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UiTM seminar accused of whipping up anti-Christian sentiments

Updated: 8.58am on 9 Jan 2014

Malaysian Insider membela agenda pelampau evangelis Kristian?’


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In 1953 the year of Nigeria’s independence, there were 45.3 percent Muslims in the population compared to 21.4 percent Christians and 33.3 percent belonging to other folk religions.

In 2010 it was estimated that 49.3% of the Nigerian population are now Christian compared to 48.8% Muslim. Meanwhile the animists and holders of traditional spiritual beliefs were almost totally wiped out. Continue reading “UiTM seminar accused of whipping up anti-Christian sentiments”

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Half blind dog shot with arrows is now dead

People around the world love dogs.

Below are photos of Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia with his. Here is one where he is jumped by Koni (Connie), the black Labrador possibly named after Condoleeza Rice — the former black USA Secretary of State. Continue reading “Half blind dog shot with arrows is now dead”