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Isma vs Evangelista, Round 2

“MCA is anti Islam,” DAP leaders say.

MCA is slapped the ‘anti-Islam’ label by DAP due to the BN Chinese party’s vocal criticism of hudud.

mca hampas

MCA is said to be anti-Islam by DAP because the BN Chinese party had criticized the DAP for colluding with PAS, for example as witnessed in the pre-GE13 written agreement between the two Pakatan parties.

In that agreement which carried the signatures of Lim Guan Eng and Abdul Hadi Awang, the DAP acceded that “PAS berhak memperjuangkan aqidah dan konsep Negara Islam secara sendiri”.

At least MCA tak baling batu kemudian sorok tangan.

Now what about DAP?

Square Moon

The Christian faux Islamic party

The evangelista party portrays itself as a sort of Parti Cinta Islam led by the self-styled Khalifah Umar ‘Lim’ Abdul Aziz who extensively promoted “amar makruf nahi mungkar” and an expansion of his state Islamic apparatus.

khalifahKGEExpanding some Islamic facilities in Penang is the carrot with which the DAP has been fishing national Malay votes.

Juga, para evangelista Yang Berhormat DAP tatkala berceramah bukan main rajin petik ayat Quran, jaja Hadis, manis mulut menjulang tamadun Islam, bertudung, bersongkok, berbaju Melayu, berkain sampin, bercerita pasal pengalaman mereka berpuasa, bersahur dan masuk waktu imsak.

Ucapan “Insya Allah” pun tidak lekang dari bibir YB evangelista.

Well, that’s the DAP 3.0 for you.

Star Media Group CEO Wong Chun Wai
Star Media Group CEO Wong Chun Wai (left)

Christian badge on sleeve but Islam lover, konon

Wong Chun Wai is the CEO of the Star Media Group. The J-Star conglomerate belongs to the MCA.

But you’ll be surprised that Datuk Seri Wong’s profile is more aligned to the DAP than to his boss the MCA. Please recall, DAP is a Parti Cinta Islam wannabe whereas MCA is Parti Anti Islam (according to the DAP).

The J-Star CEO Wong has told the world that he collects books on Islam “on a monthly basis”.

He also said: “My private library has one of the best collections of books on Islam, I dare to say“.

What he dares to say makes Wong sound pretty much like the “Insya Allah” DAP evangelista YB gang.

Similar to them, Wong Chun Wai is someone who wears his evangelical Christianity on his sleeve.


Wong: “Ignorant fools and bigots” like Abdullah Zaik 

Wong has been attacking Isma consistently in his last three articles. Isma-bashing is obviously the flavour of the month.

Last week in his 11 May 2014 columnOur right to speak up‘, the J-Star CEO wrote that in the inability of Isma president Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman “to articulate his views convincingly and fairly, he has resorted to threats”.

Wong added that those “unable to advocate intellectually or, rather, intelligently” then resort to trying to “shut down or, rather, shout down those who take a different stand” by making threats “on a religious and racial slant”.

Wong also wrote: “Surely Abdullah Zaik is old enough to note the contributions of the Chinese and Indians in opening up the country’s economy, unless he failed his exams in school or is too proud and too blind to accept the contributions of other races who have made Malaysia what it is today”.

Wong concluded: “Ignorant fools and bigots like him should not be allowed to get away with their remarks”.

The CEO’s article was carried in both the J-Star‘s print and Net circulation. 74% of J-Star readers were “Inspired” by Wong’s article while 16% were “Happy” to read it (Star Online has a readers’ rating feedback).


Iguana blood may be red but it is cold

Wong Chun Wai’s 4 May 2014 column is titled ‘Fight to keep Malaysia secular‘.

In his article two weeks ago, Wong brought up the matter that “at the other extreme, there are groups like the Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma)”.

Today Wong talks about extremist NGOs that mushroom in an instant “with a membership of five persons, including the wives and children of the presidents” and claiming that “they represent a particular race or religion”.

In his column today titled ‘Slipping into our racial cocoons‘, Wong writes that “Abdullah Zaik’s Isma is supposed to represent Muslims” but he has forgotten that a Chinese, Indian or a Kadazan can be Muslims.

Wong stresses that “at the end of it all, it doesn’t really matter because the colour of our blood is red. What does matter is that we are all Malaysians”.

In a barely veiled swipe at Isma, Wong challenged, “So can we stop the nonsense of whether any of us have contributed to this great nation of ours?”

75% of J-Star readers were “Inspired” by Wong’s article and another 18% “Happy”. Wong’s words are evidently popular with the Firster readership of his paper. They are the Malaysians who are convinced that Isma is nothing but the lunatic fringe.

Malaysiakini Isma Readers2

Language of Christian extremism

It’s hardly surprising that the opposition supporters in Malaysiakini should call Abdullah Zaik a “racist”. They must be Christian like Hannah Yeoh.

“Racist” is the favourite insult thrown by the DAP evangelista leadership.

The Malaysiakini readers also called Isma an “extremist group”.

This is not surprising either. “Extremist” is the second favourite insult thrown by the DAP evangelista leadership.

Other oppo supporters go further by calling Isma Islamofascists, “neo-Nazi fascist organisation” like the Ku Klux Klan and “half-baked religious fanatics” who will turn Malaysia into a failed state.

Malaysiakini is the voice of the opposition while The J-Star is supposed to be the voice of the MCA. Yet they sound so alike.



Above is a page from The J-Star (10 Sept 2013).

If you take a second look, you can see that the DAP Ubah hornbill mascot has been strategically placed in the photograph carried by this newspaper that is owned by the MCA.

An MCA paper but promoting the DAP.  This method reflects how the evangelistas in The J-Star carry out their covert operation. So sneaky.

Now you can understand why these chameleons want to steal the ‘Allah’ word.

Isma is merely doing Umno’s job, and taking a lot of bullets from the fully armed opposition forces for their pains.

Meanwhile, Umno is not engaged in the ideological battlefield but instead Instagram-ming away.

KJ's convoy of Range Rovers
Khairy Jamaluddin’s special number plate ‘KJ10Q”

Isma is fighting the evangelistas because can’t depend on Umno

This is Umno — see photo above.

Note that the SUV’s number plate is KJ10Q … pronounced “KJ, thank you”.

When Isma’s Alifah Ting Abdullah was savaged merely for expressing her opinion, where were the proponents of human rights, the promoters of freedom of speech and the defenders of gender equality?

And these hypocrites dare call other people “extremists”.

zip lips

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18 thoughts on “Isma vs Evangelista, Round 2

  1. Blood is red but it is still divided into groups, u do bld tranfusion on the wrong group,u are finished!

    Bila kata2 caci nista berbisa keluar dari mulut mereka,itu adalah ‘our right to speak up’.
    Bila pihak yg dicaci pertahankan diri,itu mereka anggap extremist,bigots,etc.

    Isma bukan saja berdepan dgn serangan dari evangalis Dap tapi dari pelbagai pihak spt puak melayu berfahaman liberalis, pluralis,sekularis,iblis, anti hadis,etc.Malahan tokoh2 yg bergelar ulamak pun turut sama.

    Bahkan pemimpin umno spt KJ pun balun Isma sama spt Boko Haram.

    Jadi apa yg nak diharapkan dari umno kerana dlm umno sendiri terdapat watak2 berfahaman songsang begitu juga dgn penasihat2 yg diambil oleh Najib contohnya dlm NUCC.

  2. Mr. Wong Chun Wai (in Slipping into our Racial Cocoons) :

    “Be that as it may, there are certain aspects of our citizenship that we should take seriously, including our love for our national language.
    As a Malaysian, I cringe each time a Chinese struggles to speak in Malay. I get upset when the Chinese cannot speak Malay or refuse to speak Malay. If one can speak English or Mandarin well, why can’t they speak Malay just as well? It’s a disgrace.
    As I mentioned in last week’s column, I continue to deepen my understanding of Islam and Malay Literature, which I began in my Sixth Form and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia days. I will continue to defend the need to study these subjects.”

    Mr. Wong seems to be acutely aware of the adverse effects of our Chinese vernacular school acculturation ….. it’s at the core of our society’s divisive consciousness.

    1. re: “Mr Wong”


      Datuk Wong (Malacca title)

      Datuk Wong (Selangor title)

      Datuk Seri Wong (federal title)

      He may have more recent honorifics of which I’m unaware.

      He would be offended to be addressed as “Mister”. :) :) :)

      1. Oh pardon me sir, Datuk Wong; we hope that you can persuade and reason with the DongZong mentality to accept some form of integrated National educational curriculum that also makes provisions for the Chinese (or Tamil) studies at the same time. I suppose we will all be very grateful to those who will strive towards the national integration, in time when it blossoms before our eyes.

  3. ‘unless he failed his exams in school or is too proud and too blind to accept the contributions of other races who have made Malaysia what it is today”.

    Ahh, keeping the Melayu-therefore-must-be-bodoh-narrative intact! Nice to see some things just don’t change.

    Apa lagi Cina mahu?

    Cina mahu Melayu cakap ikut skrip mereka!

    Did anyone catch the Tokong putting his words into hers? [YouTube]

    I guess UiTM and UMNO, was not so bad after all, huh DAP? [YouTube]

    1. ‘Apa lagi Cina mahu?’

      they want beyond the sky. (langit pun tak cukup)

      it’s the time now the malays ask themselves this question: apa lagi melayu kena bagi kat cina? dah lumayan sangat kot?

      allahyarham tun abdul razak has been reported to have said the following: ‘jika orang melayu gembira, orang lain dinegara ini akan gembira. begitu juga sebaliknya jika orang melayu tak gembira”

      mengikut hukum, anak mewarisi harta ayahnya tapi yg lain2 tak dijamin. anak2 israel (nabi yaakob) kecuali nabi yusof, pun tak ikut keperibadian bapak mereka. di india baru2 ni dinasti gandhi dah jadi sejarah.

  4. I support Isma. I urge all Muslims to do so.

    Am I a religious extremist or a bigot if I support Isma’s “bigoted views” on Islam which is dear to me? The chinese support Dong Zong. Therefore,the chinese are bigots as well.

    Well,if we begin pointing fingers, such as shown by the Star’s CEO, then there’ll be no end to foolish remarks that could hurt us all.

    Stop before it’s too late.

  5. musical chairs the chinaman way….. wherever your ass lands you’re screwed.

  6. Hello Helen…

    Bagi saya si Wong ni tak boleh dibandingkan dengan DS Samy Vellu… Jauh langit dengan bumi sebab sekurang2nya DS Samy dah banyak berjasa kepada negara malahan semasa dia remaja pun dia sanggup turunkan bendera Indonesi dan memijaknya semata2 kerana membantah Konfrontasi 1960an…

    Tapi masa tu si Tunku ni sama je macam si KJ ni termasuk le masa 13 Mei 1969 apa Tunku buat??? Main poker sambil minum… Hey entah le masa tu KL terbakar boleh pulak Tunku main poker…

    Sama je macam sekarang ni bila ada orang gigih memperjuangkan hak orang tempatan mulalah ada pembelot bangsanya sendiri memekak sebut ekstremis la pelampau le… Suka hati la nak jadi pelampau ke ekstremis ke dah bangsa asing melampau2…

    Nak tau Helen sebenarnya Pemuda Umno dah tak wujud dah, yang wujud adalah PONDAN Umno…

  7. Dear Aunty Helen,

    The Star betrayed BN like how KJ does, looking for trouble with people who are helping BN but closed his eyes when the DAPsters bashed the PM, Malays and Islam. Sometimes he even speaks like a DAPster. Pak Lah must tell KJ to stop being a DAPster.

    re: Juga, para evangelista Yang Berhormat DAP tatkala berceramah bukan main rajin petik ayat Quran, jaja Hadis, manis mulut menjulang tamadun Islam, bertudung, bersongkok, berbaju Melayu, berkain sampin, bercerita pasal pengalaman mereka berpuasa, bersahur dan masuk waktu imsak.

    It this something like contextualization, so that the Muslims can easily accept DAPsters? Now, not only PAS members and leaders support them but also an ex Mufti.

    LGE says that DAP is against Hudud but PAS supports DAP in Bukit Gelugur and Teluk Intan and even blamed UMNO about hudud. If DAP tells PAS that the moon is square, PAS will agree :)

    re: “Abdullah Zaik’s Isma is supposed to represent Muslims”

    COMANGO claims that it represents majority Malaysian when it does not represent most Muslims and even called MuslimUPRo that represents most of the Muslim NGOs in Malaysia as terrorists!

  8. Well, even if LGE introduces new age Hudud, Penang lang sokong.

    See the comments
    Lean Hin Tan We like lim guan eng even he stand for PAS. U shut up lah parti cari makan n katak from gerakan

    Like · Reply · 20 · 23 hours ago

    Asia Huat PAS is moderate and not racist unlike UMNO.

    Like · Reply · 5 · 22 hours ago

    Asia Huat Chinese Support PAS not UMNO !

    Like · Reply · 4 · 22 hours ago
    Devva Raj Vetrivell Indian too support Pas but not UMNO

    Like · 3 · 19 hours ago

    1. Seeing the comments from the Huan posts, MCA should repent big and be the midwife and pay for the hospital for Hudud. Or else MCA will be cursed 88 generations by the Penang-lang.

    2. I dont mind if they all support for PAS. What I really couldn’t understand how is in the first place they put the blame on other (UMNO) on the Hudud implementation brought from PAS? Really??

    3. The Awang-Guan Eng 95% merger will produce political phenomena like never witnessed before in the history of mankind. A radical Islamist party and a radical Communist party, both toned down to capitalist democracy by the 5% Anwari liberalism, and powerful human cravings for money and influence.

  9. Umno is reaping the benefits sowed by the malay ngos n muslims. the pemuda umnos r becoming pondans n syok sendiri. what can we expect from the x pm menantu aka anwar 2.0 aka dapster kj aka pink fashionista model wannabe. he’s a real malay umno spoiler. we malays r stuck with dapster kj. to get rid of anwar 2.0 kj, we ve to get rid of umno. what kind of choice is that!

    Umno would fare much better without dapster kj as pemuda umno head. the malays n muslims need to campaign against liberal kj coz the umnos adores him too much in spite of dr m’s immense dislike of the oxford 4th floor menantu x pm. getting that ibdillah guy n dapster regina is making umno self destructive.

    1. Musuh dalam selimut/daging lagi bahaya. Umno youth dah hilang taring sebab suppressed by leader. There needs to be a revolution of minds in Umno youth. KJ is not the one to revolutionize them. The day he appointed regina was the day umno youth died.

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