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  1. DAP bapak penipu, dia memang memerlukan dan mengumpul sebanyak mungkin penipu ke dalam partinya.


    Lim Kit Siang – Bapa Segala Racist dan Penipu.. SIFFU KEPADA ALJUBURI.

  2. Well at least now the Chinese can take comfort that the Malays were wrong when they considered all Chinese “penipu”.

    My twisted imagination of Kit Siang’s indignation: Racist! Sapa cakap Cina Penipu? Racist! Kita Malaysian First! Melayu pun ada Penipu! Dalam DAP pun ada Melayu penipu! Racist!


    1. LOL

      You have to do the monologue in Kit Siang’s nightmarish Apek intonation.

  3. alaa…. yg tu pun nak komen ka? Nasib baik dia bukan macam politikus BN UMNO…makan duit dan zalim…

    1. It is one out of several fudges, i.e. her practising certificate as a lawyer, her mother’s involvement with Perkasa and in this case documented in the video snippet, not telling the truth.

      This is a candidate that has been described as “belut”.

      The Dapsters will nonetheless still twist like a pretzel to defend her. Gerakan president Mah Siew Keong is obviously the better candidate. Yet the Chinese oppo supporters are defending the indefensible.

      This attitude by the 90 percent Chinese will ultimately bring catastrophe.

      1. ‘This attitude by the 90 percent Chinese will ultimately bring catastrophe.’

        Apa lagi Cina mahu?

        Will Cina mahu undi sama Dyana Sofya for Kit Siang’s sake?

        1. There is the internal sabotage by the Perak warlords. Her votes will definitely be reduced compared to the late former MP.

          She may even lose.

          1. ‘She may even lose.’

            Really. How sure are you on this Helen? Anyway with all the tipu kanan, tipu kiri that she’s done for politics. I seriously hope, some would buka mata. Hope the Teluk Intan Malays tak masuk perangkap Kit Siang!

            1. re: “How sure are you on this Helen?”

              Hope springs eternal.

              re: “Anyway with all the tipu kanan, tipu kiri that she’s done for politics. I seriously hope, some would buka mata.”

              I hope the Melayu will celikkan mata. With the urban and wired Cina, it’s no hope, no cure.

              1. I’m a liar

                ‘Dyana, who had previously denied it, said she had helped her mother conduct a membership registration for Perkasa in 2008.

                “I was not aware whether my mother was a member or not at that time, and at that time I was studying,” she told a news conference here.

                Dyana said her mother had asked her to help with the registration exercise.

                “Yes, at that time she was involved with Perkasa but for few months; after that she left because she no longer believed in Perkasa,” she said.’


                Unker Kit, please don’t insult the Malays, we have better ‘Dyana Sofya’ among us la. Why la you picked anak Perkasa? Melayu finish already meh? I thought you and your kinds, benci Perkasa and wants nothing to do with them?

                How come, now, a Perkasa rejects oso lu sapu? What la u! Bikin malu itu ancestors wor!

                1. re: “Perkasa rejects oso lu sapu”

                  Something very, very wrong with the Chinese.

                  1. God is great. All praise is to Allah SWT, Tuhan sekelian alam.

                    Apparently DAP, so much of their hatred towards UMNO, Perkasa and anything UiTM had actually roped in the very person they love to hate.

                    Malunya. Pinjam kata Toshiba, kalau Unker Kit ada prinsip dia sudah letak jawatan bagi DAP malu itu besar.

                    Tapi, over here, kita semua dah masak sangat dengan antics Cina DAP, so may I ask again Helen, just…

                    Apa lagi Cina mahu?

                    Surely the ancestors are worth more than LKS and his family, no?

                    1. What to do, cari makan meh!

                      Thats why we have reject shops and kedai bundle. In Sabah dulu ade pasar REMBENGAN.. Petaling street there is this Pasar Karat.. Not forgetting kedai RM1, RM2 and also RM5. They must have gotten their ideas from here I suppose?

                      Very cheap.

                2. Many people think LKS and DAP is using Dyana as an Ali Baba but actually I think it is the other way around. I think Yammy Mummy and Princess Dy are bigger Opportunists that LKS and LGE.

                  Yammy was in Umno and then jumped to Semangat 46 and then when the party died came back to Umno and then switched to Perkasa and when she realised DAP is fishing for young Malays jumped ship to DAP.

  4. Helen…

    anda suruh tengok maka saya tengok… apa yang jelas ialah this miss D menggunakan seluruh body language dia, facial impression, senyum melebar, terhangguk-hangguk apabila ditanya soalan seolah-olah dia betul-betul memberi tumpuan kepada apa yang ditanya…

    sebagai orang lama dan pernah berkerja secara profesional dalam bidang pengurusan serta berkerja bersama beribu pekerja dalam syarikat multinational selama berpuluh tahun…. reaksi miss D ini memang jelas menunjukkan dia cuma seorang ‘pelakon’ yang sebenarnya tidak tahu apapun tentang tugas dan tanggungjawab pemimpin khususnya sebagai seorang ‘wakil rakyat’…

    kita hanya perlu lihat samada orang teluk intan benar-benar bijak atau mudah tertipu…

    ingat miss D, teringat gadis-gadis dan amoi-amoi yang mempromosi jualan rokok di kedai-kedai mamak sekitar Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara suatu ketika dulu…….!

  5. Like I’ve said before that she is a real greenhorn in politics. She has yet to find out about the real ‘sepak-terajang’ of politics. Now.., she is getting the feel of kena sepak-terajang in politics. She has yet a long. long, long way to go. Do not be impatient.., because.., patience pays..!

    Many youngsters tend to be so idealistic in their views about life and the world.., because of their vain idealism & their folly of ‘innocence’. They have yet to get the real ‘sepak-terajang’ in life.

    Helan Ang..,

    I am sure you have felt some form of ‘sepak-terajang’ in your life or career..!?

    1. You can see the behaviour of the Dapsters in my blog even though they are not that many here.

      But I’m learning. The following is a good guide for life — “You step on my toe, I’ll stomp on your foot”.

      Everyone should apply this rule on the Dapsters.

      1. Perhaps I can do better.., You step on my toe.., I’ll kick your groin.. Heheheh.., just joking.

  6. Well, a few interesting points here. One, if she only joined DAP in 2012 then she is not qualified to stand as a candidate based on DAP’s own rules.

    Secondly, she earlier claimed that she joined DAP in 2010.

    Thirdly, her admission that she was helping her mum to register at a Perkasa function doesn’t make sense as this is no mere ketupat making session but a very serious event. That to claim she was still studying is not an excuse.

    She apparently owns her her own law firm. How can a lawyer claim that her mother never been associated with Perkasa and she has no connection either one day and then when pics appeared she made a massive U-turn. She’s a lawyer and yet she replied in public without even checking with her own mum and concealed evidence about her background ?

    1. Looks like Dyana has more in common than Hannah other than they both do not practice law.

      1. Yes, they are soul sisters – Manipulative, power crazy and silky smooth liars.

        BTW how can she owns a law firm when she doesn’t even own a license? Another lie by Dyana ?

        1. ‘Yes, they are soul sisters – Manipulative, power crazy and silky smooth liars.’

          At least the people at Cadbury Malaysia are better lawyers, err, liars!

  7. sayang. dia kantoi big time tapi stupid malay voters will still vote for her. dapster jangan ceritalah, letak LKS punya sekuar dalam pon depa undi.

    “If everybody is getting smarter, ‘stupid’ will eventually extinct and we will not have to elect stupid politicians anymore.

    Of course, this is not as easy as it sounds as some of us are stupid by choice.” – hardtalkmalaysia.blogspot.com

  8. “If I am given the mandate, I promise I shall work hard for Teluk Intan. If I were working for myself, five hours would be enough. But I will be working 24 hours for the people of Teluk Intan,” said Dyana.

    Malays so rajin meh? Tun M, a mamak oso can ony do the 4 hours sleep daily. Dyana Sofya can do without sleep meh? Waa this UiTM student sure buck up one. Robert Chaen must be proud!

    Ah by the way the Cinas in DAP still pay u comparatively ciput ahh, Dyana? They probably penalized you for your not so fair skin color!

    ‘But our salaries have not risen’


    Maybe after menang Teluk Intan, Unker Kit will increase your gaji by RM50 and tell you to be grateful and obedience, like a typical sakai would be.

      1. check out also Zul Nordin,

        ” Kalau orang seperti Dyana boleh menyertai DAP, kalau ibu Dyana bekas Ketua Wanita Perkasa dan pimpinan Wanita UMNO bahagian boleh menyokong DAP; kalau PAS yang terkiyal-kiyal nakkan hudud pun masih menyokong dan mendokong DAP yang terang-terang menolak hudud; kalau Anwar yang gila nak jadi PM bersedia melantik Kitisiang sebagai TPM; kita orang Melayu punya banyak sebab untuk khuatir dan risau dengan nasib masa depan bangsa Melayu.

        Mungkin bangsa Melayu tidak akan hilang daripada dunia, tetapi bangsa Melayu mungkin akan hilang tanah pusaka! Adakah laungan Malai-si-mampus Melayu yang dilaungkan cauvinis dalam peristiwa 13 Mei 1969 sudah mereka capai? Renung-renungkan!”

        baca lanjut (panjang lagi) di:


    1. “like a typical sakai would be.” >> like a typical pecacai would be.

      sakai tu suku kaum asli bumiputera dan mereka tidak berkepentingan seperti calon DAP teluk intan.

      peace bro!

      1. Abang IDA, I was mirroring what a Cina DAP would be saying to a typical Melayu. We are after all the stupid lazy sakais. Sila baca artikel Robert Chaen untuk lebih faham akan gaya pemikiran sebegini.

        Fakta-memang kita semua memang ada darah Semang pun! Sebab tu la saya nak tergelak bila ada pendatangs yang kata Orang Asli saja natives Tanah Melayu. Orang Melayu dan Orang Asli cousins kut!

        Bangang betoi!!!

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