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Papa & Mama shaming wicked people

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TwitterhannahyeohWickedness of UMNO-BN

Guan Eng says:

“Shame on you, MCA”

Lim Guan Eng: “Why was it [TAR College] established?”

“Because of unfair quota policies where qualified students cannot enter public universities, so you formed TAR College. Shame on you MCA.”

Video clip of public debate with Chua Soi Lek, minute 4:25

Vide clip Debate 2.0 (4:25) "Shame on you, MCA" owner of The Star
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Guan Eng: “I say shame on you again”

“Are you accepting the fact that BN permits corruption?”

“That’s why I say shame on you again,” Lim Guan Eng repeats.

Click HERE to view video, minute 2:43


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19 thoughts on “Papa & Mama shaming wicked people

  1. saya memang cukup anti dengan Cina Evangelis DAP. attitude holier than thou mereka sangat jelas.

    tapi Melayu PAS masih buta dan tuli. biar saja mereka perguna imej Islam dan ayat Al Quran untuk terus tipu Melayu yang memang malas baca Al Quran sendiri tapi cukup bangga bila Cina DAP ni petik ayat dan amalan dari Al Quran.

  2. The DAPsters are remarkably clever in reframing anything positive into a negative and anything negative into a positive, depending on which suits them best. They have truly mastered the art of communication.

    Sadly, almost all Chinese and the Bangsar bourgeoisies can’t see past the pseudo-logic spewed from the forked-tongues of the DAP con-artistes.

    Gene K

    1. I know. Not only that but their ability to fitnah is simply preternatural.

      Chinese just can’t see.

      Those who benefitted from TAR College and UTAR are biting the hand that gave them their diploma/degree.

      A TAR College alumnus is the three-term MCA Subang Jaya former Adun Lee Hwa Beng.

      1. Helen,

        If I am not mistaken, currently TAR and UTAR are privately funded. If you can pay the fees and have the prerequisites, anyone can enroll.

        The diploma and degree is not given free. A student has to pay fees, attend classes and pass exam to earn it.

        1. The shareholders are still MCA.

          If MCA had not conceptualized and built, then the TAR Colleges would not have come to be.

          Lee Hwa Beng is in his late 50s. During his time, the TAR Colleges were an MCA community service, paying fee students notwithstanding.

          1. Are you suggesting that just because a person gets ‘free higher education’ like diploma or degree for period of 3-4 years from UTAR/TAR, then he must be indebted to MCA for the rest of his life? Eg. assuming MCA sponsors a student when he was 20-25 years old. How many years this student must repay the ‘debt’ to MCA upon graduation? 10 years? 20 or 30? Or lifetime?

            1. You forget that Lee Hwa Beng received his Datukship and his quango appointments, e.g. chairmanship of the Port Klang Authority because he was MCA.

              If he had wanted to make a principled criticism of MCA and BN, he should have done it when he was within the organization, like Zaid Ibrahim did when he was in Umno and in Cabinet.

              Lee’s action in dissing BN and cavorting with the DAP evangelistas is like habis madu, sepah dibuang.

              As for being indebted to the MCA, I do not expect MCA to tolerate a J-Star reporter calling its (then) sec-gen Kong Cho Ha “Donkey Kong”.

              And there must be something lacking in the MCA system when a UTAR lecturer Chong Zhemin chooses to debate on the side of the DAP against the MCA.

              I’m not saying it’s wrong fpr Chong to be contrary minded but I’m pinpointing that MCA has been remiss so much so that organizations under its own umbrella are publicly opposing the party.

              MCA should just roll over and die, and not burden the BN with having to memikul biawak hidup.

            2. It isn’t a question of being grateful. UTAR was set up to give the Chinese an opportunity to reach for the education sky, and to knock it after benefiting from it is like telling your parents they are a disgrace after they helped put you through to college.

              As a parent myself, I don’t expect my child to be forever grateful, but there is no need to be rude and unkind about it. For Lim Guan Eng to knock MCA for setting up UTAR: it’s clear he has run out of things to say, and that is rather baffling as he is an expert in coming up with creative criticisms about his opposition most times.

              Gene K

            3. Mr Lee has forgotten his roots. It’s a Chinese saying – never forget your roots- knowing the source of water that you currently drink.

            4. Redirected here from Helen’s comment in another entry:

              In the private sector during my time, kTAR qualifications more laku than local u qualifications among Chinese employers.

              The TAR Colleges is just one of the Chinese self-helps in the NEP environment. At least it’s something concrete that the MCA did.

              What did the DAP ever do for the Chinese community except sow hatred?

        2. “… TAR and UTAR are privately funded… “

          Both are also funded via donations and grants/aid from government. The money may not be a lot, but at least it indirectly subsidize the fees paid by students- that’s why these institutions are cheaper alternatives for Chinese students who couldn’t afford to study at wholly-private colleges or just couldn’t get any places / desired courses at local universities.

  3. To lighten things up, I got this from a posting from a friend.

    See the comments
    Boon Kwan Tung · Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    ISMA and Perkasa will ask Godzilla to get out of this country because Godzilla is a pendatang
    Reply · Like · 1 · Follow Post · 4 hours ago

    May 16, 2014 at 3:23 pm

    Godzilla will be forced to go shopping with MAMA or she will threaten it with a C4.. xp

    1. re: “14 things that would happen if Godzilla attacked KL”

      I must say that the 14 things are mostly quite funny.

      No.15: Our Lady of Jerusubang will sprinkle Holy Water to baptize Godzilla

      No.16: DAP Selangor will demand the National Registration Department to give Godzilla citizenship papers approving him as ‘Anak Bangsa Malaysia’

      1. No.17:

        DAP will appoint Godzilla as their war general to lead their “Let’s take Johor for Jesus” campaign

  4. Never mind the chinese abandoned Mca and join Dap.What matters is the chinese are now all united under Dap in the Crusades to conquer Putrajaya and to kick malays into oblivion, (sound less wicked if call it umno malays).

    Now, y the hell are foolish malays joining Dap for? Want to join the crusades?

    Anwar says if more malays join Dap then PR become strong. No! U are wrong. Its Dap become strong, not PR. Caution Anwar, when Dap much strong, your days are numbered! Keep in mind that Lim Kit Siang is previously the S/U to Lee Kwan Yew.

    Dont forget how they wickedly insulted Alifah Ting, a chinese just like them but because she becomes muslim, she was rejected.

    Compare that to Dyana, a malay muslim because she’s an obedient servant to Dap, they showered her with roses, full of praises ànd nicknamed her the ‘Intan Dap’.(derived from Teluk Intan).

    1. ‘Dont forget how they wickedly insulted Alifah Ting, a chinese just like them but because she becomes muslim, she was rejected.

      Compare that to Dyana, a malay muslim because she’s an obedient servant to Dap, they showered her with roses, full of praises ànd nicknamed her the ‘Intan Dap’.(derived from Teluk Intan).’

      spot on. i am baffled how much stupid the malays behind pas n pkr who support dap can be.

  5. hanya isma dan perkasa sahaja yang tahu mengajar dapster, harapkan umno sampai kucing bertanduk pun tak buat apa-apa, penakut sungguh. siapa yang grabbing umno balls? or they don’t have any at all?

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