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Tan Sri Khalid, are you trying to poison us?

A reader ‘kinchin mab’ left his comment @ 2014/05/25 at 10:53 am:

Why, Helen – surely you are not jealous that Hannah carries a Prada hand bag?

So what if it’s a bag from Prada or LV or Hermes or Dior or Chanel? Or even a La Tanneur bag (one was gifted to Michelle Obama some time back)?
I think that the wives and partners of many of our VVIPs carry bags from luxe and super-luxe brands, as well as wear expensive watches and jewellery.
You are not questioning them, are you, or commenting on how their hubbies or partners can afford such luxuries when ordinary Malaysians are struggling to make ends meet?
Oh, no – that would be too simplistic for you. And that would divert attention from Hannah, Dyana and the others you have targetted.
Incidentally, I know of “celebrity bloggers” in Singapore who carry expensive bags. Apart from some snide comments about their tastes, no one bothers.
It’s not that big a deal after all.

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My reply:

Why, kinchin – surely you are not dictating what I can or cannot highlight in my own blog?

So what if it’s a bag from Prada or even a Birkin. And indeed I agree that the wives of our VVIPs carry super-luxe bags as well as wear expensive watches and jewellery.

I hope the Ah Pek and Ah Soh staunch supporters of the so-called “Socialist” party realise that their tsunamic votes too have elevated the DAP carpetbaggers to the ranks of VVIPs (fair enough, YBs are indeed accorded VIP status) who carry Prada as well as wear expensive watches and jewellery.

Nope, I didn’t question why the FLOM could have afforded a Birkin. On the contrary, I had blogged that she is after all a Datin whose hubby is the Orang Kaya Indera Shahbandar, a title he inherited over generations of “orang kaya”. I granted that draping one’s self with branded stuff is what the wives of VIPs and tycoons – Rosmah’s social circle – do.

So congratulations and Yamseng! to ‘Mak Datin’ Hannah … you’ve arrived. And 10 Q, O ye People of Jerusubang.

BELOW: A spoof of the parody that the DAP made of Rosmah in their Gangnam Style music video


I’m glad that the Wakil-wakil Rakyat belonging to the Developers Above People (DAP) party have themselves so quickly reached such lofty heights as to be at par with Prada toters. After all, they deserve these rewards for their par excellence performance in the Politics of Hate.

It took DS Najib 38 years to reach his present RM22.8k salary scale after first entering politics in 1976 winning the Pekan Parliament seat.

It only takes the DAP’s Jerusubang Adun 6 short years to match Najib’s pay cheque. See, no one can dispute that the Chinese Christian politicians are super duper efficient. Imagine how well run the country will be should DAP succeed in taking over Putrajaya.

As to “jealousy”, I believe that it is the DAP Kulai MP who is envious of Rosmah’s Birkin.

In fact, YB Teo Nie Ching had thought that Rosmah’s handbags was a matter important enough to be raised in Parliament even though the FLOM is not a politician (news report here).

Deadly Water

Just as I did not question how DS Najib can afford his wife her handbags (answer: his PM salary is RM22,827), neither am I questioning how Hannah Yeoh can afford her Prada (answer: her Speaker salary is RM22,500).

On the other hand, I’m congratulating the taxpayers of Selangor for their generosity in gifting her a salary equal to our country’s Prime Minister as well as their willingness to fork out to Hannah her big pension over the next 30-40 years.

She’s the youngest Speaker ever and Malaysia’s first woman Speaker. Women live longer than men, so Selangorians can expect to foot young Hannah’s pension bill for a long, long time to come. Again kudos to the 51 percent oppo ABU-ers.

Are you implying that I’m a “celebrity blogger”? Oooooo, such recognition.

And no, I don’t carry expensive bags at all. Many fellow sopo bloggers whom I’ve met will vouch that I carry a canvas rucksack. It’s not big deal that I don’t have a Prada.

It’s not Prada that I want.

What I want is potable piped water!


Selangor – whose august House Puan Speaker Hannah presides over – is failing to provide our homes with water from the pipe that we can safely drink.

The water piped to our house is laced with heavy metals from mining pool residues. It is the Selangor authorities that made the decision to channel this toxic water into our reservoirs. There are dangerous elements in air lombong which can cause cancer and other illnesses.

Dapsters always declare that people who vote Pakatan are the smart and well educated ones whereas the 47 percent folks who vote BN are “stupid”, “deliberately kept poor by the gomen” and “orang kampung” (quoting the words of the pro-Pakatan media).

Being rural inhabitants who are poor, quite naturally we cannot afford to daily buy bottled water for all our cooking needs. More so if we’re a large family with small children.

We can use the domestic filter but this small kitchen gadget will not be able to cleanse our piped water of its dangerous contents. Don’t believe, just inspect the quality of the water flowing from the tap with your naked eye, if you’re living in Selangor.

Dapsters complain that they’re second class citizens but the state government they’ve elected is providing residents with third class water.




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37 thoughts on “Tan Sri Khalid, are you trying to poison us?

  1. Spot on Helen.. Hannah please upgrade your taste.. Prada is so “low class”.. Yang ada class akan carry Chanel..

    1. where is jerusebang? what I know is Subang Jaya is a very dirty unplanned town. there is not much improvement since BN left?

      it seems like there is nothing much that the dapsters have done since they take over. I remember last time when I went to Selangor, it was so clean and refreshing. Now, my monthly visit there is a disgusting experience. Looks like it has gone backwards except for the many buildings. Quality wise it is degrading… unplanned development and unkept environment. What are the reps doing?

      yang selalu nampak on-line, they with their urbanites’ activities. tak macam azmin yang sampai masuk longkang. at least orang lain patut buat macam tu juga. ..masuk longkang, cuci tandas, potong rumput… baru la worth the prada or what not you are wearing.

      cleanliness and maintainance should be the utmost quality in everybody…. like the squeaky clean london. that is how to attract tourists. That one oso do no ahhh, ybs?

      Kalau longkang pon sumbat bau busuk, jalan pon berlubang all the way throughout the town, sampah bertaburan.. buat malu jer tayang prada ke happa… kerja tak buat gaji nak naik.

  2. Memang bodoh betul penyokong DAPster dalam mengeluarkan komen kritikan terhadap Helen.

    Dengan kritikan sepanjang hanya lebih kurang 150 perkataan dia memberi peluang Helen ‘membantai’ dan ‘menelanjangkan’ kerajaan DAP Selangor dengan menggunakan jumlah perkataan yang berganda ganda lagi.

    Malah dapat dijadikan tajuk khusus bloknya hari ini!

    Mengapa mengkritik perkara yang remeh temeh? Mengapa tidak kritik isu isu besar rakyat yang gagal ditangani dengan berkesan oleh kerajaan BN!

    Biarkan sampai Helen tercugap cugap untuk menjawabnya!

    Komen ‘kinchin mab’ ( kencing malam? ) memberi peluang Helen untuk mengamuk sepuas puasnya nya, membelasah kerajaan Selangor dan Puan Speaker.

    Paling cantik, apa yang diperkatakannya amat tepat, jitu dan menusuk kalbu.

    Saya ingin lihat ada tak golongan DAPster yang berjaya ‘counter attack’ serangan Helen dengan hujah hujah yang jitu dan berilmiah.

    Syabas Helen,terhadap kebijaksanaan anda mempertahankan hujah hujah dengan fakta fakta bernas serta bukti bukti stastitik yang meyakinkan.

    Ini membuatkan saya setiap hari mengikuti sajian blok ini dengan penuh minat!

      1. ‘Dapsters complain that they’re second class citizens but the state government they’ve elected is providing residents with third class water.’

        Helen, its only fitting that the second class citizens were accorded with third class water for consumption.

        A match made in heaven, I would reckon!

  3. “Long is the night to him who cannot sleep. Long is a mile to him who is already tired. Long is life to the foolish who does not understand the true law of all things.” ― Gautama Buddha

  4. Straight to the point Chris ! Prophet Buddha never confuses the people. It’s people who confuse the masses. At which target you are aiming at?

  5. Firstly, if the water is dangerous as you say, stand up and make a police report that will initiate action. Stop being a Bitch behind a computer as you always do. If it’s not dangerous and you’re afraid to report, then it shows you for what you are…Finally, a nice bag would look hidieous on you, so stick to the rucksack.

    1. ‘Bitch behind a computer’

      Pot calling kettle black? Cermin muka tu dulu sebelum nak mengata orang!

      You see, Helen is running a blog Tun M took notice, whereas you, what do you again BTW?

      1. I don’t spin and incite hate and try to tear this country apart multiple times daily. What the fuck do you do?

        1. ‘I don’t spin and incite hate and try to tear this country apart multiple times daily.’

          Speak for yourself!

          ‘What the fuck do you do?’

          Fuck you dead brains out!

        2. Typical spinner ‘d. Commentator Islam1st ask u a question of what u do not what u don’t do… So, klu x bole nk jawab sbb u don’t do anything beneficial, duk diam2 jer lah wahai ‘d….

          1. What does ‘d’ do?

            Stalk my blog 24/7 from various locations under various alphabet names like ‘dd’, ‘fff’, ‘ed’, ‘fed’, ‘sshsn’.

            Methinks even when he’s overseas, rather than take the opportunity to go sightseeing, he’d rather spend his time venting profanities here.

            He’s one seriously disturbed personality. If he were an American in the USA, he mustn’t be allowed near a gun.

            1. Hahaha Helen…

              So true, if he’s in America ‘d might go on shooting rampage as ‘he can’t make friends’, too much time spent on stalking Helen’s blog :)

              1. Just finished watching full news on the Californian shooting rampage. It is so disturbing that on second thoughts, I don’t wish it upon ‘d… may he find lots of beneficial things to do and contribute positively to society including Helen’s blog..

        3. Even with your 2 sentenced remark i feel like tearing you apart. you ARE the scum that should be discarded from this land.You are the ones tearing it apart.

  6. Pay hike for all the adun’s have caused selangor to become 3rd world.

    Water from lombong
    Rubbish not cleared in the whole state
    Rats running in the streets also in the malls.

    Have you all been to subang jaya lately, so so kotor. Memalukan lah selangor ini. Masa kempen cakap tinggi mengunung sekarang habuk pun takde. They do not walk the talk.

    Time for Pakatan to get their act together or get out.

    Jangan harap for 2018.

  7. Oh well, went more & more Selangorians suffer from various skin ailments as well as dropping like flies from cancer, we shall all sing “Kumbaya, Kumbaya My Lord…”

    After all, it is not for us to question God’s will for us, it is our onus to accept it wholeheartedly with faith. And death, it is not the end. It is in fact the beginning. Did JC not die to give us eternal life?

    As for the high street Prada, I vaguely recall the Devil wears one. So I’m mildly shocked, perhaps not really, that the holy of holies, our lady Hannah is seen showing one off, readily associating herself with the Prince of Darkness in popular culture.

    In parting, is there not a possibility, no matter how remote, that the mademoiselle was sporting something she bought at our infamous Chinatown?

    1. I don’t know why there’s no protest or uproar by Selangorians by now on this toxic water supply issue. Selangor people seems to be displaying their sense of apathy on this. The issue has been lingering since 2012 for Chrissake (I found an NST report dated way back 2012)!

      Are the politicians trying to toy around with public’s health??? Cancer and skin ailments? What about pregnant women???

      El Niño is coming soon and it’s going to compound the water problem further in Selangor and who knows Khalid may resort to pump more toxic water from mines into Selangor households!

      1. Apparatchiks are patrolling the cyber and countryside harassing and character assassinating folks who dare to complain.

        They putar-belit, alih-alih topik … you can see for yourself on this page.

        The thought control that Pakatan exercises in Selangor using state resources and machinery is tremendous.

  8. Ah, you have adroitly shifted the goalposts, have you? From Prada bags to toxic water supplies. How very Goebbelsian.

    You might want to cast your mind back to the privatisation of water supply in Selangor to a number of concessionaires. Under whose watch did this happen? Were there competitive open tenders called when these concessionaires were selected?

    And have these concessionaires been doing a good job supplying world standard treated water to consumers in Selangor? How many Selangorites dare to drink water direct from the tap, as is common (wait for it) in Singapore?

    So, are you conveniently shoving the blame for lousy substandard water in Selangor to the state government instead of going after the concessionaires?

    And how do you account for the fact that those conditioned to getting subsidies demand cheap treated water, regardless of the real costs of getting the water, treating it and piping it to consumers with minimal losses and wastage? Not just in Selangor, mind you, but in the other states in the country?

    In fact Johor is still buying treated water from Singapore, in spite of certain quarters there mouthing off about “Newater”. Does anyone make a big deal about this, apart from those idiots who used to cry ” potong, potong” when bilateral disputes with Singapore flared up.

    So, Helen – much as you would hanker to, you can’t score cheap points by raising questions about Selangor’s water supply.

    Now, back to handbags…..which is way more interesting, because you are talking about discretionary purchases as opposed to basic necessities.

    1. re: “Ah, you have adroitly shifted the goalposts, have you? From Prada bags to toxic water supplies.”

      Nay, it is you getting your tongue in a knot. You left your comment on this post, “Amboi Hannah Yeoh tayang Prada”.

      The contents of “Amboi Hannah Yeoh tayang Prada” are as follows:

      (1) Hannah’s Prada
      (2) Hannah’s paycheque
      (3) Hannah slagging Utusan & Perkasa
      (4) Hannah marking ‘A’ and ‘A+’ in her report card on the BN gomen

      If you’ll refer to “Amboi Hannah Yeoh tayang Prada”, you’ll see that I wrote in mimicry of Hannah’s tweet: (reproducing here)

      “I give an A+ to the Selangor Pakatan government for their ability to pipe Air Lombong to Selangor households. And still managing to convince their sheeple that they’re really drinking Holy Water. But I suppose Madame Prada is not drinking water from the pipes but Perrier.”

      So you see, in the original post where you first commented, I had already talked about Selangor water. Therefore my second post about Tan Sri Khalid is merely an expansion and still on topic.

      For you to say that I “shifted the goalposts” is a very Freudian slip. You know, you people are always accusing others of what you yourself are guilty of like racism, black propaganda and cheating (say BN cheated in GE with 40,000 Bangla phantom voters but your own party elections are shambolic).

      re: “Under whose watch did this happen?”

      Under whose watch is Air Lombong being pumped into our reservoirs?

      re: “And have these concessionaires been doing a good job supplying world standard treated water to consumers in Selangor?”

      And have the S’gor govt been managing our state with a modicum of competence that we’ve had to undergo water rationing? Recall how times Khalid, Eli, Ronnie and the other excos assured the public that there’s no fear of a drought and that S’gor has more than enough water despite all the warnings by the experts in Federal.

      re: “How many Selangorites dare to drink water direct from the tap, as is common (wait for it) in Singapore?”

      How many Selangorians have had to queue up at the roadside with their buckets to collect water from the Syabas trucks? How many Selangorians living in walk-up flats have had to haul their water containers up the stairs?

      re: “So, are you conveniently shoving the blame for lousy substandard water in Selangor to the state government instead of going after the concessionaires?”

      And you so conveniently absolve a state gomen which has been in power 6 years for all the hardship Selangorians have had to go through including a few unfortunate women who suffered miscarriages from the water carrying.

      re: “And how do you account for the fact that those conditioned to getting subsidies demand cheap treated water …”

      And how do you account for the cheap populist gesture of the Selangor Pakatan gomen giving water subsidy and conditioning people to expect water for free?

      re: “So, Helen – much as you would hanker to, you can’t score cheap points by raising questions about Selangor’s water supply.”

      It is your comments here which are cheap shots.

      re: “Now, back to handbags….. which is way more interesting, because you are talking about discretionary purchases as opposed to basic necessities.”

      Back to handbags. With the Speakers’ recent 300% (averaged between the two of them) pay hike it’s an upgrade to Prada. We can expect her to be demanding a 500% payrise the next round, eh?

    2. Gotham dude, why are you so adamant to defend Hannah Yeoh here? What do you get by polishing her image?

      She’s a public figure and not above criticism, plus she’s drawing a big salary per month, something ordinary working class Selangorians could dream on even after working for decades!

      And what were her accomplishments so far for all the perks she’s getting now? Reducing those little critters population don’t count here. And how has your own life improved in Subang after all these 5, 6 years ( or you don’t even live in Subang at all)?

      Finally why keep harking back on the past about water privatization? Those are history already. Have a forward looking vision, would you? What has Selangor PR done to solve the current water predicament?

      By pumping toxic water into Selangor household, is that a solution? If I’m a Selangorian, I’ll be seriously worry about the water I use daily; I’ll worry even more with El Niño hitting us in the next few months.

  9. Stail mesti ada mah!! Its the way things go here in Msia. Who cares about healthy living – good air, good water, safe food and having some parts of you quietly rotting away – Ostentasi mesti!!

  10. Hello Helen…
    Dua situasi yang sama tapi kesannya berbeza…
    1.Pakatan Speaker pakai Prada=takpa…
    2.Rosmah pakai Prada=tak boleh…

    1.Babi RM100 juta di Selangor=takpa…
    2.Panda RM70juta di Zoo Negara=tak boleh…

    Hipokrit tahap dewa…

  11. Biasalah tabiat perempuan yang berada sikit. Tak dapat handbag ke, gelang ke, baju ke, telepon bimbit ke, suami ke seperti orang lain ke, jawatan ke dll maka cemburu dan iri hatilah emosinya. Maka dibuat cerita macam-macam untuk memuaskan hati perasaan terdendam tu.

    Penerima BR1M jarang sembang benda-benda ni. Jadi, beli kat Masjid India, Petaling Street, Pasar Malam, Pasar Minggu atau kat Siam, walaupun bukan ori dah kira puas dah.

    Kan bagitu lumrahnya.

    1. Saban hari si Dandy datang merengek kat blog saya ni buat apa?

      Yang saya tengok you hanya tahu buat komen bodoh yang macam-macam untuk memuaskan hati perasaan terdendam RBA tu dan pungut lima posen setiap satu, ya?

      Datang tak dijemput, pulang tak berhantar.

      1. ‘Saban hari si Dandy datang merengek kat blog saya ni buat apa?’

        Apa lagi ‘cemburu dan iri hatilah’ jawabnya Helen, dia mana ada blog macam kau!!!

  12. Hello Helen…
    Kasi satu lagi…
    1.Rakyat Selangor minum air lombong=takpa…
    2.Langat 2=tak boleh

    1.Gaji Speaker lebih RM20K=takpa…
    2.Gaji Najib lebih RM20K=tak boleh…

    Penyokong pembangkang Selangor betul2 kesian…

  13. Setahu gossip spt ini gossip orang berada yang bawa cerita brim ni apa yang kena mengena tak gitu ini dah bole digelar desperate Dan kalu nak tau majalah komik dandy yang amat amusing satu ketika tahun enam puluhan sekarang tak tahu pula ada dipasara kat kedai mamak kat KL mungkin ada kot

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