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Dyana wants action taken against UiTM speakers for “demonising” Christianity

The Malaysian Insider today published yet another op-ed saying:

“Religious tension was raised several notches over the past weeks by Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia’s (Isma) Chinese-bashing statements, as well as a seminar held in Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) earlier this month at which speakers demonised  Christianity.”

See ‘Interfaith dialogue undermined by Putrajaya’s inaction on hate speech, say observers by Jennifer Gomez

Christology seminar in UiTM
Christology seminar in UiTM

Seminar organized by MAIS, supported by JPM

Earlier, DAP had in the party website carried a press statement titled ‘The UiTM is under the spotlight again following the seminar on the word “Allah’ and Christology in the Malay Archipelago”.’

The seminar, held at UiTM’s Dewan Agong Tuanku Canselor on 6 May 2014, was organized by the Majlis Agama Islam Selangor (MAIS) together with two other organizations. It was supported by Utusan, TV al-Hijrah and three corporate sponsors.

TV al-Hijrah is an Islamic television channel that comes under the Prime Minister’s Department (JPM).

The DAP media statement issued on 8 May 2014 was signed by Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud (below).


Dyana bashes “certain parties” that are “full of hatred”

Dyana in her statement said that the content of the UiTM seminar was to “demonise Christianity in the eyes of the participants”. She said:

“I am disappointed at how UiTM is handling this matter. If the institution has the noble intention to promote understanding and strengthen Islamic beliefs, the right way is definitely not by demonising another religion.”

Dyana Sofya & Yahudi Yeoh
Dyana & Hannah Yeoh

Dyana also took issue with a MAIS booklet ‘Pendedahan Agenda Kristian’ distributed to the some 1,000 undergraduates attending the seminar. She claimed the booklet to be “anti-Christian material”.

According to Dyana, “The book was blaming Christianisation as the main reason of apostasy among Muslims”.

Dyana, who is Lim Kit Siang’s political secretary, further slammed the university for choosing to “discredit and smear [the Christian] faith without a care in the world”.

She said of her alma mater:

“UiTM as a respected institution is not supposed to stand so low just to satisfy the agenda of certain parties who are closed-minded, full of hatred and obviously very backwards.”

Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud Lim Kit Siang

Is Dyana criticizing the Quran?

Dyana said that the UiTM seminar speakers had claimed “there are evil plots to Christianise the Muslims”.

She said they were “spreading lies and causing insecurities in the name of religion”.

She said they sought to “instigate hate between religions and races”.

She added that what was worst was that “it was organized and endorsed by a respected university. Just pathetic”.

“This incident discredits my alma mater and I, along with many of my UiTM brothers and sisters are definitely not happy with it,” concluded Dyana.


The ‘Love, Love, Love’ talk

double faceDyana said she believes action should be taken against the organizer of the seminar.

She said instead of a seminar instigating hate between religions and races, it should have been:

“an inter-faith seminar highlighting shared basic principles across religions to show how our differences are superficial and our similarities are deep, encouraging understanding among different religions and strengthen unity and togetherness”.

Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud has been well tutored by the DAP.

She now talks like an evangelista — “inter-faith” lah … “shared basic principles across religions” lah … “similarities are deep” lah … “understanding” lah … “strengthen unity and togetherness” lah.


MAIS booklet warned against “Yahudi dan Nasrani”

Let’s go back to the bit where Dyana had slammed the seminar for allegedly choosing to “discredit and smear” Christianity.

To recap, the seminar is organized by the Selangor highest Islamic authority. And like Dyana said, MAIS had distributed its booklet ‘Pendedahan Agenda Kristian’ to the participants.

pendedahan_MAISThe MAIS booklet, in its first chapter ‘Dalil-dalil nas tentang sikap sebenar Kristian’ quoted surah Al-Baqarah, verse 140 and interpreted it as:

“Penegasan Allah tentang sikap sikap Yahudi dan Nasrani yang menyembunyikan keterangan sebenar serta usaha mereka untuk memutar belit fakta dan bukti demi menyesatkan manusia.”

MAIS quoted surah A-li Imraan, verse 111 and interpreted it as:

“Penegasan Allah tentang sikap Yahudi dan Nasrani yang sentiasa mengejek dan membuat tuduhan tidak berasas yang menjejaskan kesucian agama Islam.”

MAIS quoted surah Al-Maidah, verse 18 and interpreted it as:

“Penegasan Allah tentang sikap ego dan menunjuk-nunjuk golongan Yahudi dan Nasrani yang merasakan diri mereka sebagai kelompok terpilih yang lebih baik berbanding manusia lain.”


Siapa Dyana?

Seorang lagi ustazah Abby?

Meskipun Dyana diuar-uarkan DAP sebagai seorang “peguam” namun namanya tidak ada pun dalam senarai badan peguam.

MAIS has presented nas-nas Al-Quran to support its dalil-dalil.

Does Dyana dare to debate with the religious authorities on the authenticity of the ayat-ayat cited in the MAIS booklet which she characterizes as discrediting and smearing the Christian faith, instigating hate, and “spreading lies and causing insecurities in the name of religion”?

It’s clear that Dyana is a Dapster puppet whose strings are being pulled to mouth evangelista platitudes and to attack UiTM, MAIS and the Muslim NGO speakers.

Does it also look like the warnings by MAIS are not misplaced?

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UPDATE (3.30pm):

The DAP website has been taken temporarily [?] offline.

However there is a Google cache of Dyana’s statement, screenshot below:

Website is offline - 522- Connection timed out 2014-05-23 15-25-40

DAP Malaysia - The UiTM is under the spotlight again following the seminar on the word ‘Allah’ and Christology in the Malay Archipelago’ 2014-05-23 15-27-18


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17 thoughts on “Dyana wants action taken against UiTM speakers for “demonising” Christianity

    1. Dyana Sofya yang tergagap-gagap nak komen pasal Tunku Aziz, Hudud etc komen panjang berjela pasal seminar kay UiTM, biar betik. Unker Lim, nice try!

  1. The DAP media statement issue on the 8 Mei 2014 was signed by Dyana Sopia mohd Daud.

    Wow ! , now she is really somebody to the DAP , just see in the next DAP , CEC how she will fit’s in .

    She should asked her uncle Lim , who played with Allah issue ,what they did in that UiTM are to counter the move by the evangelist movement that support by DAP.

    Alas !, Melayu mudah lupa.

    1. Good point! The CEC will be an acid test.

      p.s. I think I am able to gauge what the result will be ;)

    1. We are talking about the Dapster evangelista demonising and bad-mouthing the Muslim Malay in MALAYSIA, not about those Arabs, Jews or Chritiandoms.

  2. Pity this young girl.

    She has a lot more to learn. Ilmu baru sejengkal….

    Fahamilah surah al baqarah………. don’t simply talk about Islam when you even tak faham simple basic rule of Islam.

    Jangan sombong, jangan angkuh.

  3. This Ms Dayna S phenomena, Sdri Helen
    is bigger than YB Lim Sr or many can imagine.

    Love Christians:
    To fast-track real study of Islam in the modern world, we must force all senior JAKIM officers to serve 5 years in Sarawak or Sabah!

    (NB: My Besan is a Christian Kadazan)

    PERKIM and USIA and enjoyng great success there, depending solely on the clear Tawhid win vs Trinity.

    Ms Dayna S is absolutely the best thing for DAP, and UMNO
    .. to put an end to the Tahafool(?) Wayang, and PAS.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  4. Sebenarnya tension2 masakini pasai Pakatan states leaders have nothing to deliver to their diehard supporters.

    Project elek, only pelaburan ayaq lioq aje. Dyana ni pon has nothing to offer MILK 2I Mso sibuk le hal UiTm, hal religion dan races, itu sja they are good for.

    Sementara tu try to dip their fingers on whatever the Bumis ade, UiTM, Felda, PNB schemes kalo bole Tabung Haji pon nak izin non Muslim menabung.

    LKS sekadar offer teloq dia aje. Ape hat choose this kind of leaders? You will never progress le mcam ni!2 kecuali nak invest anak cucu jadi samseng OK la.

  5. UiTM is merely only a platform. Pinjam dewan saja. The real issue are the speakers and fortunately they are telling the truth.

  6. Can anyone tell what are the positive contributions of lim kit SIANG and DAP towards national development and racial harmony in Malaysia in his 40+ years in politic.
    Is he as brilliant as he talk……
    Is he as clean as he think…… corruption etc….
    Perhaps our Miss Dyana can enlighten on these..

  7. RE: She said instead of a seminar instigating hate between religions and races, it should have been: “an inter-faith seminar highlighting shared basic principles across religions to show how our differences are superficial and our similarities are deep, encouraging understanding among different religions and strengthen unity and togetherness”.

    OK, here we go . . . . [YouTube]

    On Thursday, March 15, 2012, the University of Toronto and St. Michael’s College hosted “The Christology Symposium” — an academic forum featuring presentations on Jesus from multiple Christian and Muslim perspectives followed by a panel discussion. The presentations consisted of the following:

    1. “Roman Catholic Christology” (at 5:50) — Greg Rupik

    2. “Sunni Muslim Christology” (at 22:00) — Shabir Ally

    3. “Evangelical Christology” (at 39:15) — Dr. Tony Costa

    4. “Shi’a Isma’ili Muslim Christology” (at 57:30) — Khalil Andani

    5. Panel Discussion with all Presenters (at 1:16:44)
    – Moderated by Professor Reid Locklin (St. Michael’s College)

  8. On RTM1 right now they are having a discussion on UiTM. Quite heated. Definitely gonna be headlined by JStab dan yang sewaktu dengannya.

  9. Helen, I do not know how to forward the following hypothesis of mine regarding DAP’s Teluk Intan Move. Pls put it somewhere relevant (if you consider it worth commenting).

    1. Moga-moga the Malay votes will swing to Gerakan.

      The DAP’s over-confidence is nothing short of arrogance and hubris.

      Like you say, “Let’s teach them a lesson they’ll never ever forget”!

      Hope the Teluk Intan voters will do just that.

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