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Guan Eng attacks Tun for his comments on Dyana

“Don’t use politics to try to separate the bond between mother and daughter,” Lim Guan Eng said at a press conference this morning.

“I’m surprised that the mother is also attacked for being proud of her daughter and it is not right for Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to say that she had failed to raise her well,” Guan Eng declared.

Article source: ‘You’re wrong to attack Dyana Sofya’s upbringing, Guan Eng tells Dr M’ (Yahoo! News)

Slick, like his hair

Guan Eng’s riposte to Dr M is so drama queen over-the-top.

Very reptilian behaviour lah, this kind of endless putar-belit by the DAP and their evangelistas.

Iguana Eng
Iguana Eng

Which is worse — the aggression and insults or the putar-belit?

Big Dog tweets that Dyana has appeared on the Perkasa platform before.

Remember how the Dapsters went for Chew Mei Fun’s jugular during the Kajang byelection for the “sin” of appearing on the same ‘stage’ as Perkasa?

The Penang BN (means Umno lah) and their supporters cannot tahan the DAP anymore.

They had to listen to a Penang DAP Adun – who was campaigning for his party candidates in the two by-elections – scream in the Dewan during the house debate: “Celaka-celaka Umno ini, celaka! Kurang ajar, biadab!!.

Click below to watch video

bangsat rayer dap


DAP aside from shouting “racist” and “extremist” are now screaming “Umno celaka!”, “Umno kurang ajar!”, “Umno biadab!” on top of the Guan Eng doing his biawak thing on Dr M.

Why does the almost 90-year-old Dr M still have to ride out to the battlefield to fight for Umno?

Where are the rest of the Umno leaders?

Princess Dyana: “Even Mahathir is talking about me”

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30 thoughts on “Guan Eng attacks Tun for his comments on Dyana

  1. Where are the rest of the UMNO leaders.., is the ultimate question was it..?

    Well…, the answer is that most of them sudah kenyang-buncit macam ular sawa.., errghh.., sendawa.

    Go make them hungry again and see what happens. An hungry man is surely an angry man.

    Secondly, those ambitious people of who enter politics to climb the political ladder are not really willing to serve and berjuang for the people, but most of them only berjuang for their ‘perut sendiri’.

    Doesn’t matter which political party we talk about. Most of mankind are self-serving rascals anyway.., and that is a fact..!

    So..,don’t expect self-serving and ‘comfort-zone’ motivated politicians to come running and defend their old & retired master, that may in any way spoil their ‘periok-nasi’ and upset their current political master. That’s called ‘political alignment’.., or simply put ‘bodek & bedek’ techno-how..!

    As the saying goes – “…There’s honour amongst thieves, but not amongst politicians…”

    Politics is everywhere, even in the PIBG and the JMC (Joint-Management Committe) of strata-titled properties. Even in those PIBG and JMCs.., that we get the ‘ular-sawa’ mentality amongst its commitee members. What the heck…, that’s politics ..!!

    1. Tun M has say it best, anak UMNO are not taught to hate, thus we have people like Dyana, lent to be poster girl for DAP new politics!

      1. Betul tu. UMNO are not taught to hate. Dyana forgot that she studied at UMNO that set up and founded UITM. Masuk saja DAP she was taught to start hating even at her own UITM. Betul kata Tun M. Melayu memang mudah lupa… Melayu DAP that is!

        1. Adat kata jika tak kerana uitm, dyana mungkin jadi sales assistant kat kedai cina jual handphone or pear tea etc

          1. Dyana suffers minority complex issues. I pity her so much. I worried for the Malays, should they ever look up to her. Unlike Marina Mahathir, she is the typical Melayu a Cina would love to lord over.

            Dyana is just another Adam Adli in the making. Worst come to worst, a Cina towkey would come to the rescue.

        2. Memang loser, dapat anak turned dapster, except for the cash mani may be. Anything to do with dap is a loser, case lost.

    2. surecorrect..

      Correct..correct..correct. I couldn’t agree more on your points about all these politicians. They only care for themselves.

  2. Aduh…nama bukan main lagi. Rupa dan perangai lain citer…… selalu camtu why lah.

    1. Guan Eng, LKS, Tembam, Teresa dan Chua etc and that ‘Cilaka’ Adun are merely community leaders. Peringkat Negeri pon cara mereka mengelabah tak tentu arah tuju.

      UMNO leaders are our National and International leaders. Penampilan takleh macam penyangak (ada juga sekok yg tersesat pasai sedang berdepan dengan syndrome adrenalin rush).

      TDM takpe pasai dia dah bersara, memberi kata tegur pun takpe pasai dia bukan saja bekas pemimpin negara yg begitu berpengalaman, suara dia dalam dunia Islam apa kurangnya. (OIC 57 member nations, 56 of which are also UN members). Dengan Pope pun pernah minum teh tarik ala Vatican!

      Pinjam kata-kata Tembam, kawan2 dia tu kalo peringkat national dan antarabangsa takder “class” wan! Kesian kat depa nuuu, asyik syiok sendiri sesama mereka tak kesudahan.

  3. I was like, what the hell was going on those people making a scene like budak-budak until I saw that clip.

    Didn’t he know the words ‘celaka’ (coupled with that kind of intonation) and ‘bangsat’ are the strongest words in Malay you would never howl to others unless you were prepare to face the consequences. Melayu memang pantang orang cakap macam tu kecuali dia memang sengaja cari gaduh.

    Saya dengar klip tu pun rasa mendidih jugak darah! How dare! And it grows some more when I made aware he used that too in his ceramah.

    1. re: “And it grows some more when I made aware he used that too in his ceramah.”

      Yes he did. The video clip can be found on the Internet.

  4. where is zahid, nazri, khairi

    where is Tong Lai, Cry baby Ka Siong, the 2 Ong Brothers from Perak

    where is Palani, Saravanan, Samy

    Thats right folks who gives a damm about BN

    Maybe its time for these jokers to close shop

  5. TDM said his piece… and it was a good piece… until mommy stepped in and brought in a “stoopid” whoopass statement, which goes back to her.

    It is true that most of us are brought up to not hate, discriminate or irregulate others, despite whatever our upbringing may be… rich, poor, tall, short, black, white… in the end, we are all living in the same country, breathing the same air, eating at the same mamak stall, drinking the same teh tarik/kopi o (sweet or less sugar)…

    UiTM is not only for Malays… it is open to “Bumiputera”… that includes Sabah and Sarawak. Why the fuss on UiTM (or ITM when it was known before)? Why not fuss on the “whole district of Kampar-run singular” UTAR? Why not fuss on the “whole city-state of Ipoh-run singular” Manipal?

    She should remember the phrase “dimana bumi dipijak, disitu langit dijunjung” and not “shit where you eat”. No point of earning a degree in law from a so-called UMNO institution (which without its help, there would never be a Dewan Latihan RIDA). Definitely, she never read history and never learn from history. Therefore, he law degree is just “cukup-cukup makan” pass 3 class.

    Not rambling much, the BN top brass should do something and not just “zip the piehole” and watch where this ruckus will lead. Shame on them… foreshame on them!

    I will stand my ground with TDM… and those BN top brasses not doing anything on this, better relinquish your post and make vacant to those who fight “for the people, by the people, of the people”.

    ‘Nuff said…

  6. Actually DAP claims that a win by Dyana would be a sign of breaking of racial barriers. How would that possible if 95% Chinese and only 30% non Chinese voted for her? But if Mah wins, then it would mean he would have support from all the three major communities – that would be a sign of breaking of the racial barriers!

  7. Any interested volunteers? Outstanding way to learn their dakwah strategies now that they’re fielding a Malay candidate.

    From:Â Ong Kian MingÂ
    Date: Wed, May 21, 2014 at 4:39 PM
    Subject: Requesting for volunteers for DAP call center
    To: Kian Ming Ong

    DAP is looking for volunteers to conduct phone calls to Teluk Intan voters. Details are as below:

    All equipment are provided. Just need you or your team members to come and call. You can choose any date but at least 2 hours per slot to volunteer. You are welcome to help out for more than 2 hrs, all up to you. Please msg/whatsapp me your time that you can commit. Thanks!

    Venue: 4th floor , DAP HQ, Jalan Yew, off Jalan Pudu.
    Time : 9am-9pm.
    Date: 22nd – 30th May
    Max pax: 15 person per session

      1. Where got ? Only those with the “pedigree”….I don’t what that word means l o l do you ?

        1. Where got ? Only those with the “pedigree”…. I don’t know what that word means l o l do you ?

  8. Non ilitrate malays speaking mandrin not allowed to teach in sjkc bila election time bole pulak double standard ke ni

    1. Melayu yang boleh berfikir sendiri memang dibenci DAP, tetapi Melayu yang boleh ikut cakap diaorang macam Dyana Sofya memang disukai…


      Geez, I thought Cina DAP hates half baked Melayu bodoh? She barely can articulate her minds of, but she surely had killer smiles. Perhaps she could dye her hair blonde instead?

      1. You may not think highly of her personally but based on the DAP’s past performance in the constituency, a DAP candidate has the edge in the contest.

        The former DAP Teluk Intan MP won with a majority of 7,000-plus votes. The Gerakan man is still the underdog in this race although going by track record, he has more “merit”.

        Like I said, the oppo supporters no hope and no cure. Something very wrong with them. I don’t mind if they pangkah Roket till kingdom come but please lah, spare us the bullshit that insults our intelligence.

        1. Ms H. It is obvious. Even when the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP put up a dying man in May 2013, he won hands down. This reflects badly on the dull, colourless and obstinate DAP leadership who has run out of ideas and now resort to swallows, ducks, tycoons etc. and this is after 48 years in the Opposition.

        2. Helen, I got friends who reads law at UiTM too. Some are not fond of UMNO to, but not being able to articulate one minds while being a law graduate simply baffles me. Is that the best of UiTM that the DAP are able to produce to reps the people of Teluk Intan?

          What a shame indeed.

  9. wonder whether dyna will propose to conduct Excel class to the constituency’s youngsters.

  10. Ms H. The best method to sort out DYANA and Dato Seri Mah is to have a TV debate between these 2 distinguished personalities, one who is already distinguished at 27 and the other at 49 or thereabouts. This is a very serious public matter. It is not like the fairy tale of the Beauty and the Beast.

    1. ‘Beauty and the Beast.’

      I would like to think so, but Kit Siang being the beast, considering his overlord-ship over Dyana Sofya.

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