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Why, Mr Prime Minister, why?

The opinion survey above was uploaded on my blog a few days ago on Wednesday (May 21). The question asked is: “Do you feel under siege by the DAP?”

There have been more than 500 respondents. Some 80 percent answered ‘Yes’.

This translates into 4 out of every 5 (i.e. 408 out of 508) readers polled thus far who say that they are feeling under siege by the DAP.

Result of poll (snapshot taken at 7.44pm today):

Poll Siege DAP

Umno is the biggest party in Parliament – see pie chart below – but yet permits the DAP to terrorize us.

Why is Umno sleeping when we, the BN voters, are being besieged?

It is because the Umno top leadership is weak that the elements of anarchy are beginning to take the law into their own hands.

All this is happening only after too much provocation and too many insults heaped on the pro-establishment people for way too long, without the Najib administration showing any political will to rein in the opposition extremists.


There is something wrong with Umno which allows the DAP to get away with its Orwellian black arts that succeeds in hoodwinking the “popular vote” into believing Pakatan is “peace-loving”, konon.

Rather than “meek and mild” as they like portray themselves, they’re really way too slippery and very aggressive. Their savagery is crystal clear to discerning eyes.

And there is something terribly wrong with Umno for allowing the DAP full impunity to successfully peddle the hogwash that the party is spreading LOVE all around when they’re in reality sowing hatred and poisoning roots.

Umno is simply giving the opposition a walkover.

If this were not so, the online poll below would not reveal so many people feeling besieged by the DAP.


No Action, Talk Only

Najib Razak said that he would sue Malaysiakini for libel but it’s been all quiet on the PMO front.

Why, pray tell, the deafening silence on the intended lawsuit after his 48-hour ultimatum issued Malaysiakini for an apology is long past?

[Nope, Malaysiakini did not apologize. Just like Rayer too refuses to apologize as well.]

If the PM is unable to assuage the disquiet of his BN core supporters, then suffice to say the BN vote bank will soon turn away from Umno and turn to other groups that are willing to show spine and leadership.



NOTE: Like our previous polls, this one will run its course over a week and is still open for you to register your vote

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Najib to the right, Nazir to the left


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41 thoughts on “Why, Mr Prime Minister, why?

    1. Thank you. No.8 is awesomely funny.

      The Feng Yi and Fu Wa Pandas Curse of may well take effect on Ah Jib Gor. I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

  1. (2 X Lem) bikbab

    Aku kerdil di hujung nusa
    mencatat sengkak ulu hati
    dan mata berdarah.

    Apa yang menghalangnya
    membina banteng semula
    setelah diherdik tsunami.

    Apakah dia bangsawan
    minum dari piala liberal
    lalu mabuk penakut.

    Sepelusuk nusa menanti
    dia bangkit menjunjung,
    : Amanah para pemilih.

    Batu Kawan, Pulau Pinang

    *Lembik & Lembab yang akan menghumban jib ke bawah. fengshui atau luck tak akan mampu mengubahnya.

    1. Mana Perkasa dan Isma? Kenapa tidak suarakan bantahan terhadap ‘Panda-tang’ dari China? Adakah mereka hanya berani dengan orang ‘Malaysian Chinese’ tetapi takut dengan ‘China Chinese’?

      1. Re Adakah mereka hanya berani dengan orang ‘Malaysian Chinese’ tetapi takut dengan ‘China Chinese’?

        China Chinese are not citizens. They are law abiding folks who are her in Malaysia to do business and for other activities like education and tourism. They do not insult the natives. In fact, they do not question the position of the natives. Above all, they mind their own business.

        The Pandas are here for only 10 years.

        Malaysian Chinese on the other hand are totally different. They are citizens of Malaysia. They are not PRC nationals.

        When Tun Razak visited China to normalize diplomatic relations with China in 1974, the then PM of China, the late Zhou En Lai, made it clear that the Chinese in Malaysia are citizens of Malaysia. They are not Chinese citizens and therefore they should be loyal to their country, not to China, thus the Chinese in Malaysia are subject to the laws of this country.

        But for people like you, ignorant of history, I would expect that should you read this comment of mine, you will go into denial mode a.k.a historical revisionism.

        1. But the diaspora are called “overseas Chinese”.

          Does the term not imply that the Chinese minorities around the world are Chinese living abroad even though holding citizenship in the host countries?

          1. Citizenship is about subjecting yourself to the laws of the country granting you a citizenship. And mind you, citizenship is not permanent. In fact it is not even an iron clad right. If it is, governments would not strip people of their citizenship and be made stateless.

            Speaking of the Overseas Chinese, as you would have notice, people the world over have no problems identifying people of Chinese ethnicity as overseas Chinese/Chinese people. There is a caveat. Respect the law.

            When we identified people as overseas Chinese, we are talking about a people whose culture is Chinese. Chinese = culture. So there is nothing wrong with calling them Chinese. We are not fascists. Fascists demand uniformity and conformity.

            Now if Chinese = culture, what that makes of Hannah Yeoh and the evangelistas of the DAP ?

            If our Malay readers, Muslim readers truly understand why I asked this question, and truly know the answer to that question, we are talking the first, tentative steps to defeat the fascism that’s descending on our country courtesy of the DAP and its evangelistas clique.

            1. re: “And mind you, citizenship is not permanent. In fact it is not even an iron clad right. If it is, governments would not strip people of their citizenship and be made stateless.”

              The Federal Constitution Articles 23-28 talks about the Termination of Citizenship through renunciation and when a person becomes the citizen of another country.

              One can be stripped of his citizenship for being disloyal to the country but according to the FedCon, this stipulation applies to citizens by registration or naturalisation.

              Hence I don’t see how Dapsters who are born citizens can be so easily made stateless. It does seem as if their citizenship is indeed iron clad.

              1. Re Hence I don’t see how Dapsters who are born citizens can be so easily made stateless

                You sure they want to remain as citizens ? l o l !!!

                Who are the people who from time to time shout out loud “migrate !!!” whenever they lost the elections ? l o l !!!

                1. There undoubtedly exists the Birds of Passage instinct despite all the patriotic chest-thumping you hear from the DAP Firsters.

                  But still, do look into the FedCon articles I mentioned. Something for you to ponder.

  2. Yang pasti Najib akan bangkit…., bangkit dari kubur kelak untuk menjawab amanah atas maruah dan amanah agama, bangsa dan rakyat yg memilih UMNO.

    UMNO dipilih atas dasar kepercayaan menjaga negara dari juak juak penghancur terutama DAP, daripada kekeliruan agama dari juak juak PAS dan daripada budaya songsang samseng PKR. Cabaran terlalu keras, dan keputusan perlulah tegas, kompromi bertempat.

    Rindu zaman ketegasan Tun M, what a good old days.

  3. Under seige by DAP?

    Cara hidup oghang Melayu dan Muslim beza dgn pembawakan cara hidup depa2 penghuni DAP.

    You nak samakan pemikiran DSN/UMNO dgn pemikiran keturunan ‘P’? To behave like the Adun ‘P’ or LKS whose ancestor’s origins’ hanya Allah saja akan tahu?

    DAP fellas dok syiok sendiri, empty drums will always beat the loudest, takkan peribahasa tu you tak faham kut Cik Helen?

    1. re: “Cara hidup oghang Melayu dan Muslim”

      Takkan Pn Rina tak tahu sebabnya kenapa Isma dan Perkasa bangkit.

      Ia tak lain dan tak bukan kerana pertubuhan-pertubuhan tersebut mengkhuatiri bahawa cara hidup oghang Melayu dan Muslim tergugat malah Tuhan oghang Melayu pun mungkin bakal ‘dikebas’ orang Nasrani nanti.

      Tapi Pn Rina dok tinggal sekian lama di kawasan 98 peratus orang Cina. Maka dengan itu Puan dah lah dibiasakan dengan pembawaan cara hidup orang Cina. Rasa-rasanya pembawaan cara hidup Pn Rina pun tidak lebih dan tidak kurang orang Cina juga.

      Komen-komen Pn Rina nampak juga amat vokal dan ke depan, sebijik macam itu DAP fellas.

      1. Cik Helen, there is nothing of interest that may influence me to follow my Apek2 DAP neighbours’ ways. We to get trained elsewhere and bring home modern technology for our business, cara2 Apek semua dah obsolete!

        Sebenarnya mereka ni takde leader yang sepesial. Lahirlah mentaliti HERD, ikut saja asalkan kaya. LKS over half a CENTURY, elek.. gaya dan tembak aje lebih! Karpal, TGNA and soon Anwar too going off so yang tinggal ‘class’ macam Tembam, Eng Guan, Adun ‘P’ dan Dyana tu aje. (betoi ke she is a practising Lawyer having own firm kat Cyberjaya?).

        Under seige tu agak keterlaluan, tapi tahap berhati2 tu kira Okay la..

        1. Pn Rina ada tak apa-apa cadangan bernas bagaimana membawa Cina (yang bukan evangelis), tak kira peringkat umur, untuk kembali ke arus perdana sebuah masyarakat majmuk?

          Saya tanya betul dan serius nih.

          1. Memang payah Cik Helen.. one track mind, dah macam robot. The ones around me mostly read Chinese papers only, watch Hongkong/Taiwan news.. very anti gomen and anti Melayu.

            Our kampung community (berdekatan) sangat faham dengan sifat mereka. Kenduri kendara or Raya openhouses we invite their families. Tu pun liat, always give excuses merely send their gifts thru me, punya le taknak bercampur.. biasala oghang Melayu tetap bersabar, we keep inviting them secara ikhlas anyway.

            Tapi bila majlis perkahwinan anak depa, sorang Melayu pun they never invite. Muahahaha.

            Cara nak kembalikan Cina kepangkuan? Kasi tendang LKS yg sekadar pandai ajaq mereka melalak aje, bawa masuk TDM or Najib really must perform well.. more projects more business opportunities. Busy kira duit maka tak ade masa nak melalak.. Serious Cik Helen, to them making money is their everything. Nothing else matters.

            1. re: “very anti gomen”

              Most definitely.

              re: “and anti Melayu”

              I think so, yes.

              re: “Tapi bila majlis perkahwinan anak depa, sorang Melayu pun they never invite.”

              They’re probably serving pork dishes and alcohol at the wedding dinner.

              re: “more projects more business opportunities”

              That’s how the Tun brought (‘bought’ the price of) stability.

              re: “Serious Cik Helen, to them making money is their everything. Nothing else matters.”

              Can see from the mencarut mindset of the Dapster operatives who troll my blog. They think everybody else is like them.

              But Malaysia can’t function with a resentful quarter and powerful/influential/enterprising population always simmering.

            2. Kalau taknak belajar kat SK at least peringkat lepasan SPM I feel the PLKN should be extended to at least 6 months. Kena pupuk anak2 learn to mix well la Cik Helen. Tak kenal maka tak cinta..

              1. The boys gang fight (by race) in the camps. Also berkelompok according to race although there is some mixing.

                1. My son met a Chinese Christian fm Seremban in PLKN, happened to join same College so they shared a room for 4years! Free weekends both either spend time kat Seremban or in my house.

                  Brendon ibu Christian bapa Buddhist.. going off for further studies to UK and my son will be joining him there next year. Ask him ade gaduh2 ke… no way, kasut dan baju2 pon ada kala share2..

                  1. Rina,

                    Do you notice? One parent Buddhist, one parent Christian, the child Christian.

                    The Buddhist numbers are dropping fast! In S’pore, Buddhists reduced by almost 10 percent in the short span of a single decade.

                2. I had no objection as when I first started work I lived with a Chinese family for a year sharing same huge bed with their only daughter who is an air hostess with SIA..

                  Tak kenal maka tak cinta..

  4. Ms H. It is time to take stock of the supercillious antics of the Singgaporean Trojan Horse DAP which leadership is using swallows, ducks, tycoons etc to fend itself. Politics especially Malaysian Politics is a very serious endeavour which is not to be trifled with. It is life and death.

    The present play with a generous dollop of playboys and playgirls to represent human beings and their universal requests in any constituency makes a mockery of our Malaysian Democracy. What happened to the respectable and long serving supporters of the DAP ? Are they all dead or put into the cold or what ?

    1. re: “It is life and death.”

      Really? You reckon the situation to be so serious?

      re: “What happened to the respectable and long serving supporters of the DAP? Are they all dead or put into the cold or what?”

      When the Ah Pek and Ah Soh long-serving supporters of the DAP agree to convert to evangelism, then they will be allowed to come in from the cold to join the Jerusubang hallelujah chorus.

      1. Ms H. Politics and politicians hold the destiny of life and death in their hands in any country – it is the power if abused which leads to all sorts of negative things. For example, if a playgirl Minister of Interior is seduced by an enemy agent and she goes bonkers. There goes the lives of innocent men, women and children.

        Your view on those holy book thumping and jumping religious zealots fits my mind to a T. I had an A in scriptures, lived amongst Christian and Jews for 10 years and found this bunch of jumping beans in this hot and humid land which bears no resemblance at all to the Holy Land, use the Christian religion for their own sinister ends.

  5. Helen,

    saya teringin nak tau sekiranya PM Najib sekarang ini ‘berundur’ atau ‘terpecat’….. agaknya siapa yang paling sesuai, paling tepat bagi mengantikannya?

    pertanyaan ini sering saya fikirkan sebab, saya tak dapat ‘rasa’ sedikitpun bahawa negara Malaysia yang saya cintai ini ada seorang Perdana Menteri…..

    PM Najib ini saya lihat macam seorang ‘pemangku PM’ aje…..!

    Maaf kepada penyokong PM Najib…. bukan niat nak menghina tapi kenyataannya PM Najib langsung tidak bertindak sebagai seorang yang mempunyai disiplin pemimpin…..

    1. Saya inginkan DS Najib kekal dalam jawatannya.

      Beliau seorang yang moderat, sabar, bertolak ansur, tidak bongkak dan ada sifat keterangkuman (inclusive).

      Only please, sila tolong ambil pendekatan tegas terhadap puak-puak pelampau yang membuli dan sedang bermaharajalela hanya dengan sekerat kuasa yang dipegang mereka.

      Kalau sekali mereka-mereka itu berjaya menakluk Putrajaya, BN will never get the country back. Tengok aje pada super majority Pakatan yang 4/5 itu di Selangor hanya selepas satu penggal memerintah.

  6. eh, bukankah ada pengunjung blog ini yang mengatakan dengan konfidennya penghuni2 Selangor sangat ‘ fedap ‘ dengan Kerajaan PR Selangor ? Apa pulak terjadi lepas PRU13? Super majoriti?

    siapa yang buat kajian sentimen pengundi selangor tu? Bangla ke?

    Kalau BN telus, apa yang takut? Buat apa nak buat hal sini dan situ?

    Lagi banyak hal dibuat ISMA dan Perkasa, lagi banyak pengundi pagar lari. Memang satu perkembangan yang sangat positif untuk BN. Teruskan dengan langkah2 ektremis lagi. Silap2 nanti, Sabah & Sarawak pun hilang.

    1. re: Kenapa kerajaan BN popular?

      Sama alasan denga kepopularan gereja mega evangelis lah yang mempunyai sejuta orang ahli.

    2. ‘pengundi pagar’

      Ah Beng, lu mau cakap pengundi atas pagar kan?!

      Pengundi pagar, tak pernah aku dengar pula, terma baru ke ni???

  7. Ms H. For want of issues, the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP after sitting doing nothing but contemplated their navels for over 48 years and with a well-endowed leadership, now using demagogic methods of slotting in swallows, ducks, tycoons etc just for the sake of winning a seat with the support of gullible voters.

    Those high faluting beliefs in their spiritual leader in their spiritual homeland are now placed in the back-burner for the moment.

    What a Party !

    1. re: “What a party!”

      Bring out the vuvuzelas and all blow for the DAP.

  8. Mendacious Coalition Ally = MCA. Yes MCA is indeed mendacious, using the Sneaky Star to attack the BN while denying culpability.

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