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Najib to the right, Nazir to the left

“@mpkotabelud dont u think tht gov (Home Min, MCMC, etc) should also held accountable coz allow them CONTINUOUSLY publish malicious articles?”

Twitter - sicfallacy- .@mpkotabelud dont u think

RBA methods: Making damaging, seditious and totally baseless accusations

For the back story on Najib’s libel suit against Malaysiakini, please refer to Dr Novandri Hasan Basri who has summed up the sequence of articles in the news portal alleged to be defamatory. Read Dr MIM’s analysis in his blog, here.

MP of Kota Belud, Abdul Rahman Dahlan’s series of tweets (linked below) also explains the issue of Najib vs Malaysiakini:


BFF: Zahid and Steven best friends forever

Rahman declares that it is “time to stop Malaysiakini for the lies”.

The event was supported by the Communications and Multimedia Ministry under Umno Minister Shabery Cheek, and by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

To recap the tweet from @sicfallacy to @mpkotabelud: “dont u think tht gov (Home Min, MCMC, etc) should also held accountable coz allow them CONTINUOUSLY publish malicious articles?”


So it’s like this, folks

(1) The PM is suing Malaysiakini for what his lawyers say is the portal’s mala fide to damage the good reputation and image of Najib and Umno.

(2) The Home Minister Zahid Hamidi presented Malaysiakini its Social Media Excellence prize.

(3) The awards ceremony event is endorsed by Communications and Multimedia Minister Shabery Cheek and MCMC, the agency under his ministry.

(4) The event where Malaysiakini was awarded its prize is organized by an association presided over by the Umno Social Media Unit chief Ibdilillah Ishak who is KJ’s boy.

Alahai, 1Cabinet Caca Marba nih.

BELOW: TMnet and Astro banner ads, OUM sidebar ad in Malaysiakini

Malaysiakini tmnet

And the icing on the cake

The PM wants to sue Malaysiakini for damaging his reputation.

Guess who are indirectly funding Malaysiakini by providing the portal its advertising revenue?

Astro and TMnet take up today’s banner ad in Malaysiakini while the Open University Malaysia (OUM) occupies the sidebar slot — see screenshot above.

OUM is owned by a consortium that comprises the public universities UM, USM, UKM, etc.

In other words, OUM is gomen-owned. And it is advertising heavily – its ad has been running for awhile already – in Malaysiakini which, the Umno lawyers now tell us, is deliberately damaging the reputation of their party and its president.


ABOVE: Malaysiakini‘s lead story headlined ‘With criminals we shoot first, admits home minister’

Talk about shooting your own foot

Meanwhile, TMnet not only likes to advertise in Malaysiakini but in the The Malaysian Insider as well.

Okay, so Najib thinks that Malaysiakini is out to get him.

Can the Prime Minister also pause a minute to look into why his GLCs are contributing to Malaysiakini‘s financial revenue? And after the PM figures it all out, can he please convey his insight to us — the voters who ticked Dacing in GE13?

Best of all … jeng, jeng, jeng … which company do you think is one of Malaysiakini’s biggest advertisers?


HINT: It’s a company that is “closely linked” – by which I mean through blood ties – to Najib Razak.

Answer: CIMB

I’m curious to know who Nazir Razak voted for. I reckon Najib himself can make a pretty shrewd guess.

BELOW: CIMB wall-to-wall ads in Malaysiakini


PPTA: Parti Paling Tidak Apa

Earlier this year, Umno withdrew a lawsuit that it filed. See, ‘Ku Nan: Umno’s withdrawal of suit against Tian Chua does not mean defeat‘ (The Malay Mail, 22 Jan 2014)

Although Tengku Adnan Mansor tries to hedge that Umno did not concede “defeat”, namun perbuatan Umno mengundur tu betul-betul buat orang bengang.

A giraffe foal tries to stand shortly after being born at Aalborg zoo in northern Jutland
Can Umno please stand up like a man?

The same wobbly knees pullback (as happened with the Tian Chua Lahad Datu case) on the current lawsuit by Najib against Malaysiakini will not be appreciated by the Umno grassroots. It might even cost Umno the next election.

Clipping Malaysiakini‘s wings could either prove to be the turning point for BN’s fortunes or the straw that breaks the camel’s back should Najib flub this one.

I’m not sure whether @mpkotabelud is aware but Isma has been winning Malay admiration for having cajones which Umno is seen to be sorely lacking.

Apa Melayu mahu ialah untuk tengok Umno jantan sikit, boleh? — This is the conclusion I am extrapolating from the findings of my poll which drew 1,570 respondents.

BELOW: DAP are spooking the Malays

Reasons for Isma rising

Trying to enlighten the PPTA is like mencurah air ke atas daun keladi. Jenuh.

I’ll just say it in one word. Mantap … Isma is mantap whereas Umno is like Swiss cheese, penuh lubang-lubang.

Although Umno is such a leviathan (kononnya lebih 3 juta ahli), yet Isma with its 20,000 members are perceived as better in defending the Malays who feel besieged and bullied.

Unlike the beaten back Umno in retreat, Isma on the other hand stands its ground. It did not back down or budge when Marina Mahathir threatened court action. And what do you know? It is Marina who is asked to pay costs.


Umno is losing it

Umno nampak ketandusan semangat perjuangan. Even the Isma girl Alifah, who’s such a young activist, has displayed more gumption than the Umno Superman (above).

Frankly, Isma is striking the right chords with the Malay ground while Umno has been hitting a lot of jarring notes.

BELOW: Well, whaddya expect from pink fashionistas?


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26 thoughts on “Najib to the right, Nazir to the left

  1. I don’t think that the acts of an individual are in any way in this regard a reflection of the position of government or the party he belongs to (I know you lie with dogs you get fleas…….but that should be directed to the individual errant minister).

    Its time this seemingly indolent Prime Minister stopped playing Rip Van Winkle and woke up from his sleep of a 100 years and took each of these portals and their editors and writers to court.

    he will certainly have more substance to his claim than Marina Mahathir to hers.

  2. Menjelang PRU ke 14 2018, kalau UMNO masih tidak berubah, ISMA tolong jadi parti politik dan bertanding dalam PRU. Semua Melayu wajib swing menyokong ISMA. Kalau Cina boleh swing lebih 90% kepada DAP pada PRU ke 13, kenapa Melayu tidak boleh berbuat begitu pada PRU ke 14?
    Bangsat sangat ke Melayu, kalau itu pun tidak boleh?

    1. Sebelum tu sila bantu menyedarkan orang-orang Melayu yang masih belum mendaftar sebagai PENGUNDI untuk berbuat demikian, Menurut statistik peratusan pengundi Melayu berdaftar adalah lebih rendah dari kaum Cina. Ini tanggungjawab kita bersama sebagai orang Islam dan Melayu.

      Keduanya sila bantu beri pencerahan pada pengundi-pengundi Melayu tentang pentingnya undi mereka, kerana peratusan keluar mengundi orang Melayu juga lebih rendah dari kaum Cina.

      Meminjam kata-kata Norlin “Bangsat sangat ke Melayu, kalau itu pun tidak boleh?”

      1. I feel this vacuum since KJ took over the Pemuda and Kem Belia.. kawasan kami Pemuda2 macam duk berkubang dalam lumpur, nampak tak bergerak aje ni.

        Unlike his previous predecessors KJ’s presence/aura is not felt here at all. Mungkin tumpuan dia kat urban areas tapi Pemuda2 kat kampung jgn le neglect sangat.

        As for Najib/UMNO suing I still like TDM’s ways. Najib tak lama sure will be on stage with this MK fella vigorously shaking hands followed by all others behind them clapping noisily. Muahahaha with BBC, CNN and whatnot busy running around with their cameras..

  3. Helen, I seriously don’t think Najib is leaning to the right nor do I believe that the adik is leaning to the left. Both are just acted they way they need to be acted to keep them in their respective business.

    Both adik-beradik are the same. Its not like they gonna go the way the Samad brothers does. [YouTube]

    Can somebody please tell KJ that he is NOT David James

  4. Glad to see finally UMNO and Najib woke up from their Cindarella sleep and getting back to those cyber terrorists in the alternative media.

    MK and MI have gone far beyond fair criticism into the realm of charater assassination of BN and the govt. MK’s latest tactic is to use readers’ comments as headline to make baseless and highly defamatory accusations. Their writers like Mariam and the rest are also tend to be highly poisonous in their comments.

    BN seriously need to set up a Cyber Terrorism Unit to counter RBA and PR’s online propaganda arm of MK,MI, etc.

    I don’t think MCMC or HM should intervene as their actions will be construed as political intimidation. Play the DAP game and sue their a**** off to bankrupcy.

    1. I don’t think Najib and UMNO has really woke up ,they actually suing the Malaysiakini in their dreams.

      UMNO has been in deeps sleep for long long time now ,when they will woke up ,no one can predict .

  5. If this is Singapore, those portals would be out of business and the people behind them would either be sued into bankruptcy or put behind bars.

    This PM is all about talk and no action. So is his government.

  6. Helen,

    apa yang anda post kali ini sebenarnya amat tepat.

    apabila saya terbaca berita PM Najib ‘NAK’ saman Mkini, saya sudah pun tergelak besar!

    PM Najib selaku teraju utama memang gagal selaku seorang pemimpin yang berkesan.

    kita akan sama-sama ketawa besar apabila nanti akan keluar berita Mkini minta maaf dan saman dibatalkan……!

    Dah naik meyampah dengan kepimpinan yang lemah, tidak tegas dan cakap tak serupa bikin!

    1. Entah, nanti kita tengok sama ada Malaysiakini mahu minta maaf.

      Portal raja putar-belit TMI minta maaf 4 kali dalam tempoh seminggu setelah digertak.

      1. What is the use of apologizing ? Then they do it again, the authority demands that they apologize, they apologize, then they do it again. Please do the right thing, sue them and put them out of business.

        1. I believe the letter of demand sent by Umno lawyers was conditional.

          Just like when TMI apologized to Tajuddin Ramli. After receiving the apology, the Tan Sri did not take them to the cleaners.

          I’ve no idea whether Malaysiakini will apologize or not. This is one case where I’m unable to make an educated guess.

    1. Indeed.

      I guess somebody is being paid a lot for doing something so minimal. Malaysia’s RBA must be jealous of their counterpart overseas. The title too, is way immaculate!

  7. Dear Aunty Helen,

    Malaysiakini and TMI had tarnished the good name of our country, our leaders and the Malaysian Muslims by publishing untrue reports and some were published by international newspapers.

    Can they do that if there is no freedom of speech and freedom of press in Malaysia as what they complained to the world? Utusan never went that nasty towards the oppositions.

    KJ did nothing to stop the lies but was fast to tell Uncle Zul Noordin to shut up. Maybe he’s confused about which team he belongs to and what he should do as the Ketua Pemuda UMNO.
    Mukhriz should have been chosen as the UMNO Youth Chief, and not KJ.

    1. re: “Mukhriz should have been chosen as the UMNO Youth Chief”

      I believe he was chosen by the delegates.

      Dr Mahathir questioned why it took six hours to count 790 votes. KJ’s victory was highly suspicious.

      re: “KJ … was fast to tell Uncle Zul Noordin to shut up”

      Please remember to ask your Uncle Zul what he will do to Khairy should KJ tell him to his face to shut up.

      1. Dear Aunty Helen,

        I’ll try very hard to remember. My dad had been very busy, no chance for me to see Uncle Zul yet after KJ’s shut up :)

          1. Dear Aunty Helen,

            I spoke to Uncle Zul this afternoon and asked him the question. His answer was,”Why should I? And if he says that I am racist, I’ll say, why don’t you say that to DAP?'”

            When I asked Uncle Zul if I can share his answer in Aunty Helen’s blog, he said yes :)

              1. Dear Aunty Helen,

                It is hard to imagine that Uncle Zul will bow to KJ. I guess that is why KJ is not happy with him.

                By the way, today I got to speak to Tan Sri Muhyiddin and he signed my autograph. The Malay Mail seems not to be very happy with his speech.

                1. re: “I guess that is why KJ is not happy with him.”

                  KJ is not happy with Uncle Zul because KJ is a pink fashionista while your wiry Uncle Zul looks like he could last a few rounds in the kickboxing ring.

                  But never mind. His ultra aggressive Dapster secretary Regina (who’s itching to take her shotgun and shoot pigeons) will stand in for her boss should any fistfught break out.

                  re: “The Malay Mail seems not to be very happy with his speech.”

                  They are not Malay. The office is filled with Chinese (you can tell from the story bylines). And they’re not very “male”. Lots of Christian women reporters.

                  1. Dear Aunty Helen,

                    re: They are not Malay.
                    A good point. I know about that but I have never thought about why they use the word Malay until now.

                    re: And they’re not very “male”
                    That is a nice joke :D

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