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Does Isma need to ride to MAIS’s rescue?

Assoc. Prof. Dr Aznan Hasan who is the chairman of Isma’s Ulama Council askedDi manakah salahnya penganjuran seminar di UiTM?’ (Isma website, 17 May 2014)

The UiTM seminar on Christianization has been subjected to volley after volley of attack from The Malaysian Insider which had principally fanned “the outcry over the seminar” and goaded for it to become classified as a police case.

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The kind of Malays who join DAP

Syerleena Abdul Rashid is the political education director of the Bukit Bendera DAP women’s wing.

Her writings appear very, very often in the newsletter of the NGO, Aliran.

I hope Aliran doesn’t try anymore to pretend that it is “non partisan”. Such a claim would be about as believable as Dyana Sesumpah pretending her mother Yammy was never associated with Perkasa. Continue reading “The kind of Malays who join DAP”