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Evangelistas freaked out Hindus in India too and sparked deadly riots

Odisha, formerly known as Orissa, is a state in India which has a law that provides for “prohibition of conversion from one religion to another by the use of force or inducement or by fraudulent means” — PDF here

Essentially, the state enacted the law to protect its tribal people from being converted to Christianity — sama ada si mangsa itu telah dipaksa, dipujuk ataupun diperdaya untuk memeluk agama Kristian.

The first case in Odisha to be registered under the Act was in 1993 when a Nowrangpur superintendent of police booked 21 pastors.

(Please recall the Nigerian experience where almost all the animists and believers of folks religions have been successfully converted to Christianity.)


Conversion through bribery and trickery

“Hindus groups have long accused Christian priests of bribing poor tribes and low-caste Hindus to convert to Christianity,” reported the BBC (25 Sept 2008).

The Commission on International Religious Freedom annual report 2010 said:

“In December 2007, violence in Kandhamal district [Orissa] between Christians and Hindus resulted in several deaths, dozens of injuries, the destruction of at least 20 churches and hundreds of homes”.


Christian women pictured in their ruins of their home burned down by attackers

“Thousands of church properties and homes were destroyed”

Half a year later, another outbreak of violence occurred in Orissa.

The Commission said of the August 2008 riots:

“The State Department reported 40 individuals were killed and 134 injured, although some Christian groups report more. In addition thousands of church properties and homes were destroyed; at least 24,000 fled their homes to government-run relief camps, and thousands more were driven into hiding in jungles.”

The torching of the churches in Orissa was deemed to be part of an anti-Christian pogrom.


Attacks on Christians spread across 5 states

The August 2008 anti-Christian violence in Orissa spread to the BJP-ruled Karnataka the following month. (Bharatiya Janata Party is the Hindu nationalist party which has won a thumping victory in India’s just concluded national election.)

“Mobs attacked more than 20 churches in the southern state of Karnataka on 14 September 2008, injuring at least 34 people. Attacks on Christians followed in the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh.” (p.61, The Politics of Religion in South and Southeast AsiaGoogle Books)

The coastal city of Mangalore in Karnataka saw three days of rioting in which churches and clergymen were attacked, reported the BBC on 17 Sept 2008.

The British broadcaster also quoted Karnataka Chief Minister, BS Yeddyurappa, as saying “the attacks were provoked by conversions of Hindus to Christianity by some Christian groups”.


ABOVE: Jesus statue hacked during the attack on churches in Mangalore, Sept 13-14, 2008

Reaping what you sow

Malaysia is not the only country to have created laws to protect its natives from proselytization by the evangelical Christians.

And the Malays are far from the first people to complain that the evangelistas are duping vulnerable communities to convert to Christianity.

circle game

Peace-loving Christians, meek and mild

The Council of Churches of Malaysia (CCM) yesterday uploaded a statement on its website saying: “Whatever our differences, violence, hatred, exclusion and fear cannot and must not be used by anyone, state or non-state actors alike, to pursue their agenda”.

Why does the church fear “violence” when Malaysian Christians are so inoffensively meek and mild?

After all, the Christians are such peace-loving folks who are always turning the other cheek. This being the case, there is absolutely no cause for apprehension by the Christian community as their fellow Malaysians will reciprocate their meekness and their mildness, measure for measure.


Start the process of building bridges

The Council of Churches similarly cautioned that “hatred” must not be used by anyone to pursue their agenda.

CCM should keep calm and take a sip of water.

The Christians who love their neighbours as much, if not more than they love themselves, really have nothing to fear because as the adage goes “Love Begets Love”.

Since the Christians have been spreading messages of love all around – and they even love their enemies – why then should they need to worry that sentiments of hate might be targetted at them?


Christians confident in their faith would not feel threatened

Indeed, it does appear that the Christians are a little bit paranoid and perhaps “easily confused”.

Surely their faith (iman) is not so weak (rapuh) that they should feel threatened merely by some Muslim speakers discussing Christianity in a public forum or by one or two vocal Muslim NGOs?

Christians in Malaysia must not be afraid of their own shadows (takutkan bayang-bayang sendiri).

They must come out of their shell and start connecting with their brothers and sisters with whom they share one God. #We-Are-All-Hannah.

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Papa & Mama shaming wicked people


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36 thoughts on “Evangelistas freaked out Hindus in India too and sparked deadly riots

  1. In truth,there was only one christian and he died on the cross.”
    ― Friedrich Nietzsche

    1. Scholarship on the Dead Sea Scrolls unearthed in 1947 has since exposed the historical tampering of the Paul’s Trinitarian Church:

      Returning to the Oneness of Yahweh: James the Righteous One, brother of the Messiah Lord Jesus, and the First Jerusalem Church:


      1. In the tussle between the Trinitarians and the Unitarians during the Councils under Emperor Constantine, the Trinitarians won the battles and thus we have Pauline Christianity today.

        In the next round between the proselytizing evangelistas and the “easily confused” Muslims, what makes you think that the savvy evangelical Christians will not win again and succeed in subsuming Allah under their 3-in-1 Godhead?

        Note: “Easily confused” is the favourite word by Malaysian Christians to describe Malay Muslims. I’m just quoting.

          1. re: “I fear Paul and his cult groupies are headed for hell”

            They will blame Umno, Perkasa and Isma for the journey.

            Umno, Perkasa, Isma (and Najib’s cat) have been blamed by the Dapsters for the death of the robbery victim, that elderly nun in Seremban.

            1. “The path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day. The way of the wicked is as darkness: they know not at what they stumble.” (King Solomon)

              We are all sorry for the grievous hurt on the poor lady, may the attacker be duly punished. Deviationists may blame anybody for the retributions due to their own handiwork, but does anyone believe we can fool our omniscient Lord?

  2. The christian in Malaysia have no others to blamed except themselves. Malay tolerance was taken for granted, when they provoke the Malay with “Allah” issue, sizing political difference among the Malay was taken as weakness.

    There’s a saying “sarang tabuan jangan dijolok”, lucky for them tabuan in Malaysia are tolerance species, which are still adepts to the pressing. I wounder, Malay fighting motto, “kalau orang sangup menjual ,kita juga sangup membeli” is still very much with thems these days.

      1. setuju — spesis umno takde sengat, tapi jangan sekali-kali depa lupa, spesis perkasa, isma serta ngo lain ada berjuta ahli kalau combine sekali….

          1. Tebuan ke lebah? Kalo lebah banyak dbela untuk madunya. Malangnya sekarang sarang2 pon habis nak diharvest farmers jadikan keropok ranggup sihat utk kesihatan. Lebah2 ni turut kena rebus sekali hidup2.

      2. Bukan tiada spesi yg dinamakan spesi menyengat tapi berkrangan. Ada pun dah diketepikan. Kagum dgn Bung Mokhtar berdebat di Dewan. Terpikat dgn “kesamsengan” cara Noh Umar berdepan dgn PR. Nazri pula dah dibuang jauh2. Maka tinggallah spesi kurang sengat.

        But jgn sangka air tenang tiada buaya. Melayu survived in all weathers. The Portuguese, the Dutch, the British and the Japanese came but gone. The Malays were weakened but not beaten. Ingat tu.

  3. Hello Helen…

    Bagi saya ada perbezaan yang besar antara Kristian Semenanjung dengan Kristian di Sabah dan Sarawak… Ini kerana Kristian di 2 negeri tersebut adalah lebih terbuka dan menerima perbezaan agama daripada Kristian Semenanjung yang majoritinya cauvinis Cina DAP…

    Dan cauvinis Cina DAP ni pun hanya terdorong oleh kuasa sahaja, bukan seperti Bumiputera Kristian di 2 negeri itu yang amat menghormati orang Melayu…

    Di Semenanjung ni mereka cakap tak serupa bikin, perangai macam sesumpah dan akhlak seperti Alien dari Planet Pluto…

    Dan majoriti di Semenanjung hanya tahu menari di gereja memekik terlolong macam orang mabuk ketum bukan seperti Bumiputera Kristian yang tahu ajaran agama mereka dan takde pulak mereka menari seperti orang mabuk ketum… Memang dasar Alien pun nak kata apa lagi…

  4. Buddhist, Christians, Hindus, Atheist, Muslims,Sikhs,Taoist,Animist etc etc, all can, and have, lived together in relative peace and harmony.

    It was not easy but possible.

    There was give and take involved. So successful it was that we were becoming one of the most beautiful people in the world.

    There was relative stability.

    This is not a good situation for a take over. So instability must be induced to topple a govt.

    UMNO, MCA, MIC and the rest of the BN component parties did not take extreme positions against each other.

    Compromises were made by all parties.

    They lost their sting. Buried their cannons (hatchets).

    Easy for the extremist parties to launch a strike, and they did.

    Everyone got caught with their pants down, some literally.

    Now after creating this ruckus, the same people dare mention “break down barriers and build bridges”.

    I have a few expletives reserved, never to be published, in various dialects for them.

    As of today, I am not up to the high standards required by many religions. I don’t forgive and forget that easily.

    I will not forgive and forget DAP, PAS and PKR and at a different level, the bar council, Bersih and their ilk.

    ….just saying ;)

    1. re: “I will not forgive and forget DAP, PAS and PKR and at a different level, the bar council, Bersih and their ilk.”

      The watershed in DAP was when the evangelistas took control of the top leadership.

      You can see that within the party itself there are warring factions. Just last year some senior DAP leaders were ousted such as Dr Boo Cheng Hau and Norman Fernandez (the Johor DAP chief and his deputy) after the hostile takeover by Guan Eng’s camp.

      Then there was the furore in DAP Kedah where Guan Eng tried to parachute and install Zairil as well as in DAP Malacca where there has long been bad blood between the mafia (Guan Eng and his wife were former MPs and Aduns of the state) and the local leaders. The Malacca DAP even issued Pusat (the triumvirate of Father, Son & Crony) an ultimatum.

      Presently you can see the DAP warlord factionalism play out in the Teluk Intan by-election.

      The Chinese’s own worst enemies are the evangelistas who are promoting a materialistic, opportunistic and soulless culture. There is nothing Tao, Confucian or Buddhist about the DAP evangelistas. They are aliens to the people they purport to represent.

      The glue that binds them – DAP evangelista leadership and sheeple – is HATE, sowed and nurtured for Islam and the Malays (see the torrent of abuse against Alifah Ting Abdullah).

      Due to their insatiable 3G GREED, the DAP evangelistas are pipe-piping the Chinese off the edge of the precipice.

      You are right about unforgiven. What the DAP leadership has done is not only unforgivable, it is an abomination. Now after creating this ruckus dry tinderbox that soon be alight and engulf Malaysia in fire, the same people dare mention ‘break down barriers and build bridges’.

      What kind of people are they? GROTESQUE

      1. Well, Helen – you can’t stand being accused of “double standards”, can you?

        Many moons ago, I asked a question: why is it that Muslims can ” convince” (I hesitate to use the word “proselytise” because of it’s connotations) people of other religions to convert to Islam, but people of other religions cannot or are not allowed to “convince” Muslims to convert to their religions? In the context of Malaysia, that is, since your blog is about things Malaysian.

        I don’t believe that you gave a straight answer to this question. Did you take cover, saying that the law is such, and that we should obey the law, or else?

        Now, if you are one of those who profess “other religions”, wouldn’t you deem this to be ” unfair”, because your fellow co-religionists can be “targetted” for conversion to Islam (with the full force of the law behind it), but the vice versa is not allowed (again by the same law)?

        Or are you saying that “fairness” is irrelevant in this case and shouldn’t be brought up at all? That it’s an essential and irrevocable part of being Malaysians and living in Malaysia?

        To put it bluntly, are you saying that Islam is “off limits”, but ” anything goes” as far as other religions are concerned?

        And if these are the “rules of the game” here, then why should we look for “fairness” in private sector hiring policies, private sector education etc?

        You can’t neatly compartmentalise these things, not with the prevalence and the ubiquity of the social media, and hope that what happens in Malaysia will be magically concealed from global scrutiny.

        Not by a long shot!

        1. re: “why is it that Muslims can “convince” (I hesitate to use the word “proselytise” because of it’s connotations) people of other religions to convert to Islam, but people of other religions cannot or are not allowed to “convince” Muslims to convert to their religions?”

          If you want to preach to Muslims, why don’t you first start by repealing Selangor’s Enactment 1988?

          After all, Pakatan controls more than 2/3 of the Selangor DUN. In fact, the Pakatan Aduns are in a 4/5 majority. You can get your Pakatan reps to move the motion in the next assembly sitting.

          re: “Now, if you are one of those who profess ‘other religions’, wouldn’t you deem this to be ‘unfair’, because your fellow co-religionists can be ‘targetted’ for conversion to Islam (with the full force of the law behind it), but the vice versa is not allowed (again by the same law)?”

          Pakatan controls 3 states but we’ll leave Kelantanistan out of our equation.

          If you want “fairness” and “equality” to preach, why don’t you start – in Penang and Selangor at least – quoting the Bible in your Pakatan ceramahs to the Malays instead quoting the Quran and the Hadith?

          re: “Or are you saying that “fairness” is irrelevant in this case and shouldn’t be brought up at all?”

          Pakatan controls Penang and Selangor. Why don’t you all – as a first step to obtaining the fairness you demand – equalize your states’ allocations? According to proportion would be fair, say if Subang Jaya has 70% Christian population, then 70% religious funding goes to this religious community, i.e. you if reject secularism that is. (In a secular country, religion is not funded by the state).

          You are holding power in Malaysia’s two richest states. You are the Chief Minister and the Mem Besar in both these states. You hold the purse strings.

          Why are you ranting away in my blog and demanding that a solo blogger fight to gain you your “equality” when you already elected your Pakatan YBs to represent you in the corridors of power as well as paying them higher perks than the PM, DPM and federal ministers?

          re: “That it’s an essential and irrevocable part of being Malaysians and living in Malaysia?”

          Your representatives are the ones defining what being Malaysian means. They have the media platform and the 100,000 Twitter followers. They are by job definition called “legislators”. This means that they’re YOUR lawmakers who have the power to change the old laws that make you unhappy.

          re: “To put it bluntly, are you saying that Islam is ‘off limits’, but ‘anything goes’ as far as other religions are concerned?”

          To put it bluntly, why are you banging your head here in my blog? Do you think that I’m chauffeur-driven to the Selangor DUN bila Dewan bersidang?

          If you want to eat a burger, you go to McD’s. If you want Malaysian or state laws UBAH-ed so that you feel happier and more equal, you approach the YBs you 90 percent elected.

          re: “And if these are the ‘rules of the game’ here, then why should we look for ‘fairness’ in private sector hiring policies, private sector education etc?”

          Do you see any slogan or motto in my blog screaming “FAIRNESS”? Do I run an election campaign promising that I will deliver you Fairness?

          I’m not any kind of office holder. I’m not even a member of any political party and never have been.

          You bought the deal and you paid for it. Now go collect your Fairness package from the people who sold it to you.

        2. Setahu saya pendakwah Islam di Malaysia tidak berdakwah kepada orang2 bukan islam (kecuali orang asli?). So the word ‘targetted’ is out of the question.

          Kebanyakkan converts memeluk Islam kerana pencerahan sendiri bukan sebab pendakwah2 Islam mengunjungi rumah mereka untuk beri tarbiyah.

          1. Sungguh tepat bukan tinjauan tuan? Padahal pada rantau Nusantara kita ini, keseluruhan penghuninya beratus tahun kebelakangan telah di dakwah oleh saudagar2 Muslim dan mubaligh ahli Sufi dan Ulamak daripada fahaman asli mereka – iaitu animisme Hindu dan falsafah Buddha – kepada agama Islam ahli sunnah wal jamaah. Orang Arifbillah pada hari ini perlu bermula sekali lagi untuk menyampaikan kepada manusia yang tidak faham maksud dan maknanya agama yang diajar oleh Rasulullah s.a.w.

        3. Good points kinchin. Your last paragraphs mentioning the ineffectiveness of compartmentalising issues without considering how they can also apply to other issues is poignant.

          As expected, the response from the blogger was a frantic tossing of red herrings that did nothing to address your points.

          1. As expected, when AC-DC has got no facts to present, his response is a frantic tossing of red herrings that does nothing to address the points. Yawn.

    2. Ideals but ideals. We dream a beautiful Malaysia. But it’s just a dream. We cannot live by dream alone.

      WE need ISA. I repeat WE need ISA. ISA can do wonder. Tun Mahathir had shown us the way. Bring back the instrument that could stop hatred thru media, churches or mosques and others.

      Malaysia belongs to everyone who calls it home. Protect it from evils and the devils.


  5. Kudos helen. Think outside the box. Your kitab is better than ‘theirs’ ( I refer to *extremists evangelist and DAPur – lots of fire hi and lo ). Based on human rights, they blamed Malay muslims being unfair. Islam is non other shit to them ! ‘Penganut Islam?’ Just refer back to their comments on Alifah Ting !

    That what you called ‘love’ ? Spread their thy love ? Or My Dap’s evangelista hannah in every which way (berlakon) ? Her tweets to spreading hatred… anybody buys ? Sure do for the sweetie hannah’s tweetery… chip cherp.

    LKS love the word ‘bigots’. He himself ? (baling batu sembunyi tangan) This kind of character that has lived for so many years. Just dont bother to credit his knowledge on the majority (Gila meroyan siang malam sebab keangkuhan dan kesombongan nya sebagai cina) Pembangkang is alright. To be kiasus, chauvinistic manner and racism is another ‘ wrong ‘ faith, deeply planted in chineses’ heart.

    Spread your love, helen…. not in ‘their way’. Your article reflects the truth. The truth is sermoned in every religion ( bukan fahaman – evangelista is not agama anyway – it is created)

    * the word always refer to muslims but never to the non muslims that hate so much on Islam. They create ‘islamophobia and anti-semantic for such purposes. Should we use the word ‘mecca’ to describe large gatherings ? In every which way…. isnt it ?

    1. LKS? Berjuang for 50yrs and kelaparan takder gigi! Anwar n TGNA pasang Gigi mas kat dia baru boleh kunyah makanan sikit. Tuler sekarang tak kira apa saja segalanya dia nak baham.

  6. “Ramai di kalangan ahli kitab mengharapkan kamu murtad menjadi kafir setelah kamu beriman kerana perasaan hasad dengki di dalam diri mereka setelah nyata kepada mereka kebenaran.” (Surah al-Baqarah ayat: 109).

    “Dan orang-orang Yahudi dan Nasrani selama-lamanya tidak akan redha kepada kamu sehinggalah kamu mengikut agama mereka.” (Surah al-Baqarah ayat 120).

    “Wahai orang-orang beriman, sekiranya kamu taat kepada segolongan ahli kitab nescaya mereka akan memurtadkan kamu menjadi kafir setelah kamu menjadi orang-orang beriman.” (Surah Ali Imran ayat 100).

    ●Ancaman niat jahat evangelist bukan hanya omong kosong atau khayalan melayu saja tapi Allah sendiri yg beri peringatan. Allah maha mengetahui.

    Puak2 evangelist inilah sebenarnya hati mereka penuh hasad dengki terhadap org2 beriman setelah menerima kebenaran sedangkan mereka menolaknya walaupun kebenaran itu sudah jelas pada mereka.

    Oleh itu mereka berusaha sedaya upaya utk memurtadkan org islam dgn apa juga cara samada cara lembut atau keras, baik atau jahat, ancaman atau pujukan melalui pelbagai saluran.

    Cara paling berkesan adalah pengaruhi org islam meninggalkan cara hidup islam yg sempurna dan ikut cara hidup mereka, selepas itu kerja2 pemurtadan jadi lebih mudah.

    Malangnya ramai org islam hari ini yg berjaya dipengaruhi. Walaupun mereka tidak murtad tapi ini sudah cukup bagus bagi evangalis kerana ini adalah aset bagi mereka. Fahaman2 songsang spt liberalis, pluralist, humanist, anti hadis telah jadi pegangan sebahagian org2 islam.

  7. Helen,

    You might find this

    BTW in India, the terrorists groups have been sponsored and supported by Christian evangelists for decades. The worst being in the Nagaland. I was personally given a brief on how the evangelists have started an insurgency in Nagaland by an ex-officer in the India intelligence. They want to establish a Christian Republic in Nagaland it seems.

  8. BEVERLY HILLS, CA (ANS) — Nagaland, one of the world’s most mysterious lands tucked in the mountainous, jungle covered northeastern corner of India near the Burmese border, has 10,000 missionaries poised to take the Gospel to nearby lands.

    That’s the message of Isak Chishi Swu, the Christian President of the People’s Republic of Nagaland, who made this revelation during an interview before the 85th birthday celebration in Beverly Hills on Saturday, August 23, of charismatic leader, Harald Bredesen, which he was attending.

    “We want penetrate China, Cambodia, Burma, Vietnam and Laos and Nepal with the Gospel,” he said, “and we have 10,000 missionaries who are ready to go.”

  9. Yep Nagaland where the Seventh Day Adventists supported an armed insurrection against the government of India (supported by the US). Today because those tribals are a vicious martial race, they have been identified by the state of Israel a state that has a low birth rate and a diminishing “Jewish” population, as being part of the lost tribes of Israel.

    40,000 of them have been identified as belonging to the tribe of Gad and have been granted “the right of return” (meaning they can migrate to Israel.

    Given the Indian mentality, if Adolph Hitler were to return and told Indians from Barabajeh (12 O clock land) land (Punjab) they are descendants of the original Aryan race, they would migrate to Germany.

    Having recently returned from a trip to Israel and Jordan. I could not help but notice how the Nagas, Manipuris and Tripurans (all from the Indian eastern states, have become absorbed in that myth becoming more Israeli than the Israelis themselves.

    Speaking to a few of the older accepted amongst the Ethiopians one of the elders told me “the Nagas and other Indians will learn this is no return and this is no paradise or promised land. This is hell”.

    Getting back to the main issue here, the Christians have long been on a warpath selling Christianity like others sell Amway. It is the reason China has a very hard view of Amway knowing their connection to selling other things like political ideologies and religion. Born Again Christian Evangelical Christianity. And in Malaysia like elsewhere they are headed for trouble. Big Trouble.

    1. re: “Born Again Christian Evangelical Christianity. And in Malaysia like elsewhere they are headed for trouble. Big Trouble.”

      They are causing trouble for everyone else.

    2. ‘Speaking to a few of the older accepted amongst the Ethiopians one of the elders told me “the Nagas and other Indians will learn this is no return and this is no paradise or promised land. This is hell”.’

      The Whites in Israel are mining for cheap labors from the Blacks & Coloured ‘lost tribes’. It has been well documented time and again. Nothing more!

      1. Israel must be the most rainbow coloured country in the world.

        They’ve got the lost Jews from Kaifeng (China), from Ethiopia, from Nagaland on top of the white Jews (Ashkenazi & Sephardi), middle-eastern Jews, Indian Jews (Bnei Menashe) …

        There must be plenty more. The Yahudi Yeohs?

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