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BumiChindia: Land of the Chinese and the Indians

In 1947, out of every 100 people you met in the Federation of Malaya, 44 were Malays, 39 Chinese, 11 Indians and 5 Indonesians, according to the 1947 census figures.

The population of 1947, in what was termed “British Malaya” (Singapore excluded), was 4,878,400.

  • The Malays inclusive of Indonesians were 2,398,200 or 49.2 percent.

  • The Chinese were 1,884,500 or 38.6 percent.
  • The Indians were 530,600 or 10.8 percent.


NOTE: For the information of the Malayalees, you were enumerated in the national censuses as “INDIANS”


“The significant rise in the proportion of Chinese occurred in the period 1921-47, when their share of the population rose from 29 per cent to 38 per cent,” said Richard Leete in his book Malaysia’s Demographic Transition (Kuala Lumpur: Oxford University Press, 1996).

Five most dense population centres in 1947:

  • Singapore — 679,659 (80.0% urban)
  • Penang – 189,068 (56.2% urban)
  • Kuala Lumpur – 175,961 (Selangor 38.3% urban)
  • Ipoh – 80,894 (Perak 29.5% urban)
  • Malacca – 54,507 (26.3% urban)

The urban population in 1947 was 62.3 percent Chinese and 21.1 percent Malay. Therefore in the towns, the Chinese outnumbered Malays three to one.



If you were to read the popular writings in the Malay mass media during the period pre- and post-Second World War, you’d understand how the Malays felt that the floodgates had been suddenly opened to aliens who were swamping their land.

These newcomers looked different, practised a different religion and a different culture, were mostly engaged in occupations different from the traditional Malay agrarian economy, lived apart from the locals and spoke a different language.


ABOVE: DAP rising star Dyana Sofya is pictured bottom right

Great Christian flood to wash away history

The Dapster-evangelistas today still continue to speak a different language in more ways than one. If they were to deign to learn Bahasa Kebangsaan, then perhaps the differences in our society will be blunted.

And if only they were willing to ‘stoop’ to read in BM occasionally, then perhaps their perspectives and worldview will not be so narrow and remain confined to their own ethnic silos.

Now why don’t the delusional Dapster-evangelistas start doing this – reading in the Malay language – instead of wallowing in perpetual hysteria and trying to drown History with copious amounts of Holy Water?

Holy Water

“Victims of their own gullibility”

The content of the Isma website is mostly in Malay. Vocal critics of Isma, however, usually read Isma sieved through the English (sometimes deliberate mistranslation of the) pro-opposition web portals.

As such you get something like this rant — Kafirism: Isma’s gutter politics — Ravinder Singh (The Malay Mail, 20 Apr 2014).

Isma hannahyeoh

The Islamic group’s response was penned by Umar Hakim Mohd Tajuddin who doubted that Ravinder had read the original Isma article written in BM and comprehended it.

I truly felt sorry when seeing my fellow Malaysians become the victims of their own gullibility,” said Umar in his rejoinder. See, Just a brotherly reply to Ravinder Singh (Isma portal, 2014)

I’ve noticed the same. i.e. that the pro-opposition ranters tend to fail to check their facts as well as refer to the original source material. A recent example, the fitnah against the National Fatwa Council over the purported “RIP Karpal” injunction.

Malaysiakini Isma DAP

Isma — the ideological powerhouse

‘DAP may cause another May 13’, warns Isma, it was reported in Malaysiakini today.

Nope. I’m not going to run a poll on this one. The results which I anticipate to such an opinion survey would be too frightening to contemplate.

Now why do you think Isma is able to fire salvo after salvo and hogging the national stage?

Regina Lee (reginalah) Boko Haram Isma

Lemme tell you …

Well, not only is Umno PPTA, this BN anchor party is turning into a veginatable patch. In Umno we have @reginalah and in DAP, there is Dyana lah.

If only there was a viable alternative for the election, how many Malays would be quite happy to throw Umno out on its ear, you think?


The “Chindia” business

I’ve saved the best bit for last.

If anyone is curious as to where I plucked my headline from, well, it is inspired by Cikgu Ash.

To find out more how the term “BumiChindia” comes about, please read,

BELOW: The Mighty Morphin’ Hannarama kiddies

hannah yeoh baby race - Google Search 2014-05-16 08-35-25

(657 words)

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13 thoughts on “BumiChindia: Land of the Chinese and the Indians

  1. Umar’s reply to Ravinder:

    “It is like when you read Utusan-lah, Ravinder. If you can put some kind of a brain filter when reading through it, why can’t you put the same filter on when reading from these online providers? Is it because they have more news that soothe your political inclination that makes you decide to relax your intellectual judgment?”


  2. Re. Chindian

    It reminds me of Bernard Chandran and his sister Amy Lela Chandran. Bernard married Mary Lourdes, both are proud of their Indian heritage and you can see that from the way they live. Very classy without exaggeration to prove something that they are not. Their daughter has a beautiful name as well i.e. Tania Kumari, without even a pinch of pretentiousness and bullock like you know who.

    1. You-know-who’s kids Chindian and the raving Mama demanding that the gomen department create a whole new race category for her.

      1. I hope they won’t grow up as one confused kid with bipolar disorder or worst case multiple personality disorder. Can you imagine what kind of sibling rivalry they going to face growing up, with one being Chinese and the other being Indian. Kids can be super mean you know, and taking side by parents will make it worst.

        1. re: “Can you imagine what kind of sibling rivalry they going to face growing up, with one being Chinese and the other being Indian”

          Can you imagine what kind of sibling rivalry they’re going to face with the third one being Bumiputera?

          1. LOL. I wanted to say the same. Perhaps the fourth one is Caucasian? By then the mom, the ex Puan Speaker can run for the UN chair!

  3. The fact remains. Gone are the days when you can trade insults on Muslims and Islam in the English media and expected no rebuttals, simply because the agamawan (I blamed it on PAS, in most part, because they claims to be the absolute pejuang Islam) don’t read or bother to reply or have the capacity to reply critiques in the English medium. Due to this the non-Muslims or those who hates Islam had a field day doing the obvious.

    Now, at least, ISMA had taken the liberty to do so, the stupidity of these very people, the so called English speaking intellectuals are very telling. At least and hopefully now the would have realised it since the rebuttals, now is in the language they master, no more mere tidak puas hati, spoken only among the Malays.

    Sadly, since Malays are never ‘their national language’, to quote one American educated Cina, who among others, sees Manglish as the answer (check out his Cina complex piece on TMI), they will continue to be confused, misread and misunderstood (lost in translation, perhaps) articles written in the motherland’s native lingua.

    The very reason why the word keturunan pendatang or ketuanan being excessively misunderstood too. It is what it is. But never to demean. But of course it way to late now! Syabas Dong Zong, Hua Zong & Jia Zong.

    1. ….Gone are the days when you can trade insults on Muslims and Islam in the English media and expected no rebuttals…

      Jebat Must Die gave some very exciting (muahahaha) flying kick on this very subject in his 20th Feb 2014 posting. See you people can kick us we can anytime tepis back!

  4. ‘See you people can kick us we can anytime tepis back!’

    depa dok attack, kita pun dok defend…. bila masa nak score goal?

  5. ‘DAP may cause another May 13′, warns Isma, it was reported in Malaysiakini today.

    may 13 was only a racial riot, not even a battle let alone a war!

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