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Princess Dyana: “Even Mahathir is talking about me”

KJ 10 Q

“KJ thank you”

Yes, thank you, thank you, thank you Dapster Khairy.

Thank you God too for giving us Anwar 2.0, a younger, fitter Anugerah Tuhan.

And Regina as well.


‘KJ 10 Q” — The number plate of Khairy Jamaluddin’s SUV

KJ's convoy of Range Rovers
KJ’s convoy

Umno got their Khairy, DAP got their Dyana

Doesn’t Diana’s supersonic rise and super healthy ego remind you of her counterpart young politician in Umno?

The MALAY” candidate, Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud, who is carrying her Chinese party’s pennant in Teluk Intan, is thrilled to bits at all the attention showered on her.

“Even Mahathir is talking about me. I pity (Mah Siew Keong), no one talks about him,” bragged Dyana.

She beamed, “Everyone is too preoccupied talking about me”.

Helen Ang has even stopped talking about Hannah Yeoh today to talk about Dyana.

J-Star chief in promoting Princess Dy

The media promoting her with the greatest gusto is The J-Star.

In the last 24 hours, the paper’s online carried three stories, Teluk Intan by-election: Dyana Sofya unfazed by the wolf whistles, ‘Dyana does not huff and puff about wolf whistles‘ and ‘Bikini photo smear campaign against DAP’s Dyana Sofya condemned‘.

It is a case of Gunting Dalam Lipatan strikes again, after the Scissorati having laid low for a spell following group editor’s June Wong’s “removal”.



Tun Faisal, the former Umno Unit Media Baru (UMB) chief exposes the role of the pro-opposition media, including The J-Star, in colluding with Beaner strategists to help garner sympathy votes for the DAP darling.

#PRKTelukIntan: AWAS Video Lucah & Gambar Edit Permainan #RedBeanArmy raih simpati #Dyana

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37 thoughts on “Princess Dyana: “Even Mahathir is talking about me”

  1. hahaha,

    dapster K… betul.

    boleh tulis novel cerita biawak liberal yang dipelihara umno nih. dy ni, puppet master dia tak kasi buat statement kat PC. sian dy, siap rampas mic lagi tok dalang LKS, takut dy tersalah cakap, maklumlah budak2…

  2. Dia syok sendiri.

    Think about it. If she’s not a trained lawyer, if she’s not highly educated, would she be here in the first place ?

    1. Such a wide gap between the politicians of the Social Media era (Khairy, Hannah, Dyana) and those belonging to the previous generation.

      Tun is a trained medical practitioner. You don’t hear him syok sendiri like that not even when he was young and had his Che Det newspaper column (which was a big platform in the olden days before Internet).

      Do you know what’s powering the Dyana mania? It’s the ugly Dapsterism.

      1. Re Do you know what’s powering the Dyana mania?

        They have different brands of holy water.

        For the Chinese = “Equality for Chinese” Brand

        For Christians = “Defend our faith” Brand

        For Malays = “We love you all” Brand

        For Indians = Got Indian brand ?

        1. Ha ha ha. Yup, the Dapster-evangelistas are the best in the country at marketing and branding.

          For Indians = “We’re All Anak Malaysia” brand

      2. By the way, we have scores of people just like her, below average people who because they possess a degree, they think they are above average.

        My office is packed with these people. Talk a lot but no action. Some will stoop so low as to lick the boots of the boss in order to climb to a higher position.

        Most come from not so well background. Without government intervention, they would still be in the villages. Just goes to show that they are ignorant of their own history.

        Sigh !

        1. Dyana’s always “chaperoned” during the campaign when speaking to the media and mostly with Kit Siang glued to her side.

          That’s why the Siamese twin entity is Kityana.

  3. You got it spot on! Indeed she’s Princess Dyana. She’s an absolute match for DAP with her self promotion and over estimation of her own popularity. Indeed she’s the Malay version of Hannah Yeoh.

    BTW did you also noted that she possesses another key trait of DAP 3.0 – Biawakism? She dons the tudung and baju kebaya when attending PAS events and those in Malay areas. In other areas she puts on make up to the max and uses the DAP’s uniform of blouse and pants.

    Just waiting for her to turn up in Sari and Cheongsam next anytime soon. Later in the campaign don’t be surprised she visits surau and mosques in all-white jubah and spews our quranic verses.

    1. True. That’s what I commented in another post. Almost every pic of her over this PRK you will see Kit Siang as her shadow or maybe he needs to be close coz puppet strings are not that long, are they?

      1. The Umno bloggers have Photoshopped “Kityana” photos.

        Kit Siang + Dyana = Kityana

        just like Brad Pitt + Angelina Jolie = Brangelina

        and Ben Affleck + Jennifer (several GFs by that name) = Bennifer

        The Kityana posters are cute.

        1. Compared to Hannah banana frankly i think Kityana is cuter and ‘got class’.

          Its a strategy to have the cutest in the Dapsters party to attract the PasLebai and PKRliwaters as many are known $ex maniacs.

  4. Interesting message / SOS from LKS.

    It goes to show the yawning gap between the RBA/nutizens…oops netizens and the real world.

    “I have no doubt that if the Teluk Intan by-election on May 31 is decided by Malaysian netizens, the DAP candidate Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud would win hands down in the social media or Internet poll. I would even put Dyana’s chances of winning in a poll on the social media or Internet as some 85% to 15%.
    However, the Teluk Intan by-election on May 31 will not be decided by netizens in Malaysia but by the 60,000 Teluk Intan voters, a substantial percentage of whom are not netizens.

    I said yesterday that the DAP is the underdog in the Teluk Intan by-election among all the three different racial groups, and I had rated the DAP’s chances yesterday as 40% to 60%. –

    For this reason, I want to send out SOS to Malaysian netizens to help out in the Teluk Intan by-election in every way they can as DAP candidate Dyana Sofya faces defeat in the by-election although she would have won hands down in a social media or Internet poll”.

  5. Is Dyana all that canggih? Yes, she is a great improvement on Hannah-Banana-Stuff-My-Mouth-with-Lard, but from all the reports, you would have thought that Dyana was a Kim Kardashian.

    She has crooked teeth, a double chin (notice how most of the DAPsters have double chins?) and looks rather ordinary.

    Gene K

  6. Ms H. As I proposed before, let the whole World and the great United States view our Malaysian Democracy at play.

    Let us all propose that DYANA (the Western mythological Goddess of Love) debate with Dato Seri Mah on TV IN COLOUR for all to see our Malaysian Democracy’s fairness and transparency.

    1. Sorry Uncle – Diana was the Roman goddess of the Hunt and wilderness (the Virgin Huntress).

      1. Curmudgeon of 72. You are right C. With so much sex and beauty in Malaysian politics these days, I am thoroughly confused. Short of pinching the right article, let us all watch an open Debate between the Beauty and the Beast !

  7. My father used to say,

    “Kalau ditimpa batang balak masih boleh dibantu, Kalau dah ditimpa perasan tak siapa boleh bantu.”

    1. Seronoknya si Dyana ni. Angkat bakul junjung sendiri. Jangan haraplah akan menang. Cina tetap akan undi Cina. Itu tradisi mereka di Malaysia…

      1. Muka Dyana menunjukkan dia seorang typical opportunist, tak kira kalau dia kerja di kilang ker, rumah urut ker, ladang babi ker atau di mana-mana sahaja.

  8. re: Cina tetap akan undi Cina. Itu tradisi mereka di Malaysia…

    di kajang…Chew Mei Fun kalah dengan Wan Azizah…adakah cina undi cina?

    1. alwieabdullah. With due respect, I thought Chow Mei Fun is a Chinese fried beehoon dish.

  9. My prediction is..,

    28% of votes come from Malays for BN,
    12% of votes come from Indians for BN,
    15% of votes come from Chinese for BN

    Therefore..,, BN wins by 55% from total votes.
    Therefore…, Dyana DAP kalah..!

    Wanna bet.., anyone..?

  10. I don’t understand the fuss over her looks, she’s a dime a dozen.

  11. Ms H. You are a more suitable candidate to represent Gerakan than DAYANA representing the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP.

      1. I don’t support either.

        But between the two, MCA is the better in my opinion.

        I wish Wee Choo Keong would return to active politics.

        1. Why not you ask Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye to leave DAP and join MCA. He’s the only politician I know of, who is very committed, sweats for his constituency and works like a dog.

          Both Wee Choo Keong and Lee Lam Thye were once MPs of Bukit Bintang anyway.

          But.., I can bet you this though. First of all, those MCA leaders will not allow him into MCA. Secondly, even though he can contest as an MCA candidate in Bukit Bintang against even a ‘Singh’ from DAP.., for sure Lee Lam Thye will lose.., because that is how the kiasu Chinaman mentality works. ‘Block voting’ for their ultra-kiasu cause.

          What say you..?

  12. i have to say, Helen, everytime I masuk your blog I get depressed.

    Not because of you personally, but because of all these stupid politicians that keep popping up and making crappy stuff out of the country. I think I’m getting old too because when I see young, impressionable young people fawning over crappy politicians like these I tend to roll my eyes back so far I get momentarily blind.

    1. :D

      So true. Malaysian politics is depressing. I wonder if politics anywhere in the world is a happy affair. Maybe Denmark? Their PM is a looker.

      I think the sheeple are more annoying than the politicians. I mean the job requirement of a politicians is to be slick, sneaky and slimy. So it’s expected of them. But need the sheeple be in such a stupor?

      Like you say, looking at how the young people [and the middle-aged, and the old who should know better] fawn over crappy politicians really makes you face palm.

      1. so true! it’s even more annoying when the sheeple think that YOU’RE the one in stupor, and keep telling you to wake up! wake up! this is how things are. Makes me want to slap their head upside down to get them out of it, tapi nanti kena brand as Umno samseng pulak =_= Walaupun diri ini bukan org Umno.

        Gotta admit though – quite genius lah these politicians when their sheeps don’t even realize that they’re being shepherded.

        LOL Denmark’s PM may be a looker but they kill baby giraffes in their zoos! Baby giraffes, Helen! XD

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