek kata, Asean sedang merasa terancam dengan permainan geo-politik China.

  2. It is always disturbing when things like this occur. When economic and political decisions by governments go pear shaped, there is always a group of agent provocateurs who will seek to benefit from it using “nationalism” as a justification to reek havoc against defenceless usually minority working class people in an effort to ventilate their grievances.

    Yes China is in many respects a belligerent and obnoxious power in the region. But how different are they to the Americans, the British who we sent packing in the 40’s and 50’s or the Indians (especially of the monied arrogant variety) or the Japanese who have yet to apologise for their barbarity and genocidal acts in World War 2?

    China must be checked if you ask any American. A yellow (or non white) man must never have such power economic, military political or otherwise. Why? because they are barbarians and slanty eyed people not to be trusted. Go check your comic books and propaganda sheets from the pre and post war era.

    There is a definite pattern developing of south east Asian nations being hobbled together into a coalition of convenience to further the US’s hegemony in the region and encircle the China the US never dreamed of. This may well be the start of it.

  3. Aku tak hairan sangat kalau negara China nak tunjuk samseng di Laut China Selatan. Nama tempat tu pun ada hubungkait dengan ‘China’. Tapi yang aku heran ni macamana Cina di Malaysia ni teringin sangat nak tunjuk samseng di negara ‘Malay’sia. Tak ada pun sepatah perkataan Cinasia yang wujud di sini (atau di mana2 tempat di dunia). Juga tak pernah ada pun raja Cina yang bertakhta atau pernah jajah di sini. Apa yang dicakap oleh Alifah tu memang tepat dan tak perlu disangkal.

    Mungkinkah apa yang berlaku di Vietnam ni akan menjalar ke Malaysia? Besar kemungkinan jika Cina yang hidup menumpang di sini masih kekurangan ajaran dalam bahasa dan adat resam orang Melayu. Benar apa yang cucu seman cakap dan aku sendiri tak sabar untuk mengalaminya buat kali kedua. Mungkin itu saja pilihan yang ada untuk Malaysia kembali aman, makmur dan sejahtera.

    1. kaduk naik junjung…. spesis DAP yang rasis hipokrit, api dalam sekam dan musang berbulu ayam

    2. Malay-s-ia=MALAY-chineSe-indIAn, ni according to the Star MCA tikam belakang UMNO paper. Apa pasal ‘S’ aku kurang pasti. Mungkin sebab dia sedar diri kut. Mungkin S = assholes?

  4. I was watching YouTube the other day until I stumbled upon Namewee’s videos that really interest me, called Namewee Tokok (forgot the series no.) discussing on Chinese’s view on Malays and vice versa.

    How am I not surprised when I read the comments, generally the Chinese consider themselves ‘superior’ to that of Malays. Which is against the principles of equality, justice, peace, love bla bla bla that Mak Besar always preached.

    That, to me, explained the kiasuness, hostile and kurang ajar attitude of the so-called ‘superior’ kaum..(bukan umat tau incik amat kamis). To which extent, only time will tell.

    1. With more than 1,500 comments, most of them abusive, of Alifah Ting Abdullah just from that single Malaysiakini article alone, the hostile and heckling template cannot be disputed anymore. It’s not like the vicious insults hurled at her came from a mere one or two people in the lunatic fringe.

      They really and clearly crossed the line with their mob attack on her. There’s no turning back now.

    2. With a video like that, especially coming from penghina azan namewee, only time will tell. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

      1. There is a new case of “Hina Azan’ in FB, haven’t you read it? I am not going to post it here for the mere act of posting it in here will further aggravate the insult when people read it.

        1. LOL, seriously I haven’t. Will try best to check it out. I won’t be surprised if it did.

          Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

    3. That is bulshit! What is the percentage of the chinese online and internet-savvy? And how many subscribe to the views of these c monkeys irrespective? Biadap because they think with their smart so-called intellect they think they are smarter than the rest.

      Smartness is only superficial but WISDOM is profound. Just because of these few do not generalise please ! sometimes I just don’t want to waste time commenting on these rabblerousers but enough is enough. That goes for all extremists!

      If it goes on like this do you know where we are heading? Please use your brains and analyse carefully before we go down the drain.

    4. This namenotme is a total bigot and extremist chinakui. Why bother? He is out to provoke and why should we fall into in little world of skewed extremist views? We do have freedom of expression but when he is out there trying to get attention, we fall prey to his agenda. Just like the boy who cried “wolf”, people will wise up to this nonsense when he repeats it often enough so stay cool and that goes for everyone. Salam pedang

  5. Helen;

    pernah kaji pogroms against the Chinese in the past centuries. It happened in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Phillipines and also Vietnam and it can happen again in future,

    Ada sebab dia berlaku dan lazimnya kita gagal memahami kenapa ianya berlaku, dan menyebabkan ianya akan berlaku lagii

    1. Also in the USA during the presidency of Grover Cleveland who said the Chinese were a people impossible to be assimilated.

      1. And for Hannah’s knowledge. The Immigration Restriction Act 1901 of Australia.


        “The new Federal Parliament, as one of its first pieces of legislation, passed the Immigration Restriction Act 1901 to “place certain restrictions on immigration and… for the removal… of prohibited immigrants”. The Act drew on similar legislation in South Africa. Edmund Barton, the prime minister, argued in support of the Bill with the following statement: “The doctrine of the equality of man was never intended to apply to the equality of the Englishman and the Chinaman.”


        Click to access cth4ii_doc_1901a.pdf

        These are the parts of Australian history our Malaysian Middle Class Chinese conveniently choose to be ignorant. This dementia virus exists in many patients in Subang, Kelana Jaya and Penang. (Perhaps it must be the water.)

        1. Question: What makes a Chinaman so hate-able that Australia and US have to pass laws to bar them? Why the does the Chinaman create so much anxiety in Vietnam and most places in the world?

          Do the Chinese actually sit down and think why they are NOT liked by many race? Can you actually blame ISMA and Perkasa?

        2. re: “This dementia virus exists in many patients in Subang, Kelana Jaya and Penang. (Perhaps it must be the water.)”

          You mean that in Penang too you get air lombong piped into your homes that is laced with heavy metals, just like those of us in the Klang Valley?

          For the first time, I’m beginning to dislike TS Khalid Ibrahim.

          1. You mean that in Penang too you get air lombong piped into your homes that is laced with heavy metals, just like those of us in the Klang Valley?

            Kesiannya. We get good cheap water from Kedah. Lucky me I don’t live in Selangor. You have so many cookuos like Hannah, Tony, Teresa, Khalid, Anwar, Azmin.

            We got LGE.

              1. Hi Helen & Mulan, both of you are Chinese (I had originally thought Mulan wasn’t); in the bigger scheme of things how do you view yourselves i.e. you have made a number of general comments (negative or otherwise depending on how one views them) against the Chinese in terms of behavior etc but how do the two of you fit in – do the general comments not apply to yourselves? I’m not trying to be rude, just curious.

                1. re: “do the general comments not apply to yourselves?”

                  Please specify in which regard.

                2. “do the general comments not apply to yourselves?”

                  We try not be the stereotypical Chinese. The current uncaring, unthinking DAPster Dong Zong types disgusts me.

                  There are many Helens and Mulans but they have not opened their mouths in public. As not all Chinese are the typical screaming DAPster, the same goes that there are Chinese who do not subscribe to the kiasu, kiasi mantra. The sad thing the typical Chinese that Vietnamese, Americans, Aussies, British etc dislike overwhelms us non-stereotypical Chinamen.

                  1. re: “There are many Helens and Mulans but they have not opened their mouths in public.”

                    Any Chinese would think twice and thrice before doing that. Look at the savagery launched against Alifah Ting.

                    What the Dapster-evangelista cadres have done is terrorize the ‘countryside’. Like Mao’s Red Guards and Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge. It’s hardly coincidental that the DAP’s colour is red too.

                  2. Mulan, thanks for yr reply. I hv a Chinese girl friend but in no way does she or her family represent the type of Chinese people you & Helen described.

  6. The Chinese-Vietnamese problem is nothing new. The Vietnamese boat people in the 70s were predominantly Chinese. Like their other counterparts in South East Asia, the Chinese are in constant antagonism with the local races of the country. This week the tensions are in Thailand (Yinluck issue) and Vietnamese.


    “Hoa (Chinese people) refers to a minority living in Vietnam consisting of persons considered to be ethnic Chinese. They are often referred to as either Chinese Vietnamese, Vietnamese Chinese,Sino-Vietnamese, or ethnic Chinese in/from Vietnam by the Vietnamese populace, Overseas Vietnamese, and other ethnic Chinese. The Vietnamese government’s classification of the Hoa excludes two other groups of Chinese-speaking peoples, the Sán Dìu and the Ngái. The Hao constitute one group of Overseas Chinese and contain one of the largest Overseas Chinese communities in Southeast Asia.

    “The size of the exodus increased during and after the war. The monthly number of boat people arriving in Southeast Asia increased to 11,000 during the first quarter of 1979, 28,000 by April, and 55,000 in June, while more than 90,000 fled by boat to China. In addition, the Vietnamese military also began expelling ethnic Hoa from Vietnam-occupied Kampuchea, leading to over 43,000 refugees of mostly Hoa descent fleeing overland to Thailand”


    Again it is because of disputes between China and Vietnam.

    “In late 1978, Indo-China degenerated into wholesale confrontation and war between Vietnam and Kampuchea (Cambodia) and China. In December 1978, Vietnam attacked Kampuchea while in February 1979, Vietnam attacked Chinese forces in the north. These two conflicts produced a huge number of refugees “

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