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“Amboi Hannah Yeoh tayang Prada”

Ti Lian Ker ialah exco MCA.

Tweet oleh @tilianker kata “Wow Kelas tu” … “Hannah Yeoh tayang Prada”.

Mmm, sekarang dah Hannah Banana Prada ke?

Twitter - tilianker- Wow Kelas tu


Twitter - eddydaud- @tilianker gaji

Kaduk naik junjung

Kata tweet blogger Eddy Daud, “boleh afford lah kan @hannahyeoh punya gaji speaker sama besar dgn PM Malaysia”.

OK le bab gaji tu. Tapi dari segi salasilah, PM keturunan Orang Kaya Indera Shahbandar. Yang Mama Dapster … spesi mengkarung.


Gaji setimpal dengan kerja

Perdana Menteri kita cuba dengan sedaya upayanya untuk menjaga keamanan dan memupuk keharmonian.

Puan Speaker pula evangelista yang paling galak menghasut dan menyemai kebencian.

She works hard for her money lah.

Twitter hannahyeoh What kind of 1Malaysia Prime

Twitter - Utusan

Twitter - hannahyeoh Utusan Perkasa

Heavy metal cancer-causing air lombong

I give an A+ to the Selangor Pakatan government for their ability to pipe Air Lombong to Selangor households.

And still managing to convince their sheeple that they’re really drinking Holy Water.

But I suppose Madame Prada is not drinking water from the pipes but Perrier. After all, dia punya gaji kan sama besar dengan gaji Perdana Menteri kita.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- I give an -A- to Perkasa for

Makhluk Dua Alam

And since Hannah Yeoh is so obsessed with Perkasa, guess whose mother was the first ketua Wanita (Wiranita) Perkasa? See picture below of Dyana Sofya.

Party of Hypocrites.

And no, I’m not referring to Perkasa.


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Hannah slags Najib over Anwar court decision, Elizabeth Wong slags Chew Mei Fun


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26 thoughts on ““Amboi Hannah Yeoh tayang Prada”

  1. Please tell me where to enrol as a full time penghasut and pembenci so that I too can earn the big bucks..

    1. 113A, Jalan SS14/1, 47500 Subang Jaya

      DAP punya pusat khidmat bagi DUN Jerusubang

    2. Dan kalau you Melayu berpendidikan tinggi dan mak atau ayah atau tok ke pak saudara ke orang berpangkat dalam Umno , you bergambar ngan HY, mungkin boleh jadi calon next PRU

      1. Can let my professional cert lapse. The mentol (oops mentor) can campaign for me whilst I stammer to answer questions.

        1. ‘The mentol (oops mentor) can campaign for me whilst I stammer to answer questions.’

          Boleh suluh Tony Pua tulit panjang-panjang, hantam itu UiTM lepas itu bawah kasi tanda tangan.

    1. Kalau dulu pun Tasmania tak luluskan permohonannya, kenapa pula kerajaan Canberra mahu iyakan kali ni?

      Lawatan Puan Speaker yang dia hebah-hebahkan adalah ditaja. Sponsor yang mahu bodek kerajaan Selangor (negeri paling kaya mempunyai rizab melebihi RM2b) kan ramai?

      Ingat tak? Sampai Encik Hannah dikepit sekali ke Afrika Selatan yang last wakil-wakil Pakatan Rakyat Selangor pergi melancong Komanwel.

  2. Why, Helen – surely you are not jealous that Hannah carries a Prada hand bag?

    So what if it’s a bag from Prada or LV or Hermes or Dior or Chanel? Or even a La Tanneur bag (one was gifted to Michelle Obama some time back)?

    I think that the wives and partners of many of our VVIPs carry bags from luxe and super-luxe brands, as well as wear expensive watches and jewellery.

    You are not questioning them, are you, or commenting on how their hubbies or partners can afford such luxuries when ordinary Malaysians are struggling to make ends meet?

    Oh, no – that would be too simplistic for you. And that would divert attention from Hannah, Dyana and the others you have targetted.

    Incidentally, I know of “celebrity bloggers” in Singapore who carry expensive bags. Apart from some snide comments about their tastes, no one bothers.

    It’s not that big a deal after all.

    1. Aren’t you conveniently forgetting the massive controversy a PAP candidate in the last GE created when she proudly brandished her Kate Spade handbag ? Please do not take people for being ignorants.

  3. 40k in all prada or poodah she can have it, but that does not make her a fashion icon or any where near that.

    Les we forget our madam quote

    “‘ my favourite place to shop is Little India in Kläng”‘

    1. Hahaha, actually that little detail had slipped my memory. Thanks for the reminder.

      is Hannah Banana’s middle name.

  4. ***Potential flame-bait material***

    I have a strong dislike for DAP and their ilk particularly the banana girl but I’ve got to hand it to you for running the longest ever relentless smear campaign against an individual. What did she do to you in the previous life that you are so vindictive of her, even down to her handbag choice? What next? Tampon/sanitary pad brand of choice? I used to pop around for a read on your blog every day for your impartial writings on Malaysian politics but the sheer amount of postings about banana-girl and her pictures liberally splashed around everywhere kind of puts me off now. seems to have devolved into a banana-girl hate page these days, at least that’s what I think. It seems as though your blog is all about banana-girl, and it looks increasingly as though you have a personal vendetta against banana-girl, though part of me thinks otherwise. Then again, it’s your blog, you can write whatever you like, but I’m just voicing out my 2-cents. There’s a line, Helen, and you’ve just about stubbed your toe against it.

    ***Flame suit on***

    1. re: “though part of me thinks otherwise”

      That part of you would be correct.

      Reflect on Malaysia BEFORE the advent of evangelista politics and compare the state of our country AFTER the DAP evangelist politicians stepped on stage.

      Saying that the DAP pollies are event managers staging a tawdry show is quite correct. Look at how the mega church business (they are registered as RM2 companies and not as religious organisations) conduct their Jesus Christ Superstar singing, dancing and prancing around.

      As for the Banana Prada girl, she best illustrates the GREED that drives them. Calvin Sankaran reckons that the bag she is carrying must have cost RM10k. That’s very Johhny-Come-Lately. Use your brains and do a psychological profile of conmen who succeed in multi-level marketing.

      Review how the DAP 3.0 has become (self)Promotion and Branding juggernaut.

      Now about that GREED. I’ve said before that the evangelistas marry the worst traits of the Chinese and the Christians. It’s like an ugly but smart millionaire marrying a beautiful dumb blonde and their kid turns out to have the dad’s looks and the mom’s brains. That’s the DAP evangelistas for you.

      How is the greed oiled and powered and to what purpose? By the 3G: Gold, Glory and Gospel.

      Why do you think Isma is rising and rising? Look at their website material for yourself. Isma has openly and clearly fingered “pelampau Kristian”.

      Do you deny I’m analytical and a meticulous researcher?

      Look at the stuff I’ve uploaded that is hard to come by elsewhere online:

      Dato’ Onn Jaafar’s 1946 speech full text, Tunku’s speech full text broadcast live over TV following the May ’69 riots, the year-on-year figures of the Merdeka citizenships, more 50 pages of Justice Lau Bee Lan’s High Court written judgment on the ‘Allah’ case, more than 10,000 words of Prof. Hashim Kemali’s analysis of the Kelantan hudud enactment and all the hard data and academic citations you find throughout my blog.

      I’ve given stats, stats and more stats.

      Do you think all this is merely a “personal vendetta” or am I seriously exposing what is going to befall Malaysia if the DAP evangelistas don’t stop pushing? I will hate to be proven correct but I fear that I almost assuredly will.

      Please do not be mistaken that Isma is alone. On the contrary, Isma is very well networked and the other Muslim NGOs feel the same about the “Christian extremists”.

      If you’ve never read Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series, I suggest that you do. It’s about predictive history. If we just deepened our understanding and read the signs and the writing on the wall, we know what’s coming. And it ain’t pretty.

  5. Ms H. You mean the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP only accepts beautiful and young ladies as honourable candidates for veritable Parliamentary or State seats even though they seem to be unemployed. Is sex being stretched to the utmost in this eternal struggle by the DAP for power ? Is this the only tangible idea the DAP now has with all the lttle swallows, ducks and tycoons out of the hat ?

  6. That bag that she carries probably costs around Rm10k. She should thank you Helen for you paid for it (via your income tax and cukai pintu etc).

    So can we expect a massive diamond ring next then ?

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