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Kit Siang’s past pol-secs have succeeded to become YBs — Teresa Kok, Teng Chang Khim, Chow Kon Yeow, Ean Yong Hian Wah, Lee Kee Hiong, Kasthuriraani Patto.

However, none of the others have melded with the mentor as much as Dyana Sofya has.

  • BRAd Pitt + aNGELINA Jolie = Brangelina
  • BEN Affleck + JenNIFER Lopez = Bennifer
  • KHALid Ibrahim + ELI Wong = Khaleli
  • KIT Siang + Dyana = Kityana




Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud Lim Kit Siang



Princess Dyana: “Even Mahathir is talking about me”

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Why don’t Kityana and Mah Siew Keong have a debate, one reader of this blog suggested.


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17 thoughts on “Kityana

  1. Khairy + Regina = Khaigina
    Zairil + Ms Yap Soo Hui = Zaihui
    Tokong + Rainbow = Tobow (alas romance broken off) , now only left Tokong + Ugly Betty = Tokugly
    Anwar + Sukma = Ansuk
    Anwar + Saiful = Ansai

    Well this is fun. But did you see the drama of one of the candidates at my place. I should vote him for all the entertainment.
    “Bukit Gelugor by-election candidate Abu Backer Sidek Mohamad Zan ‘fainted’ when he tried to stop Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s vehicle from leaving the state assembly after the sitting at 2pm on Tuesday.”

    The other question – is Ram straight, gay etc? Such burning questions.

    “Ramkarpal, though unperturbed by Huan’s insinuation that he could be gay, told his opponent for the Bukit Gelugor seat that his sexuality has nothing to do with the by-election and questioned his motive for raising such an issue.

    Huan had in a press conference this morning said that there must be “something wrong” with Ramkarpal as he is 38-years-old, still single and had recently posted a picture of a muscular man on his Facebook page.”

    Question: Is anyone interested with the welfare of Bukit Gelugor residents? You would notice the candidates are slinging mud on each other but no one talks about whether there is broadband in Bukit Gelugor, are the drains clean, whether there is crime etc.

    I wonder come Sunday should I waste my time going to the polling centre. I believe i have to take care of my imaginary cat and his imaginary sick kitten or time for me to wash my toilets.

  2. This poor deluded girl doesn’t realise she’s the classic “token” Melayu for the DAPsters. While I agree she has every right to support which ever political party she chooses, can’t she see that her rocket rise in the DAP is so blatantly due to her race, and not to her qualifications or limited work experience?

    She’s obviously revelling in the limelight and the flattery being showered upon her by the Pakatan side.

    She and Khir Johari’s stepson, Zairil, are what I call the opposition’s “matrikulasi” politicians, referring to the government’s matriculation programme which favours Bumi students to enter university. Non-malays loath the programme claiming it allows easier entry into unis by Bumi students with poorer results, while non-malays have to slog and pass the tougher stpm.

    Pity the long serving DAP members in TA, who’ve been cast aside ruthlessly as possible candidates. Seems like even in the DAP, there are special privileges for Bumis, hehehe!

    Let’s see how long the love fest lasts, given what happen to Tunku Aziz.

    1. “can’t she see that her rocket rise in the DAP is so blatantly due to her race, and not to her qualifications or limited work experience?”
      Good point. No wonder the party’s emblem is rocket.

      If she gets elected in Parliament, at least MPs on both sides boleh ‘cuci mata’ while debating bills.

    2. ‘Seems like even in the DAP, there are special privileges for Bumis, hehehe!’

      Indeed. Hypocrisy of the highest order!

        1. Have you read this?

          Panas!!! Melayu Penang Mengamuk Di DUN Apabila ADUN DAP Panggil Melayu Celaka

          Hari ini Wakil Rakyat DAP India (deleted) terpaksa lari lintang pukang, meninggalkan Sidang DUN dengan sebuah kereta dalam keadaan menggigil, apabila DUN Pulau Pinang tidak lagi dapat memberinya kekebalan dari menjadi mangsa amukan orang-orang Melayu Pulau Pinang yang menceroboh DUN berkenaan sebentar tadi. Mujurlah ada anggota keselamatan berbangsa Melayu yang masih lagi mahu menjaga keselamatannya atas dasar tugas dan tanggungjawab kepada Negara.


    3. Fyi matrikulasi is opened to all races. There r indians n chinese. Check yr facts ma.

  3. oops.. she may well be DAP’s Queen bee owh? Grin as wide as you can for now lady and get fed with the best of food offered so you can lay more eggs for your towkey.

  4. Chinamen really know how to do business.

    They sell anything pun, orang Melayu beli.

    They also sell melayu and some people beli

  5. Dyana dihalau ketika berkempen

    TELUK INTAN – Calon DAP, Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud dipercayai dihalau ketika menjalankan kempen di tapak pasar malam Rumah Awam, Kampung Padang Tembak, hari ini.

    Dalam kejadian kira-kira jam 5.50 petang itu, Dyana Sofya yang hadir bersama pimpinan tertinggi DAP termasuk Lim Kit Siang menerima kecaman daripada sebuah kumpulan yang mengeluarkan kata-kata mengusir.

    1. Ketua Pemuda UMNO, do you feel insulted?


      Sure does not seem like it! He kept using the third party to describe UMNO and people who had supported UMNO as if he is not one of them?

      So KJ are you Gerakan or MIC now?

      KJ please #bringbackthetelurinourboys

  6. Re Aaron on matriculation.

    The operative word here is “favours” Bumiputeras, not solely for Bumis. The bulk of the matriculation quota goes towards Bumis. That’s a fact. The quota is also always cited by non-Malays as unfair. Just read all the articles.

    I have no beef with the matric quota. It serves its purpose. Just used it to underscore how two-faced the DAP is when it comes to special privileges for Bumis. When UMNO does it, it’s “racist” etc. When the DAP does it, it’s “multiracial”, “openness”, “transparent”, “incorruptible”, etc etc ad nauseam.

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